The highest points of North America. Mountains on the map, names where are located, photo and description

The unique nature of North America is represented including the picturesque slopes of the mountains, which are traveled by travelers who want to personally see the highest point and conquer it.

The relief of the territory of North America can be divided into several parts: in the central part and in the north can be admired by picturesque plains, and in the southeast and west, these are all mountain ranges with snow-covered vertices.

Top 10 highest points of North America: location, characteristic, description

Not one of the vertices of North America does not reach height and 6 thousand meters, but still climbers love to conquer these mountains slopes. Lovers of skiing can come to these places all year round, they always find where to get adrenaline.

The highest point of North America is presented in the ranking:

Name of the mountain peak Height (M) Location Short description ​​
Denali6135AlaskaInitially, this vertex was called a large mountain, but the name was changed after As Alaska became part of the United States. Denali means "Great".
Robson3954Robson Provincial Park in British ColumbiaThe relief of the slope of this mountain is striking by its unusual structure. Here you can see the stones from the stone, the ledges, thanks to which Mountain is popular among climbers.
Whitney4420Sequoia National Park, CaliforniaOn the hill slopes located the village with the same name. This vertex is popular among climbers, so before you make another climb, you must register and become in the queue.
Williamson4380CaliforniaThis vertex is only 89 km from the famous Whitney. It is the second height in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Massif.
White Mountain Peak4342CaliforniaThis is one of the most popular peaks and all thanks to the fact that Here the mountain climate in a special way affects a person.
North Palisade4343State of Californiafrom the southwest trough. The route is very difficult, because it passes through huge ice ravines.
Shasta4317State of CaliforniaThis is the largest stratovolcano in the Cascade Mountains. This mountain has 4 cones combined into a single shape. This peak is the owner of 7 glaciers and one of them is considered the largest in the USA.
Sill4316Kings Canyon National ParkThe uniqueness of this peak is in two peaks combined into one. The peak is popular among climbers because it can be easily conquered from any direction.
Split4287Kings Canyon National Park, CaliforniaSplit means split. The peak got such a strange name because of its double peak. Bolton Brown discovered the mountain peak at the end of the 19th century.
Russell4296Sequoia National Park, CaliforniaThis mountain is part of the Sierra Nevada system. The summit was originally conquered in the 20s of the 20th century.


The highest point in North America - Mount Denali is the main attraction of Alaska. In translation, the name means "Great" and, as scientists say, this name suits her perfectly. After all, if we consider the height of the mountain from its base, which goes deep under water, then its size can even outshine Everest.

The highest point in North America is Mount Denali in Alaska.

The summit is located in Denali, 200 km from the city of Anchorage and 270 km from Fairbanks.

The peak belongs to the Alaska mountain range system. It was on it that the lowest temperature was recorded - -83 ° C. Back in the late 19th century, the famous gold digger William Dickey accidentally stumbled upon this fabulous creation of nature. The mountain was mapped in 1839 thanks to the Russian geographer Ferdinand von Wrangel. A little later, another Russian scientist Lavrenty Zagoskin explored the mountain.

It was he who wrote many books on Alaska, in which he described the sights of this harsh land. And only a hundred years later, Mount McKinley was renamed Denali. Many researchers dreamed of conquering it.

And only at the beginning of the 20th century, the vertex decided to conquer James Cook, but she came only to a height of 3,700 meters and returned to the ground, since there was a serious danger of avalanche. Three years later, Cook decided to try his strength again, the expedition lasted several months, but the goals were achieved.

At the top, the expedition stayed for a long time, but there were many impressions, after which a new book was released, which described the long and difficult way to climb and conquer the vertex. And only a few decades later, Russian climbers decided to go through the same way as Cook and they managed to conquer the vertex.

After the vertex was able to conquer the clergy of Hudson stocks, and after him the difficult path overcame and Matvey Shparo. After many more people wanted to pass the shady path, but the harsh and severe onasnial the peak would not be conquered everything.

The scenic reserve with the same name spread out the very foot of the mountain. This island of Wildly Non-touched man's hand was launched among the mountain ranges. The decoration of the reserve is the lake of Horsch, in the waters of which the snowy peak is reflected. Charming tourists and beauty of the Tanana River.

Equipious for the convenience of tourists in this area are equipped with viewing platforms. The highest point of North America surprises with his flora, because there is an impassable tundra, swamps, valleys. At the foot of a set of waterfalls, underwater rivers, blue lakes. Many varieties of American and Asian livelihood species live on the mountain slopes.

A lot of tourists come to the foot of the mountain each year, who want to visit the park or try their strength and climb on top. Here you can also go fishing, ride skiing or just breathe fresh mountain air. It is on Mount Denali that is the longest glacier in Alaska, the length of which is more than 76 km, and the area of ​​580 square meters. km.

Also here it is located here the highest Alaska Glacier, which slides from a height of 5 thousand meters. Every day, it shifts 1 meter. You can get to the top by plane. Airplanes, taking tourists in the Denali Park and glaciers fly daily from the city of Talkno.

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It is located in the province of British Columbia, in the heart of the National Park. The height of 3954 m. refers to the Canadian rocky mountains, a rainbow ridge. This vertex has several names: a snow hat, a cloud peak, and here are the locals living near the mountain, call her Yong Hai-Has-kun, which is translated by a mountain of a spiral road.

The peak received its modern title from Colin Robertson, who worked in this area for a long time in the 19th century. If you look at the map of North America in the area of ​​the top Robson, then you can see that the Yellowflow highway passes to the south of it, and in the north is Lake Berg.

The whole slope from the north side is covered with a glacier, a thickness of 800 m. The main feature of the vertex is its vertical structure of the relief, due to this peak stands out on the background surroundings. Walking along the National Park, it is impossible not to pay attention to the top.

To conquer the vertex to the beginning of the 19th century, no one succeeded. Very many climbers tried their strength, but only some of them managed to get to the top. Today, several routes have been developed for tourists today. Most attempts to climb to the top ends with a failure and everything because of a changeable weather. Close to the top manage only climbers with experience.

Avalanches often go in this area. In the reserve at the foot of the mountain, coniferous forests are mainly dominated, in which proteins, beavers, chipmunks, roasted and deer are dominated. Sometimes you can even meet the bear. Slightly above the forests are inhabited by mountain goats and surs. More than 180 species of birds live in the park.

In coniferous forests, you can find a huge variety of berries: raspberry, blueberries, blueberries and others. Tourists do not leave these places without gifts, for example, collect in a large number of mushrooms. You can get to the foot of the mountain by plane from Edmonton Airport. The National Park, which is located in the vicinity of the mountain, can be reached by car.


Whitney is the highest point of Sierra Nevada, California. The western part of the mountain refers to the territory of the National Park Sequoia. The top was given such a name in honor of the geologist from America Josie Whitney, who worked in these edges in the 19th century. The height is 4420 m.

the first top was conquered in the 70s of the 19th century. At the top I managed to climb 4 climbers at once: Charles Begouli, Johnson, John Lucas and Louna Paine, who lived in California.

Popular climbing route and today, the Whitney trail, which originates in the city of Whitney. This route may pass all those who want from the beginning of May to the end of October.

During the vertical relief of the mountain, the ascent passes through several zones and altitude belts. At the foot of the mountain predominates the desert, turning into pine forests. Trees ends sharply, and a snowy line begins. Very few plants grow near the summit, the main plant is the blue cyanosis. Also closer to the top you can meet a rare species of Apollo butterflies, marmots and finches.

Bears, chipmunks, deer, quails, blue jays can also be found on the slopes.

The best way to get to Mount Whitney is by Highway 395 to Lone Pine, then follow the Whitney Portal Road for another 5 miles. You can also get there by plane departing from the city of Inyokern.


This is the second highest peak in the Sierra Nevada range, which runs through most of California. This peak is not as climbable as its neighbor Mount Whitney, located only 9 km away. The height of the mountain is 4380 m.

The best route for conquering the peak is the one that starts from the Shepard Pass, and then through a picturesque valley, in which several high-mountain lakes are located. From the valley, climbers go west straight to the plateau. Also, for the convenience of tourists, other routes were developed, but only professional climbers can overcome them, because climbing them is quite difficult.

The summit was first conquered in the 80s of the 19th century. Climbing to the top, you can accidentally stumble upon a lost sheep, because the zoological park of sheep is open not far away, which any tourist can visit. The summit is located a little further from the Inyo National Forest.

White Mountain Peak

This is one of the highest mountains in Mono County and the third highest in California. The height of the mountain is 4342 m. At the very foot of the mountain there is a research center of the same name, on the territory of which 3 scientific stations operate. The main direction of the work of scientists at the stations is the effect of altitude on the human body.

Access to the top of the mountain is via a winding dirt road that was built to the highest station. From June to November, the road is cleared of snow, so even beginners will not have any difficulties with conquering the peak. Tourists cannot get into the station, but on two summer Sundays the locked gates open. Everyone can see how scientists work and what they have achieved.

The dirt road is very popular with cyclists. For the thrill-seekers, there is a steeper climb - a rough road on the western ridge.

