Visa to France for Russians 2022 Alone: ​​Documents, Price, Photo, Questionnaire

It is possible to issue permission for Russians to travel to France by submitting documents to the competent authorities. Depending on the type of visa, specific certificates and applications may be required.

Is it easy for Russians to get a visa to France?

France is one of the 26 members of the Schengen area. Citizens residing in these countries have the right to move freely throughout the area of ​​the zone. Russians must obtain a Schengen visa or a biometric passport to enter France. To obtain a visa, you first need to collect the necessary documents.

It is also necessary to have the financial ability to cover all expenses while in the state. You should arrange a meeting at the consulate in advance and come to it in person.

Further, it is necessary to convince the employee of the institution of his trustworthiness before the law and the truthfulness of the declared purpose of the trip. You can get a visa within one and a half weeks from the time of submission of all documents. Visa Application Centers (VCs) operate in many large cities of the Russian Federation. You need to contact your regional center.

Types of Schengen visas to France

There are several types of Schengen visas. Each of them gives the holder certain rights during their stay in France.

Category C

This type of visa allows a foreign visitor to stay in the country for no more than 3 months in six months. It is also called short term.

With this document:

  • travel;
  • participate in cultural, scientific, sporting events;
  • visiting relatives and friends;
  • settle cases that do not provide material benefits;
  • complete short-term training courses, train;
  • work for remuneration;
  • transfer at the French airport, flying by.

It is not necessary to visit the consulate to obtain such a visa. It can be valid for single and multiple trips.

By invitation

If the applicant is traveling to visit a friend or relative, or at the invitation of a partner firm operating in France, he must attach additional documents. Their set depends on the circumstance who pays for the trip and accommodation in the country.


If you do not have a Schengen visa, you will need a category C transit visa to travel through France by any means of transport. transfer to another flight. Enough visa or hotel reservation in the country of destination. You can limit yourself to providing information about a tourist tour.

If a Russian stays in France for no more than 24 hours, but leaves the airport landing zone for any reason, including moving to another airport of departure, a transit visa is required. It needs to be set up in advance.

National D visa

A document with a long period of validity is required for a long-term stay in the state with serious purposes.

A national D visa provides a legal opportunity to:

  • study in France;
  • work under a long-term contract;
  • live in France without a break for a long time;
  • to move freely throughout Europe;
  • buy property.

Get it at the visa center (VC), the nearest French consulate or the French embassy in Moscow.

Documents for a visa to France in 2022

A visa to France for Russians is issued after providing a basic set of documents:

  • Questionnaire.
  • An international passport that expires at least 3 years later than the expiration date of the expected visa.2 Free Pages are required for visa.
  • 2 photocopies of pages of passport with information about the applicant and his children.
  • photocopies of the entire passport of a citizen of Russia.
  • 2 Photo of 35 × 45 cm with a light background.
  • A document certified by a personal signature confirming the giving agreement to analyze personal data. The same forms are filled with children with an empty of signature of the accompanying adult.
  • Confirmation of the hotel's hotel or the presence of another housing in France, if the stay in the country exceeds the day.
  • Medical insurance for Schengen Zone, covering the entire period of stay in the country. Polis is provided in print.
  • Tickets for the selected mode of transport there and back.
  • Old passport or a copy of it.

    Visa to France for Russians: the list of required documents includes a passport or a copy of it.

  • confirmation of financial consistency. One or more documents should show an amount equal to 50 euros, multiplied by the number of stays in France, and that the applicant has access to these money.

Originals of documents are served with copies.


Insurance is necessary to obtain a visa of type C and some visas types of category D. It guarantees the rapid provision of medical care, the transportation of the patient to the homeland, the delivery of the native body in the event of death.

Insurance policy can compensate for other risks:

  • injury during sports competitions, training or outdoor activities;
  • loss of baggage;
  • vehicle breakdown;
  • Cancel or delaying the trip;
  • problems with the flight;
  • Applying material damage or damage to third parties.

Insurance should be ready when submitting documents for permission to enter the country. Hold it is recommended during a trip with yourself. The call to the operator makes it possible to solve the problem when specifying the location and incident. The insurance policy should be designed for an amount not less than 30,000 euros.

Insurance is not required only for such long visas, when a person has all accommodation conditions in France, for example:

  • for spouses and minors of children of these countries;
  • For those who depart for work in the French enterprise.

Help from the Bank

in the bank you need to take an extract from the main bank account:

  • of savings;
  • Credit Card.

The address and telephone number of the bank, printing and signature of the operation must be indicated.

Help from

To certify financial capabilities and to demonstrate the presence of motivation to return in the form of an official job, the original certificate from the place of work is investing.

It should contain:

  • information about the position of office;
  • Personal data;
  • Date of admission to work;
  • Phones and address of the organization;
  • Identification code;
  • income minus taxes;
  • Printing and signature.


without providing tickets to both sides, the receipt of a visa is impossible. Without confidence in obtaining permission, the tickets are better to book, and not to buy.

The booking sheet comprises:

  • the name and name of the passenger;
  • Route and flight dates;
  • booking code;
  • ticket number;
  • Contact details of the agency ordered by reservation.

during the trip and reservation, and air tickets hold with themselves.

Sponsoring letter

This is the obligation of the closest relative or other person set out in writing, on the adoption of financial responsibility for all the expenses of the applicant.


The visa requires:

  • photocopy of the page with a photo from the sponsor passport;
  • confirmation of income;
  • Certificate of birth, marriage or other documents certifying the relationship of the counterpart with a sponsor.


This is an application for opening a visa.

Here are indicated:

  • all the surnames that the applicant had in life;
  • place of birth that matches the one indicated in the passport;
  • official data on marital status;
  • address of registration with postal code and address of real residence;
  • purpose of travel;
  • name, address and telephone number of the place of work or study;
  • position;
  • contact phone number;
  • email address;
  • start and end dates of the trip;
  • the number of planned trips and the number of days or years for which the validity of the visa is desired;
  • vehicle and reservation or original ticket;
  • the validity date of the insurance being issued;
  • visited countries and period of validity of Schengen visas for the last 3 years;
  • biometric data already provided when applying for Schengen visas;
  • Disability information;
  • assurance of non-claims in the event of any material loss associated with the delay in issuing a visa or refusal to obtain it;
  • date of completion and signature.

A package of additional documents

A visa to France for Russians can be issued with the addition of additional information to the basic set of documents.

For a tourist visa

To obtain this visa, a basic package of documents is sufficient. Unless you may need a copy of the tour, certified by the agency.

For a visa at the invitation of a private person

Either a French citizen or a foreigner with a residence permit or a long-term visa who has lived in the country for at least 3 years has the right to invite a Russian to visit or meet. months.

To receive an invitation issued in accordance with all the rules, a Russian citizen sends to the inviter:

  • a scanned copy of the international passport;
  • citizenship information;
  • passport number;
  • place and date of birth;
  • address.

If the invitation is from a French citizen, the following documents are required:

  • invitation “attestation d’accueil”;
  • a copy of the passport of the inviter, his address;
  • papers confirming the financial support of the stay in France;
  • Evidence of motivation for return.

Suitable for the financial report:

  • Frenchman's obligation to provide accommodation and bear all material expenses stated in the letter;
  • letter from sponsor;
  • evidence of the departing person's ability to pay.

The desire to return is confirmed by:

  • a certificate from the educational institution;
  • a copy of your student ID;
  • an extract from work;
  • permission from the administration to leave the enterprise;
  • plane, train, bus tickets.

Foreigners are required to have an invitation written in their own hand, proof of kinship (if any).

Family ties are certified by:

  • a marriage or birth certificate;
  • other documents.

The visa is issued for the number of days specified in the invitation. Demonstration of the amounts intended for spending during the child's stay is required.

For a visa at the invitation of a legal entity

The legal entity may be a French company that needs the services of a Russian specialist or has agreed to conduct an internship. An educational institution may submit documents on admission to it for an internship or training of a Russian citizen.

In an invitation letter, a French company describes in detail the scope of its activities, location, and the purpose of the invitation.

The visa applicant must prove that his professional activities are related to the purpose of the trip.

To do this, you may need documents from the following list:

  • a certificate from the place of work on the position held and the industry in which the Russian employer organization is engaged;
  • documents confirming the availability of scientific degrees;
  • diplomas certifying professional achievements;
  • patent certificates;
  • employment contract with the calling firm and its copy;
  • sponsorship letter from the host organization;
  • entrance fees to congresses, conferences, fairs;
  • a document on the transfer from the Russian branch of the French company.

Completing the questionnaire

The data in the form must be entered in capital letters by hand or typed in English or French. This document is filled out without blots and corrections. If an error has crept in, it is rewritten.

Visa Application Centers provide the service of filling in application forms. All information must be true and fully consistent with the information contained in other attached documents.

Submission of biometrics

The following categories of citizens undergo the fingerprinting procedure:

  • Persons who have reached the age of majority (18 years) and are able to do so action.
  • Minors over 12 years of age. They are accompanied by parents, guardians or adult companions on the trip.

Persons whose medical treatment does not allow temporary imprints to be taken are submitted upon re-submission of documents.

Fingerprints are taken only at the EC, which will issue permission to enter France. Re-surrender is required after 5 years. Photography is a must for everyone. The biometrics of an applicant who has not received a visa is not stored in the database of the consulate. CCs provide the Mobile Biometrics service.

It consists in the fact that an employee of an EC with portable equipment, including:

  • a fingerprint scanner, travels home or to an office in any region of the country;
  • camera;
  • laptop.

The inviter is required to:

  • provide a connection to the Internet;
  • payment for the service (€150) and travel expenses;
  • Provision of a workplace.

A consulate or EC may require fingerprints before the expiration of the 5-year period if serious doubts arise as to the identity of the applicant.

Visa to France for Minors

Minors are issued a separate visa. Questionnaires for children are completed by one of the parents or guardian.

They also put their signature:

  • If the child is taken out of Russia by one parent, then a notarized consent of the other parent is attached.
  • If children are traveling with another adult who is their guardian, permission must be provided by both parents.
  • If one of the parents has died, a death certificate is filed.
  • A single mother submits form #25 from the registry office.
  • If the location of the other parent is unknown, a police certificate is required.
  • Deprivation of one parent's parental rights confirmed by court verdict.

A visa for a minor is affixed to the old passport of the accompanying person or to the child's own passport if the adult has a biometric ID. A sponsorship letter is issued for the child with an obligation to pay his expenses. Sources of funding are indicated.

If the child and the parent have different last names, you will have to prove the relationship.

If the child's birth certificate shows the parent's former surname, proof of the change of surname must be submitted. The birth certificate is taken on the trip.

Adolescents aged 14-18 are allowed to travel abroad on their own. This is possible when there is a person in France, which undertakes to ensure the safety and a decent way of life of a minor during the period under consideration of his stay in the country.

If a training visa is drawn up, the following documents are prepared:

  • The consent of both parents;
  • Sponsored letter;
  • Help from the place of study.

An independent visa design

Visa to France for Russians can be framed by the departing itself. It is enough to contact the VIC, a consulate or embassy.

To obtain a positive result, certain steps should be taken:

  1. Select a visa category.
  2. Learn the list of required documents in the office or on the organization's website issuing permission to enter France.
  3. Make yourself in the list for the passage of the interview.
  4. Prepare documents and copies of them.
  5. appear on a designated day with a complete set of papers.
  6. Deliver biometry.
  7. Pay for services.
  8. The receipt is inserted into a set of documents.
  9. Submit collected papers for consideration.

Registration through the Joint Visa Center

The Joint Visa Center (OSC) is the largest network of organizations in the Russian Federation engaged in issuing permits to enter 24 countries of the world. The order of the visa is the same here as in other HC.

OPS provides a number of services:

  • courier delivery;
  • Photocabine;
  • Copying documents;
  • Premium Hall for a comfortable paperwork;
  • Receiving documents in extracurricular time;
  • Mobile biometrics;
  • Insurance.

Document readiness tracking

On the website of the HC, the opportunity is provided to aspect information about the issue of consideration of the issue. After entering the registration number of the application, the site indicates when you can find out the result. The decision to issue a visa is required personally.

The timing of the registration of entry documents

The standard dates for issuing a visa - 5-14 days. In some cases, there is a delay in the design of up to 30 calendar days. Until January 6, 2022, order a visa is allowed 3 months before the trip. Starting with the specified date, the preparatory period is extended to six months.

Obtaining a passport

A citizen of Russia is entitled to choose between the passport of an old sample for 5 years and a biometric passport for 10 years. State duty for issuing a passport with fingerprints - 5000 rubles, for minors (12-14 years old) - 2500 rubles. State duty for receiving the passport of the old generation - 2000 rubles, for children under 14 years old - 1000 rubles.

Paying for a duty for a minor, the name and patronymic of the child should be made to the receipt. The receipt is fed to the passport. If you refuse to design a document, the duty is returned completely either partially. The request for the issuance of a passport is submitted either in the LUCHM of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, or in MFC at the place of residence.

An application for the provision of a biometric passport can be submitted electronically through a single portal of public services. When making a new document of any type, the former acting passport is either surrendered, or the "canceled" printing is installed. Overdue documents are not withdrawn. The passport includes stamps with dates of arrival and departure.

The cost of registration

Visa to France is estimated by the cost of the work of the employees of the MC and the consulate. It depends on the category of the resulting resolution, the duration of the trip, the number of visits to the country. The consular fee for registration of a Visa type C for Russians costs 35 euros, category D - from 50 euros. Plus, visa services are estimated at 24-30 euros. The visa of a child under the age of 6 is free.

From 2022, it is possible to obtain free permissions for minors of any age. The solution of this issue is provided to the discretion of the consulate.

The most expensive visa is a long-term worker. 128.50 euros pay for it. Student visa costs 79.50 euros. Express design of a visa with approximately 100 euros, as the consular fence is doubled. Preparation of a long-term document in 1-3 days is impossible for technical reasons

The validity periods of the visa

transit visa is issued a maximum of 5 days. C is valid for six months. Visa D is most often issued for a year. Under certain circumstances, its validity period is 5 years.

Such a visa is convenient for business purposes when:

  • requires several business trips to within six months over several years;
  • Relatives are constantly invited several times a year.
  • Specialist concluded a long-term cooperation agreement with a French firm;
  • The patient is subjected to long-term treatment in France;
  • Kommersant visits the company-based on the territory of the country;
  • Investor of the French enterprise requires business trips.

Who can be denied visa?

A common reason for refusal to issue a visa is a violation of formalities. Independence or inattention is unacceptable here. Most often, errors are found in the questionnaire. Sometimes the applicant does not fully complete his package of documents. Formal errors can be corrected and the chance of obtaining a visa will hardly decrease.

The main difficulty lies in the interview with employees of the French consulate or embassy. The goal is to prove their peacefulness, law-abidingness, strong motivation to return to their homeland. It is recommended to think over the arguments and answers to possible questions in advance.

Violation of the visa regime in the form of staying in the visited country for more than 90 days within six months will most likely result in the refusal of a long-term admission, and possibly a short-term multiple visa.

Addresses of French Visa Application Centers in Moscow and other cities of Russia

A visa to France for Russians can be obtained at the Visa Application Center, details of which are given in the table:

City Address
MoscowProspect Mira, 64
B. Kislovsky per. 2
Tsvetnoy Boulevard 34
St. Petersburgst. Bolshaya Raznochinnaya, 16A
Yekaterinburgst. Kuibysheva 44,
VladivostokOkeanskiy prospect, 17
Irkutskst. Sverdlova, 10
Kaliningradst. 1812, 126
Kazanst. Paris Commune, 8
Krasnodarst. Academician Pavlova, 64
Nizhny Novgorodst. Shcherbakova, 15
Novosibirskst. Chelyuskintsev, 15
OmskFrunze street 1/4
Permst. Chernyshevsky 28
Rostov-on-Don24-2V Trolleybus street, building 1
Samarast. Michurina, 78
SaratovVavilov street 38/114
Khabarovskst. Istomin, house 22a
Ufast. Chernyshevsky, 82

Documents are accepted from 9:00 to 16:00.

It can be difficult and exciting for a Russian citizen to apply for a visa to France, but it is quite possible to do it in a short period of time.

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