What to bring from Stockholm, Sweden, as a gift, souvenirs, sweets. Where can I buy

Sweden is among the top ten most expensive European countries. High prices often force tourists to think about what can be afforded to bring themselves as souvenirs and gifts for friends and loved ones. Nevertheless, with any wallet , bring a memorable thing from Stockholm after all possibly.

Gifts that can be purchased

What to bring from Stockholm as a souvenir is a question that worries many tourists who are sent to Sweden for the first time. The choice of gifts is quite wide.

Cosmetics and Perfumes

Swedish cosmetics are widely known all over the world.

They differ in quality and environmental friendliness:

  • For example, a cosmetic brand isadora, only natural dyes use;
  • L: A Brucket - Swedish cosmetics manufacturer, making emphasis on natural product;
  • C / O GERD is a cosmetic brand that uses organic ingredients such as cloudberry, lingonberry and blueberries;
  • To care for hair, you can purchase the products of the Swedish brand Maria Nila (it was originally developed for professional stylists) and moisturizing cosmetics from EMMA S.

of this kind of goods in Stockholm are in Kicks stores, Åhlens and Lyko + Sephora. Attention should be paid to the products of the Swedish family-owned company Victoria Scandinavian SOAP AB. From the 1900s. They produce soap of the highest quality (the perfect gift that occupies a minimum place in the baggage).

Pharmacy products

Most pharmacy preparations cannot be purchased in Sweden.


But as a gift, you can freely buy:

  • Qualitative vitamin complexes (for example, a vitamin brand GREATEARTH);
  • Herbal teas from raw materials growing in an environmentally friendly environment.


From Stockholm as gifts Tourists often carry food products that are considered truly Swedish:

  1. Laccots (Swedes are obsessed with her). Special preference is given to salty options, however, there is a fairly wide taste diversity: from tiny pieces of crispy loafers covered with milk chocolate, to smoked varieties of Kolsvart ("Rökt"). In Stockholm shops with this delicacy can be found anywhere. However, it is not necessary to acquire the Lacrice at the metro stations or near them: usually only imported, poor-quality product is sold here.
  2. "Very Swedish" is fermented herring (surströmming) to 120-130 crowns per jar. When buying such a gift, it should be noted that this putrid smelling delicacy was banned for transportation by several airlines due to the risk of depressurization of cans during the flight, which leads to the spread of a disgusting smell.
  3. For foreigners, grocery delicacy, which is trying to bring from Stockholm, is Kalles Kaviar - a cracking caviar with various taste additives, packaged by tubes.
  4. To inexpensive, but interesting gifts include the packaging of Knäckebröd - Swedish crispy bread with exciting flavors (not spoil and can be eaten with anything). He appeared in Sweden in 500 N. e. And extremely popular with healthy food fans. You can add one (or more) from the national grades of cheese: Grev, Herrrigord, Prist, Sweden, Huschollsoust or Westerbottenist.

    What to bring from Stockholm? It can be a Swedish crisp bread Knäckebröd.

  5. From Stockholm as a gift tourists bring jams and jams from organic berries of the northern forest. Traditional jams and marmalands in Sweden are produced from wild lingonberries, blueberries and legendary cloudberries, known as Northern Gold. The cloudberry is growing only in the forests of the northern regions of the country (and rarely) and difficult to clean up. Therefore, a small jar of sweets will be a pretty exotic hotel (a canned lingonberry can be purchased to the closure jaw). Price from 4 to 12 euros. At 12 euro will cost an exclusive jar with a cloudberry, decorated with manually. Lingonberry and blueberries are usually worth about half the cost of cloudberries.

Sweden is famous for its sweets.

Therefore, the edible souvenir can be chosen for sweet tooths:

  1. Polkagris - candy in the form of caramel canes prepared for the first time in 1859 G. Ericsson's poor widow of Amalia, who lived in the city of Gränna (Grenna). The candy, made in the traditional spirit, is colored red and white and tastes like peppermint. Swedish polkagris, unlike those produced in the USA, for example, have a balanced taste with softer minty notes.
  2. Bulk sweets are one of the most delicious Stockholm souvenirs. Sweden produces some of the finest and most delicious chocolates in the world. Therefore, it is best to choose several different types of bulk candies and make your own mix (the main thing is not to forget to add salty liquorice). To make such a gift set of loose sweets, it is best to visit the Hemmakväll store.
  3. Pepparkakor, or gingerbread cookies. This pastry is considered Christmas. Cookies are eaten, decorated with a Christmas tree, and also hung on windows as a nice Christmas decor.
  4. “Princess Green Cake” is a traditional dessert dating back to the 1930s. This cake in Sweden is found in two versions: pink and green. It was first called "Green Cake" in Jenny Åkerström's cookbook and was later called "Princess". 70% of all cakes sold in Swedish patisseries are Green Cake.


