Visa to the UK. How to get tourist, transit, working, student. Documents cost

For traveling to the UK, a citizen of the Russian Federation requires a mandatory visa design. To obtain a positive answer, it is important to correctly designate the purpose of the visit and collect the appropriate package of documents.

Entrance to the UK on a Schengen Visa

Planning a visit to the UK and the countries of the European Union, it is necessary to form 2 separate visas. The United Kingdom has never been part of the states of the Schengen Agreement.

Entrance to the kingdom in the presence of a Schengen visa is prohibited. People neglecting this rule risk getting into the "black list". The passport will appear a deportation stamp, which may be in the future cause of refusal to enter the countries of the European Union.

The need to obtain a visa

Visa to the UK is needed by a citizen of the Russian Federation of any age. According to statistics, the number of Russian citizens who received approval is approximately equal to the number of failures.

Types of British visas

There are more than 30 types of visas to the UK, which can be easily obtained if all requirements are met. The type depends on the purpose of the trip and the duration. The standard minimum validity period is 6 months.

There is a possibility of extension for 1, 2, 5, 10 years, subject to the necessary conditions. Below is information about the most common types of visas.

For tourists

If the main purpose of the trip to the UK is tourism or recreation, a Standard Visitor visa is required. Since 2018, this type has replaced 9 types of visas, including the General Visitor visa, previously issued to tourists.

The guest is allowed to:

  • travel;
  • attend cultural and entertainment events;
  • use a visa as a transit;
  • to take training courses for up to 30 days (unless they are the primary purpose).

Prohibited: paid/unpaid work, marriage, medical treatment.


Standard Visitor or Visitor visa is required:

  • wishing to meet with friends and relatives;
  • promising entrepreneurs traveling to Britain to negotiate the possible opening of a business, obtaining financing;
  • for treatment;
  • artists, athletes to participate in exhibitions, competitions, events;
  • doctors, professors, dentists who wish to: pass PLAB and OSCE examinations in order to test medical knowledge, attestation and certification; conduct academic research; have an internship; accompany students on an educational program of study abroad.


  • participation in the above events;
  • a course of study for up to 30 days if this is not the main reason for the visit;
  • participation in an educational trip or exchange program (if under 18 years of age);
  • transit through Britain to other countries.


  • paid/unpaid work;
  • residence in England for a long time due to frequent trips;
  • material assistance from the Kingdom;
  • marriage.


The need for a transit visa depends on whether a person passes through passport control upon arrival, whether luggage needs to be collected and rechecked, and whether there is a transit area. When crossing borders by air, information on the obligation to issue a document can be clarified with the carrier.

Required Visitor in Transit Visa, while waiting for a transplant of more than 24 hours, but less than 48 hours. No work and studies are prohibited. After 48 hours, it is necessary to leave the country.

If it takes more time to find in the territory of the kingdom or there is a need for a frequent crossing of the borders, it will take Standard Visitor Visa.

Exclusion: Visitor in Transit Visa is not needed if there are existing visas for the Island of Maine, Norman Islands, a biometric visa with "BC" or "BC BIVS" for the Republic of Ireland. One of the conditions - Britain boundaries intersect only for transit to these places.


Visa to the UK, to obtain which is necessary for work in the kingdom, has about 20 types. Uk Work Visa is issued to industrial industrial and services for employment services. There are several programs on the basis of which a visa is issued. In particular: Working Holiday and Highly Skilled Migrant Programme, Work and Training Employment Scheme.

The choice depends on experience, professional skills, language proficiency. Some of them allow you to bring a family to Britain as accompaniment. The visa design on the basis of the program often requires an invitation to an employer. Long-Term Work Visas (Tier 2) - are provided for a period of 12 months. are issued to highly qualified employees.


  • General Work provided in the presence of a licensed invitation of the firm.
  • INTRA-COMPANY TRANSFER - internal translation of employees of the company. There are distinguished: Long-Term Staff - for staff with experience more than 12 months. And the annual salary from 73,900 GBP (pounds sterling), Graduate Trainee - an internship of a specialist with experience from 3 months.
  • Minister Of Religion - allows the religious minister to live and engage in special activities at the invitation of the British organization.
  • Sports Person - issued qualified athletes and coaches invited by sponsors.

Temporary Worker Visas (Tier 5) are drawn up for employment for a short period in narrow-controlled activities.


  • Charity Worker - unpaid work (volunteering, charity);
  • Creative and Sporting visa - for athletes, artists;
  • Government Authorized Exchange
  • Religious Worker visa - work related to religion (preaching);
  • Seasonal Worker Visa - seasonal work.

A separate category is designated, for example, Domestic Workers in a Private Household - a visa for working in a private house as a servant, cook, best man.

For business

The UK visa, which is required to attend conferences, trainings, meetings in search of sources of business financing, is called the Standard Visitor visa (replaced the former Business Visitor visa). Rules of this type prohibit any labor activity, including on a gratuitous basis.

The previous Entrepreneur Visa, the Entrepreneur Visa, has been replaced by 2 types: Innovator and Start-up. A distinctive feature is that the business idea for these categories must be recognized as unique. Innovator visa is issued in the presence of at least 50 thousand GBP investments.


  • to work on several projects at the same time;
  • take charge of your own business;
  • become part of the team;
  • bring family members with you.

An application for a Start-up visa must be approved by a British higher education institution or business organizations that support entrepreneurs. Allows you to take family members with you, to work additionally.

The Exceptional Talent Visa (Tier 1) is available to leading individuals with exceptional, recognized talent in a variety of fields. It can be science or art. In some cases, the right to reside is granted. Allows you to work.

The Investor visa (Tier 1) is issued to individuals planning to invest more than £2 million in the UK. Allows additional work, study, after a certain period (depending on the size of the investment) to apply for a residence permit.

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Visa allows people of all ages to improve their knowledge. Education in public schools is prohibited.

Student visas are divided into 3 types:

  1. Short-Term Study Visa - for students over 16 enrolled on a short course of study, or for research purposes for a diploma.
  2. General Student Visa (Tier 4) - for students over 16 years old. Be sure to: Availability of invitation to courses, language proficiency. Labor activity is allowed.
  3. Child Student Visa (Tier 4) - for children from 4 to 17 years old when passing training in a private school. Be sure to obtain the consent of parents and guardians.


Visa is issued on average for a period of 6 months. up to 2.5 years. It is possible to extend. Family Visas requirements depend on the degree of kinship.

You can get a visa for joint residence if there are:

  • the spouse / spouse;
  • Bride / groom (6 months., Labor activity is prohibited);
  • Civilian spouse (6 months., Labor activity is prohibited);
  • The child under 18 years old (or was such an age at the time of arrival in the country);
  • parents;

    The family visa to the UK allows you to meet with your relatives.

  • Relative, in which the applicant needs.

An alternative option serves Standard Visitor Visa, replacing Family Visitor Visa. Term of 6 months. The difference: prohibits labor and training for more than 30 days; The period of location can be broken down by periods, the number of which is limited (for example, 1 visit for 6 months to 180 days).

Urgent visa

Priority Visa Service allows you to speed up visa design. Waiting for the answer takes from 1 to 5 business days.

visas implying this service:

  • for a period of up to 6 months;
  • Tier 4;
  • Tier 5.

Cost: Waiting for 5 working days - 220 GBP, 1 day - 956 GBP. It is drawn up and paid on the site.

The visa for marriage

Marriage Visitor Visa will formally legitimize the relationship. At the expiration of 6 months. It is necessary to leave the country. Labor activity is prohibited, besides the one that is associated with work in the homeland. You can not bring a family.

Requirements for the pair:

  • over 18 years;
  • One should have citizenship or a residence permit in Britain;
  • Spouses should have the experience of personal communication, not only remote;
  • The presence of housing.

Required documents for obtaining a visa

Today, all documents are uploaded on-line.

At the Visa Application Centre, you must have:

  • a printout of the visit confirmation with the date and time (sent by e-mail);
  • in case of payment for additional services - a printout of the receipt;
  • 1st page of the visa application form;
  • consent to the processing of personal data.

The main list of documents for a British visa

The standard package includes:

  • valid at the time of application and for the duration of the trip (at least 6 months) passport with 2 blank pages for affixing a visa and a customs stamp;
  • expired passports, if any;
  • color photographs (children under 5);
  • a copy of the spreads of the Russian passport with a photograph and the place of current registration;
  • Document of marital status (certificate of marriage or divorce);
  • a certificate from the place of work indicating the type of employment and the amount of wages (on average 40 thousand rubles);
  • income statement in the form 2-NDFL (for employed persons);
  • certificate from the place of study (for students);
  • the minor will need permission to leave from the parents and the fact of proof of kinship (birth certificate, adoption papers);
  • a bank statement confirming the availability of funds (minimum 70 thousand rubles);
  • if the trip is paid for by another person (including a parent), a letter of sponsorship must be presented;
  • an agreement on the ownership of a dwelling or lease - as a guarantor of financial security and a reason for returning to their homeland (optional).

Translation is required. For residents of the Russian Federation, certain types of visas (for a period of more than 6 months) imply taking a test for tuberculosis in an accredited medical institution. The decision on the need to prescribe an X-ray for a child under 11 years old is made by a doctor.

Optional documents include:

  • driver's license;
  • car documents;
  • plane tickets;
  • hotel booking confirmation;
  • insurance.

Additionally, for a guest and family visa

, it will take:

  • official invitation;
  • Help confirming citizenship or residence permit member of the family in Britain;
  • indication of the goal of the trip;
  • place of residence;
  • accurate dates;

In the passage of treatment, important points includes information:

  • on treatment;
  • On the place of therapy;
  • time;
  • On the upcoming expenses.

For artists and athletes, it is necessary: ​​

  • Invitation;
  • Details of the materials for exhibitions, concerts;
  • Awards Awards;
  • Examples of lighting materials in the media.

For scientists, confirmation of their status and science of work for demonstration is required.

Additionally, for a working visa

, visa to the UK, to obtain which is necessary for employment requires additional information.

in particular:

  • a certificate of financing / salary;
  • Invitation, letter from the employer, indicating the need for visits, details of the meetings;
  • confirmation of cooperation;
  • In some cases, the COS certificate from the employer, which indicates a license from a firm to receive foreign employees.

Additionally, for a student English visa

, for a visit, a student is needed: confirmation of enrollment in the educational institution and confirmation of the ownership of a certain linguistic level.

Additionally, for a visa for marriage

for this type of visa, it is mandatory to confirm the intention to conclude marriage:

  • confirmation of the family position, allowing to conclude marriage (for example, a divorce certificate);
  • availability of living;
  • Details on the plans of the future place of residence;
  • confirmation of not only remote dating with a partner, but also directly.

Additionally for a transit visa

for an application for a transit visa, you will need tickets and applicable documents that allow you to enter the country of destination.

Question Inspection Rules

The questionnaire is filled with on-line in English. You must answer questions personally in free form, indicating only reliable facts. You can not make corrections. After checking information with the applicant, a specialist may be contacted if explanations need.

Picture Requirements for a visa in the UK in 2019

At the moment, the paper option for a visa is made directly in the visa center. Exception - children under 5 years old. For them, it is necessary to provide 2 identical photos, the size of 35x45, on the photo paper without a framework. Mandatory is the presence of color digital photography to fill it yourself on-line profile.


  • Use of focusing;
  • without editing;
  • the size of the minimum of 750x600 pixels;
  • Weight from 50 KB to 10 MB;
  • was made no earlier than a month;
  • Light monochrome background without foreign objects;
  • Clear contrast with the posterior plan;
  • lack of red eye effect;
  • A look into the chamber widely open eyes;
  • The mouth is closed, without a smile or other emotion;
  • open forehead;
  • uncovered head (exception: religious prejudices, medical testimony);
  • exclude shadow;
  • Nothing should cover the face.

for a child:

  • without toys, nipples and other foreign objects;
  • Children under 6 years old do not need to look into the chamber;
  • The child up to 1 g. It is allowed to take pictures with closed eyes;
  • The baby's head can be maintained with hands, with a person should not be visible;
  • Possible photo from above (for children up to 1).

Visa to the UK for the child

In addition to special visas for training, the child is possible to decorate Standard Visitor Visa. The purpose of the trip can be: tourism, visiting relatives, participation in sports competitions. The minimum validity period is 6 months.

Be sure to provide complete information about parents, a place of residence, financial opportunities. If the child travels not one, the category is selected for filing documents Child-Accompanied.

To confirm the safety of the trip, the visa center may require the data:

  • about the tourist route;
  • about the place of study in the Russian Federation;
  • about the situation and family relationships;
  • on the accompanying;
  • invitation to the host;
  • Confirmation of the adoption of a child in a language school (with intention to visit language courses, up to 30 days).

If a minor is sent without accompaniment, you will need a visa-unaccompanied visa. Additionally, you will need a notarized consent of the parents for leaving the abroad with the date.

How is the procedure for placing a visa

All actions to turnouts to the visa center from 2019 are mandatory on-line.

The procedure consists of stages:

  • of registration on the official website of the UK Consulate;
  • selection of a suitable type of visa;
  • Filling in the questionnaire;
  • Payment of necessary fees (credit card);
  • Selecting the date of appears in the visa center and assigning a unique GWF number.

After completing these actions, the applicant will be redirected to the TLSContact site to download the required package of documents. The site offers a wide range of visa services. Payment of additional services is possible exclusively on the site.

For example:

  • Assisted Service (2100 rub.) - Loading documents by employee directly in the visa center;
  • Priority Visa Service ;
  • Form Filling Assistance (6000 rub.) - ON-LINE help in filling out the questionnaire;
  • Prime Time Appointment - the possibility of turning before and after the main hours of office operation (7500 rubles.).

At the appointed time, it is necessary to appear in the visa center. In case of late, the employee has the right to refuse to receive. At this stage, there is a removal of biometrics - fingerprint scanner; photographing; Reception and sending documents.

The cost of the visa and the timing of its action

, depending on the visa, the purpose of the visit is distinguished by the validity period and cost.

The table provides information on the main categories:

Visa name Cost in GBP Term
Standard Visitor Visa95 GBP6 months, it is possible to extend to 10 years
Standard Visitor Visa: Passage of treatment190up to 11 months.
Standard Visitor Visa: For academics190from 6 to 12 months.
Direct Airside Transit Visa35to 24 hours
Visitor in Transit Visa64to 48 hours
Short-Term Study Visa97/1866/11 months.
General Student Visa (Tier 4)348Duration depends on the training course, on average from 2 to 10 years.
Child Student Visa (Tier 4)3483-6 years
LONG TERM WORK VISAS610up to 3 years, it is possible to extend
Short-Term Work Visas244from 6 to 24 months.
EXCEPTIONAL TALENT VISA (Tier 1)456up to 5 years
Innovator Visaup to 3 years
Start-Up Visa3632 years, it is impossible to extend
GRAduate EntrePreneur Visa (Tier 1)3631 year
Investor Visa (Tier 1)16903 years
Family Visas1523from 6 months. up to 2.5 years, it is possible to extend
Adult WHO Needs To Be Looked After A relative3250is not limited, for the period, while you need help

Terms of consideration of applications

Standard is the submission of documents 3 months before the visit. The decision is made within 3 weeks. Exception - Payment for the Priority Visa Service service. Depending on the workload, the timing can be extended.

How to check availability

To track information about the status of a visa in your personal account (at the GWF number for residents of Moscow) or by asking a question on the website of TLSContact through feedback. As a rule, current information comes immediately to the email address or SMS (when connecting the mailing).

Cases of refusal


  • Wrong selection of the purpose of the visit and the lack of confirming the intention of documents;
  • Low income;
  • Little work experience as the lack of attachment to the workplace;
  • There is not enough money in the account and on the contrary, too much amount causes suspicions in sources hiding;
  • The suspicion is that the main purpose of the applicant is to stay in the country;
  • the recent change of work and the absence of property ownership;
  • the lack of financial documents from the sponsor;
  • The indication as a sponsor of the trip of an extraneous person (friend) may cause a question about the reason for the provision of cash by this person;
  • Hiding information about the availability of relatives in the UK, their bad financial situation or illegal accommodation;
  • Providing false documents;
  • Failure to enter other countries.

Location of Visa Application Centers and Embassies

UK Visa Application Centers are located in 5 cities:

  • Moscow;
  • St. Petersburg;
  • Yekaterinburg;
  • Novosibirsk;
  • Rostov-on-Don.

They are maintained by the commercial firm TLScontact. Registration takes place in an on-line form at the stage of submission of documents. The task of visa centers is to receive and further send documents to the British Embassy in Moscow. Employees of the company are not authorized to consult. The decision to issue or refuse is made by the Embassy.

UK Visa Application Center in Moscow

According to statistics, the largest number of applicants apply to this center. Address: 2nd Syromyatnichesky lane, 1, Delta Plaza business center building, Moscow. Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.00 (reception of documents), from 8.00 to 16.00 (receipt).

UK Visa Application Center in St. Petersburg

Address: Preobrazhensky Dvor business center building, 26 Liteiny pr., St. Petersburg.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.00 (receiving documents), from 8.00 to 16.00 (receiving).

British Embassy in Moscow

The Embassy of the United Kingdom is located at 10 Smolenskaya Embankment, Moscow.

You can contact the Embassy by e-mail. The service is paid - 5.48 GBP. Correspondence takes place in Russian. Another option is to call the toll number +44 203 481 1743 (1.37 GBP/min.). Russian-speaking staff will answer questions about visa processing and collection of documents.

The preparation of documents for obtaining a visa to the UK requires careful attention. In case of a negative decision, a new application can be left immediately after receiving a refusal. It is important to take into account all the mistakes made.

Article design: Oleg Lozinsky

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