The best hotels in Egypt 5 stars. Rating, Reviews

The best 5-star hotels in Egypt are always relevant for Russian travelers, especially in winter, when people I want to stay warm and swim in the warm sea. If you are going to relax in a hot country, you should study the possible accommodation options and choose the best one. It is worth giving preference to proven resorts with a good reputation, and choose one of the hotels included in the list of the best places to stay in Egypt.

Features of the holiday

Holidays in Egypt are suitable for families:

  • you can swim in the sea, exploring the coral reefs and rare species of fish;
  • go on excursions to see the pyramids;
  • visit the desert.

The population of the country is friendly, if you do not violate local laws and customs, for example, it is better for women on the streets to cover their shoulders and knees.


The hottest period in Egypt comes in summer, the air temperature warms up to 40 °C. The sea becomes warm, the water temperature rises to 30 °C. The hottest days come in August. In winter, the weather becomes more comfortable for vacationers, the thermometer needle rises to plus 23 ° C, the water becomes cooler, the temperature column drops to 21 ° C. The most comfortable month in Egypt is February, the air temperature stays plus 20 ° C, although the locals consider it cold.

When is the best time to visit

Tourists most often come to Egypt in winter, when it is cold in Russia and you want to find yourself in summer. The advantage of visiting resorts from December to February is the comfortable air temperature. You can swim, sunbathe and at the same time there is no suffocating heat. In winter, there are much fewer people on the beaches, which can also be attributed to the advantages of relaxing during this period of time.


The national cuisine of Egypt resembles the cuisines of other Arab countries. Chefs add a lot of spices to the dishes. The basis of the diet of local residents is legumes and rice.

The best 5-star hotels in Egypt surprise visitors with a varied menu, including Egyptian delicacies and dishes from other countries. The famous national dishes that tourists first try are pigeons cooked with rice, the famous Egyptian couscous, lamb with vegetables. You can also choose beans stewed in olive oil.

In the famous restaurants there is always fresh fish and seafood. The hotels rely on European cuisine familiar to all tourists.

TOP-10 best hotels

The best hotels in Egypt (when choosing a tour, you need to pay attention to 5-star hotels), are presented in the article.

Rixos Sharm El Sheikh

The famous resort is located in Sharm El Sheikh and has an excellent infrastructure:

  • 7 restaurants with dishes from the menu of different countries;
  • 11 large basins;
  • 5 modern bars for every taste.

The cost of living depends on the room, the price is from 19,000 rubles. up to 34000 rub.

Comfortable rooms with a balcony or terrace are divided into:

Room type Room price per day
standard19000 rub.
luxury34000 rub.
improved20,500 rubles;
junior suite29800 rub.
family20,500 rubles;
junior suite with a font30600 rub.

You can choose a room with a view of the sea, pools or garden. Each room has a comfortable flat-screen TV, telephone, minibar and a spacious closet. The suites offer a spacious living room to relax in. The cost of living directly depends on the type of room, the price will be from 19,000 rubles. up to 34000 rub.

Tourists can eat on the All Inclusive program or visit restaurants where you need to order and all meals are served by waiters. At Lalezar and Hatmehit restaurants, you can enjoy dishes prepared according to the recipes of Turkish and Japanese chefs. Seafood is excellent at Sakura. Fans of Italian cuisine will love the Callaina restaurant. Tourists wishing to taste oriental cuisine should visit the Papyrus restaurant. Separately, you can go to establishments on site that specialize in Chinese cuisine and Indian dishes.

Guests of the hotel can participate in various activities prepared by the hotel's animation team. In the evening, you can spend time at the disco and continue the fun at the nightclub located on the beach. The spa center will help you relax and rejuvenate after an active holiday. For sports lovers there is a gym, tennis. You can play billiards, tennis, compete with other hotel guests in darts or snorkeling.

Excursions are provided for lovers of the underwater world, where you can enjoy the beauty of the reefs and local fish.

You can travel long distances by electric car.

The best 5-star hotels in Egypt attract visitors with the beauty of the interior. You can book a room using the services of a tour operator or on your own on a specialized website.

The phone number of the hotel is +20693710210.

Tia Heights Makadi Bay Hurghada

The five-star hotel is located in the picturesque Makadi Bay in Hurghada. Tia Heights Makadi Bay Hurghada features a large beach, the length of which reaches 560 m. Rooms with sea views from French windows are appreciated by tourists.

Each room is distinguished by comfort and equipment:

  • TV showing many channels;
  • mini-bar with traditional drinks;
  • air conditioner;
  • hair dryer;
  • phone.

The cost of living per day from 3087 rubles. up to 7500 rubles, depending on the room and the view from the window. You can order a room:

Room type Price per day
Tia overlooking the hotel pool7141 rub.
Standard with pool view3087 rub.
Deluxe14002 rub.
Family room8713 rub.

Tourists can eat at 14 restaurants rich in variety of dishes from famous chefs. Basically, guests are delighted with oriental dishes and an abundance of seafood. Fans of Italian cuisine should visit the Aladdin restaurant.

The animation team comes up with new entertainment for hotel guests every day. Evenings can be spent at the disco. Tourists can book a tour of the sights of Egypt or a safari at the hotel, visit the desert. The hotel is distinguished by the presence of a large water park for the whole family, where everyone can find slides to their liking.

Guests of Tia Heights Makadi Bay Hurghada can sunbathe and swim on the beach located within the complex, as the resort is located in close proximity to the sea. You can play golf on a large course (within 3 km), visit the SPA center. You can book a room through travel agencies, on the booking website on your own or by calling the hotel directly.

Hotel phone number - +20653590590.

Sentido Reef Oasis Senses Aqua Park Resort

The best 5-star hotels in Egypt amaze with beautiful territory and hospitable attitude towards tourists. The Sentido Reef Oasis hotel received the prefix "Eco", and is famous for its convenient access to the water (pontoons, first coastline). The living reef of impressive size has become a landmark of the hotel. Guests can enjoy nature in the bay.

The airport is located 16 km from the hotel.

Reef Oasis Hotel's air-conditioned rooms feature classic interiors. Dark wood furniture beautifully complements the design of the rooms.

You can select:

Room type Price per day
Standard rooms7244 rub.
Room with garden view7600 rub.
Executive room overlooking the pool42000 rub.
2-seater "Comfort"10952 rub.
3-seater "Comfort 1"12250 rub.
Family room with pool view15400 rub.
Superior double room13780 rub.

The cost of living per day from 7244 rubles. up to 42,000 rubles, depending on the category of the room. Tourists can eat at 9 restaurants and visit 15 bars. The restaurants mainly offer local cuisine. Soft drinks are always available at the bar. Vacationers can use 14 swimming pools, there is a pool even for kids. The water park surprises with its scale; those who like to take a steam bath can go to the sauna.

To keep fit, you can play tennis on a specially equipped court, use the services of a diving center or visit the gym. For lovers of sunbathing on the sea, there is a private beach of the hotel, which is about 500 meters away.

You can visit the wellness center, and undergo various cosmetic procedures and relax with a massage. The room can be booked independently or through travel agencies.

Hotel phone +20693602900.

Sunrise Holidays Resort

The best 5-star hotels in Egypt, located in Hurghada, are distinguished by a high level of comfort. One of them - Sunrise Holidays Resort, is located in the center of Hurghada. The proximity of the airport, the first line of the sea makes the hotel attractive in the eyes of tourists. The hotel only accepts adults, so it is suitable for people without children.


You can stay in a standard or superior room. Each room comes with a balcony or terrace with a beautiful view of the sea or the pool. For a comfortable stay, air conditioning, TV and a minibar with traditional drinks are provided.

The cost of living per day is from 7395 to 14791 rubles:

Room type Price per day
Standard rooms7395 rub.
Room with pool view7800 rub.
Luxury14791 rub.
2-seater comfort11670 rub.
Family room with sea view13200 rub.

Guests at Sunrise Holidays Resort can sample Egyptian and international cuisines at Nasaya Restaurant. You can go to the Arabian Night restaurant and El Sol, an international restaurant.

Guests can swim and sunbathe in the outdoor pool with scenic sea views, visit the diving center, go to the health club or go in for sports. The animation team is preparing a daily entertainment program. Guests of a five-star hotel can book interesting guided tours to the island of Utopia, or to the Pyramids. To order a room, you can use the services of a tour operator, or independently book a room on the website of the hotel or booking.

Hotel phone +20653445080.

