Torun, Poland. Attractions, photo with description, map, reviews

Torun is one of the most interesting cities in Poland, which happily escaped the devastation of numerous wars, preserving its architectural and historical sights intact.

The ancient Gothic buildings, the streets of the old town, the defensive fortress wall made a proper impression on the members of the international organization UNESCO, who included the entire central part of Torun in the World Heritage List.


Torun is located in northern Poland, in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. Its coordinates: 53°00′38″ s. sh. 18°36′16″ in. e. The nearest airports are located in Warsaw, Gdansk and Bydgoszcz, the largest of them is in the capital. It is connected by direct flights with many Russian cities. From Warsaw to Torun, separated by 200 km, can be reached by train or regular buses.

The railway station of the city is a major transport hub, where trains arrive from many cities of the country and Europe. According to the schedule, 12 trains per day arrive from Warsaw. A high-speed train with panoramic windows runs between the tourist cities of Malbork and Torun.

The A-10 motorway (Warsaw - Szecin) passes through Torun, as well as two more highways, which can be used to get to any city in Poland and Europe. The bus station, where regular intercity and international buses arrive, is located in the city center.

Weather, the best time to travel

Torun (Poland), whose sights are of interest to tourists all year round, can be visited at any time due to weather conditions. Historical and architectural monuments, excellent dining establishments, comfortable hotels and hospitable hosts will provide an unforgettable travel experience.

Daily air temperature (0C), rainfall (mm), number of sunny days in Torun:

Jan. Feb. March Apr. May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.

12 (more than 4 points out of 5). The exception is January with 2.5 points. The rating reaches its maximum in June and August.


There are many main and must-see objects in Torun. Many of them are associated with the great scientist N. Copernicus. Born here in 1473, he forever connected his name with the city, although he lived and worked elsewhere.

Torun, whose attractions are inextricably linked with its unusually beautiful Gothic architecture, outwardly remained almost the same as under Copernicus. The destruction that Poland suffered during World War II hardly touched him. He preserved for posterity not raised from the ruins, as throughout the entire Polish territory, but authentic, ancient temples and houses, laid out many centuries ago according to the local tradition of red brick.

Religious buildings

Religion plays a significant role in Poland. About 90% of believing Poles are Catholics. The state provides all possible support to this powerful historical denomination. Buildings and church property nationalized in the 20th century are gradually being returned to the owner.

Church of the Most Holy Virgin Mary

The building of the church was erected in the 13th-14th centuries; today it is one of the three Gothic churches preserved in Torun. It is located on the Old Market Square. Upon completion of the first stage of construction, it was a rectangular building with a 20-meter wall, 12 m high. A century later, the building was built on, increasing its size both in plan and in height, making it the tallest in Central Europe.

The three-aisled church is decorated with 3 octagonal turrets. The windows on all sides of the facade are narrow and long.

Today, the church, in addition to carrying out a cult load, is an architectural monument. There are benches made of oak of the 15th century, a stained-glass window of the 14th century (the rest of the stained-glass windows are of the 19th century), the crucifixion of Christ of the beginning of the 16th century, and an organ of the 17th century. But the most interesting are the ancient frescoes.

Church of the Holy Spirit

The building of the church was built as a result of religious differences between Catholics and Protestants. The architect A. Bach developed a project with the money collected by the townspeople, but the construction itself had to be postponed due to strife in the city. While the petition for the construction of the church was being considered, the project was changed.

The new architect proposed a more modest option for Protestants that did not irritate Catholics. The opening took place in 1756. This is how a building made of red brick appeared with windows on the facade, slightly recessed into high vertical niches, which corresponds to the Gothic style.

The length of the church is 46 m, the height is 14 m, its capacity is 1300 parishioners at the same time. ​​At the end of the 19th century, a 64-meter-high tower was added. Divine services are held in the church, and it itself is a repository of rare items.

The most interesting museums

Torun (Poland), whose sights are located not only in the open air, is famous for its museums.

There are 10 of them in the city, and they tell:

  • about archaeological finds, weapons, coins and household items of knightly times (Przedzamcze street);
  • about folk art, applied art, national costume, rituals and traditions, residential and utility buildings (Wały gen. Sikorskiego, 19);
  • about the works of contemporary artists, their exhibitions (Wały gen. Sikorskiego street, 13).

House of Nicolaus Copernicus

Museum at ul. Kopernika 15/17 is located in two adjacent houses, in one of which the scientist was born. The famous house N 17 belonged to the Copernicus family since 1464, in the 80s it was rebuilt by the scientist's father. Restoration work carried out in 1960 made it possible to restore the building to its original form, in the medieval Gothic style.

In 1973, the neighboring house N15 was also transferred to the museum for expansion. Today, both buildings house an exposition that tells about the life and discoveries of N. Copernicus, his working tools, household items. The discovery of the scientist that all the planets revolve around the Sun, and not the Earth, made using the simplest astronomical instruments, was not only highly scientific and brilliant.

And also incredibly brave - after all, a fire could be waiting for him. But the scientist managed to live up to 70 years. Most of the collection consists of things made by Torun masters in honor of the famous countryman: portraits, dishes, furniture. Opening hours of the museum: from 10 to 18.

Monuments and monuments

Torun (Poland), whose sights are not limited to medieval masterpieces, carefully selects modern sculptures. They do not violate the architectural harmony of the city and support the historical thread of the story.

Monument to Nicolaus Copernicus

The monument to the famous native of the city has been erected on the Old Market Square since the middle of the 19th century. The project was completed by the sculptor F. Tik long before its implementation, but the work was delayed for various reasons by almost 15 years. The author, having died, did not see his work on the city street.

Torun, while sightseeing, it is important not to miss the monument to Copernicus.

The scientist rises on a pedestal (more than 4 m) to his full height (2.6 m). In one hand he has a working tool with the signs of the zodiac (astrolabe), and the other finger points to the sky. On the pedestal - a large inscription in Latin says that Nicolaus Copernicus - a resident of Torun, made the Earth rotate, stopped the Sun and Heaven.

Fountain “Plotogon”

Next to the town hall building there is quite a modern and appropriate fountain-monument to the favorite character of Polish legends – Plotogon. So in Poland they called merchants who transported goods along the river. Torun was attacked by a myriad of vile toads, from which there was no deliverance.

Saved the inhabitants of the ordinary Raftrunner, who knew how to masterfully play the violin. Frogs sitting on the corners of a multifaceted bowl of fountains are studied to shine - so tourists and local residents make desires.

Architectural structures

The historic center of the city leads to the delight of all travelers who visited Torun. About 550 historical buildings built in one style of one material - red bricks, stand in the same places, while maintaining the planning of medieval streets.

Town Hall

The building of the city hall, the largest on the territory of Poland, decorates today old market square. Year of its construction - 1393. The complex houses were used earlier buildings, 1274 years. They were combined with each other in a square, creating inside the courtyard.

After 3 centuries, another floor was prescribed and angular turrets. The majestic building today is the jury of Torun and the premises of the city museum. His address: Rynek Staromiejski, 1, opening hours: from 10 to 18, the price of an adult ticket - 13 zlotys (Wednesday - free day).

Courtyard of Artus

Building of the XIX century at: Rynek Staromiejski, 6 It is famous for the fact that in his place stood the Palace of Artus, who in addition to architectural value had a huge historical.

He witnessed the concluded second Torun world, which ended in 1466 by a 13-year-old War of Teutons with the Polish kingdom. The authentic courtyard of Artus and two more houses were demolished to build the current building, to which "passed" the historical name of the predecessor.

Curve Tower

Torun (Poland), the attractions of which are affected by the imagination with their diversity, and has such a tourist object as a curve tower standing on the street "Pod Krzywą Wieżą" ("Under Curve Tower"). It was erected in the XIII century, today at a height of 15 m, it deviates from the vertical direct almost 1.5 m. It is much more than the slope known to the whole world of the tower in Pisa (about 4 m).

At first, strictly vertical combat facilities became gradually increasing due to the preparedness of the soil. Approximately this began to occur in the XIII century.

Before the tower consisted in a complex of defensive structures, then she is a herd of a female prison, later - a worker of a blacksmith, a residential house. Now there is a city cultural institution here, but it is open to watching tourists. You can climb the stairs, look from the observation deck on the river, buy souvenirs, listen to beautiful legends about the falling tower.

The ruins of the castle of the Teutonic Order

On the banks of the Vistula in 1236, the first castle of the Knights of the Teutonic Order was erected. He had a horseshoe form.

Now part of the premises are restored, you can see residential rooms, kitchen, basements, combat tower, and even the library. Address: ul. Podzamcze, 3.

Natural attractions

The main natural attraction of the city is the Vistula River, on which Torun stands. Vistula flows through all Poland from the south to north and is the most important water artery of the country. Its length is just over 1 thousand kilometers, the speed is 5 km / h, the depth is from 1 to 7 m. HPP was built on the flow river.

Modern objects, interesting for visiting

in Torun, many restaurants, including at hotels that work until late at night. It is very convenient for lovers of this type of rest. The city of Shopping Torun is difficult to call, it is rather an open-air museum.

But, of course, there are shopping centers:

  • "Atrium Copernicus" - Stanisława żżłkiewskiego, 15;
  • "Bielawy" - OLSZTYńSKA, 8;
  • "Toruń Plaza" - Władysława Broniewskiego, 90.

Interesting seats for recreation with children

For children entertainment In here, parks with attractions, gaming halls in shopping centers, walks on the Vistula on the ship. But I want to see what is only in Torun.

Gingerbread Museum

The Gingerbread Museum, which opened in 2006 by E. Olzyevskaya at: Rabiańska, 9, is the winner of several honorary prizes. And it is logical, because Torun from the XIV century was considered an unsurpassed gingerbread city. His staff do not just introduce visitors with traditional delicacy, but attract them to participate in the creation of gingerbreads with different tastes.

Torun gingerbreads are considered the main edible landmark and excellent souvenirs. On their surface, the symbols of Torun and scenes from the knightly life were always depicted. In an industrial scale, they are baking them in the factory. Copernicus. In the museum, everyone can bake his gingerbread. [259)

The custodians of the museum tell about the history of the creation of a sweet product, about the secrets of old recipes, and visitors under the guidance of experienced masters knead the dough, adding alternately traditional for Torun gingerbread Ingredients.


  • rye flour;
  • honey;
  • ginger;
  • nuts;
  • Spices.

Museum's work hours: from 10 to 18, the cost of a full ticket - 17 zlotys. Next to the museum is a gingerbread shop with different fillings, you can order individual design. Shop address: żEglarska, 18.

Puppet Theater "Baj Pomorski"

Building on ul. Piernikarska, 9 will not miss any child. It is made in the form of a carved chest with figures of fabulous and funny characters on the opened "doors". The performances, of course, go in Polish, but it's not difficult to understand the action of the classic fairy tale.

If nevertheless, the language barrier will be completely insurmountable, you can simply enter the lobby, which is allowed, and look at the decorations exhibited in the lobby.

The route for inspection on their own on 1 day

All attractions of the city are located in its old part, that is, in a small area that is best to go on foot. This will allow us to correctly distribute strength and attention, do not miss interesting architectural solutions and monuments, look into museums, sit in a cafe.

The approximate route of the walk for 1 day is designed in an indispensable acquaintance with the most important city attractions - Nikolai Copernicus and Torun Gingerbread.

For tourist, a great scientific discovery and a variety of taste sensations are combined perfect:

  • Copernicus house (UL. KOPERNIKA 15/17) - Museum where you can learn a lot Interesting about a person whose name will be found in the city very often.
  • The gingerbread museum is located near the house of Copernicus (Rabiańska, 9), which is convenient and allows you to stock theoretical knowledge to practice the practice.
  • Next - Town Hall (Rynek Staromiejski, 1). If you wish, you can go to the biggest museum of the city, but if there are already a bit more, that is, the opportunity to rise to the observation platform of the tower and look at the city panorama from above.
  • Here is the monument to N. Copernicus.
  • On the square of the old market it is worth paying attention to the building called the "Argus Courtyard" (Rynek Staromiejski, 6). Inside the pass will not work, unless you do not have a ticket to the concert of classical music.
  • Cathedral of John the Baptist - the oldest church of the city (żEglarska, 16). They say that there is a font here, in which Baby Nikolai (Copernicus) was baptized. Temple on reconstruction, but to look inside is not prohibited.
  • Next - the path to the street Krivoy Tower (Pod Krzywą Wieżą, 1). According to the legend, the knight in love, violating the Code of honor, visited his lady heart in her house. He was ordered to build a tower as the sincere sign of repentance in sin. But for some reason the tower glanced.
  • After rest in the cafe, you can visit the ruins of the Teutonic Castle (Podzamcze, 3). This is also a museum, but you can just climb on the walls and look.
  • You should definitely go back past the puppet theater, the Church of the Virgin Mary, the University of Copernicus to the gingerbread shop to buy sweet gifts for your loved ones there (Żeglarska, 18).


In a small town with a well-developed infrastructure, everything is provided for a comfortable stay of tourists. Most of the hotels are located in the center of Torun, although with its size it is possible to walk from the outskirts to the historical center in half an hour.

Copernicus Hotel

A modern 4-star hotel is located at Bulwar Filadelfijski 11. This place is located in the Planty park, on the banks of the Vistula, a 10-minute walk from the Old Town. Its windows offer beautiful views of the river and the Gothic old buildings.

The hotel has 2 swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), a fitness room with exercise equipment, a spa center. Guests can spend time in the restaurant, lobby bar, nightclub or bowling alley. The hotel offers a beauty salon, laundry and ironing services, as well as smartphone access with unlimited domestic and international calls.

Rooms are equipped with quality furniture and household appliances, there are safes and mini-bars. The bathrooms are marble. Breakfast is served buffet style. The cost of the room is from 6000 to 28000 rubles.

Filmmar Hotel

The hotel is located at the address: Grudziądzka, 39-43, which is 1 km from the historical center. A quiet, peaceful place gives tourists the opportunity to have a good rest after many hours of walking through the streets of Torun. To stay healthy, there is an air-conditioned gym and a sauna with a hot tub.

The restaurant specializes in European cuisine and offers buffet breakfast. The bar is open. Cozy and clean rooms with good furniture are equipped with TV and air conditioning. Each room provides tea and coffee sets, safes for laptops, mini-bars. The cost is from 3600 to 10000 rubles.

Hotel «Gromada»

The 2-star hotel is located in the Old Town, a few steps from the Main Market Square.

His address: Żeglarska, 10/14. The combination of comfortable rooms, decorated in a classic style and equipped with private bathrooms, with good restaurant cuisine, Internet access and the main attractions located on the next street, make the hotel very popular among city guests. The cost is from 2300 rubles.

Where to eat

There are many places in Torun where you can have a quick bite or a hearty meal and relax. Here, each menu offers a wide selection of European and national cuisine (Bigos, meat rolls, pork chops).

Restaurant "Quarants"

The restaurant is at the address: ul. Rynek Staromiejski, 29. This is the very center of the city, which is very convenient for tourists. In addition, the mode of operation (from 11 to 22 hours) makes it possible to use it at any convenient time when walking around the city.

Visitors to the institution strongly recommend meat steaks, which are especially managed by local chefs. But the extensive menu will not allow to remain hungry and vegetarians. Price tag: from 130 to 770 rubles.

Cafe "Lenkevich"

Cafe, which serves the best ice cream in the city, is located on Wielkie Garbary Street, 14.

Relax half an hour outdoors, drink tea or coffee, try dessert, hot cakes and necessarily several balls of cold delicacies with taste, for example, gingerbread recommend many tourists here. In rainy weather you can get a cozy room.

Restaurant "Mistrz I Małgorzata"

Restaurant with a romantic title is located on Szewska Street, 17 and opens at 13 o'clock, but on Sundays its regime is changing specifically for tourists who come to this oldest city. Poland. With 8-30, breakfasts are offered here (it is worth trying dumplings in Polish), and at a later time - meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.

Available in the hall, on the veranda or take a packaged food with you. Order value - 150-1200 rubles.

How to move

To move along the Torun on buses (30 routes), trams and a taxi. Public transport covers all areas of the city and the nearest suburban settlements. Tickets are sold in kiosks at stops and cost 3 PLN (zlotys) or 50 rubles.

The travel around the city by taxi will cost 10-15 PLN, and, for example, to Warsaw - about 400 PLN.

Torun is a unique city, the pride is not only the Cooch-Pomeranian Voivodeship and Poland, but the entire world community. Tourists come here from all over the world to see his unique attractions, allowing you to make a walk of truly medieval.

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