Turkey resorts on the map. The best cities for a beach holiday in the Aegean, Mediterranean Sea. List, photo

Turkey, the map of which demonstrates the abundance of beach holidays on the coasts of several seas, is popular Tourist Mes. Tom among Russians.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. a huge selection of different vapors.
  2. The duration of the holiday season.
  3. Beautiful colorful nature.
  4. The famous "all inclusive."
  5. Exotic Turkish kitchen.
  6. Excursions in historical places and to numerous monuments of ancient architecture.
  7. The possibility of communicating in his native language in hotels, shops, during excursions.

Thanks to a set of comfortable conditions and affordable prices, Turkey is the most suitable country for those who first decided to rest abroad.

Beach holiday features in Turkey

Map of Turkey with resorts demonstrates a variety of selection of places for a beach holiday with children or independently. The country from 3 sides is washed by seas: black from the north, Aegean from the south-west, Mediterranean from the south and the inner marble sea, which provides the transition from the Mediterranean to black.

The spa areas on the coasts of the seas are different from each other by climatic conditions, air and water temperature, the duration of the holiday season, the quality of the beaches, nature of nature, sightseeing, popular tourists and holiday prices.

Most of the well-known resorts are in the subtropical climate on the coasts of the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas. The resort season here lasts from mid-May to October. However, bold people open the beach season in April and close in November.

Average water and air temperatures in degrees Celsius:

Mediterranean region Aegean region
Month Air ) Water Air Water
October+25+25+23+ 22

Turkish Other Black Sea resorts are colder, located in the zone of a moderately warm subtropical climate, the average water temperature during the season is only + 23 or + 24aboutC. In this way they are very similar to the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory. The holiday season here is shorter and lasts from mid-May to mid-October.

The average water temperature in the internal Sea of ​​Marmara is + 25 or + 26oC, but at the peak of the season it can warm up to + 29oC.

At all resorts in Turkey, vacationers are greeted with cordial hospitality; Russian tourists are always welcome here. However, everyone who comes here should understand what he wants to get during his vacation. Those who love intense heat do not need to go to the Black Sea coast. Those who cannot stand it for health reasons will go here.

Fans of a quiet and relaxing holiday with the family should go to the Sea of ​​Marmara, but lovers of active nightlife will be bored here. At the height of the season, there is a large influx of tourists at all resorts, the rest will cost more. It is cheaper to relax on the Black and Marmara Seas than on the Aegean. Most of the costs will have to rest on the Mediterranean coast.

Map of Turkey

Map of Turkey with resorts

Mediterranean Sea resorts

Map of Turkey with resorts on the Mediterranean Sea shows the compact location of most of them on the shores of the Gulf of Antalya. The most popular resort in the center of this bay has the same name.


Antalya is located near the airport. The resort is relatively inexpensive, great for a beach holiday. Many beaches of sand and small pebbles have the international Blue Flag award for their perfect cleanliness. Here you can go water skiing, scooters, yachts, go diving, fishing.

On a rocky plateau at a height of 30 m above sea level, ancient mosques, minarets, the remains of a fortress wall and modern tourist complexes coexist. In the center of the Old City is the Yivli Minaret (13th century), as well as the famous Hadrian's Arch (2nd century). Antalya is decorated with singing fountains, boulevards and alleys of subtropical plants. The port of the resort town is the most beautiful in the entire Mediterranean.

Most Antalya hotels, regardless of their "star status" and prices for accommodation, are distinguished by a high level of service and comfort. They have gyms, many have swimming pools, Turkish baths, saunas, masseurs work.

Various types of recreation are provided for children, animators are involved with them. Elite tourist complexes in the Kundu and Lara districts provide extra-class services and are designed for wealthy clients.

Antalya's nightlife is diverse and accessible to people of all income levels. There are many inexpensive restaurants and fashionable nightclubs with famous Turkish cuisine restaurants, discos, live music and even swimming pools.

Tourists should visit the Aqualand park with its attractions, the dolphinarium and the aquarium tunnel. Excursions in the vicinity of the resort will allow you to see the Upper and Lower Duden waterfalls, the Duzlerchamy National Park, Gulluk Park with a museum of flora and fauna, a cave in Mount Chan - the dwelling of ancient people.

The average price for a tour to Antalya for two for 7 nights will be approximately 40-50 thousand rubles.

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Alanya is 2 hours from Antalya Airport. Great for a budget family vacation. The rocky peninsula cuts the city into 2 parts. For a beach holiday, there are the best long beaches in the Mediterranean Sea with velvety sand on the western coast and a mixture of sand and pebbles on the eastern coast of the peninsula. Many have Blue Flags.

The Tauride Mountains protect the resort from cold winds from the north. The ancient city was founded over 2000 years ago and has an unusual past. It has many historical and architectural monuments, amazing natural objects.

Tourists are interested in the fortress walls with the Kyzyl-Kule tower, the shipyard, the archaeological museum, the monument and house-museum of Kemal Ataturk, the Alarkhan caravanserai. Excursions to the Dampatash natural cave, Cleopatra beach, Sapadere canyon, Dim-chai mountain river are no less popular.

There are many different hotels, guest houses, apartments and villas for tourists in the city. Here everyone can choose their own option, taking into account personal preferences and financial capabilities. The range of prices per room per day is from 2500 to 17500 rubles. depending on the status of the hotel and the quality of services provided. A beach tour for 5 nights for two can cost an average of about 35-40 thousand rubles. in a 3 star hotel.

The resort has many options for active recreation in nightclubs, outdoor areas in the city center and near the marina. The restaurants offer famous Mediterranean cuisine and national dishes.

Alanya is suitable for families with children. Everything is thought out here for them: from amenities in hotels and menus in cafes and restaurants to an abundance of attractions, playgrounds and entertaining excursions.


Kemer is a cozy city near the Taurus Mountains, part of the large resort area of ​​Alanya. Pebble beaches, picturesque nature, a yacht club, many nightclubs and restaurants, shops for shopping, inexpensive hotels, exciting excursions - all this attracts young people who want to combine beach holidays with an active life.

On the island of Kekova you can see sunken ancient cities and Lycian sarcophagi on the seashore. Of interest to tourists are the ruins of cities of the 3rd century BC. Olympos and Phaselis, burning Mount Chimera, Goynuk Canyon, Moonlight Park, Ataturk Boulevard. The average price for a tour for two for 5 nights will be from 30 to 35 thousand rubles, depending on the status of the hotel.


Belek is an elite and one of the most expensive resorts in the Mediterranean. It is located near the airport, suitable for families with children due to the mild climate, clean beaches with a gentle entry into the calm sea. There are comfortable hotels with conditions for organizing children's recreation.

Children and adults will be interested in excursions to protected natural places in the vicinity of Belek, including the Kapryulu Canyon National Park. The resort is also famous for its Golf Center. A tour for 5 nights for two will cost an average of 40-60 thousand rubles. in 3 and 4 star hotels and about 105-110 thousand rubles. in 5 stars.


Side is an ancient town an hour's drive from the airport, belongs to the resorts of the middle price category. It is preferable for beach lovers in combination with excursions to ancient ancient monuments. There are long and wide sandy beaches with convenient entry into the sea.

In Side it is good to have a rest with a family. For young people, this resort will seem too calm and boring. But lovers of antiquity have something to see. In the historical center there are many ruins of ancient buildings and the remains of an ancient Greek city. Tourists are especially interested in the temple of Apollo and the amphitheater with unique acoustics, Side Taun waterfall.

There is no water park in Side, but almost every hotel has them. There are many hotels in the city, everyone can find a suitable option for themselves. The average price for a tour for two for 5 nights will be from 40 to 70 thousand rubles. depending on the category of the hotel.


The map of Turkish resorts shows that the town of Konakli is located 12 km west of Alanya. From Antalya Airport to it is about two hours away. It is ideal for lovers of a relaxing holiday by the sea. The beaches here are pebbly, in some places sand is poured over the pebbles, the entrance to the sea is deep. The resort has many orange and palm trees.

The most beautiful object is the functioning mosque with white minarets. In the center of the village, a clock on a stone tower with arches shows the local time and the time in the German twin town.

There is a good park in Konakli. Not far from the resort, you can look at the Sharavsinsky caravanserai. The most fashionable disco on the coast, Summer Garden, attracts with its unusual interior: it has an aquarium, a pool with a waterfall, and tropical plants.

Adds a colorful mobile market to the exotic town. For children, there is a go-kart, an amusement park, and a dolphinarium is located nearby. There are many hotels of different levels of comfort. The average price per day in hotels ranges from 4700 rubles. up to 13500 rub. A tour for 7 nights for two will cost an average of 50 thousand rubles.



Kirish is a small resort 5 km from Kemer. They are separated from each other by a high mountain. The whole village is a long street, which is built up on both sides with hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, travel agencies. This is a former fishing village with beautiful mountain landscapes. The resort is suitable for a family or romantic getaway.

The beaches here are pebbly, sand has been brought to some of them. Of the water activities, diving, boating and jet skiing are popular. On the coast you can go cycling and hiking. Mount Olympos will surprise guests with constantly emerging fiery flashes and a mosque a kilometer from the village.

Most of the hotels in Kirish are located on the first coastline. The average price for a tour for 2 nights for two will be about 30.5 thousand rubles.

Resorts of the Aegean Sea

A map of Turkey with resorts on the Aegean Sea resembles a necklace strung with precious stones: the resorts here are located along the entire coast. Turkey here is not at all like the one that Russians are used to seeing in the Mediterranean.


Marmaris is a port on the border of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. It is 2.5 hours from the airport, refers to the average price of resorts and is suitable for young people who know how to combine vacation on water with nightly sweatings.

Here is the longest coast (about 4 km.) With beaches from pebbles and sand, convenient entrance to the sea. Pines and oleandrovy thickets surround the city. This is a European resort with an eastern flavor.

In restaurants and cafes offer dishes of European, national, marine and vegetarian cuisines. Half-categories and hotels of the highest category are on several coastal lines. Infrastructure is well developed in the city.

There is a large yacht club, boats for marine travel, water park, created conditions for diving and rafting. Work nightclubs and discos. The average cost of the tour for two on 8 nights ranges from 25 to 30 thousand rubles, depending on the season time and hotel status.


Bodrum is one of the most expensive resorts on the Aegean Sea.

It is located not far from the airport. The city is surrounded by olive groves, fruit gardens and coniferous forests. The resort seems to be created for a beach holiday. Beaches here are sandy, with small pebbles or platform, many have a "blue flag". Tourists from all over the planet are preferred at this resort.

The most popular for visits are the Castle of Peter, the ancient acting theater, the ruins of the Galicarnas Mausoleum, the Gate of Mindos, the Big Waterpark of Deademan, the floating dance club catamaran. Diving and windsurfing are available from water entertainment.

The resort is characterized by a developed infrastructure, comfortable hotels with high levels of service. The tour for 7 nights for two will cost an average of 38-50 thousand rubles.


Fethiye - a quiet port city at the junction of the two seas, surrounded by mountains, from it less than an airport ride, refers to expensive resorts, suitable for family beach holidays. On the coast there are many beautiful bays, secluded islets. Beaches here with bulk sand, pebble or platforms.

Fethiye - Gate to Liku, where they are rocking tombs whose age is more than 2500 years. Tourists will also be interested in the Blue Laguna (Dead Sea), the valley of butterflies, the gorge of Saklier, the Castle of St. John, the ruins of ancient cities. From the entertainment on the water available walks under sail, on scooters, catamarans, as well as fishing and diving.

The average price of the tour for 5 nights for two will be from 50 to 130 thousand, depending on the "star" hotel ".


Kusadasi (translated "Island of birds") - resort 80 km fromIzmir, the tourist season lasts only 3 months. Due to the constant sea breeze, there is no sweltering heat. Beaches in Kusadasi with coarse and fine sand, small pebbles or in the form of a platform. Boat trips, visits to the Dilek National Park, the fortress walls of the city, the mosque of 1618, and thermal springs are popular here.

Adaland water park operates, and there are many restaurants and entertainment venues on Ataturk Boulevard. Hotels located along the coastline offer decent service and quality food. Rest in this resort will cost less than in others. This makes it attractive to young people. A tour for a week for two will cost an average of 23-28 thousand rubles.


Ayvalik is located 155 km from the city of Izmir. It is little known to Russian tourists, but it is popular among Turks and Europeans. Once it was a Greek city, but at the beginning of the 20th century it was conquered by the Turks. July and August are most suitable for a beach holiday, when the sea warms up well. Sandy beaches in the resort are considered the best in the country.

There are few cultural and historical objects here, but there are wonderful natural places: "Satan's Table" - an observation deck on top of a cliff, the National Park of the resort with large and small waterfalls. Ancient sights can be seen during excursions to neighboring cities.

Small hotels and large hotels, apartments and villas can be found here for every taste and wealth. Bars and restaurants offer a varied menu, but the highlight is the delicious fish dishes. There are few places of entertainment, so lovers of nightlife will be bored.

