Tours of Nha Trang, Vietnam on Islands, Cambodia, Dalat, Halong, Singapore. Prices and reviews

Nha Trang - the capital Khanh Hoa province, which is located in the central part of Vietnam and one of the most popular resorts in the country. In addition to a beach holiday in this region, you can buy excursions throughout Vietnam that depart from Nha Trang.

The city is located on the coast of the South China Sea, in total there are 3 beaches in this area, and each of them is considered a standard in Vietnam. Crowds of tourists come here every year for the sake of relaxation, beautiful views for relatively little money.

Features of recreation in Vietnam

Nha Trang is the center of Vietnam's tourist life, in total there are about 415 thousand people in the city. The area of ​​the city is approximately 250 sq. km. All residents of Nha Trang speak Vietnamese, and the main currency is dong. In some places, having agreed, you can pay in dollars.

Most of the locals make money from visitors, so almost all people will be friendly to the tourist and interested in all the little things. Nha Trang is famous not only for its clean beaches and clear water, but also for the islands that are located in the local bay.

The most popular are Che and Tam, the world's longest cable car over the sea leads to the first one, connecting the island with the coast of the city. Unlike Che, Tam is not particularly popular with tourists, but at the moment it is being equipped to attract more visitors. There are good roads throughout the city, and the infrastructure is developing rapidly every year.

Nha Trang has a large number of attractions, from architectural monuments to museums and exhibition centers. The sea in the city is quite deep, after about 4-5 m the distance to the bottom is 180-250 cm. Throughout the beaches there are various cafes, bars and establishments providing services for outdoor activities (diving centers, rental of jet skis, boats, etc.).


The city is relatively small, so it is quite comfortable to move around it even on foot. There are public transport interchanges in this area. In total, 6 bus routes run throughout Nha Trang, of which only two pass through the center. All public transport is well maintained, the seats are soft, and access for drunks is prohibited. The single fare is $0.30.

You can also order taxi services in the city, getting from one end to the other will cost $2. In addition to the automobile, there is a motorcycle taxi. When choosing such an exotic mode of transport, one should not be afraid to bargain, because at the sight of tourists, drivers begin to greatly bend the cost. For this reason, the initial price can be safely divided in two, on average it will be $ 1.

You can also rent a bike or motorcycle in Nha Trang, the first one will cost about $ 1 per day, and moto for $ 5-6 per day. day.

In the city it is possible to rent a boat, on average it will cost $110-150. Vietnam (excursions from Nha Trang are also very popular among tourists) can be seen not only by bus, but even by boat or plane, it all depends on the budget of the tourist.

When visiting Nha Trang, you should definitely:

  1. Try freshly caught lobster, which is cooked right on the city beach.
  2. Rent a scooter or quad bike for comfortable movement around the city and exploring the city on your own, bypassing the usual tourist routes.
  3. Visit local hot springs and adjacent spas.
  4. Go to one of the islands of Nha Trang Bay, this can be done by renting a boat or by crossing the record-breaking bridge.
  5. Admire and swim in the local spring water waterfall.
  6. Visit the city's seafood market, where you can buy the freshest seafood available in the region.
  7. Climb to the observation deck of Bao Dai Villas and enjoy the sunset in Nha Trang Bay.
  8. Attend several beach parties, which are organized not only by commercial organizations, but also by ordinary people.

Climatic conditions, the best time to travel

Climatic conditions in Nha Trang practically do not change during the year. In this regard, in this region there is a constant beach season. For this reason, tourists do not need to particularly choose the most suitable time to travel to the resort. In winter, the air temperature rarely drops below 20 °C. Despite the constantly warm weather, the most suitable months to visit Nha Trang are March-August.

During this period, the temperature of air and water reaches its peak and even at night you can comfortably walk or swim in the sea. The most unsuitable months are December and October, although at this time the temperature is also kept at a high level, but this period is characterized by heavy rains and bad weather. In total, over 1000 mm of precipitation falls in the city during the year, and the humidity is kept at the level of 70% all year round.

Climate data for the whole year is provided in the table:

Month Daytime temperature Nighttime temperature Daytime water temperature Water temperature at night Precipitation, mm
April2826) 262132
July302827) 2225

Excursions from Nha Trang

Vietnam (excursions from Nha Trang run daily to almost any place in the country) offers options for active or relaxing holidays, sightseeing of natural, architectural and historical country sights s. The cost of some vouchers directly from the city ranges from $60 to $500 or more.