What to bring from Stockholm from alcoholic products:

  1. Absolut vodka company is the most famous in Sweden. Even those who do not drink alcoholic beverages know about its products. Vodka is sold in the classic version and with various fruit flavors. As a souvenir, you can buy miniature versions with a volume of 100 ml or more.
  2. More interesting surprises than vodka, which can be found everywhere, are some varieties of punch, such as the one that has been produced for several centuries in Karlshamn. It is considered legendary among cocktail lovers as it is an important ingredient in some classic cocktails. In addition, you can purchase bottles of small volume, which will significantly lower the upper bar of budget opportunities. You can buy the famous Swedish punschrulle (punch rolls) with punch, which it is included in.
  3. There are quite successful breweries in Sweden. Pripps is one of the oldest in Europe (known since 1828). The most popular are Carnegie Poster (dark) and Pripps Bla (light). Swedish beer is often prepared with the addition of spices, berries, dried fruits. And it is quite strong (5%).
  4. If the trip is scheduled for the New Year holidays, local mulled wine will be sold everywhere. The most famous is the Blossa Glogg.

Clothing and footwear

An excellent gift from Stockholm for loved ones will be shoes and clothing, which are distinguished by quality and reliability.

In addition to the most popular (such as, for example, H&M), you can pay attention to the following Swedish brands:

  • Acne Studios (luxury fashion house) specializes in quality prêt-à-porter clothing, shoes, accessories (for women and men);
  • Acne Jeans is a typical Swedish youth clothing brand;
  • Monki produce extraordinary democratic clothes for brave girls;
  • Happy Socks specialize in high-quality socks with interesting designs (export goods to 50 countries around the world);
  • Tretorn (known since 1891) makes excellent rubber and tennis shoes (tennis balls);
  • Shampoodle produces children's clothing, which is considered one of the most durable, environmentally friendly and high quality.


The Swedes not only love silver, but they know how to make wonderful jewelry out of it. The design of silver jewelry is original and is distinguished by an abundance of small details. Silver production has existed in the country for more than 400 years, having received international recognition during this time.

Prices vary: an ordinary silver ring can be purchased in Stockholm for 50 EUR, and an exclusive piece of jewelry for 10,000 EUR.

Glass products

What is difficult to deliver without damage is glass. But tourists, at every opportunity, try to bring a souvenir of Swedish crystal from Stockholm. You can pick up a figurine, a vase, dishes, candlesticks as a gift. The best known producers are Orrefors, Kosta Boda and Mats Jonasson Målerås.

Traditional Swedish souvenirs

Things made in the traditional style are always relevant as a souvenir:

  1. Codfish, or clogs (Swed. träskor) are traditional shoes worn mainly in the countryside and considered "poor man's shoes". Most tourists try to buy traditional clogs, which are made and painted by hand. Unlike their Dutch counterparts, typical Swedish clogs are not entirely made of wood: they have leather uppers and curved wooden soles. The young fashion brand "Swedish Hasbeens" specializes in the production of retro shoes, producing brightly colored clogs, the interest in which has now greatly increased in Europe and America. The reason for this (apart from fashion trends) is the very positive ergonomic effect that these shoes have.
  2. The Swedish flag can be a good souvenir. They are sold different sizes: large for wall or flagpole; medium sized, for example, for rack or table; Small, for example, for a flower pot (100 pcs. Packaging).
  3. Lovikka mittens - traditional mittens for Sweden. They are knitted from white or gray yarn and decorate embroidery and brushes from blue, red, yellow threads.
  4. Swedish textiles, decorated in Scandinavian style. Having become popular in 1950, he did not lose relevance and now. The least expensive and convenient options are kitchen towels, tablecloths, bed linen. Lynn Warm, Anna Viktorsson, Camilla Landustn ("Littlefant" - a new brand Camilla Landwen, producing goods for the house) - Favorite Swedish designers who are focused on the Scandinavian motives.
  5. carved wooden dishes. Most of such dishes are carved manually and relatively inexpensive (5-6 euros can cost a set of 3 items). Especially it should be paid to the wooden knives for oil with various types of hand paintings. For Sweden, they are traditional.
  6. Syrorezka, or chief slicer for cheese is also a traditional Swedish souvenir. This is an excellent invention - one of the best gifts from Stockholm for those who love cheese.
  7. Dallerlyan horse - symbol of Sweden. Dalecarlian or Dala was originally cut out of wood. The most first figures of horses were not painted at all. Now horses are made from a variety of materials, including glass, and stain in various colors. However, the traditional is considered to be a red-priced staining. In Stockholm, such a souvenir can be bought almost everywhere, although the original Dala copies are made only in the village of Nusnäs. The value of the figure on average ranges from 10 to 40 euros.
  8. Brushes, brushes, brooms made by hand are sold on Iris stores with a 100-year tradition selling these craft products. Here you can find small brushes for washing dishes, outdoor and bath brooms from birch branches, brushes for clothes and bright wipes for dishes, painted by hand. For brushes, only natural wood and horse hair are used. Cost - from 3 to 40 EUR.
  9. the original gift may become the Swedish Snyat - a special type of tobacco, which is not smoking, but lay under the top lip. It can have different tastes (cherry, menthol, bergamot, melon). Packed in souvenir boxes of 40 - 50 g and costs about 2 euros.

