The most beautiful beaches of Phuket. Where on the map, photo and description of the best

Some of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand are located on Phuket Island, every year the island infrastructure grows and develops. It contributed to a large tributary of travelers from all over the world.

Features of rest on Phuket beaches

Local residents are rejoicing arriving, friendly come to contact and often smile. Many of them are ready to help if any question arises. Crime here is low. But it is worth being vigilant, valuable things are better stored in a safe in a hotel complex.

Monetary unit - BAT (TNV). Exchange currency follows in the bank's departments to avoid the tricks of fraudsters. In the country, only their monetary unit takes. An exception can be a tourist excursion. 1 baht = 2.1 rubles. In Phuket, each tourist will feel at home. There have been a lot of cafes and restaurants in various kitchens of the world.

Having been at the resort, it is necessary to try popular Soup "Tom Yam", as well as "Tom Kha". Prices are inexpensive, so dinner at the restaurant on two people will cost 1000 baht. The most favorable time for visiting Phuket is considered from November to February. This season is the most favorable weather for recreation (from +22 to +33 ° C).

All the rest of the year, within a few hours a day, it rains on the island.

Top 10 Beachs Phuket

Nai Yang Beach

The most beautiful beaches of Phuket are in the southern part of the island. This beach is one of the best due to calm and purity. Najang - a place to relax with the family. The shore is covered with white, fine sand in the northern part, and in South - rocky. For children, it is not particularly worried about, since there are no waves or reverse currents. In places a sharp descent input - the only inconvenience.

Beach infrastructure is well developed. There are many cafes and entertainment on the shore. On the shore beach inventory you can buy or rent. Many sunbathe and arrange a picnic under the trees. The beach is located in the national park area, so some activities are partially prohibited. Distance from the airport 2 km. This allows you to quickly get to the beach.

Nai Yang has hotels of various categories at its disposal. Tourists who choose accommodation in respectable hotels can stay at Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa by paying 13,970 rubles. per day of stay. Rooms in Panphuree Residence / Airport Mansion Phuket hotels will cost less - 4890/2550 rubles. respectively.

Surin Beach

The beach is well landscaped, there are various types of water activities. The coast is often cleared. Pine trees growing nearby make this place more special. The coast is covered with soft, white sand. The water resembles the color of azure. Surin is perfect for both families with small children and young people. In the evening it is noisy here due to the music from nightclubs and cafes.

You can rent scooters and boards to go surfing. To get to the resort from the capital of the island, you need to take a minibus, the path of which is laid "Phuket - Kamala - Surin". The easiest way to get from the airport is by taxi in 30 minutes. Housing located near the beach is expensive. For example, a night in a 4 * hotel will cost 8770 rubles. Pen Villa is considered inexpensive - 4560 rubles. per day.

Bang Tao Beach

The coastline on this beach is the longest in Phuket. Surfers find the beach suitable for sports. There are strong waves in the central part of the coast. The coast consists of crumbly beige sand. On the beach there are a large number of restaurants, massage parlors, entertainment in the form of yacht and banana rides, a golf club.

Tourists gather around clubs and hotels. The beach can be reached by bus from Phuket. Such a trip will cost 80 baht. A taxi ride around the island will be from 500 to 1500 baht. In order to stay at the three-star hotel Bangtao Varee Beach for 3 days, you will need to pay 22,600 rubles.

Naithon beach

This place is good for a quiet pastime. Travelers tired of noise and loud music will appreciate Knighton. The beach consists of a kind of sand that makes creaky sounds. Closer to the north of the coast there are large waves and stones. Knighton is more often chosen by surfers. There are not many items of civilization on the coast, you will have to buy sun loungers yourself.

Prices in restaurants and shops are higher than on beaches with more developed infrastructure. Here you can meet sellers who speak Russian. From the airport, the easiest way is to take a taxi in 15 minutes. On both sides of the coast there are hotels and respectable villas. Accommodation in Thian Seng with a good quality of service will cost 2825 rubles. per night. In a 5 * hotel - 11180 rubles.

Patong Beach

Patong is considered the noisiest and most fun beach on the island. Here the largest concentration of tourists and the lowest prices. The infrastructure of the coast is at a high level. You can rent sunbeds and umbrellas for 100 baht, ride a yacht, banana boats, parasail, windsurf and relax with a massage. Children will love the playground and adults will love the gym.

The shade of the sand is yellowish, sometimes there is a lot of debris. The beach is chosen by young tourists. In the evening, there are more tourists due to the large number of nightclubs and bars. The cost of a bus trip from Phuket will be 25 baht. From the airport you can comfortably take a minivan for 150 baht.

Almost half of the hotels in Phuket are located in Patong. Therefore, with the choice of housing problems will not arise. One of the best options is Phuket Graceland Resort.

Kamala Beach

Small in size, the beach is good for families. It is cleaner, cheaper and quieter here than in Patong. The sand is soft and white, perfect for small children to play. There are no waves on the beach. Rent of umbrellas and sun loungers is estimated at 100 baht. You can sit under the palm trees that hang over the beach.

On the shore you can fly on a parachute, ride boats, jet skis, as well as go for a massage and do yoga. In Kamala, you can visit a wonderful performance with the participation of elephants and other artists. Many guests come here to see the grand show. The bus can be reached for 40 baht from Phuket. Kamala Airport is far away, it takes 40 minutes by car.

The best accommodation option is Novotel Phuket, 6770 rubles per day.

Kata Beach

The most beautiful beaches in Phuket include Kata in their list. Waves are rare here, and the sand is clean and white. Therefore, it is chosen by families with small children. You can use the shower and toilet for 10-20 baht. From entertainment: parasailing, jet skis, yachts and kayaks. Separately, it is worth noting the kitesurfing school.

800 baht per lesson. Children will especially enjoy Dino Park. Travel by bus from Phuket to Kata will be 30 baht. From the airport you can take a minivan for 180 baht. The variety of accommodation options on the beach is enough. Each tourist will be able to choose suitable at the location and price of housing. Prices vary from 500 to 10,000 baht per night.

Freedom Beach

Frido is considered one of the beautiful beaches on an exotic phuket. It opens the most beautiful views on the island, it is truly a paradise place. To get to the beach, you should go through the jungle, or sail on a boat from Patong Beach. Therefore, there is no noisy and crowded. The coast is always clean, and the sand is soft and white. The coastline is divided into a paid and free zone.

Paid refers to the restaurant, the input is 100 baht. In addition, on the beach you can rent umbrellas and sun beds for 100 baht, and also to dive with the mask. For other entertainment it is worth visiting Patong. A convenient way to get to Frida is to sail on a boat from Patong. Such a walk there and back will cost 1000-1500 baht.

Hotels located near the sea are not so much. Good options will be Freedom Beach Hotel (from 1050 rubles.) And Freedom.


The beach is suitable for a wonderful family holiday. There are very few tourists here, most of the holidaymakers are local residents. The entrance to the water is gradual and shallow, so it is often coming to rest with young children. On the shore you can use sun loungers and umbrellas, paying 100 baht. Here are often satisfied with picnics under the palm trees, hiding from the sun.

The waves appear in the period from May to October. At this time, it is dangerous to swim. Nearby is a freshwater lake from which the small lagoon flows. In Nai Harn, you can rent a surfboard, or stroll on the yacht. Restaurants, cafes and souvenir benches are located along the coast. At the disposal of the beach 4 of the hotel and the Temple of Buddhists.

Luxury connoisseurs can stay at expensive apartments, while those who want to save a family budget - in Two Villas. Before the coast, from other areas of recreation can be reached by taxi. From the capital of the island, buses are departed to Nai Harna, the fare is 20 baht.

Karon Beach

The most beautiful beaches of Phuket will not make a complete picture without caron. It is considered the second most popular on the island. The beach is choosing travelers who prefer a calm and quiet rest with a big entertainment list. High-level shore infrastructure. To hide from the Sun, holidaymakers take the rental chairs and umbrellas.

The most beautiful beaches of Phuket. Closes this list of Karon Beach.

There are many cafes, shops and restaurants. In the rainy season, you are unsafe due to waves and flows. Sand when walking reminds the sounds of snow. Entertainment - Walk to Banana, Hydrocycles, Windsurfing, Diving and Parasailing.

From the attractions near the beach, you can note: the Karon Temple and the observation deck, from where the picturesque views of the resort are opening. To get to Karon, you should use the taxi service, or rent a bike. Along the coast, expensive hotel complexes are located. Cheap rooms can be found a little further from the coast.

Comparative Table on Phuket Beaches

Data on the best beaches of Phuket are provided in Table:

Name Location Features Wed. Prices for 1 night

(in pub.)

NAI YANGBay near the airportNational Park3150
SURINNorth-Western Zone PhuketTrees Kazaire5600
Bang Taobetween the beaches of Surin and NaitonLaguna Phuket, a park from various types of trees.8030
Naithonin the northern side of Bang TaoRussian-speaking sellers3035
PatongSouth-Western Outside of the IslandsLarge stream of tourists, developed infrastructure4790
KAMALAbetween Patong and Surin Beachhigh infrastructure, no waves3572
KATANorth-West IslandsDino Park4622
FreedomSouth-West side of PhuketThere are no familiar entertainment6900
NAI HARNSouth-West IslandsBuddhist temple, freshwater lake4670
KaronSouth of Patong is 6, well-groomed embankment and creaking sandI

Beaches of Phuket are considered the most beautiful because of the clean sea, pleasant, soft sand, as well as picturesque surrounding nature. The level of service in hotels from 3 stars is high enough, and the prices for food and housing are pleasantly surprised. When choosing a place to relax, it is worth a carefully to get acquainted with features and entertainment on the coast.

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