The best beaches and hotels in the Dominican Republic, 4-5 stars on the seashore. Photos, prices for holidays

The Dominican Republic is a paradise in the Caribbean. Only from photographs of beaches and hotels, this country strikes the eye of the layman. Soft white sand, warm azure water and excellent hotels - all this will make anyone come back more than once.

Top 10 best beaches in the Dominican Republic

The area of ​​the Dominican Republic is 48 thousand square meters. m, about ⅕ of the area are beaches. The best of them are located on the right side of the island of Haiti in Punta Cana. Several beaches in this province are of high quality coastal maintenance.

The most comfortable and built-in high-class rest are considered:

  • Bavaro;
  • Covenet;
  • Huanillo;
  • Gorda Arena;
  • Sivori.

Also in both directions from the capital of the country Santa - Domingo are popular:

  • Boca - Chik;
  • Palenka;
  • Bounty;
  • Dominicus.

Quiet water, pure sand and low density of the hotel infrastructure attracts fans of a relaxing rest. Beaches in the area of ​​Playa Dorada are deserve attention to the northern plot of island - the Playa and Sosua. Practitioners of divers from all over the world come here year-round.

Travel planning

Tourist offers can be sorted in the following sequence:

  1. Purpose of the trip. Youth trip, romantic, secluded rest or rest with children - from different beaches Miscellaneous destination.
  2. price and star accommodation. Dominican Republic (photos of beaches and hotels are very recommended for viewing before choosing a rest space) divided into several tourist provinces, each of which has its own hotel specificity. In the fashionable areas (for example, Bavaro), living in hotels 3 stars is not even provided, in the areas of night coastal leisure (for example, Boca - Chika) there are only 3 stars hotels, and they are located on the first coastline. In the areas of secluded beaches, guests are mainly located apartments or separate villas.
  3. Set of services for accommodation. According to the system "AI" involves recreation mainly on site. More mobile tourists BB and apartments.
  4. Price. The entire coastal zone of the country adheres to a single pricing policy.
  5. The need for special attention : the number of rooms adapted to the disabled, animal accommodation, the possibility of marriage.

Services and price policy of hotels

Hotels in Dominican in Class have semi-dimensions: In addition to the usual 3, 4 and 5 stars there are 3.5 more; 4.5 stars and 5 stars of high class.

The prices of them are as follows:

  • 3 stars: 4 - 7000 rubles per day. In the service set:
  • swimming pool on the territory;
  • Restaurant on site;
  • Internet;
  • breakfast;
  • The availability of the kitchen (in Apart - hotels).

suites, as well as apartments with 2 or more bedrooms up to 13,000 rubles / day:

  • 3.5 and 4 stars According to the system "AI": 12 - 17 000 rubles / number per day. Buffet with beverages, animation on the beach and sports entertainment nearby hotels.
  • 4.5 and 5 stars: 20 - 30 000 rub. / Day. Sports leisure - partially on site, partially nearby; In the complex there are conference - zones for business; There is a nightlife - clubs and casinos.
  • Price variation for 5 stars of the highest class: 35 - 70,000 rubles / day per room and up to 200,000 rubles / day for a separate location (villas, bungalows). Sports leisure is diverse and all on site, there is a concierge - service, multilingual staff and all rooms of the large area.

In the review All prices for accommodation in hotels with a number foundation and apartments are shown for the season of July - August with early booking, for two adults without children, at the course middle of February 2019. The cost of renting individuals Villas on large companies can vary.

consistent reductions in the name of hotels:

  • AI - All Inclusive, "All Inclusive".
  • AO - Adults Only, guests only for guests over 18 years old.
  • BB - Bed & Breakfast hotels, accommodation includes breakfast only.

Bavaro Beach

Beach in Punta - Kana region.

Beach infrastructure

Bavaro Beach 4 km long - the nearest airport to Punta - Cana, the place of arrival of aircraft with Russian tourists. The distance from the airport to the beach is 23 km away, the hotel shuttle to the hotel will be 30 - 40 USD. Natural gardens create natural shadow on the beach.