Exceptional Brand Souvenirs and Gifts


  1. "Stockholm 1978" - Selective perfume (Unisex) produced by Vilhelm Parfumerie. Easy and relatively small amount of ingredients in the composition make perfume unique. In Stockholm, they can be purchased at: NK, Hamngatan 18-20, Stockholm.
  2. Scarf Stockholm - a light scarf with a picture in the form of a map of Stockholm. Releases its well-known Swedish designer company Svenskt Tenn, which since 1928 is a supplier of the Royal Court. Scarf can be bought at the address: Svenskt Tenn, Strandvägen 5.
  3. Nordic Light - a candlestick developed by Jonas Grundell is considered to be design icon in Sweden. The author managed to combine practicalism in it (moving holders allow you to give the product any desired form) with a Scandinavian style. The candlestick can be purchased at Cervera, Sveavägen 24-26, Stockholm.
  4. Trays may seem not quite original souvenir. But the Swedes brought their design to a completely new level. You can always find interesting projects. There are two excellent places in Stockholm, where you can buy completely unique trays. This is Design Torget and SVENSKT TENN. If the Design Torget presented trays at a fairly affordable price, then in SVENSKT TENN they will be significantly more expensive, as they are the only one in their kind.
  5. Handmade Sami products. Traditional Sami crafts "Dorozhi" - cultural heritage under the protection of the state. Products have their own distinctive trademark: color circle (green, blue, yellow, red) with the words "SAMí DUODJI" inside. All items are exclusive and expensive (for example, knives with a bone handle are about 500 to 900 EUR, a small skin bag is about 200 EUR). Genuine Sami products can be found in Stockholm in just 2 stores.
  6. Woolen products (for example, men's socks) John Sterner brand - a new brand from Alexander Stutterheim. For production used wool from the Swedish island Eland.
  7. Unique design things, for example, a stand under hot, you can pick up in a souvenir shop with the Museum of Contemporary Art, located in Stockholm on the island of Sheppsholmen.

Gifts for children

What to bring from Stockholm for children - the question is simple. As souvenirs, such purchases are suitable for adults.

This may be:

  • a doll in a national costume;
  • Soft toys Carlson, Baby, Peppi Longs and other famous characters from books Astrid Lindgren;
  • toy elk (symbol of Sweden) or items with its image;
  • Viking figures and all concomitant attributes: helmets, swords, cups, amulets;
  • various images of trolls - fabulous creatures from Scandinavian mythology;
  • The toy from the company BRIO is a classic Swedish gift for children (BRIO was founded in 1884 in Sweden and is one of the most famous companies for the production of toys in the country);

where you can acquire gifts



Mashazin Gift
  • EFVA ATTLING (BIBLIOTEKSGATAN 14, 111 46 stockholm);
  • Nutida Svenskt Silver (Arsenalsgatan 3, 47 stockholm);
  • SVENSK SLöJD (Nybrogatan 23, 114 39 stockholm);
Designer silver decorations (prices from 100 to 10,000 euros).
Bookstore (the lowest prices).
  • Hemmakväll (Hammarby Allé 161, 120 65 Stockholm)
  • Hemtex (Sankt ErikSgatan 45, 112 34 stockholm);
  • DesigntorGet (Stockholm T-Centralen, 111 20 stockholm);
  • Granit;
  • 2 Iris Hantverk Store (Kungsgatan 55, 111 22 Stockholm and Västerlånggatan 24, 111 29 Stockholm).
  • Shop "Sencha".
Ecological cosmetics
  • "Goodstore" supermarkets;
  • Ekovaruhuset department store.
Environmental products.
  • IRIS, Old Town (Västerlånggatan 24, 111 29 stockholm);
  • SVENSK SLöJD (Nybrogatan 23, 114 39 stockholm).
Wooden carved dishes.
  • Pasadena, Old Town (Västerlångg 69, 111 29 stockholm);
  • SVENSK Hemslöjd (Norrlandsgatan 20, 111 43 Stockholm).
Products of the Saami traditional crafts "Dorozhi".
  • SVENSK SLÖJD, (Nybrogatan 23, 114 39 stockholm);
  • KNULP (CITY) (KungSgatan 53, 111 22 Stockholm).
Swedish national shoes.
  • Nordic Museum Gift Shop (Nordic Museum, Djurgårdsvägen 6-16, 115 93 stockholm).
Dallerly Horse (original items from high-quality materials).
  • Ethnographic Museum of Skansen
dishes from porcelain, glass and crystal.

Note. A large number of souvenir benches are located on Drottninggatan Street. Vintage or luxury things at very low prices are sold in Stockholm in commissions in the Sofio area.

What to bring from a trip to a gift to familiar and loved ones, everyone decides on their own, but do not forget that Stockholm prices are quite high. Therefore, buying is better planning in advance. In this case, the choice of souvenirs will not be ruined for the wallet, and shopping hiking will not be tedious.

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