Water skiing, motorcycling, boating, and diving are in demand. There are places to play tennis, volleyball, football. The resort staff rarely speaks Russian, as there is no influx of Russian-speaking tourists here.


Cesme is an expensive resort, located one and a half hours drive from Izmir Airport. The beaches here are clean, with fine sand and a shallow entrance to the sea. The resort differs from others in its nature, originality, and decent infrastructure. Close to it is the Greek island of Chios. The city itself was once the Greek Krini. This left its mark on the appearance of the resort, which is dominated by Greek motifs.

Tourists will be attracted by an excursion to the Cheshme (Genoese) fortress and the museum located in it. The beautiful promenade and Tanai Park are favorite places for walking. You can combine relaxation with medical procedures, as the resort has many mineral and mud springs.

Almost all hotels and hotels are located on the first coastline and have their own beaches. The price per day of stay in them ranges from $43 to $80. The staff does not speak Russian very well.

Resorts of the Black Sea

The map of Turkey with the resorts of the Black Sea convincingly proves that the north of the country is also a large resort area. Turkey owns almost half of the coast. The ridges of the Caucasus protect the eastern part from cold winds.

The Pontic Mountains stretch along the coastline. The attraction of the local Turkish resorts lies in the magnificent nature, many historical and architectural monuments and the beauty of the Black Sea.

The most popular resorts:

  • Sinop, a beach resort in the Sinop Bay of the Black Sea, is well known to Russians. Here, affordable prices, hotels of different levels of comfort and cost, a large selection of entertainment. Ancient houses, defensive fortifications, churches and mosques are interesting objects for excursions.
  • Abana is an ancient city. There are all conditions for a relaxing beach holiday: long sandy beaches, comfortable hotels at attractive prices.
  • Akliman is a resort surrounded by mountains. There are no sharp winds on the coast, the climate is mild, the sea is rarely restless.
  • Gerze is a place where man and nature harmoniously merge into a single whole. Small hotels and campsites provide their services. There are no shops and attractions on the beaches, but there are restaurants and cafes on the territory of the town. The resort is surrounded by pine forests.

The resorts of Rize and Trabzon are also popular.

Resorts of the Sea of ​​Marmara

The Sea of ​​Marmara is the inland sea of ​​Turkey. It is small, there are no storms and unrest. The mild climate, thermal springs and low prices attract tourists here. The resorts of Armutlu and Yalova are famous for their beaches and healing mineral and mud springs.

The Erdek resort is the oldest resort town on the Sea of ​​Marmara. In addition to the golden beaches, tourists are interested in the Kushgeneti National Grove. The Marmara resort with its sandy beaches is perfect for a family holiday.

Useful tips for tourists

Before traveling to Turkey, it is important to remember a few tips:

  • proximity to the arrival airport, accommodation conditions at the hotel.
  • In order to save money, it is necessary to book a tour in advance, taking into account that during the peak season the rest will cost more. The average prices given in this article only characterize the price segment of a particular resort. Finding the most suitable option for themselves is the prerogative of the vacationers themselves. It is important to consider that last-minute tours and vouchers will cost 30% cheaper.

    there are many wonderful places in Turkey where you can relax by compiling a travel map and a vacation plan

  • take out travel insurance in advance, as medical care in this country is paid.
  • You must have a passport, air ticket, hotel reservation or tour package, as well as cash in the amount of 150-250 USD. per person to pay for excursions, purchase of souvenirs and for unforeseen expenses.
  • In Turkey, euros, dollars and rubles are accepted for payment, so it is important to monitor the floating rate of the local currency. It is not necessary to change a large amount at once.
  • Calling from a pay phone is cheaper than from a hotel. It is better to purchase a telephone payment card in large retail outlets in order to avoid fraud.
  • It is customary to bargain in shops and markets, and the more active the better - you can get a good discount.
  • Before leaving, it is advisable to buy a Russian-Turkish colloquial dictionary and learn a few common phrases.
  • While on vacation, it is important to respect the customs of the country and observe the generally accepted rules of conduct.

In Turkey, with its many resorts on the map, everyone can find the perfect option for a beach holiday, regardless of age and preferences. Russians do not need a visa to travel to this country, and the flight from Moscow will take no more than 3.5 hours. By changing a virtual trip to a real one, you can get unforgettable impressions and recharge your good mood, improve your health.

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