The best hotels in Cuba 5 stars All inclusive

Tourists from around the world visit the island of freedom (so-called Cuba) for the luxurious nature, the best hotels, high Service level and mass of entertainment opportunities. This is a country that is associated with cigars and rum. Here are the authenticity of cities in the center of the island, the transparency of water, which can be observed for the representatives of ichthyofauna, and a variety of attractions.

Features of rest in Cuba

Cuba is a long coast with a multitude of resorts located on it. The central part of the island is occupied by small cities and villages reflecting the national flavor.

Rest in Cuba - the dream of many tourists. There are areas where there are no locals and allowed to be only guests of the country. On the island of tropical climate. Here all year round is wet air and high temperature in combination with winds.

Such weather requires acclimatization of coming to the island. On the territory of Cuba, 2 periods are distinguished: dry and wet. From October to May, there are practically no precipitation here, the sun shines 8 hours a day, the air temperature is +25 - + 26 ° C. The water temperature is the same. The rainy season (tropical season) begins in May-June and ends in September. Autumn here you can see hurricanes. The sun is in the chaise of 8 hours a day.

The temperature rises to +30 - + 31 ° C, and the water warms up to +27 - + 28 ° C. Those who plan to visit Cuba are better to do it in the period from November to April. Suitable time for windsurfing lovers - the rainy season, at this time you can catch very large waves.

Features of national nutrition in Cuba are as follows. Cubans do not represent their life without rice, so it is the main product. In addition to him, it loves eggs, spaghetti, chicken here. Pork is expensive (to buy 1 kg of this product, residents can spend half a monthly salary). The cow here is an almost sacred animal, so beef is rare, and it can only be tried in restaurants.

with dairy products in Cuba is difficult, and fish dishes are not the main product, despite its abundance in the surrounding waters.


Thanks to the long-term relations of Cuba and Russia to tourists from our country, Cubans are particularly friendly. This is a hospitable and positive people, among them there are Russian-speaking. There are 2 monetary units in Cuba, only local residents are used by one of them, and the other (convertible peso) is for tourists. Dollars are prohibited here.

The crime rate in the country is low, but it is not worth relaxing, because begging and theft is thrive here. It is better to protect yourself: do not wear large amounts of money and not to walk late at night alone on the poor urban quarters.

Top 10 best hotels

The best hotels in Cuba operate on the "All Inclusive" system. Most of them are located on the first line of the beach, which allows to admire the beauty of the ocean and enjoy the noise of his waves. And cozy rooms and excellent service are convinced of the correctness of choice and guarantee a full-fledged vacation.

"Valentin El Patriarca Varadero"

Hotel "Valentin El Patriarca Varadero" is located in Varadaero in the province of Matanasas. It opened in 2015 and covers an area of ​​14840 m2. The hotel is located in a picturesque place, and from all sides he is surrounded by the protected area of ​​Varahicacos. It is not far from the city center. Adult hotel only. All rooms have a flat-screen TV, Internet access, a refrigerator, a minibar, a bath and air conditioning.

Types of Rooms:

  • Privilege Deluxe Room - 15483 rubles;
  • Privilege Suite - 17684 rub.

The owners of the hotel took care of different categories of guests, so there are rooms for people with disabilities and non-smoking. Power concept - buffet. Hotel guests can visit 5 restaurants with Italian and oriental cuisines or bars. Fans swim in the pool can do it on the territory (pool area - 994 m2and 208 m2). In addition, the hotel has its own beach 100 meters from him.

To make the rest as rich and memorable as possible, tourists are given the opportunity:

  • to take part in sports entertainment (basketball, volleyball, golf, tennis, football, billiards);
  • dance at the disco;
  • ride bicycles;
  • rent a car and drive around the city;
  • learn to surf and canoe;
  • tidy up at the gym or spa;
  • visit a beauty salon;
  • book a tour;
  • relax in the sauna.

On the territory there are shops where you can buy souvenirs, as well as a beautiful garden, a snack bar and a lobby bar. Here everyone will find something for themselves. The hotel can even hold a wedding ceremony (there is a special room for newlyweds). You can book a room by contacting tour operators by phone: +7 (495) 232 10 11; +7 (495) 748-7074.

