The best islands in Spain for holidays. Beaches and hotels on the map, names, photos

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  2. Mallorca
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  6. Tenerife
  7. Beaches of Islands: Location, description
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  10. Grand Canaria
  11. Islands beaches: Location, Description
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  14. Fuerteventura
  15. Beaches of Islands: Location, description
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  18. Lanzarote
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  22. Ibiza
  23. Beaches of Islands: Location, description
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  25. Entertainment for children and adults
  26. Menorca
  27. Beaches of Islands: Location, Description
  28. Hotels: Names, prices
  29. Entertainment for children and adults
  30. Palma
  31. Beaches of Islands: Location, Description
  32. Hotels: Names, prices
  33. Entertainment for children and adults
  34. Formentera
  35. Beaches of Islands: Location, Description
  36. Hotels: Names, prices
  37. Entertainment for children and adults
  38. Homer
  39. Beaches of Islands: Location, Description
  40. Hotels: Names, prices
  41. Entertainment for children and adults
  42. grasos
  43. Beaches of Islands: Location, description
  44. Hotels: Names, prices
  45. Entertainment for children and adults
  46. Ierro
  47. Beaches of Islands: Location, Description
  48. Hotels: Names, prices
  49. Entertainment for Children and Adults
  50. Cabrera
  51. Beaches of Islands: Location, Description
  52. Hotels: Names, Prices
  53. Entertainment for children and adults
  54. Lobos
  55. Beaches of Islands: Location, Description
  56. Hotels: Names, prices
  57. Entertainment for children and adults
  58. Islands Sies
  59. Beaches of Islands: Location, Description
  60. Hotels: Names, prices
  61. Entertainment for children and adults
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Islands of Spain are one of the most picturesque in Europe. Any of them is unique and unique, but all of them have transparent water and well-groomed coasts. Each tourist will find here to relax exactly what is looking for: from the noisy parties of Ibiza, to the winds and volcanoes of Tenerife.

Rating The best resort islands of Spain for recreation and tourism

Islands located on the Canary Archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean:

Climate: Square KM²: Features of the transport system:
Tenerifeyear-round warm climate.

Average T: 27 ° C.

2034.382 international airports.

Ferry message from Cadiz. Price from 170 €.

Grand CanariaWeather in the south is dry, but on the server is wet.

A dryness in the south is depressed by winds with sugar, which carry dust and t to 50 ° C with them.

1560.1Before the O-Wa, you can get a charter to Tenerife, and then internal flight to local airport.

Ferries - depart every 2 hours. Price 35 €.

From the port there are buses to all popular resorts.

FuerteventuraYear-round beach season.

Average T: +27 ° C.

The characteristic feature of the climate is the wind, which regularly encourages the entire terrain.

1659.746 km from Puerto del Rosario is a airport connecting O-Os with other resorts.

The bus is the only form of public transport and the most economical way of movement.

Regular maritime communication between the Canary Islands.

LanzaroteSubtropical climate, without sudden drops.

Average T: + 24 ° C.

845.94From the airport there are buses and airplanes to all resorts.

Ferries - go from Corralejo 6 times a day. Cost - 23 € in 2 sides. Travel time - 25 min.

Homerdue to the continuous impact of the South's trade winds is more dry, but the north is rainy.

Season: May - October.

The average annual T: +26 ° C.

from the fall and in the spring, most of the precipitation falls.

369.76There is an airport, but it does not accept international flights. Only local planes fly to Tenerife.

With Tenerife, the Homer can be reached by ferry, which runs several times a day. The cost of the ticket will be 34 € in the first side. Time B. Ways - 50 min.

GraesosClimate is close to tropical.

Summer is the rain period.

The most dry month August, wet - February.

The average annual T: +25.4 ° C

29.05Main international airports are located on Tenerife and Fuerteventura, and they can be reached here on water transport.

Regular ferry communications are established between the island and other resorts.

IerroThe weather is almost always comfortable. Average air: +23 ° C, water - 22 ° C.268.71steam - walks 6 times a week from Los Cristianos and Tenerife.

