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Tuana Blue Sky Resort 3* is a hotel built in a modern style with advanced technologies and rich infrastructure. The hotel complex has 3 stars and belongs to category B - the most common class, which provides for the availability of standard services and several categories of rooms.

The name of the hotel is translated as "Blue Sky". It means frequency, lightness and light. Reviews prove that Tuana Blue Sky Resort has these 3 criteria. It is always clean here, the rooms are filled with light and comfort.

Location of the hotel

Tuana Blue Sky Resort 3* reviews characterize as a hotel located near the main shopping center of the island on Pang-Muang Road, Sai Kor. Nearby are famous sights and the police station.

The hotel is located on the 2 coastline, the distance from it to the beach is 300 m. Phuket International Airport is 30 minutes. ride. This distance can be overcome by taxi for 1000-1500 rubles. or by bus with 2-3 transfers for 200-300 rubles.

There are several interesting sights near the hotel:

  • Banzaan Fresh Market. The largest market in Phuket, which is famous for ready-made food and fruits. Here the tourist can try dozens of exotic dishes from meat, fish, vegetables and insects.
  • Bangla Road. This place is the heart of nightlife and club life on the island. There is a huge number of bars, restaurants and clubs.

  • Jungceylon Shopping Center. Huge mall with many shops. There are representatives of both world famous brands and unique Thai designers.
  • Patong Pier. Picturesque location in the city center. A long narrow bridge goes a few meters into the distance. It is best to walk here in the evening, when the sea lights up with the bright red color of the sunset.

  • The University of Prince Songkla. The largest higher education institution on the island. It is impossible to go into it, but it is not forbidden to look at it. The university looks very unusual, he removed reminds the opera building in Sydney. Such a modern, non-standard structure in the center of the tropical island looks interesting.

  • Entertainment Park Fantasy. The place where bright colors and unforgettable emotions are gathered. The atmosphere of the holiday and fun reigns here. The entertainment is not the most budget, but they will definitely give a lot of enthusiastic emotions. There are dozens of attractions, several cafes with delicious and diverse foods, exhibitions of the most exotic animals.

Infrastructure, Beach and Pool

Tuana Blue Sky Resort 3 * Reviews characterize as a hotel that has a rather extensive list of infrastructure objects:

  • Restaurant. On the territory of this hotel complex for its guests, only 1 restaurant opens the doors, which is called Blue Sky Lobby Restourant.
  • Pool. The hotel has 1 large outdoor swimming pool, where people can be bought and still can be swimming. After all, the depth in it increases gradually.
  • Parking. She is private and guarded, so guests, without fear, can leave their or rented car in the parking lot.
  • Laundry. All dirty things can be attributed to a dry cleaning, where for a fee, they will quickly lead to excellent condition.
  • Garden. A beautiful tropical park is broken on the back of the rear territory, where it is pleasant to walk in hot weather. Under the shadow of trees becomes a little cool and easy.
  • Beach. It is approximately 7-10 minutes from the hotel. The fenced part is only available for guests of this hotel complex. There are showers, umbrellas and lounge chairs. Sunset in the sea smooth, the depth is about 1.5 m. It is approximately 5-10 meters from the coast. The beach is wide and spacious, without stones and dangerous marine animals, well suited for swimming with children.


Room Foundation and Room Equipment

Tuana Blue Sky Resort 3 * There are 105 numbers of various categories:

1. Economy Double Room. Spacious and bright room made in a modern style. Finishing includes coffee and white color. Decor is made in blue and yellow. Reviews say that this number is an excellent option for budget travelers.

It has:

  • a large double bed.
  • TV with satellite channels.
  • dressing table.
  • The windowsill, which now turned into a comfortable sofa.
  • Bathroom with shower, set of slippers, towels, bathrobes and hygiene.
  • Balcony with a magnificent view of the sea and surroundings.

The most budget number, even in the tourist period, the price per day does not exceed 1500 rubles.

2. Superior Double Room. The room is made in a modern style in a beige-brown gamma. The decor includes a saturated blue and mustard color.

The room has:

  • Large double or 2 single beds.
  • Cable TV.
  • Dressing table.
  • A small sofa.
  • Bathroom with shower and hot water, set of towels, bathrobes and cosmetic accessories.

In the tourist season, the price reaches 3000-3500 rubles, in normal time - 850-950 rubles.

3. Deluxe Double Room. It is made in the milk-brown gamma. The decor also uses mustard color.

The room has:

  • Double bed.
  • Cabinet for storage of things with a mirror.
  • Tea and coffee accessories.
  • Bathroom with a set of slippers, towels and hygienic agents.
  • Spacious corridor with a toilet table.
  • TV with multiple channels.

In the resort season, the price varies about 5,000 rubles, in usual time - about 1000 rubles.

4. Double suite. The number is made in the milk color. The decore also uses a bright blue tint. In the tourist season, the price per suite can grow up to 10,000 rubles. per day, during the usual period it costs about 1500 rubles.

There are in the room:

  • Living area with a sofa.
  • Huge double bed.
  • Bathroom with bathroom, shower and necessary accessories.
  • TV with satellite channels.
  • Balcony with beautiful views of the sea and surroundings.
  • A minibar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, sweets and snacks.

Power concept

The cost of rooms at the Hotel Tuana Blue Sky Resort 3 * includes breakfasts that are covered in the main restaurant at the Blue Sky Lobby Restourant.


  • Feed time. Breakfast is served at 9:00, ends at 11:00.
  • Restaurant at this time works on a buffet system.
  • For breakfast, several types of porridge, salads, second dishes, omelets are served. In addition, there are fruits, vegetables, sweets, sausage, cheese and bread slices.
  • Champagne, wines, weak alcoholic beverages, drinks for a long exposure are not included in the price.
Basin Bar at the Hotel Tuana Blue Sky Resort 3 *

In addition to the main restaurant there is a poolside bar, where you can order alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Service sector

Tuana Blue Sky Resort 3 * Reviews characterize as a hotel that provides a wide range of services.

Wellness, therapeutic and cosmetology procedures

The hotel has its own spa, which offers vacationers to visit the following procedures:

1. Massage. Specialists are able to do all possible species:

  • therapeutic.
  • Anti-cellulite.
  • Relaxing.
  • Toning.
  • on the whole body.
  • Only individual sections.

2. Wrapping. Formations with algae are the very popular. One procedure costs about 500 rubles.

Entertainment for adults. Options for active and passive recreation


more often adults spend time near the pool or on the beach. From active entertainment there is only a small platform where you can play with the ball, for example, football.

For those tourists who are not going to spend the whole holiday in the hotel, the tour desk is working, whose specialists can help choose and order an excursion.

Entertainment for children

Often, families who have children come to this hotel.

For young guests there are several types of services:

  • Children's pool. It is warm water and a small depth, so it is completely safe for kids.
  • Children's menu. It is paid separately. Dishes from it are healthier and useful, there are less salts, spices, sugar and oils.
  • Children's playground. Small corner outdoors, where there are swings, slides and sandbox.

Business services

For those guests who do not even forget about work, there are several types of services:

  • Computer room. There are several modern computers on which you can work at any time.
  • Fax / Copy. Each tourist can send or print the necessary document at any time.

Tours and Prices

Tour - This is the most convenient option for a tourist booking Rooms in the hotel:

  • Discounts. Shares and bonuses appear very often, it is they allow you to buy a room at a reduced price.
  • Convenience. When buying a full tour, do not think about how to buy tickets, how to agree on the date of departure and arrival. For tourists, everything will make their company.
  • Security. You can always return money and gain insurance.

Tuana Blue Sky Resort 3 * Tours are provided by the following companies:

Name of the tour operator TEZ Tour GOOD TIME TUI
Number of nights10/9 nights9/8 nights10/9 nights
What is included
  • Transfer from the airport and back
  • Superior number
  • Russian-speaking guide throughout the rest
  • Tickets
  • Transfer from and to the airport
  • Superior number
  • Russian-speaking guide
  • Tickets 251]
  • Nutrition
  • Transfer from the airport and back
  • Superior number
  • Russian-speaking guide during the whole rest
  • Nutrition
  • Tickets [25 9]
What is not included
  • Fuel Collection
  • Visa
  • Excursions
  • Fuel Collection
  • Visa
  • Excursions
  • Fuel Collection
  • Visa
  • Excursions
Price39263 rub. for man52107 rub. for man38636 rub. For man

Rules of departure and entry

Each hotel has its own rules of residence, Tuana Blue Sky Resort 3 * No exception:

  • Entry into the room is made only after 14:00.
  • You can register at the hotel at any time.
  • Departure must be made until 12:00.
  • The difference in 2 hours is obligatory, it allows you to prepare a number for the following customers.
  • When registering, you must present a document with a photo and a credit card.
  • When arriving, it is necessary to leave an insurance pledge in the amount of 4046 rubles. It will be led completely if the property is not spoiled.
  • When placing all children under 12 years old on extra beds, a fee of 610 rubles is charged.
  • When placing adults and children over 12 years old, for each person will have to pay 610 rubles.
  • The maximum number of beds in the room is 1.
  • Additional beds are available on request, after coordination with the hotel.
  • Animal accommodation is not allowed.
  • Only Visa, MasterCard cards are accepted for payment. The hotel enshrines the possibility of premature blocking of funds on the client map.


  • The hotel is located at: 236/15 Pangmuang Saikor RD, Patong, Phuket, 83150 Patong Beach.
  • Official Website: TuanaHoteles_com.
  • VKontakte: VK-COM / TUANAHOTELS.
  • Instagram.com: Instagram-COM / TUANA_Hotels /.
  • Phone: +66 76 512 199.

Best option Book a room - buy a full tour.

If this option is not suitable, then the number can be booked on the official website or the site integrator, where there are often discounts and promotions.

Tourist reviews

Most tourists liked the location of the hotel. They celebrate the beautiful territory and cleanliness of the numbers. Most converge that the hotel is best suited to young guests who do not require perfect silence.

Some guests noted that there are many mosquitoes in the rooms, and the manual does not represent protective sprays. Moreover, sometimes the staff responds a little rude. In general, a mid-level hotel with budget prices and related quality.

There is a minimum set for a comfortable and cheerful holiday. Not far from Tuana Blue Sky Resort 3 * There are many attractions and entertainment, there is a private pool, a beach and a restaurant. Reviews say that the hotel is good, clean rooms and beautiful territory.

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