Dominican Republic. Photo beaches and hotels will help you choose the perfect place for your holiday.

The beach is monitored by water and sand, the purity of the beach is awarded the Blue Flag of UNESCO, the main elite resorts of Punta are based in this zone.

From the wind, waves and dangerous marine animals The beach is protected by a coral reef line at the removal of 800 m deep into the sea, there is always a calm on the water.

Entertainment, cost

Dinner in local restaurants costs 35 - 40 USD (alcohol is not included).

Tourists will especially be interested in:

  • Dolphinarium. Swimming with dolphins - 150 USD.
  • Diving on the coral reef - 130 USD.
  • Marinarium Park. You can book a catamaran with a glass bottom (snorkling). Price - 100 USD / person. Sharks and skates - to the services of extremals.
  • Manati Park is a national reserve, has more than 500 animals.


Ticket prices:

Type of ticket Price, USD/person
Children under 12 with a tour15
Adult with a tour30
Swimming with dolphins (by reservation)75

3, 4, 5 star hotels near beach

Bavaro beach development involves accommodation in coastal hotels of 3.5 - 5 stars. A wide representation of 3-star hotels is to the north on the map, in the more democratic areas of the beaches of Los Corales, Playa del Cortecito and Arena Blanca.

3 star hotels:

  • Blue Wave Bed & Breakfast 3.
  • White Sands Bed & Breakfast 3.

3.5 and 4 star hotels:

  • Barcelo Beach - AO - AI 4.
  • Barcelo Palace - AI 4.
  • Presidential Suites - AI 3.5.
  • IFA Villas Resort and SPA - AI 3.5.
  • Melia Caribe Tropical - AI 4.

4.5 and 5 star hotels:

  • AO Club at Lopesan - AI 5.
  • The Level at Melia Beach AO 5.
  • Melia Beach Resort - AO AI 4.5.

Arena Gorda Beach

A beach in the Punta Cana region.

Beach infrastructure

This clean and popular area is always under strong winds. There is a rescue service on the coast, guests are informed about the storm warning if necessary. Waves bring copious amounts of algae, but hotel staff clear the shore by hand every morning.

The beach also has a Blue Flag award.

Storms have made adjustments to the infrastructure of the beach: there are no coastal restaurants and public sanitary blocks with showers, changing rooms and toilets. Corresponding services are available only on the territory of hotels for guests with bracelets. The beach is equipped with a parking lot at a distance of 300 m from the water.

Entertainment, price

Near the beach possible:

  • Diving on the Astron wreck. The ship is submerged 16 m under water, the masts and tops of the sides are visible above the water. In the absence of a certificate, the dive will cost approximately 110 USD with preliminary training.
  • Visit to the water park with slides Splash Water World. The water park is free for RIU members.

3, 4, 5 star hotels near the beach

3 star hotels:

  • Hotel Capriccio Mare 3. For families, the hotel can provide related rooms.
  • Hotel Dominicana Plus 3.
  • Seranta Brisas 3.
  • Karibo Punta Cana 3. There is a children's pool.
  • CAPRI BEACH HOUSE 3. The hotel provides a budget service for wedding ceremonies.
  • TOT Apartments 3.

Hotels 3.5 and 4 stars:

  • Majestic Colonial AI 4.
  • Riu Bambu AI 4.
  • Privilege Club at Ocean Blue and Sand - AI 4.
  • Iberostar Punta Cana AI 3,5.
  • Iberostar Dominicana AI 3.5.
  • Occidental CARIBE - AI 3.5.


  • Luxury Esmeralda - AI 4.
  • Luxury AMBAR - AO AI 4.
  • Grand Punta CANA - AI 4.
  • Grand Bavaro - AI 3.5.

Hotels 4.5 and 5 stars:

  • Unique Club at Lopesan Costa Bavaro - AI 4.5.
  • Grand Bahia Principe Aquamarine - AI - AO 5.
  • Royal Service AT Paradisus - AO AI 5 highest class.

near the hotel - winery, and the rooms at the request of guests pass "evening preparation to sleep."

Palenque Beach

Beach in the San Cristobal region.

Beach infrastructure

Dominican Republic (photos of beaches and hotels, as well as reliable feedback can be seen further in the article) in separate areas there are no conveniences that are looking for ordinary tourists - entrances to the beach, the opportunity to Comfort stay at the hotel. One of these areas is Playa Palenk.

It is driving here to relax from tourist areas and get acquainted with the indigenous population of the Dominican Republic. Sand here is more dirty than in tourist areas, gray, shore - in turbulent vegetation, but the water is as clean and warm, as in other regions.

Entertainment, Cost

Single Apart - Complex on the shore - Coconut Paradise Residences. This is not a classic hotel area, it is an enclave from separate villas on the shore. Villas are subject to sale and then renting tourists directly from property owner. The cost of accommodation is about 70 USD for a double house. From entertainment - only kayaking on request.

On the territory of the complex there is a famous restaurant in the Beach Club fish cuisine. Restaurant regulars are recommended to try fried fish and to her garnish from plantans (big bananas).

Hotels 3, 4, 5 stars near the beach

The beach is not equipped with hotels in the hotels of the star System, it is possible to rent rooms in the capital of San Domingo and get to the beach separately by car.

Bounty Beach

Beach on Sonta Island.

The infrastructure of the beach

of Dominican Republic (photos of beaches and hotels can sometimes be misled) has a number of islands, whose landscapes are known worldwide, but there are no hotels on them, tourists have to stay in nearby areas on mainland. One of these areas is Sona Island. His beach "Bounty" is famous thanks to the advertisement of the bands of the same name, it was removed here.

The name "Bounty" - the folk, official name - Bayahbe. Crossing to the island - near the province of La Roman. Landscapes in advertising correspond to reality - the beach is covered with white blank sand, palm trees lying on the sand, water - emerald green and warm, and there is no resort building at all. Only one Rybatskaya village of Manoa Juan is located on the island of 300 people.

Entertainment, cost

All nearby hotels in La Roman and Punta - Cana offer individual excursions to Sonta Island. It is impossible to stay on the night, but the day the tourists can use sun beds, the services of small snacks on the shore, toilet cabins and dinner tables in nature.

Departure of excursions - from La Romana, Punta Kana and the village of Bayabe. Cost up to 80 USD per person depending on the season. From Punta - kana to the total cost will be added a transfer of about 30 USD per person.

Hotels 3, 4, 5 stars near the beach

Saan Island is free from hotel infrastructure, hotels are located on the opposite shore in the areas of La Roman, Bayaiba and Punta - Cana.

Sivori Beach

Beach in the Punta - Cana region.

The infrastructure of the beach

as part of the General Beach of Region Region, Orsto is touristly cut off from the rest of the punctac. With this, a small number of hotels is connected. The beach is known for bronze pure sand and is actually divided into two parts.

On the one hand, the beach is protected from the ocean with a water coral reef, on the other hand - no, there is a very high wave activity, this part attracts surfingists with all over the world.

Entertainment, Cost

Sivori Beach offers active tourists the following types of leisure:

  • Next to the beach is Rancho Caribeno, riding ranch Along the ocean line. The family ranch has about 60 horses. The hour walk will cost 40 USD per person, two-hour - in 65 USD.
  • Windsurfing School Uvero Alto Serf School.

To book a time, you need to decide:

  1. are suitable for training Group classes.
  2. whether an individual coach is needed.
  3. whether the delivery will be needed from the hotel and back.

depending on this, the cost will vary from 85 - 100 USD per person.

Hotels 3, 4, 5 stars near the beach

Sivori Beach - small, has just a few hotels. In walking distance, a few more hotels of the "All Included" system of Orsto - Alto. Tourist region deep in the island is presented weakly, 3 stars hotels in the beach access area.

4-star hotels:

  • Grand Sirenis Resort Casino & Aquagames 4.
  • Dreams Resort & Spa - AI 4.
  • NOW ONYX - AI 4.