"Grand Memories Varadero"

The best hotels in Cuba are located in picturesque places near the ocean. One of them is the Grand Memories Varadero Hotel, which is located in the city of Varadero in the province of Vantanas. Here you can sunbathe, swim and engage in water sports. This place is the best for those who prefer active rest.

Types of rooms with prices:

  • standard (20565 rubles);
  • improved (21260 rubles);
  • junior suite (22630 rubles);
  • standard (23133 rubles);
  • junior suite (26236 rubles);
  • luxury (26770 rubles).

There are also rooms for people with disabilities, honeymooners, non-smokers. The rooms have a balcony, terrace, TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, bath, mini-bar. The food concept is a buffet. The menu includes dishes of European and national cuisine. In addition, you can order a barbecue or meals for children. There is a snack bar on the beach. It is possible to order breakfast in the room.

Resting here, everyone can:

  • visit the gym;
  • swim in the pools (there are several of them);
  • play tennis;
  • to fish, dive;
  • windsurfing, diving;
  • go to a fitness center;
  • get a massage;
  • visit the beauty salon and spa.

Family recreation is also provided here: a playground, a swimming pool, a kids club are equipped for children. Parents have the opportunity to leave the baby with a nanny. Rooms where you can book a room: +7 (495)232 10 11, + 8 800 775 775 8.

"Ocean Vista Azul"

On the coast of Varadero there is a whole chain of hotels "Ocean by H10 Hotels", which includes " Ocean Vista Azul". It is mainly used by VIPs. The 470 rooms of the hotel have everything for a comfortable stay: balcony (or terrace), upholstered furniture, TV, bathroom with shower, air conditioning. Premium rooms have a hot tub and pool access.

Vacationers can choose a room according to their taste and possibilities:

  • standard room –20032 rub.;
  • standard room pool view - 21012 rubles;
  • premium room - 24931 rubles;
  • premium room ocean view - 25747 rubles;
  • premium room ocean front - 26564 rubles;
  • suite playa - 31463 rubles.

The hotel has rooms for people with disabilities. The concept of food involves the system "all inclusive" in the restaurants of the hotel. In addition, there is an a la carta system (guests can order their favorite dishes).

The hotel offers a large number of entertainment (some of them are paid):

  • activities in the gym;
  • animation;
  • windsurfing;
  • aerobics, yoga, basketball;
  • evening theater show;
  • volleyball in the pool;
  • dance lessons;
  • catamaran rides;
  • tennis and golf;
  • bingo;
  • water biking.

Here you can get a massage course, master the games of bocce and petanque, attend a foam party. There are special clubs for children and teenagers.

The best way to find out about holidays in Cuba and book a hotel is to study the information posted on tourist sites and call: +373 90 20 30, +7 (495) 109- 2555, +7(499)216-2555.

Barcelo Solymar

This hotel, part of the Barcelo hotel chain, is located on the beautiful Hicacos peninsula. It consists of a 4-storey building with 332 rooms and a 2-storey bungalow with 193 rooms. The hotel has its own beach with a bar.

Staying at the hotel leaves an unforgettable experience: the rooms, decorated in an avant-garde style, offer a beautiful view of the ocean, which can be observed not only from the window, but also sitting in armchairs on the balcony or terrace. It has everything you need for a good rest: beds with sofas, baths, showers, TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, mini-bars.

Room types:

  • superior room - from 13187 rubles;
  • superior room in a bungalow - from 13,765 rubles;
  • superior room with sea view – from 13829 rubles;
  • suite in a bungalow - from 14091 rubles;
  • lux - from 14477 rubles.

Meals are organized according to the all-inclusive system (buffet). The hotel has 6 restaurants and 11 bars where you can taste continental, Italian, Mexican cuisine. It is good to relax here with children: they can play on the playgrounds, entertainment events are regularly held for them. You can use the services of a babysitter.

Sports fans have the opportunity to play:

  • basketball;
  • volleyball;
  • mini golf;
  • football;
  • tennis.

Water sports competitions are held here, those who wish can go diving, snorkeling, and try windsurfing. In the evenings, vacationers enjoy live music, dance in a disco and participate in incendiary programs in bars. Contact numbers for booking rooms: +375 17 316 90 74; +375 44 509 33 33; +375 29 651 83 23.