North Palisade

The highest point in North America from the Palisade group − North Palisade. Its height is 4343 m. For the first time, three climbers conquered the peak at the beginning of the 20th century. James Hutchinson, Joseph Leconte and James Moffitt. They managed to climb to the top along the southern slope of the mountain.

They conducted reconnaissance for a long time, everyone tried to ascend from the southwestern side, where a complex system of cracks is located, but they failed to climb in this place. A little later, they were able to find a ledge that allowed them to get without obstacles to a series of ice ravines, which led them to the very peak. Only after this ascent, the mountain was put on the map and received its official name.

North Palisade Mountain has several child peaks: Thunderbolt, Starlight and Polemonium. All of them are concentrated on the main Polemonium ridge, which is located between two gorges.

The best time to climb the summit is from June to the end of September. The ascent is technically difficult, so experience and special equipment will be required to overcome a number of ice and rocky areas. This mountain is located in the Kings Canyon National Park.


This is an active volcano located in the south of the Cascade Mountains of California. This is one of the voluminous stratovolcanoes in this mountain system. Its height is 4317 m. The peak itself and all the surrounding areas are under the strict control of the Forest Service of North America, and all because this mountain plays an important role in the landscape of all America.

It can be seen even from the Central Valley, located more than 200 km from the mountain, if of course the day is cloudless and clear. This top is popular with creative people. Artists and poets often come to its foot, inspired by the view of the mountain to create new masterpieces.

The name of this mountain has an interesting history. The first inhabitants who built their houses at its foot were Russians. It was they who called the peak "happiness". A little later, the Indians borrowed this word and called the peak of Shasta.


This mountain has 4 peaks. On its slopes there are 7 glaciers at once, which do not melt even in the hottest summer season.

Scientists suggest that a global eruption of Shasta will happen very soon, but so far no one has said the exact date, and the thing is that it is impossible to predict how the activity of the mountain will go in the future.

According to historical data, this mountain was discovered 7 thousand years ago and 5 thousand years ago people began to settle around its foot. At the beginning of the 19th century, this area was settled by Americans, a little later researchers from Spain came here, and during the gold rush, those who wanted to become a gold miner came to these parts.

The summit was first conquered in the 50s of the 19th century. Today this peak is a natural landmark of North America. In the vicinity of the mountain, tourists can see various temples of Buddhists, Catholics and even sacred places of the Indians. The peak itself is shrouded in numerous legends and myths. It is recorded that the last time the volcano erupted lava about 2 hundred years ago.


This mountain peak is part of the Sierra Nevada, almost all of its slopes are glaciers. The mountain has two peaks, which are connected by a rocky ridge. Almost the entire northern side of the mountain is covered by the Palisade Glacier. At the foot of the mountain, the two National Parks Kings Canyon and Inyo, as well as the John Muir Desert, spread their arms. The height of the peak is 4316 m. renamed after the poet Edward Sill. You can climb to the top from any direction, but the difficulty of climbing is different everywhere.


This peak separates two National Parks - Inyo and Sequoia. It is located in the southwest direction from one of the largest lakes in North America Tulainho. The height of the mountain is 4296 m. It received its name in honor of a geologist from America, the future native of Israel, Cook Russell. It was he who told the world about what is rich and unique in Alaska. The summit was first climbed in the summer of 1926.

This mountain is not as popular among climbers as its neighbor Whitney. And the thing is that the slopes on the eastern and southern sides belong to the territory of the Inyo National Park, then the passage to them is limited. So, for example, from May to October, only 10 climbers per day are allowed to climb these slopes.

And such a restriction was made so as not to create inconvenience for tourists who came to see Mount Whitney. Tourists can climb one of 10 routes, each with its own degree of difficulty.


This mountain is part of the Palisade group and is located in its southern part. For the first time, Bolton Brown named the mountain just like that, a climber who climbed to the top at the end of the 19th century. Sometimes you can hear other names of the mountain, such as South or Southeast Palisade.

The highest point of Split, located in North America, is considered the most accessible for climbing, and especially from the north side. And you can get to this slope through the east in the direction of the Red Lake.

The name Split in translation means “split”, and the thing is that the top has two peaks. It is in the area of ​​​​the mountain that many waterways are concentrated, as well as several unique natural objects. Including: Lake Taha, Hatch Hetchy Valley, Yosemite Park, a grove of giant sequoias, as well as the two largest rivers in California, Sacramento and San Joaquin.

The highest points in North America, most of them, belong to the Sierra Nevada mountain range. They are the sources for numerous rivers that are part of several National Parks of America.

In these parks and on the slopes of the mountains you can see a lot of interesting and amazing things. Tourists are waiting for huge sequoias, wild animals, deep rivers and lakes, cascading waterfalls and much more.

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