On Canar, there is their own airline, whose flights fly daily from Tenerife and Grand Cantaria on Osh.

LobosWarm tropical climate.

The weather is dry and clear throughout the year.

4.58From Punta del Este on Lobos, you can get with an organized excursion or on a ship that can be rented.
O-Vi SiesThe climate is moderately warm.

Average annual T - 16.0 ° C.

The most arid month is July, wet - December.

In winter, frequent storms.

0.041in the summer period there are ferries from 3 nearby cities.

In addition, it is possible to get on a private ship, but for this it is necessary to obtain a preliminary permission.

O-va located on the Balearic Archipelago in the Mediterranean:

Thanks to the characteristics of the climate of the Mediterranean Sea, the Balearic Islands of Spain are great for recreation all year round
Climate: Square KM²: Features of the transport system:

The season lasts from May to October.

Average T - 30 ° C.

3640,16Airport - Flights are carried out daily.

Rail branches are used on excursion purposes and for a suburban message.

Ferry - depart from the port of Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Denia. Price from 46 €.

IbizaMediterranean climate.

Season: June - September.

Average T per season: +30 ° C.

571.04The international airport is 7 km from the capital.

There is a regular ferry between Baleari O-MI.

Main transport - suburban and long-distance buses.

MenorcaMediterranean climate.

Summer - arid, rains pour in the fall.

Summer t: +28°C, winter +15.

Strong winds blow in the north of the island.

694.72The airport is international and is located 2 km from the capital.

Ferry - daily from Barcelona. The journey will take about 8 hours. The cost is from 38€.


Season: May - October.

t in season: +27 °C.

208.6The airport maintains regular flights to neighboring islands.

Ferries run daily between the Balearic Islands.

FormenteraAverage winter t: +18 °C, summer +28°C.

Summer is dry.

Season: April - October.

83.24There is no airport, so you can get to the island by sea. The easiest way is from Ibiza, as ferries and high-speed passenger catamarans go from here. The price for one way is from 16 €.

There is a boat from Denia 3 times a week from the mainland to the islands. Travel time is 2.5 hours.

CabreraAverage winter t: +14°С, summer: +28°С.11.55You can get to this place by boats that depart from Sant Jordi and Palma.


The main reason that turned Mallorca into a popular resort is the rich nature and luxurious beaches.

Beaches of the island: location, description

Alcudia - in the ranking of the best beaches in the world. It has soft golden sand and clear water. The coastline is surrounded by capes, thus drawing a kind of boundary: part 1 is quiet, which is ideal for families with children, part 2 is noisy and active, where you can do such entertainment: windsurfing and paragliding.

The resort of Playa de Palma is located near Palma de Mallorca and pleases with its white sand and clear water. Its length is 4.5 km. Every year the beach is awarded the highest award - the Blue Flag. On the beach there are entertainment facilities for every taste. Active guests will enjoy tennis and windsurfing.

Hotels: names, prices

Popular hotels located on the island:

  • 7769 rubles for 1 day.
  • Innside By Melia Palma Bosque — ₴3,565.
  • Melia Palace Atenea - 8618 rubles.

Entertainment for children and adults

Children's entertainment:

  • Safari park - on the territory more than 600 animals live, whose lives can be observed in their natural environment. Price from 12 €.
  • Museum of Dolls and Toys — the collection of over 500 old dolls and a large collection of toystransport. Price from 3 €.
  • Marineland is a marine animal park with performances with parrots and fur seals. There is also a mini zoo and attractions. Price from 14 €.

Adult entertainment:

  • Aquacity Water Park - has many pools and slides. Price from 15 €.
  • Ranxo Ses Roques Hippodrome - Offers unique horse riding tours in a beautiful area. Price from 10 €.
  • The flamenco theater Flamallorca will delight you with amazing dances. Price 25 €.


Volcanic islands with developed infrastructure and incredibly beautiful nature. Colorful plains and mountain ranges.

The beaches of the island: location, description

The main feature of Tenerife is the coastal zone with black volcanic sand.

Entrance to the beach here is free everywhere (as in all of Spain), only sun loungers and showers can be paid.

El Duque - suitable for lovers of a relaxing holiday.

The beach meets high standards and has all the necessary infrastructure:

  • Showers, changing rooms.
  • Umbrellas, deckchairs.
  • Free parking.
  • Cafeterias and shops.

Hardin is a black sand beach where one side is protected by breakwaters and the rest are open, designed for surfers.

On the beach:

  • Playgrounds.
  • Terraces and cafes.
  • Service for the disabled.

Hotels: names, prices

Popular hotels located on the island:

  • Adrián Roca Nivaria – cost 2 -x local number per day - 14092 rubles.
  • Haciendas - 8381 rubles.
  • Iberostar Bouganville Playa - 10435 rubles.

Entertainment for children and adults

Tenerife is a real find for fans of active entertainment:

  • Diving - seduces not so much with the underwater world as with the special landscape of the bottom. Lava flows have created grottoes and unique underwater landscapes.
  • Fishing. You can organize an event in any harbor.
  • Surfing. The most popular establishments are in Las Americas. There are the best conditions for recruits and there is the necessary support.

Children's Entertainment:

  • Loro Parque - has the largest collection of parrots on earth. About 500 species, some of which are listed in the Red Book. Price from 20 €.
  • Submarine boat trips Safari. In which you can see the underwater world throughporthole. Price from 30 €.
  • Forestal Rope Park - sports and entertainment attraction, which developed as many as 11 routes differing from each other level of complexity. Price from 17 €.

Grand Canaria

Paradise for felt sun and aquatic entertainment. Here they love to rest adherents of ecological tourism.

Beaches of Islands: Location, Description

Anfi-del Mar Beach - Located in a very quiet bay. Suitable for family holidays with children. Here you can rent kayak or catamaran. Next door is a shopping center and cafeteria. Amadores is a beautiful coast with turquoise water and golden white sand. He was awarded the blue flag for the otnaya service.

on the beach:

  • of cafeteria.
  • hypermarket.
  • Chairs for disabled.

Amadores received Playa de Los Amadores, which means "the beach of lovers".

Hotels: Names, prices

Popular hotels in O-ve:

  • Boutique bedandchic cost 2-bed room - 5843 rub.
  • Design Plus BEX - 7669 rub.
  • Verol - 3506 rub.

Entertainment for children and adults

Children's entertainment:

  • Holiday WORLD Maspalomas - is A huge range of a variety of entertainment. The park has many attractions and a 4D cinema.
  • Sioux City - representation, which transmits the spirit of the Wild West. Visitors will witness the bank robbery with shooting and spectacular tricks.
  • The painted cave - a whole archaeological complex was built around it with the preserved Aboriginal ornament on the walls.


  • Palmitos - Zoo and arboretum.
  • CactualDea is a garden in which there are many types of cacti and palm trees.
  • Parque de Cocodrilo. Farm containing more than 300 species of crocodiles and reptiles.


Islands of Spain differ in each other: climate and tourist infrastructure, such as Fuerteventura Beautiful coast with crystal water is more suitable for a relaxing beach holiday and romantic dates.

Islands beaches: Location, description

El Castillo is a safe coast with snow-white sand and a quiet sea, protected by the harbor. It is 10 minutes drive from the airport.


  • Parking.
  • Restaurants.
  • hypermarket.

Thanks to the neighborhood of the sports port, there can be windsurfing here. Sotavento - coastLong 30 km. Every year, the World Windsurfong Championship is held here. Fishing admirers will like the Morro del Huble area, and divers - a channel between Fuerteventura and Lobosoma.

Hotels: Names, prices

Hotels located on O-ve:

  • Amanecher Paraíso Cost of 2-bed numbers for 2 people - 4747 rubles.
  • A15 - 2921 rub.
  • Happag Lioyd 3 - 5040 rub.

Entertainment for children and adults

Entertainment for children:

  • OASIS PARK. Here is a large number of animals and plants from around the world. Price from 12 €.
  • Dream House. Museum of toys of the famous collector Ricardo Millori. There are 1000 copies of tanks and cars.
  • Park Baku. has a mass of entertainment for adults and children. Price from 10 €.


  • Windsurfing. Thanks to the regular and strong wind, this place is very popular in Europe.
  • Camel riding in the village of La Lajita. We offer familiarization 30 minutes of trips and long-term walks with a picnic on the shore.
  • Riding on tractures. To control, only the driver's license of the category "B" is needed and some training that will provide a specialist before driving.
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Islands of Spain for recreation assume the choice between the Balearic and Canary Archipelago. With relative climatic unity, each of them is distinguished by its unique features.

There are about 300 volcanoes on the island, so the surrounding meadows shrouded in petrified lava were often used for decorations of fantastic film.

Islands Beaches: Location, Description

On Lanzarote, not many beaches, they account for only 10 part of the coastal strip. Hublio Beach is located on the eastern shore of the island. In addition to natural wind protection, there are additionally placed by waves, which provide comfortable stay in the sea.


  • Shops and cafeteria.
  • Panels for convenient descent.
  • Parking.

El Reduxedo is located in the center of Argereife in the eastern part of the O-VA. Thanks to the amber sand, stretching more than 0.5 km, the beach is considered the best in Lanzarote. In the detached rifes, the children will be in complete safety. The beach is awarded a reward blue flag.

Hotels: Names, prices

Popularhotels located on the island:

  • Las Costas - the cost of a double room per day is 10684 rubles.
  • Hyde Park Lane - 6661 rubles.
  • Floresta - 5375 rubles.

Entertainment for children and adults

Children's entertainment:

  • Lanzarote Aquarium - has transparent tunnels with sharks. The inhabitants of the coastal waters of Lanzarote, as well as the inhabitants of tropical seas, live here.
  • Texas Zoological Ranch. In addition to the animals, guests are offered a show with the participation of birds of prey and sea lions.
  • Sub Fun-III dives. The maximum depth of penetration is 30 m, the excursion takes 45 minutes.

For adults:

  • Gran Casino de Lanzarote. Visitors are offered roulette or game slots. No less remarkable here are the bright performances.
  • Timanfaya National Park. The landscape of the reserve was formed as a result of the strongest eruptions of the local volcanoes, which lasted for 6 years. Price 8 €.
  • Diving with Papagayo. The dive site is located in the heart of the Papagayo Natural Reserve Park and boasts a beautiful underwater landscape with an abundance of marine life.


The islands of Spain for holidays have their own advantages, for example Ibiza is known for all the nightclubs and crazy entertainment. The island is ideal for those who like noisy parties and are ready to have fun all night long.

The beaches of the island: location, description

The beaches of Ibiza are considered one of the cleanest in the Mediterranean region, and the diversity of the underwater world is not inferior to many tropical seas. Cala Bassa - the resort is located in the northwest of the island. The beach is shallow and there are no waves.

Entertainment and services:

  • Banana.
  • Water skiing.
  • Catamarans.

Talamanca is one of the most spectacular and beautiful beaches. The white sand and crystal water of this quiet and safe place attracts many vacationers from all over the world.

On the territory:

  • Hammocks and umbrellas.
  • Shower.
  • Bars and restaurants.

Hotels: names, prices

Popular hotels located on the island:

  • Pacific – 4227 rubles.
  • Can Sort Talaies - 71318 rubles.
  • Guest Ibiza - 9564 rubles.

Entertainment for children and adults

Ibiza is known throughout the world as a holiday destination for young people, but despite such fame, it has a wide variety of children's entertainment:

  • Agvamar Water Park. There is a large selection of pools and exciting water slides.
  • The Cap Blanc Aquarium has a wide variety of different fish. Price from 3 €.
  • Es Vedra. The most mysterious place in the archipelago, which is shrouded in a silvery mist and fanned with mysterious myths. The island looks like a dragon, and its huge tail is nothing but solidified lava.

Entertainment for adults:

  • Parasailing. Excursion on board a boat and an unforgettable parachute flight in the sky at an altitude of up to 400 m. Price from 80 €.
  • Cave tours on a boat. Visiting caves and historical sites. Price from 60 €.
  • Cave and wildlife kayak tour. Price from 99 €.


It is a reserve due to the large number of wild forests. The landscapes here are diverse - sand with a red tint is replaced by flowering fields that turn into rocky deserts.

Beaches of the island: location, description

Cala Galdana is a coast with a convenient entry and a calm sea, which is especially important for families with children.


  • Bars and shops.
  • Free locker rooms.
  • Rental of deck chairs and umbrellas.

Water activities:

  • Diving.
  • Kayaks.
  • Gorki.

The Cala Blanca resort is located between sa Punta des Bancals and Cala en Cranc. This is a quiet beach area with a stone slope. It is surrounded by small cliffs, with pine trees growing on them.

On the beach:

  • Sunbeds and umbrellas.
  • Catamarans.
  • Restaurants.

Hotels: names, prices

To preserve the identity of the island, it is not allowed to build high-rise hotels here, only small hotels:

  • Llongas 11th - 2980 rubles.
  • Can Araya - 14023 rubles.
  • Voromar - 3579 rubles.

Entertainment for children and adults

Menorca is often called an open-air museum due to the large number of attractions.

Children's entertainment:

  • Alaior Zoo introduces exotic species of birds and animals.
  • Children's water park Aquarock. Many attractions and pools for every taste and age.
  • Splash complex. Has a lot of pools and a variety of play areas.


  • Cova den Choroy is one of the best nightclubs located in a cave on the sea coast. There are several danceTerraces and viewing sites at different heights. Login 8.5 €.
  • Fishing in the village of Forneles, it is here that the most skilled fishermen on the island live, who will be happy to rent the necessary accessories, and also show favorable space for fishing.
  • Center Menorca A Cabalo. There is a riding school on its territory, as well as a tour desk that organizes walks on the horses.


Islands of Spain for recreation have their own individual advantages, for example, there are not many plates on the palm, but tourists come here to enjoy the wild volcanic nature that creates a special atmosphere.

Beaches of Islands: Location, description

Playa de Palma is a long beach area, which is known for its transparent and warm sea and an improved infrastructure. Safety and cleanliness here on 1 place, which confirms the Blue Flag International Prize received. This place is ideal for family holidays, thanks to the sandy bottom and convenient access to water.


  • shower and toilet.
  • Beach bars.
  • Children's zone with slides.

Rescuers on the beach are followed by security and help people with disabilities during swimming.

Platja de Can Pere Antoni A small beach area with a length of 750 m. At sea is always a calm, so family couples with children are often resting here. The beach was awarded the Blue Flag Prize. There is a paid car park on site.

Hotels: Names, prices

Popular hotels located on O-ve:

  • HM Balanguera - 7596 rub.
  • Catalonia Majórica - 4550 rub.
  • Melia Palma Bay - 8764 rub.

Entertainment for children and adults


  • Palm Aquarium - has 55 containers, in which there are more than 700 species of maritime residents. Here is the deepest reservoir with sharks and the largest collection of live corals in Europe.
  • Rope Park "Dzhangl Junior". The attraction is intended only for children from 4 years and tall above 105 cm.
  • Kathmandu - Park is provided with 10 rides. The most popular - inverted house, in which you can not only take a walk, but also look for the related things. Price from 21.90 €.
  • Diving. Dive off the coast of the island are suitable for divers of any level - there are necessary conditions for classes and advanced training. Current from 40 €.
  • Observation platform - located on the top of the flock on the hill 2400 m.


A small island with turquoise sea and secluded beaches (including nudist).

Beaches of Islands: Location, Description

Long and desert beaches are one of the best places to relax on the Mediterranean Sea. Playa Ilenets - is 9 km south-west of Palm. The beach is not big, the length is 200 m and the latitude - 50 m. The sand is golden here, and the sea is crystal.

on the territory:

  • Sun loungers and umbrellas.
  • Congresses for people with disabilities.
  • 2 Beach Club.

Playa de Midgeorn - a beach area with a length of 5 km. It has snow-white sand and small rocky grots. There are cafeterias and stalls near the beach near the beach.

Hotels: Names, prices

The construction of multi-storey hotels is being prohibited here, so housing for all tourists is missing, especially during the season.

Popular hotels located on O-ve:

  • Es Marès - 17894 rub.
  • Bon Sol - 2921 rub.
  • SA VOLTA - 6573 rub.

Entertainment for children and adults

Island is not rich in attractions, here come here, first of all, resting on the beach and eat seafood. The island employs firms on the organization of active tourism that offer entertainment and courses for children.

For example, from 4 years can already be engaged in sports such as sports:

  • surfing.
  • Sailing.
  • Kayaking skating.

Adult entertainment:

  • La Mola - there is a beacon with an observational site where the stunning panorama is revealed.
  • Espalmador - There is a small island between Ibiza and Formenter. Filter Peter Pen was removed here. Stone dwelling and protective tower still inspire film directors.
  • ES Calo de Sant Agusti village - You can buy a tour of the gastronomic route, which passes through the winemakers and the village of fishermen, where they offer to try sea delicacies.


Islands of Spain for recreation have their own individual advantages, for example - Homer is characterized by a special landscape and black coasts. Here is primitive nature and blue water. The indigenous population is allocated by the fact that it can originally whistle. Such communication was invented by them in the absence of cellular communication. Now the inhabitants whistling to amuse guests.

Beaches of Islands: Location, Description

Santiago - 1.5 km long beach. It is well equipped and has many entertainment and public institutions. This place is rocky and quiet, the storm is very rare. Suitable for families with children and fans of sports entertainment.

The beach of San Sebastian is 600 m long and 55 m wide. The coast is protected from storms by a breakwater.

On the territory there are:

  • Cafeterias.
  • Rental of sports equipment.
  • There are many hotels nearby.

Hotels: names, prices

Popular hotels located on the island:

  • Casa Alpaca – 3652 rubles.
  • Villa Gomera - 4528 rubles.
  • La Niña - 3068 rubles.

Entertainment for children and adults

The island is popular among lovers of beach and quiet rest. Families with children also love it, here they can enjoy the picturesque nature and visit natural attractions.


  • Garajonay State Park. An impressive part of its terrain is captured by subtropical forests. They grow evergreen laurel trees, the height of which can reach 40 m.
  • Bosque del Cedro Forest. Many giant trees grow here, the branches of which are closely intertwined with each other and create incredible compositions and tunnels.
  • Hardin Tesina is a complex with a large number of entertainment and sports facilities.
  • Gran Rey Valley is a uniquely beautiful plain in the southwest of the island. It impresses with its man-made terraces and natural ravines.


The island is composed entirely of volcanic rocks. In addition to the village-pier of Caleta del Sebo, there is only 1 village of fishermen Pedro Barba on it.

Beaches of the island: location, description

The main treasures of the island are its deserted wild coasts and lack of tourist infrastructure. Beaches on Gracios with clear water and amber sand. There is no influx of tourists, no beach infrastructure. Crystal water and a diverse underwater kingdom attracts fans of diving and snorkeling.

Hotels: names, prices

Popular hotels located on the island:

  • Goeleta — 26293 rubles
  • Casa Salinas Playa - 1552 rubles.
  • Manoa Eco House - 4309 rubles.

Entertainment for children and adults

The main attraction is the Timanfaya National Park.

Cueva de los Verdes is one of the largest volcanic grottoes in the world, which was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption.

The Chiniho Archipelago is the largest reserve in Europe. The underwater world, which is considered one ofthe most diverse in the Canaries. More than 300 species of algae have been identified here, and a lot of birds live off the coast, some of them are rare and endangered.


Hierro is an island of 3 shades: black - from volcanic cliffs, azure - from sea water, green - from vineyards and beautiful forests.

Beaches of the island: location, description

Tamadoust is a famous resort with the largest reservoir, which appeared as a result of a volcanic eruption. The water in it has healing properties. La Restinga is a real find for fans of water sports, as well as for fishermen. The bay with clear water and diverse marine life is considered the best place for scuba diving.

Hotels: names, prices

Popular hotels located on the island:

  • Barlovento 41 B – 2921 rubles.
  • Casa rural Aguarijo – 5697 rubles.
  • La Restinga - 18083 rubles.

Entertainment for children and adults

The entire territory of the island is a series of interesting natural sights.

Entertainment for children and adults:

  • Lagartario is a reserve where rare breeds of lizards that live only on Hierro live in natural conditions.
  • Hiking El Pinar - a route designed specifically for children. Price from 10 €.
  • El Golfo observation site - recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. It is located on a steep rock, thanks to which you can see the crevice that appeared as a result of an ancient collapse.


Is a National Reserve. Due to its remoteness, marine life has been preserved intact here, including many species of fish and sea turtles.

Beaches of the island: location, description

The water in the bay of this island is calm in any weather, as the local cliffs are too high.There are only 15 houses along the coast. There is only 1 sandy coast, but their absence is compensated by the wild nature and beautiful bays.

Hotels: names, prices

Popular hotels located on the island:

  • Sara De Ur – 7669 rubles.
  • Mavi - 4382 rubles.
  • Camping Pico De La Miel – 5101 rubles.

Entertainment for children and adults

Cabrera Castle is the main attraction of the island. It was first intended to repel pirate raids, and then, during hostilities on the islands, it had a defensive value. Grotto Cueva Azul - translated means "cave of the blue lake." Underground beautiful lake of azure color, over which hang longstalactites.


Volcanic island, which is a natural reserve. This area attracts hikers and nature historians. A network of paths has been laid here, the total length of which is 14 km.

Beaches of the island: location, description

La Concha resort is located on the shore of the bay of the same name. It has a sandy surface. In 2007, the beach was chosen as one of the 12 Treasures of Spain.

Hotels: names, prices

Popular hotels located on the island:

  • Gran Atlantis Bahia Real – 7124 rubles.
  • Dunas Club - 1787 rubles.
  • Aloe Club Resort - 3176 rubles.

Entertainment for children and adults

Lobos is an uninhabited island with only 1 cafeteria, its employees come here daily from Fuerteventura.


  • Sport fishing. Various and large species of fish are caught in the vicinity of the island.
  • Lighthouse on the bay of Punta Martinho. In 1903, the writer J. Pla was born here, her sculpture stands in the reserve.
  • Hiking - Numerous hiking trails lead to the volcanic craters of La Montagna and the mysterious Lobos Lighthouse.

Cies Islands

Since the 80s, the islands have been a natural park and have special rules for guests:

  • Everyone day the number of tourists should not exceed 2200 people.
  • From May to September, you can spend from 2 to 15 days here.
  • There are no hotels on the island, but there is a camping area.

Beaches of the island: location, description

Playa de Rodas beach - clean and warm water makes it one of the best for families with children. Areinha is a beach near which there is a small chapel of Our Lady. San Martinho is the most remote and quiet coast.

Hotels: names, prices

There is only 1 accommodation variation on the islands — camping Ilias Cies. Where you can rent a tent (45 €) or set up your own (24 €).

On the territory of the tent camp there is:

  • Cafe.
  • Shop.
  • Shower.
  • Washing machines.

Entertainment for children and adults

Enjoying untouched nature is one of the main reasons to visit Cies. But beach holidays are not the only entertainment here.

  • Maritime Museum in Vigo. Interactive tours take place here, exploring the deep bonds that inseparably unite Galicia with the ocean. Entrance 3 €.
  • Guests of the island are invited to take part in theatrical hikes and walks. SeparateThe educational and entertainment project is provided for small holidaymakers.
  • diving. To resolve this lesson, permission is needed from the park administration.

Islands of Spain combine amazing nature and comfortable conditions. They have everything for recreation: unique monuments and architecture of different eras. Museums with precious exhibits and a huge number of parks. Natural reserves and famous coasts.

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