Iberostar Laguna Azul

The Iberostar Laguna Azul is another hotel complex located near the center of Varadero on the very coast of Cuba. It has 814 rooms located in 10 three-storey buildings. Basically, these are stylishly decorated 2-bed rooms. A standard room costs from 10,518 rubles, a standard room with a pool view - from 10,602 rubles, a standard room with a sea view - from 10,687 rubles, and a suite - from 11,026 rubles.

The concept of food - "buffet". You can enjoy a variety of cuisines in restaurants and bars, of which there are 15. In addition, 4 a la carte establishments are open on the territory, where you can get acquainted with the cuisine of different countries. Sunbathing and swimming can be enjoyed right on site with 4 outdoor pools.

And there are so many entertainments that even the most sophisticated tourist will find something for himself: ​​

  • gym;
  • aerobics;
  • dancing;
  • golf (for a fee);
  • catamarans;
  • snorkeling;
  • kayaks;
  • windsurfing;
  • sailing;
  • bowling;
  • chess.

For beauty and health, the following services are offered here: massage, spa, sauna, beauty salon. For children, special entertainment programs are provided and playgrounds are equipped. You can book a tour by calling: +372-6-235-777; +7 (495)232 10 11.

Royalton Hicacos Resort & Spa”

The best hotels in Cuba are not only in the center of the country, but also in the outback. For example, the tourist complex "Royalton Hicacos Resort & Spa" is located in the Cuban village of Las Morelas. There is everything for a good rest for adults. 404 rooms (junior suites and club junior suites) in a 2-storey building and 32 bungalows are prepared for guests here. The cost of a junior suite - from 12,211 rubles, a club junior suite - from 13,734 rubles.

The rooms have a balcony or terrace, safe, TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, jacuzzi. Tourists eat at 7 all-inclusive restaurants, where the menu includes cuisine from different countries - Cuban, Italian, Caribbean, Mexican, international. There is a separate seafood restaurant. In addition, during the day you can satisfy your hunger in several snack bars.

Tennis courts, a gym, swimming pools and a squash court are built here to keep fit. Vacationers are provided with all the opportunities for playing football, basketball, volleyball, as well as for water sports. At night, tourists like to visit a nightclub, take part in an animation program or take a walk in the picturesque area.

You can book a tour on the website with a convenient and simple menu. Contact phone: 8(800) 301 73 11. 24 hours

Iberostar Bella Vista

The Iberostar Bella Vista beachfront hotel is located in Varadero and welcomes guests since 2017

It has 827 numbers:

  • the standard number starts from 13904 rub.;
  • standard room with pool view – from 14073 rubles;
  • standard room with sea view - from 14327 rubles;
  • junior suite with sea view – from 14919 rubles;
  • executive number - from 15258 rubles.

The hotel offers buffet meals. Those who wish can order breakfast in the room or satisfy their appetite in 4 restaurants with cuisine of different nations: Japanese, Italian, Creole. There are also 4 bars on site. Iberostar Bella Vista welcomes those who love active holidays with entertainment and luxury service.

There is a fairly wide range of sports activities (football, golf, basketball, tennis, volleyball) and water activities (water park, windsurfing, swimming pools, snorkeling, canoeing). Whole families often come to the hotel, there are conditions for children's recreation: a swimming pool with water slides, playgrounds, animation programs, clubs for children of different ages.

Those wishing to book an Iberostar Bella Vista tour can do so by visiting travel websites or by calling +372 6 235 777; +7 495 232 10 11 administrative building and 25 bungalows. The cost of rooms per day per person is: for a standard room - from 11483 rubles, and for a superior suite - 13478 rubles. The best hotels in Cuba offer the concept of food - "buffet".

Many local restaurants offer an a la cart system, serving Creole, Mexican, Mediterranean, Oriental, Italian and international cuisines. The range of bars and restaurants depends on the season. The location of the hotel is ideal for snorkellers. The 1 km long beach is located in a bay where the sea is shallow and calm. Everyone can ride pedal boats, kayaks and sailing catamarans.

There are several pools on the territory, each of which performs its own functions:

  • for entertainment;
  • for sports;
  • for recreation;
  • children;
  • for toddlers.

Entertainment events, shows, and hobby classes are held here daily. During the rest, the hotel guests have the opportunity to take dance lessons, learn the basics of the Spanish language, go scuba diving. There is a theater with 1176 seats on the territory.