Movenpick Resort and Spa El Gouna

A chic hotel overlooking the sea is located in close proximity to the sea, and is located near the international airport and the center of Luxor. The Red Sea and clean beaches - this is a dream that comes true as soon as a person gets into the hotel. El Gouna Golf Club is 1 km away and is accessible to guests of Movenpick Resort.

You can stay in a standard or deluxe room. The superior version of the room stock is distinguished by large panoramic windows and a private balcony furnished with cozy garden furniture. Each room has a seating area.

Accommodation per day will cost a tourist from 11077 to 28541 rubles:

Room type Price per day
Standard room with sea view12300 rub.
Standard with pool view11077 rub.
Luxury28541 rub.
Family room14640 rub.

Palavrion Restaurant features an open kitchen and a rich selection of Egyptian specialties and other international dishes.

Tourists can:

  • enjoy a beach holiday;
  • swim in the pools and the sea;
  • attend sporting events;
  • to participate in competitions from the animation team;
  • walk around the spacious area.

After visiting a hotel, tourists sometimes become interested in diving and kitesurfing. You can book a room yourself online, or use the services of a tour operator.

Hotel phone +20693600081.

Hilton Sharm Waterfalls

Tourists are attracted by the convenient location of the hotel: on the opposite side of the Hilton there is an impressive water park, on the other side there is a night club and a market with democratic prices for fruits. Next to the hotel is the local shopping street El Mercato.

You can stay in the room:

Room type Price per day
Standard5152 rub.
Deluxe10304 rub.
Junior suite9230 rub.

The hotel offers its guests to eat at 4 restaurants, focusing on Arabic and Italian cuisine. Daily program from the animation team, dancing. Tennis fans will love the hotel's court. Vacationers can learn to water ski.

For children there is a small pool and a mini club. You can book a room on your own via the Internet, or through trusted tour operators.

Hotel phone +20693663232.

Titanic Beach

The hotel is located on the periphery of all the well-known sightseeing routes of Egypt, tourists can get to Luxor Dendra in a matter of time, visit the shopping street. The cost of living in a hotel is from 3500 to 7900 rubles. per day.

You can stay in the room:

Room type Price per day
Standard3500 rub.
Luxury7900 rub.
Comfort6300 rub.
Family7200 rub.

A varied menu from top chefs is highly rated by tourists. You can go to a local restaurant or visit establishments specializing in international cuisine.

Guests of the Titanic Hotel can go on excursions, swim in the water park, there are attractions even for the smallest. The animation team comes up with a daily entertainment program. You can try mini-rafting without leaving the hotel. Diving enthusiasts will appreciate the beauty of the underwater world and the unusual offshore reef. You can book a trip yourself through the websites or order a ticket from a tour operator.

Hotel phone +902423520202.

Royal Holiday Beach Resort and Casino

The hotel is located in that part of Sharm El Sheikh, where life is constantly "boiling" and suitable for tourists who cannot sit idle and be bored for a second.

The cost of living per day from 3500 to 8400 rubles.

You can stay in the following rooms:

Room type Price per day
Standard3500 rub.
Non-smoking room3200 rub.
Luxury8400 rub.
Family rooms7900 rub.

The ticket price includes breakfast at the hotel restaurant, and within a radius of 1 km from the hotel there are 17 restaurants for every taste. You can explore the underwater world, take dance lessons without leaving the beach, watch performances from the animation team, with the participation of local artists. Guests of the Royal Holiday Beach Resort and Casino can play tennis on a special court, and there is a basketball court for basketball fans. To keep yourself in shape, do not forget about the gym. The hotel is set up with its casino, where you can play for luck.

To book a room, it is enough to place an order through the booking website or directly at the hotel. You can contact the tour operator.

Hotel phone +206936000725

Sheraton Sharm Hotel

The hotel is located on the central part of Al Pasha coast in Sharm. Tourists can relax on the beach, the length of which is 800 m. The east coast of the Sinai Peninsula, where the hotel is located, offers tourists one of the most picturesque coral reefs in the world. The international airport is 10 min. from hotel.

The hotel has 300 standard rooms and suites. The luxury accommodation option features an extra bed, living room and satellite TV.

The cost of living per day is from 6500 to 15000 rubles:

Room type Price per day
standard6500 rub.
Lux15,000 rubles.
Comfort-7800 rub.
Family8400 rubles.

