Thermal springs in Hungary. Resorts for recreation, treatment on the lakes. Prices and reviews

Hungarian thermal springs with healing water are known all over the world. Here, like nowhere else, there is the largest number of balneological resorts, where people from different countries come together. The total number of healing springs on the territory is about 60 thousand, in many of them spring water rises to the surface of the earth with a temperature of more than 500C.

Benefits of treatment and recreation in Hungary

Since the Middle Ages, Hungary has been famous for its baths, today they occupy almost 80% of the country's territory. Here you can not only take health courses, but also visit interesting places, see the history of the country with your own eyes.

If there is no certainty about which source to choose, then it is possible to consult a specialist directly in the country. According to the results of examinations, a recommendation for treatment and referral to a specific health resort will be given.

Thermal springs in Hungary at resorts have the latest medical equipment, the level of training of specialists corresponds to all modern standards of medicine.

Indications for visiting thermal spas in Hungary

Hungarian thermal springs are used:

  • motor apparatus.
  • To restore the health of the cardiovascular system and activate the work of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Thermal water well restores the immune and endocrine systems - mineral waters normalize the human hormonal background.
  • For the treatment of various skin diseases.
  • For help with gynecological diseases: the ability to bear children is restored.
  • For the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis and arthrosis, osteochondrosis.
  • For the treatment of gout, spondylosis, osteoporosis of the musculoskeletal system.
  • For the rehabilitation of the body after fractures of the limbs, or operations on bone tissues.

Most of the Hungarian sources are universal - they can help from a complex of diseases of the body. But there are sources that are intended to treat only certain pathologies.


Thermal springs in Hungary can not always be beneficial, in other cases they can only harm.

They are contraindicated:

  • Children under 12 years old - their body is just developing, therefore, medical procedures are not recommended for them.
  • Pregnant and lactating women - the composition of the water can adversely affect the development of the fetus, or change the components of human milk: the chemical effect of the composition affects the entire body.
  • During the rehabilitation period after a heart attack or with a diagnosis of heart failure - the reaction to the use of thermal waters can be the most unpredictable.
  • When diagnosing a cancerous tumor - it can increase from high temperatures.
  • During tuberculosis of various organs, abnormal functioning of the thyroid gland - organs can get an exacerbation of the disease instead of treatment.
  • Also, Hungarian mineral hot springs are not recommended for people suffering from epilepsy, an increased degree of infection of the body (AIDS), patients with autism, they are contraindicated for chronic hypertensive patients.

If there is an intention to visit the famous balneological resorts in Hungary, then you must first consult with your doctor, and only after receiving a positive recommendation, you can go for treatment.

The best time for rest in Hungary. Climate and weather by months

Hungarian thermal springs are located in a temperate European climate, so the choice of travel period can be any. Most tourists from other countries prefer to relax in the warm season, starting from May and ending at the end of September.

Most visitors come to the country from July to August, but after the Christmas holidays, very few of them come. And not at all because all the celebrations are over, but simply because of difficult weather conditions - not only does the temperature drop noticeably outside, but there are often fogs and high humidity in the atmosphere.

Experienced travelers know that the best season to visit Hungary is spring. This is the time of flowering, when all living things reach for the sun, although the cost of rooms in the resorts is still winter. In June, the weather becomes hot, there is very little rain, and only occasionally slight cooling can be observed.

In the early autumn period, the weather remains favorable - there is a lot of sun, but little rain. At this time, the grape harvest festival is held in the country - a very spectacular mass and extraordinarily beautiful show.

Winter holidays are preferred by those guests who need to undergo a treatment course in hot thermal waters, and the springs are located exclusively in the air.

But during this period, the active, entertaining life of the country is suspended - many parks, museums and historical estates switch to winter mode of operation, or even close altogether. However, the weather in winter differs from Russian conditions - it is milder, without severe frosts.

You can clearly see the temperature graph in the table:

Month Maximum Minimum Optional
Jan.+2-30С-20СHigh humidity, frequent fogs, winds blow at a speed up to 7 m/s
Feb.+60С00СCold and humid, but the air does not cool down to negative temperatures
March+120S+20SBeginning flowering trees
Apr.+160C+70C½ in a month is sunny, but the nights are still cool
May+220S+110SFrequent short rains, but sunny days CMostly hot during the day, but there are occasional showers. The first berries ripen
July+280C+160CA hot but humid period. The largest influx of tourists
Aug.+390N+60NThere is practically no precipitation, the season for fruits and vegetables
Sept.+340C00CDays are warm, humidity increases. Many folklore and other festivals
Oct.+290N-60NSeason of rains and heavy fogs
Dec+190C-170CThere are no severely negative temperatures, but frosts are observed at night

Overview of the best thermal resorts in Hungary

Thermal springs in Hungary with mineralized water have truly unique properties, in them, the temperature of water rising from the bowels of the earth can reach more than 50 degrees Celsius. Among them, some of them are popular.