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Sightseeing routes run out not only by motorways, there are air and water options, but the cost of such entertainment will be significantly more expensive.

in Dalat

Dalat is 70 km from Nha Trang. The main attraction of this area is beautiful species and untouched, wildlife. On the Internet there are many sentences of excursion walks in Dalat. On average, prices for such tours range from 10 to $ 40 for a day trip. This cost includes 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Vietnam. Excursions from Nha Trang in Dalat are very popular, as they loved many tourists.

Departure often occurs in the morning, approximately 6-7 hours, the trip passes by bus. All the way to Dalat takes 1-1.5 hours.

The price of the tour includes data from the data of the attractions:

  1. Park Redean. This is a kind of protected area, local animals (crocodiles, elephants, buffaloes, ostrises, various fish and birds) live here in special avols. Everything around resembles a wild nature, a large waterfall is located in the middle of the park. Here you can ride on elephants, buffalities and even ostriches, the cost of such pleasure begins from $ 20. Rare plants grow everywhere in the park, some of them can only be found in this region and anywhere else in the world.
  2. Waterfall da Tan La. All terrain looks around a wildlife, among the Rocky Mountains there is a waterfall to which you can ride on a local attraction (electric sleigh on the rails).
  3. Crazy House. The local landmark of Dalata, he is called another mad house. This is a hotel where you can remove the room, the building is made in the form of a large stump, and inside everything reminds some kind of fabulous house. Inspection of the whole structure may take several hours.
  4. Golden Buddha. A large 10 meter statue of the Divine, which is located near the temples.
  5. Pagoda Lin Foil. Despite the fact that the building was erected only in the last century, it very much resembles the classic Chinese and Vietnamese temples. There is a complex system of stairs and tunnels in Pagoda, as well as a large number of sculptures and modeling.

in Cambodia

One of the most popular excursions from Nha Trang on Vietnam is a visit to Cambodia. Many tourists advise Uncle Vanya agency.

There are several displacement options:

  1. Bus.
  2. Car.
  3. Airplane.

Differences only in cost. The cost of the tour without the price for the vehicle is $150.

This price includes:

  1. Services of a Russian-speaking guide to the sights of Cambodia
  2. 3 days in a 4* hotel.
  3. Buffet for breakfast and dinner.

By calling the agency, you can determine all the details of the trip and the total cost of the service.

Winpearl Park

You can visit the Vietnamese analogue of Disneyland on your own or with the help of travel agencies. The average cost of the tour is $65.


  1. Russian-speaking guide.
  2. Travel by comfortable car.
  3. The entrance to the amusement park.

From Nha Trang, the car picks up the group from the hotels at about 5-6 am.

You must take with you:

  1. Swimwear.
  2. Hats for sun protection.
  3. Anti-tanning cream.
  4. Towel.

Visiting attractions is not included in the price of the trip.

To Dak Lak Province

Dak Lak is a place where civilization has not reached. This region is known for its wildlife and the Mnong tribe living here. A visit to Daklak will cost $ 100 per person per day of stay. Departure takes place in the morning by bus or by car for a surcharge of $ 20.

The price of the tour includes:

  1. Morning buffet.
  2. Elephant ride.
  3. Visit to the Mnongi tribe.
  4. Russian speaking guide.
  5. Visiting the waterfall.

To Singapore

Vietnam (excursions from Nha Trang are carried out not only within the country, but also abroad) is a country with reasonable prices. One of the common tours "3 days and 2 nights in Singapore". The cost of traveling from Nha Trang is $300 per person.

This price includes:

  1. Air ticket.
  2. 3 days accommodation in a 3* hotel in Singapore.
  3. Breakfast.
  4. A Russian-speaking guide who will take tourists to all the main sights of the republic.

The flight takes place with a transfer in Ho Chi Minh City.

To Halong

Tour “Halong + Hanoi for 2 days and nights” offers to plunge into one of the most heavenly places in Nha Trang. This bay is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cost of the tour is $350. A bus picks up tourists from the hotel and takes them to the airport.

In the tour included:

  1. the Russian-speaking guide, which will accompany resting throughout the journey.
  2. Transfer to the bay.
  3. Entrance tickets.
  4. Overnight at 3 * hotel.
  5. 5 Meals.

, it is necessary to take:

  1. passport.
  2. Headdress for Sun protection.
  3. Replacement robe.
  4. Replaceable shoes.

At the excursion include visiting these attractions:

  1. Caves and grotto Halong Bay.
  2. Temple of literature.
  3. Heavenly Palace.
  4. Pagoda Halong Bay.
  5. Mausoleum Ho Chi Minh.
  6. Pagoda.
  7. Cathedral of St. Joseph.
  8. Lake Bay.
  9. Old streets of the city.

Jeep tour

Individual tours organizes JeepVN agency. They can provide excursions for every taste.