In the gym, vacationers can do aerobics, strength exercises, master an exercise bike, test themselves on a climbing wall.

You can book a room by phone: 8 (800) 301 73 11; +372 6 235 777.

«Grand Memories Cayo Santa Maria»

On the island of Cayo Santa Maria, 5.4 km from the central part, there is a tourist hotel complex «Grand Memories». It has 342 rooms that are waiting for guests of different ages (you can come here with children).

The hotel offers the following room options:

  • junior suite – 8541 rubles;
  • superior junior suite - 9103 rubles;
  • lux - 10299 rubles.

The rooms have a shower, TV, air conditioning, mini-bar. Each room has a terrace or balcony. Visitors eat in restaurants on the "buffet" system. Those who wish can choose a restaurant a la carte. You can eat at the bars. On the beach you can use sun loungers, beach towels and umbrellas for free.

Among the entertainment - sports (billiards, football, volleyball, basketball, tennis). Children have the opportunity to splash in the outdoor pool and visit the kids club. You can book your stay at the hotel by phone: +372-6-235-777, +7 (863) 261-80-61.

Melia Marina Varadero

The city of Varadero on the Hicacos Peninsula has a rich tourist life. It has many hotels. One of them is the 5-star tourist complex "Melia Marina Varadero" with its own sandy beach.

The best hotels in Cuba include the Melia Marina Varadero complex.

It has 771 numbers:

  • a standard number costs 13,706 rubles;
  • standard room with sea view – 13078 rubles;
  • club number - 13992 rubles;
  • club room with sea view – 14295 rubles.

Catering is organized for tourists in restaurants, where the menu includes dishes from different countries. In the main restaurant breakfast and dinner - "buffet", for lunch - a fixed menu. There is a menu for children, vegetarians and dieters. Aerobics, swimming in the pool, sports games, billiards help to spend time with benefit. Thematic shows and animation programs are held here daily. Those who wish can take a course of massage, visit the sauna.

There is an outdoor pool for children, animation entertainment is held daily, they can play in a special room or on the playground, visit the mini club. Rooms are ordered by the numbers indicated on tourist sites: 8 (800) 301-73-11, 7 (863) 261-80-61.

Comparison table

All the five-star hotels mentioned above have their own characteristics.

Those wishing to go to Cuba can study them and choose the most suitable option, proceeding from their desires and possibilities:

Hotel name Location Prices Features
Valentin El Patriarca VaraderoVaradaero (province of Matanzas)2 types of rooms: 15483 rubles. and 7684 rubles.- only for adults
Grand Memories VaraderoVaradaero (Matanzas province)from 20565 to 26770 rubles.- VIP level,

- there is a separate section for adults only;

- there are soundproof rooms;

- you can relax with children;

- there are adjacent numbers

Ocean Vista AzulVaradaero (province of Matanzas)from 20032 to 31463 rubles.‒ VIP level
Barcelo SolymarHicacos Peninsulafrom 13187 to 14477 rubles.- Wi-Fi is paid;

- there are non-smoking rooms;

- you can relax with children

Iberostar Laguna AzulVaraderofrom 10518 to 11026 rubles.- availability of rooms for people with disabilities;

- family rooms, honeymoon suites

Royalton Hicacos Resort & SpaLas Morelas Villagefrom 12211 to 13734 rubles.- adults only;

‒ Wi-Fi - free

Iberostar Bella VistaVaraderofrom 13904 to 15258 rubles.- Internet is paid;

- it is possible to rent a yacht

Melia Jardines del ReyCayo Coco Islandfrom 11659 to 13606 rub.- VIP hotel;

- there are rooms for people with disabilities; bridal suite;

- there is a children's menu

Grand Memories Cayo Santa MariaO. Cayo Santa Mariafrom 8541 to 10299 rub.- most restaurants require a reservation;

- there is a section for adults only;

‒ Paid Wi-Fi

Melia Marina VaraderoVaradero, Hicacos Peninsulafrom 13706 to 14295 rubles.‒ there is a room for honeymooners

Holidays in Cuba will appeal to everyone who likes to relax in comfort, listen to good music and dance to the incendiary rhythms of Cuban melodies, as well as play your favorite sports games and master water sports. The best hotels with great views and excellent service, as well as a host of attractions await guests to give them an unforgettable experience.

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Top 10 hotels in Cuba: