What to see in Finland in winter in one, 2-3 days, by car with children, near the border, for the New Year

Winter Finland gives children and an adult long-awaited meeting with the most important fabulous Santa Moroza. Winter tourism in Finland pays at no less interesting events than summer. Especially tempting New Year's discounts and the opportunity to have fun on the ski slopes, near the rods with the fishing rod. Everyone can choose what to look and what to do when visiting the country in the winter.

Geographical position of Finland

Northern European Country, 7 in terms of territory among the states of Europe. Almost a quarter of its territory is located for the polar circle. Finland is called the edge of the lakes: water takes 10% of all its lands. Among the largest lakes - Saimaa, the fourth in size in Europe. Numerous rivers are short, but spinning, with waterfalls and watercourses of various heights.

Fisheries and fish farming is one of the traditional industries of economic activity. The forests occupy 87% of the territory, fauna - typical of northern taiga forests and tundra. The geographical position and features of the climate define seasonal priorities of the tourist business. Finland is one of the most visited by Russian tourists of countries.

"Snowy Village" in Linio

Ice villages are a popular tourist destination in Finland. The main highlight is that all the buildings in such complexes have created their ice and snow. In the summer, when the snow melts, there remains a small house-reception desk on the territory, and with the onset of cold weather, the ice town is rejected again.

The village in Linio, which is called Snow Village, was first built in 2000 and since then restore each year. Start construction in the last numbers of October. After 1-1.5 months, the village is ready for reception. Ice blocks prepared in advance, stored in huge refrigerators. About 1.5 million kg of snow spent on the construction of snow and 300 thousand kg of ice.

The complex consists of a hotel, the interiors of which amaze the imagination with fantastic pictures:

  • 30 rooms are created according to individual projects, there are no repetitions;
  • the level of comfort in the rooms is different - from standard to deluxe;
  • the ice walls are illuminated in different colors, everything around shimmers and shimmers, creating a feeling of an unreal world;
  • ice sculptures of animals and heroes of Finnish folklore were installed around the territory and inside the buildings;
  • the hotel has a cinema hall, where an ice panel serves as a screen, and animal skins lie on ice chairs;
  • Ice boots are provided in rooms instead of slippers;
  • in the snow bar, even the candlesticks are made of ice;
  • the temperature inside the room is kept at the level of 4-7 degrees. below zero;
  • those who decide to stay overnight are given sleeping bags;
  • for kids, the hotel has an entertainment room with real slides;
  • outdoor activities are snowmobiling, reindeer, dog sledding, skiing, sledding and skating;
  • there is a Lutheran church in the village where services are held;

    What to see in Finland in winter? Be sure to visit the snow village.

  • There is a special suite for honeymooners;
  • next to the “Snow Village” there is a real village with cozy wooden houses, where those who did not dare to spend the night in an ice hotel stay;
  • The complex is popular with tourists and locals, especially for families with children.

Snowland Entertainment Complex

In 1994, a small restaurant consisting of several igloos was opened in Rovaniemi. (Igloo - a residential building of the Eskimos from snow and ice). Now it is a large entertainment complex, where everything is made of ice: houses, furniture, sculptures. Everyone can try himself as a sculptor and create his own ice image.

On the snowy dance floor, discos are held under the open sky, illuminated by the northern lights.

The restaurant's menu includes traditional Finnish dishes: vendace, salmon gravlax, mulled wine. Here you can sit in a clearing near a crackling fire, sing karaoke among the snowdrifts and spend the night in a snow hut on reindeer skins. Snowland is a popular place for meetings, weekend getaways, and weddings.

On a visit to Yolupukki

What to see in Finland in winter with children who dream of receiving a gift from the hands of Santa Claus is the Office of the Finnish Santa Claus - Joulupukki, which is located in a village with the same name, near the city of Rovaniemi. This is a very popular place where you come with children.

between Joulupukka and Santa Claus there are differences and in appearance, and in the manner of communication:

  • Finnish grandfather does not leave Lapland, where his residence is located.
  • In Assistants, Julupukka is a whole detachment of dwarfs and elves who disassemble the mail, meet guests, conduct various events.
  • There is a woman in the grandfather's house - his wife Morusa, which is engaged in household.
  • Julupukka has a flock of reindeer, who ride children who come to visit him.
  • The Finnish Grandfather falls into the house, as normal people - through the door, and not along the chimney. [90! What and tells grandfather. The mountain is connected to the main house of the village with an underground tunnel.
  • The name Joulupuk is denoted by the "Christmas goat" and came in our days from the distant Middle Ages.
  • In the village there is a post office where letters for Joulupuk are coming from all over the earth. The grandfather necessarily reads all messages and records the names of children in special books that are stored in his summer house.
  • Plan a visit to the village of Joulupukka at any time of the year, but in more interesting in the days of the New Year celebration. A visit to this place will be remembered not only to small tourists, but also their parents:
  • in Rovaniemi can be reached by rail and by plane. From the airport to the village of Santa Claus there are regular buses and a taxi.
  • The village is located on the line of the polar circle: it can stand on it and get a certificate about it.
  • Jowlupuk's entertainment park offers winter fun, reindeer and dog sledding, master classes with elves and Mrs. Morusi, various games and contests.
  • Visit the village of good grandfather is free, but for all services, of course, you have to pay.

Fishing in Finland

Finnish relief was formed under the influence of the last quaternary glaciation. "Finding", the glacier crushed the rocks on his way, cracks and hollow filled with melt water, forming numerous lakes. About 188 thousand large and small water bodies are numbered in the country.

Winter in Finland comes early, the most northern lakes are covered with ice in October. If you add the current culture of fisheries (Finns many centuries are engaged in fisheries), then the attractiveness of this type of rest for lovers becomes clear.

for example:

  • fishing bases and campgrounds with places for the night, sauna, restaurants Organized on most rivers and lakes Finland.
  • For the opportunity to go fishing, it is necessary to purchase (pay) a license. Fishermen is exempt from payment to 18 years and after 65.
  • The country has developed a regulation, which determines the dates and norms of fishing, which provides for restrictions on the number, view and age of fish. Catching cancers is prohibited from November to July.
  • The thorny rivers do not freeze, and in the places of open water, it is in winter, it is possible to catch salmon representatives.
  • The ice coating makes it possible to get to the most inaccessible corners of the coast, where they do not reach land.
  • Finnish reservoirs are rich in fish, here you can catch the perch, various types of carp, trout, pike, lite.
  • For the comfort of fishermen on ice, the awnings and beyakers are installed. [118!


"SANUS PER AQUAM" - Health through water - Abbreviation SPA was born from this phrase. Finnish SPA-hotels enjoy well-deserved popularity. They can be retired, relax in comfortable rooms, swim in the pool with various hydromassagers and visit the sauna.

In addition to numerous hotels, there are several large water parks:

  • Naantali SPA Hotel in hundreds of best spa hotels in the world. Located in Naantali and will be interested in tourists with children - nearby "Country Mumina-Trolley" is located nearby.
  • Haiko Spa Hotel in Porvoo attracts a decor in the style of the XIX century. and nightclub.
  • Best Western Spahotel Casino (Casino Spa) is located on the island washed by the waters of Lake Saimaa.
  • Peurunka Spa is located near Jyvasculu on the shores of the picturesque lake. In addition to hydro-services, the hotel has a gym and a cosmetology center.
  • Rest in Holiday Club Tampereen Culpül (Tampere) will take pleasure to anyone who will stop here.
  • Imatran Culpül's Spa Hotel is one of the most popular among Russian tourists (especially St. Petersburg residents), as it is 10 km from the border. Many coming here to swim on weekends.
  • Large Water Park Serena is located in Espoo (satellite city Helsinki) and works all year round.
  • Waterpark Flamingo in Vantaa, in the design of which used the motives of the ancient Maja culture.
  • Karibia - a small cozy water park in the city of Turku.


What to see in Finland in the winter, if not Lapland, the historically established area of ​​Saami, which is divided by Norway, Sweden, Russia and Finland. At the same time, Lapland has independence and its controls. The capital of the Finnish part of Lapland is the city of Rovaniemi, and the center of Culture of Saamov - Inari. Most of the lappie is located north of the polar circle.

Saama - offacarious reindeers: according to statistics for each resident of Lapland there are about 300 deer. Lapland expanses attract tourists because of the beauty of nature and the opportunity to do winter sports.

Here are the best ski resorts of Finland:

  • The resort of Levi-oriented on youth;
  • Luosto - Ski Resort, surrounded by the National Park. Here they opened amethystrous copy that take tourists;
  • The resort of Saariselka created comfortable conditions for sports for the elderly tourists;
  • Fine ski slopes, which are considered the best in Europe and where professional skiers come to train;
  • A small ski resort Yullas is gaining popularity every year;
  • Winter in Lappy is harsh - the temperature drops to -50 °. Therefore, the ski season begins at the end of winter when skiing can be rolled without warm clothes.

Sampo icebreaker

What to see those who have chosen Lapland to travel? At the pier of the city of Kemi moored Sampo icebreaker. The Arctic icebreaker was built in Finland in 1961 and until the beginning of the 1990s worked in the northern part of the combat bay. Since 1988, the vessel is used in tourist purposes. Cruise on the ice bay lasts 4 days.

Tourists have the opportunity to swim while in special wetsuits.

Excursions are organized on the icebreaker where you can see the ship from the captain's bridge before the engine room. You can experience all the delights of the Arctic campaign to yourself only in winter - in the summer, the icebreaker is in the port.

Deer Farm-Reserve "Sirmaakko"

What to see in Finland in the winter, if you consider that the North is a natural habitat of the reindeer. The Saami are the indigenous people of Lapland, who have always been inextricably linked with these animals, life was impossible without them: a deer is a means of transportation, clothing, food, housing construction.

And now reindeer herding is a traditional livestock sector of the northern population of Finland. The Sirmakko reindeer farm, where nearly 250,000 reindeer are kept in natural conditions, invites everyone to get acquainted with the life of the Saami, observe the animals in their natural environment, and feed baby deer from the hands.

The tour includes a reindeer sleigh ride across the snow-covered tundra, where guests of the farm learn how to handle, harness and manage reindeer. Before leaving, guests who have acquired unique knowledge and skills are solemnly ordained as Laplanders.

You can ride a reindeer sled in winter in any city, tourist base, campsite in Finland. Some Sami villages offer reindeer initiation, after which guests are guaranteed health and prosperity. The ceremony with shamanic dances and the sound of a tambourine immerses its participants in the world of mysticism and secrets.

Ranua Arctic Zoo

The zoo, 80 km from the city of Rovaniemi, is open all year round. But, according to numerous reviews, it is more interesting to visit it in the winter.

In the very northern Zoo of Europe, excellent conditions have been created for its inhabitants:

  • Zoo was discovered in 1983;
  • Animals are in open enclosures, in conditions that simulate their habitat;
  • ​​
  • Wooden walkways are laid on the territory of the zoo (raised above the earth), for which it is convenient to move around and with a pram, and on sledding;
  • The route is 3 km, throughout the length, equipped places for breeding fire, where you can eat;
  • The zoo is located near the polar circle and it contains representatives of more than 60 species of northern fauna;
  • The zoo is a member of international projects for the preservation of wild animals;
  • White bears are breeding into the wound, which is to talk about a high level of concern for animals, about their comfortable existence;
  • A great impression remains from a meeting with brown bears and flocks of polar wolves;
  • There is a large collection of birds of prey, including an eagle-white-volost, bearded to neuseat;
  • In open avoices, fish, husk, boars, sheeps, roebles, beavers, otters and many other animals also live in open enhairs;
  • In summertime, a contact zoo is working on the territory;
  • in the winter of visitors to ride on the sleigh, harnessed deer and riding dogs;
  • Who wishes are able to master the snowmobile control or spend time in the Lapland plague;
  • Zoo organizes a variety of contests, quizzes, master classes, the work of attractions, souvenir shops;
  • Numerous campsites, hotels, guest houses, restaurants and cafes have been built for accommodation and nutrition of tourists, near the zoo there is extensive parking.
  • Detailed information about the zoo and events can be found on the site.

Husky is a business card of Finland

What to see in Finland in winter to those who are interested in the history of the country and the culture of the indigenous population will be prompted by local residents. Finns carefully retain traditional folk crafts. Among them - the breeding of reindeer and driving dogs, which many centuries were used for movement, especially in the northern regions of the country.

The most popular breed of driving dogs is husky. Sometimes they are called "Finnish Likes". This is a very hardy and dawn dog, which is ideally adapted to harsh climates at low temperatures. Most of the Husky Farm is located in Lapland, closer to the polar circle.

Of course, technological progress has "pressed" the traditional sledges, and at present, sledding is an interesting entertainment for tourists and an article of business for the local population.


  • You can also ride a dog sled in summer, at this time of the year the sled is replaced by a cart on wheels (average speed is 50 km/h);
  • for a Husky, walking through a snowy forest is a pleasure: this dog needs a lot of exercise;
  • each dog in the kennel has a nickname, they are carefully looked after, paying great attention to selection, and the best ones are sent to state and international exhibitions;
  • in the kennel you can learn about the history of the breed, learn how to form a team, manage it on the go, buy a puppy;
  • Tourists are offered walks at different times of the day and varying in duration. For example, paying 140 euros, you can ride through the night forest in Levi for 2 hours and see the Northern Lights;
  • the cost of walks depends on the location of the tourist base, the range of services, distance, breed composition of the kennel. There is always an opportunity to find a suitable option.
  • Among the most popular husky farms are in Levi, Tahko, Rovaniemi, Jyväskylä, Saariselka, Ivalo, Hämienlinna.

Christmas in Finland

What to see in Finland in winter, when all of Europe is preparing for the most important Christian holiday, you need to decide in advance. Christmas is loved in Finland and is always celebrated with family. In November, Finnish cities begin to decorate: garlands, lanterns, Christmas trees, festive windows.

To everyone's joy, Christmas markets begin to operate, where an atmosphere of light, fun and joy reigns: it creates a feeling of immersion in a fairy tale and it seems that the Christmas holiday was created specifically for Finland.

Local Santa Clauses walk around all the shops, traditional Finnish mulled wine — glegi — is sold at fairs, music plays, people dance and sing songs in the squares.

And on the night of December 25, from the balcony of the Town Hall in the ancient city of Turku, the “Christmas world” is solemnly announced - a tradition dating back to the 13th century. when a 20-day truce was declared across Northern Europe to celebrate Christmas.

Winter discounts in Finnish stores

Finnish stores delight Russian consumers with quality goods, for which many people specially go to this country. Twice a year - in winter and summer - retail chains arrange a massive sale. The Winter Sale starts on December 25th and runs until the end of January.

At this time, you can buy two things for the price of one, three for the price of two. Discounts range from 20-40% in December to 50-70% by the end of the sale. Stores are aimed at the complete release of the shelves, where the new product should take its place.

Finnish cities in winter

It is pleasant to visit Finland at any time of the year. There are excellent roads, clean and well-groomed cities - cozy and green, beautiful nature and friendly hosts.

Winter Finland has a special charm that will captivate any tourist, despite the harsh weather conditions:

  • In Tampere, on the snow-covered main square, boys and girls perform passionate tango. The snow dancing championship has been held in February since 2006. While the participants of the competition are resting, spectators come out to the square to dance.
  • Sledges were the traditional means of transportation for the Finnish population in winter. Now every tourist has the opportunity to test a winter vehicle - tourist bases organize sledge trips through forests and frozen reservoirs.
  • On the shore of the bay in Kem, every winter they build the largest snow castle-fortress, which stands until about April, after which it melts.
  • For skating enthusiasts, many kilometers of skating tracks are created on the ice of lakes near Kuopio, Savonlinna and on the Åland Islands.
  • You can ride a snowmobile, bouncing on snow slides and ice, almost everywhere in Finland, snowmobile routes in Rovaniemi and Kemi are especially popular.
  • Igloo Village Kakslauttanen in Ivala (Lapland) is open from November to April. The hotel rooms are comfortable igloos with glass ceilings and walls, and you can get to the bathhouse and sauna by skiing. An overnight stay under a sky lit up by aurora and twinkling with millions of stars - what could be more romantic.
  • Finnish cities are decorated with lights and Christmas trees, and a holiday reigns in them. In the cities, skating rinks are flooded, where you can go skating from the heart.
  • In Rovaniemi you can visit the Museum of the Arctic, where you can learn absolutely everything about the north.
  • December 6 is Finnish Independence Day, in honor of which the President arranges a big ball in the palace.
  • On December 13, the most beautiful girl in the country will be crowned in Helsinki Cathedral. The holiday of St. Lucia - the bearer of light - is Swedish, but Finland celebrates it on a large scale and with pleasure (700 years as part of the Swedish kingdom could not pass without a trace).

endless snowy expanses of Lapland, sparkling the ice surface of Saimaa, blue-eyed husky, ate in bizarre snow hoods and a warm room at the hotel under a glass ceiling - Winter holidays in Finland will give every unforgettable sensation, romance and warmth Despite the winter frost. There is something to watch in winter.

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