Tourists like to eat at the buffet, the system has taken place at the hotel, and attracts people a variety of dishes for every taste. The WHITE Cruiser restaurant serves international dishes, and conduct various thematic evenings

Visitor Sheraton can relax on the beach owned by the hotel, go to the spa. The hotel's territory includes an outdoor pool with sea water, a diving pool. The picturesque reef attracts tourists with its beauty and a variety of underwater world. The room can be booked on the hotel's website, on Buking or with the help of the tour operator services.

Phone of the hotel +20693602070.

JAZ Aquamarine Resort

The hotel is located in a picturesque place in the south of Hurghada. The place is suitable for lovers of outdoor activities and diving. The best hotels in Egypt 5 stars are distinguished by original room design. In Jazz Aquamarine, beautiful rooms with French windows are attracted by cleanliness and comfort. Guests sleep on luxurious bedding. You can stay in a standard room, or in an improved version with a seating area and panoramic windows, leaving for the sea or by the pool area.

The cost of living per day is from 14200 to 45 thousand rubles:

type number Price per day
Standard numbers14200 rub.
Room overlooking the garden14890 rub.
Executive Suite, the windows of which are sealed45000 rubles.
2-seater "Comfort"17400 rubles.
2-seater "Comfort 1"18200 rub.
Family Room with Pool View16540 rub.
Superior Double Room18000 rub.

7 restaurants operate in Jazz Aquamarin, 5 of them serve visitors to the menu. Guests of the hotel spoke with a special warmth of the fish restaurant, Italian and Lebanese restaurant.

Guests of the hotel Jazz Aquamarine can swim in 20 pools, walking in 3 water park. Thanks to the coral reef, diving lovers can fully enjoy the underwater world.

The best hotels in Egypt 5 stars

you can ride camels and visit the desert, take up deep-sea fishing. To maintain yourself in a tone, it is worth going to the beach volatol or aqua aerobics in the pool.

The room can be booked through Buking or on the hotel's website. Tourists also use the services of proven tourist firms.

Hotel phone +20653461109.

Comparative Table

Name Where Prices Features
RIXOS SHARM EL Sheikhin Sharm el-Sheikh
  • Standard - 19000 rubles;
  • Suite - 34000 rubles;
  • Improved - 21400 rubles;
  • Family - 20500 rubles;
  • Junior Suite - 29800 rub.;
  • Junior Suite with Font - 30600 rub.
Developed Infrastructure, Chisthers Beach, Animation
Sunrise Holidays Resortin Hugard
  • Standard numbers - 7395 rubles;
  • Number overlooking the pool - 7800 rubles;
  • Luxury - 14791 rubles;
  • 2-seater Comfort - 11670 rubles;
  • Family Room with Sea View - 13200 rub.
Outdoor pool, diving, excursions, animation
Titanic Beachat the intersection of all known excursion routes
  • Standard - 3500 rubles;
  • Suite - 7900 rubles;
  • Comfort - 6300 rubles;
  • Family - 7200 rubles.
excursions, water park, animation for children and adults
Royal Holiday Beach Resort and Casinoin the cetral part of the charm El Sheikh
  • Standard - 3500 rubles;
  • Non-smoking room - 3200 rub.;
  • Suite - 8400 rubles;
  • Family rooms - 7900 rubles.
Casino, animation, pure beach
Sheraton Sharm Hotelon the central part of the Al-Pasha coast in Sharm
  • Standard - 6500 rubles;
  • Suite - 15,000 rubles;
  • Comfort - 7800 rubles;
  • Family - 8400 rubles.
Diving, diversity of restaurants, pools, animation
JAZ Aquamarine Resorttin the south of Hurghada
  • Standard rooms - 14200 rubles;
  • Room overlooking the garden - 14890 rubles;
  • Executive Suite, whose windows overlook the sea - 45000 rubles;
  • 2-seater "Comfort" - 17400 rubles;
  • 2-seater "Comfort 1" - 18200 rubles;
  • Family Room overlooking the pool - 16540 rubles;
  • Superior 2-bed number - 18000 rub.
20 pools, 3 water park

Best hotels in Egypt 5 stars are waiting for visitors all year round, but the most optimal is to visit the resort in the middle Russian winter.

Video about the best hotels in Egypt

Top 10 of the best hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh: