The best beaches in Turkey with white sand, blue water

every year Mill Tourist ions seek to get to Turkey on vacation. This is not surprising, because in the country everything is provided for visitors visitors. Many attract the best beaches of Turkey with pebbles, pebbles or white sand.

Weather on the coast of Turkey, the best months for relaxing at sea

Turkey - the leader in the rating of the popularity of beach tourism. This is due to state pricing policies and a high level of service for tourists. However, preparing for vacation vacations, you need to clearly know about seasonality in the country. Seasons affect the entire upcoming vacation.

Tourists are resting in Turkey all year. Here all seasons are interesting and attractive in their own. It all depends on the type of rest - cognitive or beach.

Turkey is washed at once with 4 seas:

  • black;
  • Mediterranean;
  • marble;
  • Aegean.

Severe seasons:

  • high. lasts during the holidays from May to October. Turkey's beaches are overcrowded, and the cost of tours is overwhelmed. The temperature during this period is high enough, reaches +40 ° C.
  • Low. Duration: October - April, period of cool temperatures and high humidity. Time is not for relaxing on the beach, but for walks and excursions.

Season High

The best beaches of Turkey with white sand Manyat on vacation of beach lovers. Huge influx of holidaymakers always falls on May-October. At the end of May, you can already swim in the warm sea water of the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas. Black and marble warmers at the end of June. Children's school holidays contribute to the growth of the high season, so the number of families with children on vacation increases sharply.

in summer, water is heated almost to +30 ° C, and the air temperature in June-August may exceed the +40 ° C mark.

The precipitation practically does not happen. Therefore, tourists who poorly carry high temperatures are recommended to carry out vacation on the coasts of the black or marble seas. In this area, the temperature is slightly lower and there is always a lung breeze.

The season is low

Time from November to April in the tourist environment refer to the low season. This period for people seeking to learn the country's culture better, inspect all the interesting sights.

An important advantage of the low season is the low cost of residence and services. But during this period some hotels may not work.

During the day, the temperature does not exceed +20 ° C, at night is also not very cold: +7... + 10 ° C. Going on a trip, you need to cook warm things. Autumn Turkey is rich in rains.

Velvety season

Favorite holiday time from enterprising tourists - velvet season. It lasts during September-October. The resort during this period is unnotenden, but hotels and entertainment still work as usual. The main holidaymakers during this period are families with children and older people.

Daily temperatures are very comfortable + 20... + 25 ° C, at night below +20 The thermometer bar is still not lowered. Sea water warm, comfortable beach vacation. You can relax by the sea, visiting a variety of excursions and walks.

Rules for visiting beaches in Turkey

Recently there are changes in the rules of visiting beaches:

  • Tourists are forbidden to come with their towel and In place, independently chosen for yourself and family.
  • Recreation places are delimited on the plots, their area is 10 m2. A family of 3 people can relax in the zone. A social distance must be respected between them.
  • The number of vacationers on a particular beach should not exceed the established norm of visitors for simultaneous stay.
  • After the liberation of the site from holidaymakers, the beach staff for 20 minutes is obliged to conduct disinfection of chaise lounges, tables, sunscreen umbrella. The following visitors can only take place after its sanitary processing.
  • On the beach it is forbidden to smoke, as the cigarettes can be carriers of viruses. For smokers, a special zone is highlighted.
  • Provisional rule: All guests arriving on the beach are required to pass through the turnstile, where everyone will be measured. All incoming issues a brochure with the rules of stay, mask, gloves. They are needed to visit a cafe or shop.
  • The entrance to the beach and the exit from it is accommodated in different places.
  • The zones of shower and changing rooms have a social distance markup, which must be followed by all vacationers to avoid infection with the virus.

Top 10 Turkey Beaches with White Sand

The best beaches of Turkey with white sand adapted for a comfortable and pleasant stay of each tourist. Since the beginning of the season, guests are offered relaxers inexpensive service, equipped beaches.

Oludeniz (Fethiye)

There is a beach on a picturesque long sand spider in the eponymous bay near the city of Fethiye. The place is reliably covered by strong gusts of wind and waves.

Most recently, it was the best beach for independent leisure of tourists. However, new hotels are being built on the shore, the coast area is already divided.

In the National Park, an incredible turquoise of water is preserved, emerald color of pines, white sand. The resort is calm, the stormy nightly pleasure events are not here. Resting basic couples with children, nature lovers, planyrists.

Infrastructure is well developed in Oludenise. The main street of the resort has a length of up to 0.5 km. It has multiple shops, cafes, bars, currency exchange points, excursion and travel agencies.

Lara (Antalya)

Lara District is the district of Antalya. It is located near the international airport. The most popular places of Lara are areas directly adjacent to the sea.

They contain:

  • social infrastructure objects;
  • elite buildings for housing;
  • Green Parks;
  • business centers;
  • Cafes and restaurants;
  • Shopping Center.

The length of Lara is almost 15 km. It is located on the hills, and its coastal - on the sheer cliffs.

Cleopatra Beach (Alania)

This place is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the world. Powerfully and fascinating looks like a huge cedar, as if supporting the sky. Waves in the sea of ​​emerald color, beautiful patterns on the rocks framing the coast.

By legend, this place was attended by the Egyptian Queen, in favor of which healing sand was delivered from the Nile River Valley. His structure is similar to a tiny pearl.

The beach lies at Cape, on the top of which the Alanya fortress is. There you can see the symbol of Alanya - the Red Tower.

The beach is well landscaped, it can be done on it all day. Tourists enjoy sun loungers, umbrellas from the sun, which belong to hotels or restaurants. For their vacationers, this equipment is available for free.

Along the entire beach there are cabins for dressing, showers with fresh water. It is covered with wooden flooring, so that you can safely move around without burning your feet.

In the recreation area there are many cafes, bars, restaurants, kiosks where you can buy drinks, snacks.

Patara (Fethiye)

Patara's long sandy beach is included in all coast excursions. It stretches for 18 km in length, the width in some places approaches 1 km. The beach is always crowded, it is loved by couples with children. The depth of the water is shallow, children are constantly splashing in the water.

Previously, this beach was included in the top ten classic beaches of the resort. The sand is quite soft. You can’t swim in the sea for a long time, the waves almost run there and you get the feeling of swimming in the ocean.

The beach is equipped with:

  • small cafes;
  • loungers;
  • changing rooms.

During the season there are many tourists coming from hotels or visiting Patara on their own. Located 70 km from Fethiye. It is reached by mini-buses.

Kaputas (Kalkan)

Turkey's best white sand beaches are included in the Kaputas rating. This is an incredibly beautiful place. Turquoise in the play of the sea wave and yellow sand on the beach amaze the imagination of vacationers. It is located in the high mountain gorge of the Mediterranean Sea. From Antalya, you need to drive almost 200 km to sunbathe at this place.

Kaputas belongs to small beaches: its length is not more than 200 m, and its width is 30 m. Now the beach is approached by road, and earlier - only by sea. The beach is crystal clear.

It is equipped with:

  • a toilet;
  • insipid shower;
  • changing cabins.

In the summer there is a cafe where you can have lunch, eat ice cream, drink a cup of fragrant drink. You can meet locals selling water or flatbread. But it is better to take food and water with you.

Iztuzu (Dalyan)

Turtle Beach is located at the confluence of the river. Dalyan in the Mediterranean Sea near the city of Iztuz. Here, every vacationer can enjoy the naturalness of nature, ancient drawings on the rocks, water from thermal springs.

This place has long been favored by large loggerhead turtles, where they come once a year to lay their eggs. Reptiles are listed in the Red Book. Up to 300 clutches of turtle eggs are created on the coast.

To protect these places, the resort authorities have adopted the rules:

  • to prevent animals on the coast and transport;
  • prohibit the movement of high-speed maritime transport;
  • allow resting to remain only in the installed beach zones;
  • Prevent the stay of tourists on the beach at night when the born turtles move towards the sea.

Istus - Spit, it formed a huge salt lake. The length of the beach is 4 km, the width is 120-160 m. Sand with a golden shade and soft shallow fraction.

Isutu - the best Beach of Turkey with white sand, where on the one side the sea, and on the other lake

in the sea in the bay Included comfortable by a common, constantly increasing in the depths of the shore. Water to the lunchtime quiet, then small waves are possible.

The extreme zones of the beach are equipped with seats for recreation, there are umbrellas, locker rooms, toilets. For volleyball lovers equipped the playground. The entire infrastructure is removed for some distance from the coast.

Olympos (Kemer)

The best beaches of Turkey include Olympos with white sand and with pebbles. It is located 39 km from Kemer. The width of the beach is 10-100 m, the length is 3 km. The place is framed by the mountains. The freeway is very far from the coast. On the beach is always clean air, silence and peace. It is always included in the sea on pebbles, so it is important to have special shoes so as not to damage the legs.

Olympos refers to the National Reserve, there are no cabins for dressing, shower and toilet rooms, sun beds, umbrellas.

On the beach there are baskets to protect the masonry of eggs of the sea reptile carriage. Adults are not found here - turtles at night leave the sea, form masonry and swim again. The kids are born by mid august, they swim in the sea.

Some restaurants have their lounge chairs, umbrellas, they equip the booths with water, but their use is allowed only to guests.

Nearby are grocery stores, where they offer Turkish cuisine, rarely European.

Pamudzhak (Kusadasi)

Pamadzhak is a secluded section of the coast of the Aegean Sea, almost 5 km long. It is located 12 km from the Turkish city of Kusadasi. You can get to the beach on a taxi route from Kusadass or from Godchuk, where you can see the ancient city of Ephesus.

Winds always blow in Pamudzhak. This is an atmospheric place, here is often silent. The beach is covered with unusual dark sand, which attracts tourists to him. It crosses the Mandr river. Not far is located a large water park.

Akyarlar (Bodrum)

Turkey's best white sand beaches are located on the coast of Bodrum. They are visited by vacationers with their families. A convenient entrance to the sea for kids here: a clean coast without stones, gradually increasing depth. The sea heats up evenly.

Strong winds often appear in the east of the bay, surfers often gather there. The beach is recognized as one of the best on the Turkish coast. Located 1 km from Bodrum. The beach area is small, it stretches for 1.5 km. But the resort has earned the fame of the most comfortable. And although there are no special entertainments here, constantly under construction hotels and restaurants entertain tourists and vacationers.

The bay is picturesque, green, beautiful;

  • grenades;
  • ​​
  • olives.
  • Akyarlar is famous for its delicious fresh seafood dishes. Cafes and restaurants prepare delicious fish caught in the bay.

    A special resting place is the “Sand bath”, located on Cape Hussein near the lighthouse.

    Side (Side)

    The resort is considered a wonderful place for a family vacation with clean air, a modern hotel complex, a quiet atmosphere, bright beaches, where there is everything for a pleasant vacation.

    The Western Beach is called the territory of Side, stretching for 10 km in length, from 50 to 80 m wide. The coast is covered with velvety fine sand.

    The bottom is sandy, gently sloping, great for bathing babies. The sea is warm, you can splash and swim in it.

    Raised "blue flags" indicate that well-maintained, well-equipped beaches are prepared for recreation. In addition to sun loungers and umbrellas, every vacationer has the right to spread his own towel and sunbathe on the warm white sand. Rescue workers are watching the vacationers.

    There are many cafes, bars, restaurants with delicious food on the coast.

    Rating of amenities and comfort of Turkey's beaches

    Local residents prefer beaches that are located away from noisy cities, large hotels. They like to relax in places under the "blue flag".

    Every year more than 1 million tourists from all over the world come to rest.

    Everyone thinks the best beaches are:

    No. rated Beach name Features
    1Blue Lagoon (Oludeniz)The name comes from the unique color of the water, which has a bright blue hue. The beach is located between the mountains, there are no strong winds. It is sandy, without stones and pebbles. There is only 1 hotel on the coast. An ideal place for couples to relax: no noisy discos, clubs. There is a modern infrastructure, there are shops, cafes with food.
    2KaputasThe peculiarity of the place is the unique beauty of the beach, located far from noisy cities. They get here by fixed-route taxis or on a rented bike. The beach is located in the mountain gorge, it is not visible from the road. There are usually few tourists here, there are no restaurants, discos by the sea, there are no shops, a small length is 150 m. The water is turquoise, warm. The coast is covered with white sand. The descent to the sea is gentle, there are no sharp drops in depth.
    3Iztuzu beach (Dalyan)The length of the beach is more than 5 km to the southwest of the resort. Feature - washing at the same time by the sea and the river. This is a clean beach strewn with the finest light sand. Local attractions are turtles that come here for further breeding.
    4Cleopatra Beach (Alanya)The area is associated with the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, who, according to an old legend, was presented to her by the Roman legionnaire Mark Antony in love. And so that her legs would not prick on stones, fine yellow sand was brought from the banks of the distant Nile. The modern beach stretches up to 20 km, has a developed infrastructure, there are hotels, entertainment complexes.
    5IcmelerLocated near the famous resort of Marmaris. It is popular with families with small children. Healing air and thermal springs are valued here. The water is crystal clear, the beach is made of sand and pebbles. Here, high service, comfortable stay.
    6CiraliA beautiful 3 km long beach is located near Antalya. It is considered a world reserve. It is surrounded by modern hotels, shops, restaurants. Features - clean air, pebble beach, smooth descent to the sea.
    7PataraA unique beach for family lovers. Distinguished by its lack of infrastructure. Giant tortoises come to the sandy shore to lay offspring.
    8Ilica Beach (Cesme)A beach for outdoor enthusiasts. Feature - snow-white soft sand, warming up with the first rays of the sun. The water is amazingly clear. This is a place for competitions of athletes of different types of water sports. It is very popular with couples with small children.
    9CalisVery clean beach: there are no seaports on the coast, the water is not polluted. It is located near the city of Fethiye, there is a modern infrastructure. Equipped coast for recreation, stretched for 5 km. Diving and surfing are widespread here.
    10Lara (Antalya)The beach is located near the city of Antalya. Has proximity to the international airport. Awarded with the Blue Flag. There is a developed infrastructure, a clean coast. The beach is divided into recreation areas, equipped coast.

    List of Turkey's best beach hotels on the coast

    One of the most sought-after destinations for tourism on sandy beaches is Turkey. It attracts tourists with its excellent climate, beautiful nature, and rich history. Many hotels have been built on the Mediterranean coast, some of them provide all-inclusive services. This makes the rest both comfortable and budget.

    The best beach hotels:

    • D-Resort Grand Azur Marmaris, category 5 stars. It is located in a beautiful bay in Marmaris. Surrounded by mountains. The territory is decorated with exotic palm trees, bushes and trees. There are bars and nightclubs nearby. In the mornings, yoga and water aerobics classes are held with vacationers. They organize competitions in football, basketball, water polo. You can practice on the tennis court. In the evenings, discos, musical performances, dance shows are held. All rooms are immaculately clean. They have sea and mountain views. A varied diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Large selection of fish, meat, oriental and European desserts.
    • Kefaluka Resort - Ultra All Inclusive. A 5-star family-friendly hotel located by Akyarlar. Almost all rooms face the sea. Babysitting services are provided for small children. There are swimming pools, a water park, a fitness center, a restaurant and bars on the territory. Parking is provided for private cars.
    • Camyuva Beach Hotel, 4 stars. Located in Kemer. Consists of a 5-storey building and several villas. The hotel operates the "All Inclusive" system. Children are given free ice cream, juices, yoghurts, soft drinks. The hotel provides spa services, a gym, swimming pool, bar, restaurant.

    For lovers of relaxation on the best beaches in Turkey, there is always a comfortable hotel and a white sand beach. The main thing is to choose in advance an option that will satisfy all the requirements of vacationers.

    Video about the beaches of Turkey

    TOP 10 best beaches in Turkey for recreation: