Waterfall Iguazu in South America. Where on the map, photos, interesting facts

as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, as well as the largest and popular waterfall, the Waterfall of Iguazu in South America is the largest and popular waterfall. His majesty in his grandeur is detected in the rain season, when the water stream of the river reaches 13 thousand cubic meters. m / s. Small islets stretched 3 km downstream, forming a whole network of 275 duct, thresholds and canyons.

The location of the waterfall Iguazu

Waterfall Iguazu in South America is a set of several waterfalls on the Iguazu River. It is located at the turn of Argentina and Brazil. The territorial border between them is the National Park. There is a whole range of waterfalls.

For one trip, it is possible to see them from several sides, no matter where you arrive - Argentina or Brazil. With two these states, Russia has a visa-free regime.

From Argentina, it is necessary to go to the city of Puerto-Iguazu. It is closestly located to the waterfalls, as well as 17 km. Between the bus station and the park daily ride buses.

The path occupies in general thirty minutes. 20 km from the center of Puerto Iguaçu is Iguazu Airport in Argentina. It is not combined with public transport with the city. There you need to call a taxi, rent a car or purchase a ticket for a tourist bus.

From the Brazilian side, the city of Foz do Iguazu is the most closest to the waterfalls of Iguazu. From this place to the central observation deck, approximately forty minutes away from the highway.

A regular bus from the Main Station to the National Park goes every 30 minutes. Fos Do Iguazu / Cathartas Airport is located 13 km from the city feature. By bus that renews the way directly to the waterfalls, the airport is attached to the station.

The history of the formation of waterfall Iguazu and the origin of the name

Waterfall Iguazu in South America was formed more than 150 million years ago due to a large-scale volcanic eruption, which left a gigantic crack in the ground. The waterfalls were originally in the junction of the rivers Iguazu and Paran, but the destruction of the soil forced them to move away 20 km to the current to the present place.

Researcher, Alwar Nunis Cabez de Vaca in 1541 headed in the jungle of South America in search of wealth. However, opened the waterfall. He informed about the find in Madrid, but no particular interest in the Spanish knew it. The desire of profit, its own benefit guided the colonizers of Spain and Portugal to America. The waterfalls did not remember several centuries.

Only in the XIX century, they again noticed the scientist Boselly. Waterfalls were the property of Paraguay until 1864. But this area was achieving Argentina and Brazil.

Military collision occurred. As a result of the triple alliance, Paraguay experienced a devastating failure. He had to give up the huge territories of the earth. The North Side of the Iguazu River has become part of Brazil, and South Argentina.

The name Iguazu (IGUASU) is translated from Guarani as "big water". The believer conqueror from Spain, who conquered the Indians, was to such an extent surprised by the stunning natural creation, which failed to find the best names like Salto de Santa Maria, that is, the "Holy Mary's Jump" is "Mother of God". However, it is not preserved.

Climatic conditions, the best time for the trip

Waterfall Iguazu is located in the south side of the equator. This means that in the winter the most hot temperature in the year. Indeed, it is from +25 to +30 ° C. Summer is the most frosty season of the year. However, even during the summer day, the air temperature is constantly above +15 ° C, and at night +5 ° C.

air temperature

January Ral March April May June July August Saint-Yerator October November December
20-33020-32017-31015-30010-27010-25010-26010-26011-27015 -30017-33017-350


January Feb-Ral Mart April May June July August Saint-Yerator October november December
Waterfalls Iguazu is better to visit during the rainy season in South America

In Iguazu, or rather go to the rain season, which lasts from November to March. After them, from behind the wind, large splashes movements form rainbows of incredible painting.

they are created continuously from different sides. Rainbows come out both large and small, completely diverse diameters. Also an impeccable option to visit Waterfall Iguazu is winter. After all, it is possible to get away from the cold and surrender to sunny weather.

Waterfall Characteristics of Iguazu

Waterfall Iguazu in South America is located directly near the Argentinean and Brazilian borders. Height takes up to 80 m. At the full territory of the complex flow streams fall from different levels.

The deepest point is called "the devil's throat". It is a horseshoe. The length is 82 m, and the width is 150 m. The Iguazu River in one second will overtake 1700 m cubic meters. Basically, most of the flows extend with a height of 60-70 m, and only a few - 80.

Ecological situation

Iguazu National Park is a protected area of ​​nature, which remains natural complexes. It contains a large area and is located in colorful places. Currently, work is underway to resume the landscape, the preservation of exclusive and disappearing varieties of animals and plants.

This Park refers to UNESCO World Objects.

Here lives a large number of diverse species of birds and butterflies. Among them are extinct and rare breeds. Therefore, Iguazu is protected by UNESCO.

The recreational resources of the Waterfall Iguazu

admire the wonderful waterfall of Iguazu, a lot of tourists arrive from everywhere. Therefore, tourism is well developed in this area. Special development received mountain, bathing and beach, water and therapeutic types of tourism.

Entertainment and recreation on Waterfall Iguas

Waterfall Iguazu - the area on our planet, which personifies the indomitable natural power.Each traveler will be able to have a good time and relax the soul. After all, a grand scale and magnificent beauty convert a waterfall into a striking spectacle.

Helicopter walk

Helicopter walks are possible exclusively on the side of Brazil. Since Argentina has established a taboo on them due to the negative impact on the environment. You can look at the waterfalls on both sides and notice their individual features.

There are four places inside the helicopter, the optimal image opens from the front places. The appearance of such an extent that does not need to regret the money. The price of a ten-minute walk - 200 dollars. Opening hours - daily from 9:00 to 5:30 pm, including Sundays and Festive Days.

Walking on a motor boat

To take a look at Iguazu closer, it is possible to go on a tour of the engine boat. It is not dangerous and meets the requirements in which they are applied. The ship accommodates 23-25 ​​people. Before the point of sending guests are brought on a car through a rainforest.

Here travelers issue waterproof things and have a ship. The trip lasts three hours: the boat is suitable for a very close distance to the falling water of the devilish pharynx. The journey is filmed on the video that you can buy photos after the trip. The cost of the tour is 170 reais ($66).

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The journey begins with walking to the location of the boat. The descent from the heights of the waterfall takes place on six-seater and ten-seater types of boats. First, the captain instructs on the correct and safe use of equipment. People are certainly watched by a ship with rescuers that accompanies tourists.

The route is about 4 km. Several of them are difficult rapids, then two more pass through calm water, in which it is possible to swim. During the trip, the guide will tell you about the properties of the surrounding nature. The duration of the descent is approximately two hours, depending on the weather.

However, departure may be postponed or canceled due to weather and river flow conditions. But there are certain age restrictions. Visitors aged 14 to 17 must be accompanied by an adult or have parental permission. You can book a place and time in advance by phone or by e-mail.

Attractions near Iguazu Falls

In addition to the Iguazu Falls itself, there are many interesting tourist attractions. This place is generously endowed with riches and beauties of nature.

Bird Park

The Bird Park is located within the National Park. Admission is only fifteen dollars. It is located on sixteen hectares of tropical forest and is home to about 150 species of birds, butterflies and reptiles.

They live in large cages, but most are not covered with nets. And it is possible to take a walk among the natural inhabitants who freely move around the park. This place is open daily from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm in winter, and from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm in summer.

Kayak tour

To feel connected with nature and take your time to enjoy the local animals and plants, kayaking is a suitable type of recreation. The route is 1.5 km long. The tour is conducted on inflatable kayaks under the supervision of accompanying professional guides.

Wanda Mines

Wanda Mines are deposits of various semi-precious stones. They are considered a common attraction that attracts many tourists from everywhere. Topaz, quartz, agate, rock crystal and others are mined here, which are used to create jewelry. Guests can also watch the process of getting stones, see their variety of colors and shapes.

Mokona Waterfalls

Mokona is a unique natural collection of waterfalls. The height is 20 m. Therefore, they are considered one of the longest in the world.

The waterfalls are located on the river Rio Uruguay. Due to their location, they give travelers a chance to admire the view. You can fully feel the majesty and magnificence of the waterfall on a boat trip to the foot of the waterfall.

Itaipu HPP

This is the largest structure and one of the largest in the world.

The dam is located 20 km from Foss do Iguacu, on the border with Paraguay, on the Parana River. Itaipu is the second largest hydroelectric power plant, which generates 14GW. There are tourist centers where it is possible to buy tickets, book excursions around the territory and internal premises of the HPP.

There will be no difficulties with visas, since the Itaipu zone is free. Particular attention should be paid to huge spillways and a gravity dam 196 m high, which is considered another waterfall, but already created by human hands.

Recreation centers near the Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Park is well equipped for tourist recreation. On its territory there are many hotels and hotels, shops, restaurants and similar necessary attributes of a well-developed service sector.

1. Hotel Harbor Colonia.

The hotel is located in Foz do Iguaçu, close to the National Park and the popular Iguaçu Falls. It offers free private parking, swimming pools and Wi-Fi. The comfortable rooms have air conditioning and a private bathroom.

Upgraded rooms have a TV with cable channels. Guests can also use the games room, playground, barbecue facilities and a gym. Every breakfast is buffet style.

  • Address: Rodovia das Cataratas Km 20, Foz do Iguacu, CEP 85863-000, Brazil
  • Room price from 2,130 to 11,681 rubles.

2. Budget Harbor Colonial.

It is located on the grounds of the Harbor Colonial Hotel. It offers value-for-money rooms and a fitness centre. The hotel's restaurant prepares a variety of food from different nations. The bar offers a large selection of cocktails.

  • Address: Rodovia das Cataratas Km 20 Parque Nacional, Foz do Iguacu, CEP 85863-000, Brazil
  • Room price from 2250 to 2577 rubles.

3. Hostel Natura

The hostel is located in the wild near Foz do Iguacu. Guests are offered single and private rooms, a pool and Wi-Fi. A buffet breakfast is served each morning at the hostel, including fresh fruit, baked goods and cold meats.

At the restaurant and bar, guests can also enjoy a variety of drinks and regional cuisine. Other amenities include BBQ facilities, gazebos with hammocks and a common play area with a PlayStation console. All rooms are simply decorated and air-conditioned.

Personal rooms are equipped with private bathrooms. Iguazu National Park and the Argentine border are 7 km away. The hostel is 10 km from the shopping area of ​​Foz do Iguacu.

  • Address: Alameda Buri, 333 - Remanso Grande, Foz do Iguacu, CEP 85853-845, Brazil
  • Price from 1,202 to 2,577 rubles.

4. Wish Foz do Iguaçu BY GJP.

The resort has five-star rooms available. It is located next to the entrance to the Iguazu Park and its Argentinean part. Guests can use Wi-Fi, international restaurants and swimming pools. Superior rooms include a flat-screen TV, air conditioning and a minibar.

The rooms are designed in pleasant colors and filled with wooden furniture. The restaurants offer a variety of local and national dishes, as well as Argentine delicacies. The tour desk can help arrange suitable tours to Iguazu Falls. Children will be able to play in the largest kids club in Brazil.

  • Address: Avenida das Cataratas, 6845, Foz do Iguacu, CEP 85853-000, Brazil
  • Room price from 6,167 to 27,949 rubles.

5. Belmond Hotel das Cataratas

The five-star hotel is located in the Iguazu National Park. You can see the Iguazu Falls from here. Guests can drink different drinks by the pool or play tennis on a special court.

Inside the rooms are decorated with dark wooden furniture and created in classic Portuguese style. The restaurants serve a variety of local dishes. The bar has live music every evening.

  • Address: BR 469 Km 32 Parque Nacional Do Iguaçu, Foz do Iguacu, CEP 85855-750, Brazil
  • Room price from 25,235 to 46,708 rubles.

6. San Martin Resort & Spa

This 4-star spa hotel is located 400 meters from Iguazu National Park. Tourists are presented with the best conditions for outdoor recreation. It is possible to go to the spa center with a massage room, sauna and relaxation area. Guests can take walks in the forest and enjoy various sports.

Foz do Iguaçu/Cataratas Airport is 1.5 km away. Breakfast is served from 6:30 to 10:30. In the restaurant it is possible to try the food of all nations, and is also a pleasant time to spend time in the Lapacho video Bar.

  • Address: Rodovia Das Cataratas, KM 21 - Parque Nacional, Foz do Iguazu, CEP 85855-750, Brazil
  • Room price from 4 621 to 14 842 rub.

Excursions to Waterfall Iguazu

For tourists, many different excursions were developed, which are unique in their own way. For greater amenities built viewing platforms and bridges.

Tour Trop "Path of Indian"

Route in 9 km long. Engal-speaking guides will tell all about local animals and plants. The journey starts in the heart of the National Park. The path continues on the suspended bridge through a 10-meter gorge, which leads to a platform with a magnificent panoramic view.

The tour goes along the Iguazu River. On the way back the island of Parrots takes place. Walking creates a travel company Macuco EcoAVENTURA daily. Lasts about 4 hours.


Traveling through the dense forest on Makuto to the Gorge of Iguazu takes place on jeeps, which was created many centuries due to the destruction of the soil. Skating on the boats on a very close distance from the waterfall.

The memorable sensations cause moments when the ship practically penetrates the flow of water. For tourists, there will be an exceptional chance to create unique photos. Back to return on SUVs that will be expected on the coastal river. The estimated cost of the excursion is $ 74.

Excursion to the border of 3 states

Stone Obelisk, which is painted in the state colors of Brazil, created on a truly unique site. Here are the boundaries of states: Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina, and also intersect the River Iguas and Paran.

The significant monument of history, which symbolizes the friendly connections of neighboring governments, was delivered in 1903. The excursion also includes visits shops with souvenirs, which make good emotions about the waterfall.

Interesting facts about Waterfall Iguazu

  1. The film "Mission" with Robert-de-Niro and Jamie Irons about the Order of Jesuit, who turned into the Christian religion of the tribes of the Indian Guarani. In 1986, it was based on the terrain of the National Park Iguazu. Therefore, paintings of waterfalls often rush in the final.
  2. Local soil contains a lot of iron, which is why water often looks muddy rusty. They suggest, the color of water depends on the time of year.
  3. Due to a strong drought in 1978, the structure of waterfalls IHUASA was transformed almost a few months into empty cliffs. However, after heavy rainstone, the water restored the fall. After 28 years it happened again. Due to the long-term precipitation, a significant proportion of waterfalls ceased to act. Now they will delight tourists daily.
  4. During the hot summer season, the Iguazu River begins to fade, a different view of the waterfalls is revealed, which is shown in the appearance of two crescents. Their length is 730 m. Because of the heat, no longer falling out of precipitation. The degree of water is reduced. Therefore, they are divided into 2 separate crescents.
  5. According to the legend in the waters of Waterfall Iguazu in South America, a vessel with values ​​of magnificent nymph is hidden. Protects her huge snake. The population for a long time believed this and refused to be conductors for folders of treasures.

Waterfall Iguaçu in South America - a colossal volume of water, charming paintings of the tropics, the noise of cascades, soaring the waterfalls of large birds. This landscape can cause admiration even from skeptics. Each person should see it with his own eyes, both from the Brazilian side and with Argentinean.

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