Wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic. Cost, photo, video, options

Wedding Ceremony, organized by companies in Dominican, suggests 2 main Anta celebration: official and symbolic marriage.

The location of the Dominican Republic

Dominican is part of the large Antille Islands. From the south is washed by the Caribbean Sea, from the north - the Atlantic Ocean. In the East is the Strait of Mona, connecting the sea and the ocean, and separating Puerto Rico Island. The western part of Espanyola refers to Haiti. The Republic takes 48.67 thousand square meters. km, giving way to Cuba.

The location of the island state in the northern hemisphere corresponds to the geographical coordinates - 19 ° north latitude and 70 ° West longitude. It is not difficult to go to the exotic country on its own today. To do this, you will have to use the services of modern aviation.

There are several varieties of flights:

  • direct charter, performed by Azur Air, Nord Wind, Transaero, Russia;
  • ​​
  • with transfers in major air-nodes of Europe and America, which are performed by Air France, British Airways, American Airlines, Delta, Aeroflot and other companies.

The duration of the flight in the first case is about 12 hours, the cost of tickets varies within 50-60 thousand rubles per person in both directions. In the second version, the journey will be longer and can occupy from 36 to 58 hours, the price will be approximately 40 thousand rubles.

Long stay on the way is compensated by high-quality service provided on board. You can fly to the Dominican Republic from the Russian capital, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and other regional cities of the Russian Federation.

Climatic conditions

The wedding ceremony in Dominican is held year-round.

The resort time is conventionally divided into the following periods:

  1. "High season". The largest number of tourists visits the country from November to April. During these months, the air temperature drops to a level that is comfortable for visitors (no more than 31°C), there is no wind, rain or other natural disasters. January is considered the coolest in this area, when it can get colder up to + 24 ° C.
  2. "Low season". It includes the summer months and lasts from May to October. This period is full of rains and typhoons. But in the Dominican Republic, tropical showers are fast-paced and quickly replaced by the sun, which does not really affect the quality of the rest. In the rainy season, the humidity rises significantly, creating a feeling of unbearable heat against the backdrop of high temperatures. Strong storm winds observed at this time cause waves at sea and cloudy water.

Month Average day air temperature (°C) Average night air temperature (°C) Water temperature (°C) Precipitation (mm)
August32232 8140

to the equator. The sweltering heat of the real tropics is largely mitigated by the trade winds and mountains located in the west.

Throughout the year, the thermometer in the resorts shows +26°C during the day and +20°C at night. Only in the area of ​​mountain arrays it decreases to 12 degrees, and in winter, at the highest vertices there is a chance to see the snow.

Preparation of the wedding ceremony in Dominican Republic

Wedding ceremony, which is planned in Dominican, can be organized independently or through marriage agencies. There may be 2 or more than months to prepare documents and agree on all formalities.

For a trip to Dominicanin, a visa is not required. It is enough to purchase a tourist map (it is valid for 30 days) and pay a collection of $ 10. You can do it in the embassy, ​​airport or tour operator. Newlyweds and guests must have international passports and return tickets.


For official registration of marriage in Dominican, the following documents will be required:

  • The birth certificates of newlyweds;
  • the statements of the bride and the bride about their civil condition at the time of marriage;
  • Certificate of divorce / changing the surname / death (if necessary).

Copies of documents must be assured from the notary, to translate into Spanish to licensed translators, to apone at the Ministry of Justice and scan the kit, including passports. The cost of the apostille on one document is about 3000 rubles. Copies are transmitted to wedding agencies to fulfill all subsequent procedures.

On the ride of the bride and groom take originals. The date of the ceremony is negotiated in advance, as the coordinator must harmonize the event with the Dominican registry office and the judge appointing a specific number of celebrations. The certificate of official marriage is issued 1.5 months after the ceremony, upon completion of the legalization procedure.

The document is translated into Russian, assured by the notary, after that the stamp in the passport of official marriage is affixed. The dissolution of the marriage concluded in Dominican is possible only in the territory of this country.

The minimum cost of the official wedding ceremony in Dominican Republic, which includes payment of organizational procedures, state duty, shipping and legalization of documents is approximately $ 1400. The symbolic wedding will cost cheaper - at 1100 dollars.

Prices for both types of ceremonies depend on the selected program offered by the agencies. To the wedding budget you need to add the cost of air tickets, accommodation in hotels and meals.

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Dominican Wedding Rules

A variety of packages are available for the organization of official and symbolic ceremonies. For example, the newlyweds chose a symbolic wedding on Pearl Beach.

Voss Wedding Company (Punta Cana, website: http://vosswedding_com/, tel: +1 809 977 6077, email: [email protected]_com, skype: vosswedding), which prepares and implements the celebration, offers 3 packages.


Cost – $990.

It includes the following services: ​​

  • a two-hour photo session (200 photos);

    A wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic includes a list of services, this is the marriage itself, refreshments, transport, photo session and others.

  • minibus;
  • the bride's bouquet and the groom's boutonniere;
  • a gazebo made of bamboo, decorated with silk fabrics and flowers;
  • decoration of the passage to the arch at the choice of clients;
  • colorful table for ceremonies;
  • musical accompaniment;
  • the leader of the ceremony;
  • a bottle of champagne, glasses and ice;
  • a ring pad of your choice;
  • fruits;
  • symbolic wedding certificate;
  • personal wedding coordinator.


Cost $1290. It includes the entire list of services of the "Basic" package, with the exception of a photo session, which lasts 3 hours (300 photos).

Plus the following additional options:

  • newlyweds make-up and bride's hairstyle;
  • cake;
  • fresh flower petals;
  • sand ceremony;
  • an hour horse ride.


Price – $2490. It includes the positions of the Optimal package. Fresh flowers are used for decoration, a trio of guitarists provides musical accompaniment, a stereo system is used, the photo session lasts for 5 hours (500 photos).

As additional services are offered:

  • VIP transport for newlyweds;
  • solemn carpet in the passage to the arch.

Regardless of the chosen package, the newlyweds can make their own adjustments to the script. If you refuse one of the types of services included in the package, the cost does not change.

The following mandatory options are included in the standard set:

  • getting a marriage license;
  • registrar services;
  • bride's wedding bouquet;
  • musical accompaniment;
  • cake;
  • champagne and glasses;
  • exclusive decoration of the venue for the solemn event;
  • preparation and decoration of the bride and groom's room.

The marriage ceremony takes place in Spanish or English.

The ceremony is held in two formats:

  1. Official marriage. The state registrar is a local judge who arrives at the ceremony site with all the necessary documents. He enters information into the state register, recognized in 135 countries, including post-Soviet and European states. The cost of this service is $500-600.
  2. Symbolic wedding. The event does not require formalization of official documents. In solemnity, it is not inferior to the first option. The newlyweds pronounce an oath of allegiance, exchange rings and receive a blessing for marriage.

Options for a wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic

A wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic in various places.

A wedding on the beach

Holding a ceremony on the seashore is one of the most popular in the Dominican Republic. Three beaches are popular.


Suitable for a wedding on a budget.

The wedding ceremony is carried out by agencies:

  1. GrandLove Wedding. Address: Calle Las Margaritas 10, Bavaro 23000, Republika Dominicana. Tel: +1 829 568 68 00. Email: [email protected]_wedding. The company offers a light package for $598 and a comfortable package for $790. For a fee, at the request of the newlyweds, additional services from the proposed list are provided.
  2. Dominican Republic Live. Address: Dominican Republic, Bavara-Punta Cana plaza ElDorado, local 220. Phone: +1-809-989-03-29, +1-849-278-90-70 (WhatsApp, Viber). Cost of the wedding package: $650

Costa de Amor

The name of the location in translation into Russian means "Coast of Love". The estimated cost of the wedding ceremony is $790 at the Two Banana Company located at Punta Cana, Bv. 1ero de Noviembre, 406. Tel: +1849 340-91-45 (WhatsApp, Viber), e-mail – [email protected]_com.


A coastal resort specializing in weddings. Grand Love Wedding Company. Address: Calle Las Margaritas 10, Bavaro 23000, Republica Dominicana. Tel: +1 829 568 68 00, email: [email protected]_wedding.

There are 3 packages for honeymooners:

  • Light. The cost is $950.
  • Comfort. The costs will cost $ 1150.
  • Atmosphere. The package price is $1650.

All packages include an all-day wedding photography session. The final payment is made after the ceremony.

Island Wedding

Saona Island is a state reserve that is a reference example of a tropical landscape. In shallow water there is a large colony of starfish, swimming with which is one of the attributes of the wedding ceremony. The newlyweds are invited to visit the Kotubanama cave in the western part of the island, where rock paintings from the pre-Columbian period have been preserved.

It is recommended to contact the agencies to organize the celebration:

  1. Two Bananas at the address: Punta Cana, bv. 1ero de Noviembre, 406. Tel: +1849 340-91-45 (WhatsApp, Viber). E-mail - [email protected]_com. The initial cost of the wedding is $1200.
  2. Address: Rublevskoe shosse, 26, bldg. 1, g. Moscow, website: Communication with the organizers of the event is carried out through a social network and by phone. Vkontakte:, WhatsApp, tel: +19849) 915-37-00. You must write in a message or call by phone from the reception, indicating the number of the room in which you stayed, the date of the ceremony, the Occidental hotel. The company works without prepayment. When booking a specific date, the prepayment will be no more than $ 100. To do this, you must answer the proposed questions and send answers to the address: [email protected]_ru. The package price is $1299.

Ceremony on a mountain peak

Redonda is a mountain located three kilometers from the coast. The height is 330 meters. It offers a panorama of the lagoon and the surrounding area. The cost of the ceremony starts from $1200. The event is organized by SanWedding.

It is located at Bv. Noviembre, Punta Cana 23000, Dominicana, tel: +1 829 855 82 34, email: [email protected]_com.

Restaurants and cafes

The advantages of restaurants and cafes located on the beach for a solemn event are obvious:

  • Private Beach;
  • Beautifully decorated arch;
  • Exclusive banquet with delicious food and exotic drinks;
  • Full independence from the "surprises" of weather.

The cost of the wedding in the restaurant or cafe depends on the number of invited guests, the additional services presented in the selected package. The price of the fixed part of the event is $ 250 and does not depend on the number of those present.

Such institutions are most popular with the greatest popularity:

  1. Palapa Juanillo Wedding Restaurant and Venue. Address: Boulevard Zona Hotelera, Rilometro 1 Playa Juanillo, Punta Cana 23,000 Dominican Republic. It offers a Mediterranean cuisine, seafood, fusion, steaks-house.
  2. Pearl Beach Club. Presented Mediterranean, Caribbean cuisine, sushi. The menu has vegetarian and dietary products that do not contain gluten. Prices: from 20 to 150 $. Address - Carretera Cabeza de Toro, Punta Cana 23000 Dominican Republic.
  3. KUKUA BEACH CLUB. Select the dishes of Spanish, Caribbean, European, Mediterranean, international cuisine, sea gifts. Presented a specialized menu for vegetarians. Cost in the range of 14- 32 $. Address - Carretera De Arena Gorda A Macao Entrada Por Club de Golf Punta Blanca, Punta Cana 23,000 Dominican Republic.
  4. Passion by Martin Bersategui at Paradisus Punta Cana. Type of kitchen - Mediterranean and international. The middle check from $ 1000. Address - Bavaro Paradisus Punta Cana Resort, Punta Cana Dominican Republic.
  5. Playa Blanca Restaurant. Type of kitchen - Caribbean, seafood. Specialty is designed for vegetarians. Prices - 10 - $ 40. Address - Puntacana Resort & Club, Punta Cana 10,000 Dominican Republic.
  6. La Palapa by Eden Roc. Newlyweds and their guests can enjoy caribbean, international, Mediterranean cuisine, seafood. A vegetarian special menu is also offered. Price range - from 20 to 120 $. Address - AT The Caleton Beach Club, Punta Cana 23000 Dominican Republic.

How to move along Dominican Republic

Arriving at the wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic, you should take care of a comfortable movement, choosing one of the optimal options.

For example:

  • Car rental;
  • Taxi.

The first method will ensure complete independence. The newlyweds themselves will decide where to go, how long they will be on the road and other nuances. The cost of car rental per day will cost approximately $50. Given the low price of fuel, this option is profitable.

There are different types of taxis in the Dominican Republic:

  • ordinary;
  • gua gua;
  • carro public.

Taxi "checked" (regular) ply around the city and between settlements. The cost of others is fixed and ranges from 120-170 pesos ($2.4-3.4). They are represented by small comfortable minibuses. Many drivers speak English. The parking lot at the airport has the carrier's phone number, direction indicator, fare.

In the capital, you can use the metro.

The fare is 20 pesos ($0.4), but you will have to purchase a reusable card for 30 pesos ($0.6). It includes an unlimited number of trips. The metro will allow you to visit almost all city attractions. A trip on intercity buses will cost $ 10 if the journey is from one end of the island to the other.

Local hotels

A wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic can be organized in one of the comfortable hotels.

To make a choice, you should get acquainted with establishments that are ideal for a responsible event:

  1. Comfortable five-star resort Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa 5 *. It is located 25 km from the city of La Romana. Depending on financial capabilities, the newlyweds can choose the preferred number. The price of accommodation varies from $415 to $1420 per day. Meals are provided by the all-inclusive system. On the territory of the complex there are numerous restaurants, bars located by the pools, on the beach, in the hotel lobby. There is a full-fledged casino for gambling vacationers. The fitness center with modern equipment allows you to relax and spend time with benefit. There are playrooms and playgrounds for kids. Newlyweds are offered wedding ceremony packages. The address is Playa Bayahibe, La Romana.
  2. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana 5 *. Location - coastline. The cost of the room is from 467 to 2293 $. There are 13 restaurants of various categories, 6 bars, a night club. There are mini golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools and other entertainment. Newlyweds choose from the proposed options the package that suits them best. Address - Boulevard Turistico del Este Km 28#74, Bavaro, 23302 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
  3. Zoetry Agua Punta Cana. Made in the Caribbean style, the spa resort is located on the northeast coast, Uvero Alta beach. The variety of rooms will allow you to choose the necessary conditions. The cost is from 319 to 898 dollars per day. On the territory there are 5 restaurants with the "all inclusive" system, 3 bars, a fitness center, a spa. The administration offers 2 options for wedding ceremonies and honeymoon. The address is Playa DE Uvero Alto, 22000 La Piedra del Ingles.
  4. Hotel Alisei 4 *. It is located on the beach of Samana near the village of Las Terrenas. The hotel has 54 comfortable rooms, ranging from 45 to 114 sq.m. Accommodation prices from $560. Services - Turkish bath, beauty salon, massage, aromatherapy, outdoor pool with a floating bar, jacuzzi. Address: Las Terrenas, Samana, Dominican Republic.
  5. Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana 5 *. The hotel is located on the coastline of Playa Bavaro, east coast. It is suitable for weddings and other events. There are 3 restaurants of various categories, a casino, a bowling alley, 6 bars, 9 conference rooms. The hotel has 464 well-equipped rooms of various levels of comfort ranging from 53 to 118 sq.m. the cost of apartments lies in a wide range from $290 to $870 per day. The concept of food is all inclusive. Services - 2 tennis courts, SPA-center, beauty salon, organization and holding of wedding ceremonies, windsurfing and other entertainment. Address - Ave. Alemanie S/N EI Cortecito, Punta Cana 23000, Dominican Republic.

Tour operator "Republica. Pro" organizes celebrations in hotels and complexes:

  1. Tracadero. The cost of the event will be $1700.
  2. Cap Cana. Price - $ 1200.
  3. "Kabesa De Torah". The cost is $650.

To contact the tour operator, it is proposed: phone number: +1 829 768 3333 (WhatsApp, Viber), email. mail: [email protected]_pro, Telegram: A wedding ceremony organized in the Dominican Republic is a service that is popular among newlyweds, as evidenced by statistics. Only one agency "SanWedding" has organized 348 weddings over the past 4 years.

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