In the center of the Hungarian capital Budapest, in the city park Varošliged (not far from Geroev Square), there is one of the country's main baths with mineral water – Széchenyi.

You can get here by public transport:

  • By metro to the station. Szechenyi furdo (Szechenyi).
  • By tram number 1 to pl. Heroes (Kacsoh Pongrac).
  • By trolleybus 72 to the baths (Szechenyi furdo).
  • Auth. No. 901 or 918 to pl. Heroes, and there a little walk to the baths.

Bathing is recommended for patients with problems of the musculoskeletal system, rehabilitation after surgical interventions.

Approximate cost of services:

  • a session costs about 12 €, or 3.8 thousand for.
  • Weekend evening - 13 € (4 thousand for.).
  • In the afternoon (until 5 pm) – 13.3 €.
  • On weekends - 14 €.
  • Subscription for the day - 17 €. This includes a visit to all sources and baths, however, you will need to pay for a massage separately.


Thermal springs in Hungary (Gallert) are located in Budapest, near the Freedom Bridge (right bank of the Danube). You can get here by tram number 18, 19, 47 and 49 to the stop Gellert bath (Gallert bath). Or by bus number 7, 7A or 86 to the same stop. Taking therapeutic mud baths is recommended for people with diseases of the joints and spine.

Price of procedures:

  • Massage with local herbs – 20 €.
  • Massage in a warm bath – 25 €.
  • Treatment course – with Matra herbs – 67 €.
  • Mud treatments – 64 €.
  • Bath in Hungarian wine – 67 €.

Guests are offered a tour of the thermal bath:

  • For a group of up to 4 people - 150 €.
  • For 8 people – 180 €

Duration of the visit – 3 hours.


A spring with thermal mineral water in the town of Byukfurdo was discovered in 1957, and its composition is the most saturated with various chemical elements beneficial to human health, there are no analogues of such healing water on the European continent.

It is better to get to the balneological resort of Bük through Vienna - the city is only 120 km from the capital of Austria, if you go from Budapest, then you need to drive 230 km to the city.

2 weeks of drinking water or bathing will help solve problems:

  • With the cleansing of blood vessels.
  • With the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • With purification of the kidneys.
  • With the restoration of sleep.
  • With the normalization of the psyche and emotional state of the patient.
  • With pain in the joints, spine, bones.

Estimated cost of procedures:

Name and description of the treatment course Cost in Euros
Therapeutic massage (1 session includes a choice) – wrapping with honey-cream composition, facial massage, body massage – 50 min63
Hawaiian massage 80 min., foot and back massage with medicated oils - 25 min.95
7 massage procedures - medical examination, 5 sessions as prescribed by a doctor (massaging the back with medicated oils, wrapping with herbal infusions, mud procedures, underwater hydromassage)109
Session of 21 procedures285


The resort area is located 30 km from the Austrian border, on the banks of the river. Slave. To get here, you can use the Vienna-Schwechat flight, the airport is located 130 km from the city of Sharvar. If you drive from Budapest, then the distance to the resort is 200 km. Regular buses run from these cities.

Bathing in the Sharvar resort is indicated for diseases:

  • Chronic diseases of the joints.
  • Musculoskeletal system.
  • With spasms, convulsions, muscle strains.
  • In neuralgia, recovery after surgery.
  • In case of lung problems, recovery of the body after acute inflammation of the pulmonary tract.
  • In case of problems with the female body, infertility treatment.

The value of therapeutic procedures at the hotel Thermal SPA 5 *:

Name, description Price in Euro
Course from 6 healing sessions + 1 examination by a doctor and recommendations for adopting procedures150
Course out of 10 sessions + 1 examination by a doctor and recommendations240
reception bath with therapeutic composition, foot massage, 1 suite Procedure150
inspection by a doctor + 3 sessions in a salt cave or inhalation, 2 massages, respiratory gymnastics and advice of physiotherapist


Massage with therapeutic oil (to choose from), with salt of the Dead Sea + Excursion on Arndrari68

A little about the sights:

  • In the central part of Charhruar, the fortress of times has been preserved Ekovya "Nada". Here is a local historical excursion. From the lecture you can find out that the first printed book of Hungary has been published in 1517, here in the local printing house.
  • In the city there is a huge park, it is located on 16 hectares, many rare and wonderful plants grow in it. Walks contribute to cleansing lungs and general relaxation.
  • Just 5 km from the city is the town of Shitke, which is famous for the ancient castle and a chapel.
  • In the city of Celldolka at a distance of 15 km from Charhruar, an ancient monastery and a temple built in the Baroque style was preserved.
  • 20 km from the resort is located in Sambathea, in which the Museum in the Air "Your Village" is organized.

To get acquainted with all the sights, you can use a special excursion train. It runs through all local attractions.

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Thermal bathing is equipped in natural conditions - rocks. The official discovery was in 1959, but they were known long before this date.

Visit the resort of the Miscolc-Tapping was shown in the following diseases:

  • Arthrosis.
  • Arthritis (with the exception of exacerbations).
  • When problems with the spine.
  • for rehabilitation after surgical intervention on the limbs.

Cost of services (Forinty):

  • Full-time visit - 2.6 thousand.
  • Benefits for students and people of retirement age - 2.1 thousand.
  • The cost of entering the sauna and bath hall - 1, 0 thousand
  • SPA complex and a separate cabin - 5.9 thousand

children Up to 4 years can visit the bathing for free.


  • from Budapest on a suburban train, time on the road is 2 hours.
  • from the railway station to tram No. 1 or No. 2 to the city center. Hence the bus number 2 or No. 20 to the Ost. Miskolctapolca Barlangfürdő.
  • Before the purchase of about 200 m.


  • in the city there are many temples, cathedrals of Protestant religion. The main church is the reform church on the city of Avash.
  • In the West of the city you can see the ancient castle of the Diocese, where he lived in his time the king Lyosh Great. Today there is a historical museum.
    in Miskolc-Tapolets (Hungary) near the thermal sources there is a castle of Diocery
  • in Miskolc (Not far from the resort) the zoo is opened, which contains different exotic animals.


220 km east of Budapest is located in Debrecen - Balneological resort of Hungary, it is in the forest-steppe strip, at an altitude of 108 m above the marine level.

You can get here from the airport in Budapest the local bus to the resort, or book a transfer to the group of holidays. Time on the way about 3 hours. But you can use the suburban railway message Budapest-Chop, in 3 hours. The train will deliver to Debrecen.

Doctors recommend the use of thermal waters for diseases:

  • acute inflammations of the joints.
  • The ailments of the spine and gout.
  • rheumatism.
  • The musculoskeletal system.
  • Skin problems.
  • Rehabilitation after paralysis.
  • Women's diseases of various shapes, including infertility.
  • problems with breathing paths.

On the territory of the forestark zone near the resort there are:

  • The complex of thermal sources "Aquatikum".
  • Attractions.
  • Zoo.
  • University and Botanical Garden of Education.
  • Pond.

Approximate cost of services:

Name, description price (euro)
examination by a doctor +5 procedures (5 days)55
inspection doctor + 10 procedures100
examination by a doctor + 30 procedures180


The resort is located on the shore of the northern part of the lake. Balaton, 120 km from Budapest. The unique composition of thermal waters is favorable on patients with cordially vascular diseases or exhausted after a long disease.

Basically, the resort specializes in recovery:

  • after ischemic heart diseases.
  • suffered infarction.
  • Blood and Heart Pressure.
  • Vegeth-vascular dystonia, atherosclerosis of brain vessels.

The methods of therapeutic resort procedures:

  • Hydrotherapy - baths, shower, hydromassage.
  • Physiotherapy - Magnetic, Laser and Luminous Healing Method.
  • Medical exercises, all body massage.

Cost of services:

Description Price (Euro)
Survey according to the method of spirometry139
ultrasound of heart valves42


  • The city is famous for the fact that the Hungarian motor ship went from here from here, the city of Yachtsmen is created in the city.
  • Many world celebrities were built on the shore of the lake.
  • A sailing regatta starts in May. It is very prestigious and popular in Europe.
  • in the city itself can be visited in the house of the "Red Temple", the Round Cathedral.
  • Recently, Annagar Park opened here, which became one of the attractions of Balaton.


The resort area is located in the south of Hungary near the Villala Mountainside, 14 km from the border with Croatia. Budapest - 245 km, to the city of Pie (former Cultural Center of the country) 25 km. From this city there is a regular bus to the resort.

Specialization of health resorts, here are carried out here:

  • psoriasis.
  • Female infertility.
  • Inflammation of the joints.
  • Nervous ailments.
  • osteoporosis, powerlessness of the muscles, as well as there are rehabilitation courses after surgical interventions.

Cost of services:

  • One-time entrance to the spa procedures - 10 €.
  • Entry from 14 o'clock. - 7.75 €.
  • A ticket for 2 persons with a child - 9 €.
  • Weekly subscription - 60.5 €.
  • Swimming in thermal basins - 7 €.
  • Visit 2 Persons with a child - 6.5 €.

Attractions of the city:

  • The ancient fortress walls of Shiklos. Here are organized group excursions on which you can learn the Hungarian history and see the theatrical presentation.
  • Winery in Villani - guests are acquainted with wine cellars, and with a mandatory breakdown of various varieties of wines of local production.


Resort is a recognized leader in the treatment of various kinds of rheumatic diseases. It is located in the northeast region. Hungary 200 km from Budapest.

You can get here in various ways:

  • on the suburban train from Budapest, travel time is 2.5 hours.
  • A long-distance bus from Budapest and others. Hungarian cities.

Specialization of the hospital, here can be obtained:

  • treatment of polyarthritis, inflammation of the joints.
  • Normal system normalization.
  • Rehabilitation after severe limb injuries.
  • Gynecological healing.
  • Treatment of skin inflammation, including in severe form.
  • Gastritis therapy, reducing the acidity of the stomach.

Cost of procedures for 1 person:

  • 5-Course Course + inspection by a doctor - 105 €.
  • 10-Course Course + inspection by a doctor - 203 €.
  • 26 procedures for 14 days + examination by a doctor - 455 €.

Procedures include bathing in the pool with thermal mineral water and visiting the sauna.


  • Local water park.
  • Ancient fortress wall in the area of ​​the city pl. Calvin.
  • Reformed (Protestant) Church
  • In the city there is a park of bells, in which unique, vintage bells are hung on different levels.


45 km from the Hungarian capital is the town of Vyšehrad, in which the Balneological thermal resort is organized. You can get to the place from Budapest on the suburban train or bus.

The resort specializes in cure:

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Nervous Systems.
  • Restoration of active blood circulation.
  • problems with the urinary system.

The cost of visiting:

  • from 17 o'clock. until 21.30 - free.
  • from 10 hours to 17 - 10 €.

Here you can see:

  • In the museum of the King of King Mantisha - a collection of wax figures.
  • On the Square of the Fortress - a costume representation and tournaments of the knights.
  • in the fortress - royal chambers, chapel, wine cellar.
  • The fountains of Hercules and Lion, in ancient times during the knightly tournaments they flowed wine instead of water.


The city is located in the western part of Hungary, not far from Oz. Balaton. Getting to the resort can be a bus message from Budapest for 2.5 hours. From the bus station from m. Disabled.

A visit to the hospital recommended by the patient:

  • with acute inflammation of the joints.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Pocoriasis and other skin diseases.
  • Problems with a musculoskeletal system.

The cost of therapeutic services:

  • visiting covered pools - from 5.5 to 6 €.
  • Visiting open pools with healing water - from 9.5 to 9.8 €.

Zalakroch is a place for a family holiday, here:

  • Water attractions.
  • Gorki.
  • Water hydromassage.
  • Cafe with a special children's menu.

Local attractions:

  • Zoo.
  • School riding.
  • Vineyards.
  • Buffalo Reserve.

National holidays are held in the city, festivals, theatrical views.


The town is located on the bank of the river. Curl at 2.5 hours. Driving from Budapest. Dewel is close to the Romanian border.

You can get to the resort in different ways:

  • on international trains from Budapest, following Romania, Bulgaria or Turkey to Bekseshba.
  • from the railway station Bekseshchab to auth. № 128 to the place, the following time is 30 minutes.

Sanatorium specializes:

  • on the cure of the musculoskeletal system.
  • gynecological diseases.
  • Skin problems.
  • on the cure of gastritis and other gastrointestinal illnesses.

Cost of procedures:

  • Pool Visit - 7,5 €.
  • children bathe without pay.


  • Construction of brickwork. It is the only thing in all of Europe.
  • Theatrical performances are regularly carried out on the Fortress Square.
  • Museum of the famous artist of Hungary - Durera, exposure on the history of terrain and fortress is exhibited.

Hungarian thermal sources - a storehouse for healing from many pathologies. Here you can not only improve health, but also learn a lot of interesting facts about the history of the country and its people.

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