Top-4 in popularity:

  1. Waterfalls Ba Ho. This includes visits to temples in the Mountains of Vietnam, the fishing harbor, the inspection of the farm land of local residents, waterfall Ba Ho. The price includes 3 single meals and tropical fruit tasting. The price per person is $ 60.
  2. Vietnam village. This tour includes a visit to the lost and forgotten places of Vietnam: Citadel Zien Khan, Temple Tone Lam Sean, Gothic Cathedral on the top of the mountain. Cost $ 50.
  3. Lost World. This tour includes inspection of the temple of Van Tu, mountainous terrain Khan's dream, a visit to the most seriously available waterfall in the country of Talu. The price is $ 125 per person.
  4. Lunch in the jungle. This is a long tour to the most disgrace of wild jungle, along the way, tourists will be able to see: Buddhist Temple of Suo to, Hon Ba. Upon arrival, the guide will make a barbecue from fresh seafood, will prepare light spirits and fruits. The cost of $ 90 per person.

To Waterfall Talo

, tours to Waterfall TALA is practically not carried out due to difficult accessibility to this area. This service can only be ordered on individual jeep tours. This service will cost at 100-150 $. Waterfall Talo is located in the very center of the jungle, on the outskirts of Nhachangi. Travel to this region takes about half the day.

On the Northern Islands

in Vietnam, many Russian-speaking news agencies that can provide a tour of the main Nyachangi North Islands.

Most excursions offer to visit:

  1. Island monkeys. Earlier on this territory there was a laboratory in which trial tests were carried out. Over time, the organization went bankrupt, and all the monkeys released. To date, more than 1 thousand primates live on the island. They can be stroked and put it, because of the frequent visits to this place with tourists, they have become practically hand.
  2. Orchid Island. Here you can see trained monkeys, elephants, bears and dogs. All of them can be fed and stroking. Armors are installed around the perimeter of the island, which can be rented and enjoy the rest, watching local beauties. As it comes from the name in the center of the island there is a large number of orchids. Also here you can ride on elephants.

A visit to one island will cost approximately $ 50-65.

on the Southern Islands

Vietnam, tours of Nha Trang to the South Islands are a fairly popular type of leisure in the country. Some tours can be purchased directly in your own hotel. All of them work according to one principle and do not differ in diversity. The tour of the southern islands with the guide will cost $ 7-10. Departure occurs from the maritime station on a special boat.

Do not get to the island in any way. Depending on the cost on the ship can be entertaining concerts and views.

Total at the excursion includes a visit to 4 islands:

  1. Three Nguyen. There is a fancy oceanarium. According to the stylistics, the construction is similar to the "mad house", only made not as a stump, but in the form of a cave.
  2. Mun. On this island you can do diving or swim on the boat with a transparent bottom.
  3. ILO. The landing does not pass on this territory, due to the fact that there is a private object to which the access is closed. However, not far from it there is a floating bar, where you can order cocktails, while right on the water.
  4. trans. This place is famous for its beaches, here are not so many tourists as on public, but instead of sand there is a small pebble.

In Yangbay Park

Vietnam (tours of Nha Trang in Yangbey, you can order in any local agency or directly in your own hotel) is rich in unique natural sights. It is 40 km from the city and you can only get there by bus. The cost of the excursion is $ 25-40.

It includes:

  1. transfer to the park.
  2. Guide accompanying tourists during the entire location.
  3. Entrance ticket.

In this park, you can take a dream of a wild nature without signs of civilization. Also here is available to the service of peeling fish.

Trial on quad bikes

Trial on quad bikes around the surroundings and jungle in Vietnam is a common entertainment among fans of outdoor activities. This service can be ordered individually in the places of rental of quadrocycles. The paths of such tours are usually laid through dense jungle thickets and a difficult area.

In such entertainment includes:

  1. Rent of the Quadrocycle.
  2. Guide support.

The cost of such leisure ranges from $ 40-100.

Tour on the yacht

One of the most popular tours on the yacht in Nha Trang is a cruise on the bay on the ship "Emperor". The journey passes from 16:00 to 21:00, after which the rest returns to the hotel back to the hotel. The cost of such an excursion is $ 150 per person.

It includes:

  1. transfer to the yacht.
  2. Journey to the "Emperor".
  3. Russian-speaking guide services.
  4. Full dinner right in the yacht restaurant.
  5. The provision of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Vietnam An interesting country with its history and culture, the most popular resort of the country is Nha Trang. Here you can enjoy the views and sunbathe on the beach with white sand, as well as from the city you can go on a tour to any point of Vietnam.

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