Hotels 4.5 and 5 stars:

  • Le Sivory by Portblue Boutique - AO AI 4,5.
  • Excellence El Carmen- AO AI 5. As part of entertainment - the attraction "Lazy River" and a free water park.
  • Chic by Royalton Resorts - AO AI 4.5.
  • Excellence EL Carmen- AO AI 5.
  • Zoetry Agua AI 5 of the highest class.
  • Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts - Gourmet AI 5 of the highest class. Nickelodeon Animation Park with water entertainment.

Beach Playa Dorada

Beach in the region of Playa Dorada.

Beach infrastructure

Beach in the north of the country 20 minutes from the international airport. Historically, there were amber mining areas here, so the sand on the Darada Plaine is soft, golden color with an admixture of amber stones. The beach is not fenced from the ocean side, high waves rise here. Part of the beach is divided between hotels, part is public. Sand and clean water.

Entertainment, the cost

Dominican Republic (photos of beaches and hotels is not the only one that the active tourist can entertain himself) is known to fishermen around the world, on deep-sea atlantic fishing you can catch a very large fish.

Fishing Rates:

Fishing type Cost, USD per person
Individual on the yacht500, including rental of yachts and tackle
Escort of fishing on a fishing vessel, without catching60

All attractions are far deep into the islands (Damahagua waterfalls, Mount Isabel del Torres, and so on), the trip should be planned and book in advance.

Hotels 3, 4, 5 stars near the beach

Hotel complex is represented by the small line "All Inclusive" with hotels from 4 stars and above. There are no classical budgetary three-star hotels in the area.

Hotels 4 Stars:

  • Puerto Plata Village - AI 4.
  • Viva Wyndham V Heavens - AO - AI 4.
  • Blue Bay Villas Doradas - AO - AI 4.
  • Emotions by Hodelpa - 4. "All Inclusive" - ​​not for all categories of numbers, sometimes breakfast is included in accommodation.

Hotels 4.5 and 5 stars:

  • VH Gran Ventana Beach Resort - AI 4.5.
  • Casa Colonial Beach & Spa 5. The only exception to the entire coast range is a hotel providing breakfast only.

Beach Boca Chica

Beach in the Boca region - Chika.

Beach infrastructure

The beach is a long shallow water (1.5 m) beach zone consisting of several small beaches, including public and two island nearby: La Matika (you can walk in shallow water) And Los Pinos.

All beaches of Boca Chick are calm, there is always a calm on the water, so some hotels offer guest chairs on stilts right in the water.

Like the Bavaro Beach, it is protected by a coral reef at a distance of 500 meters from the coast.

Entertainment, cost

On the Beach of Boca Tourists, attract:

  • Diving. There are several diving clubs in the coast, for the price of 45 - 50 USD, tourists can plunge under the water to inspect the underwater park Catalina, sunken ships and caves of la - siren. The depth of dives varies from 10 to 40 m.
  • deep-water fishing. More about fishing species - in the section about the beach of Playa Dorada.

Dominican in the photo of one only hotels and beaches may seem monotonous, but other life can unfold outside the beach lines. Close to the beaches of Boca Chica, city blocks are close, where dance marathons take place every day.

Salsa and merengue are danced on the central Boca-Chica street (the street is parallel to the beach area) from 19.00 to 23.00. On the streets in front of the cafeterias, dance parties are held, where you can learn to dance for free and take part in competitions.

3, 4, 5 star hotels near the beach

The resort of Boca Chica is considered democratic, many young people and families with children come here. In addition, resort entertainment is “introduced” into the ordinary life of local residents, and not vice versa. From here in the region there are a lot of hostels, hotels 2; 2.5; 3 stars. They love nightlife, dancing and diving.

2.5 and 3 star hotels can be located right on the beach, which is not possible in fashionable regions like Bavaro.

There are few 4-star hotels, they are usually overcrowded and provide a full range of services for families with children, and there are no high-class 5-star hotels in the region at all.

3 star hotels:

  • Vista Marina Residence 3.
  • Be Live Experience Hamaca Garden – AI 3.
  • ) FrioHot Hotel 3.
  • Costa Linda Beach Hotel 3.
  • Apartamentos Hostal Cayuco Boramar 3.
  • Hotel Zapata 3.

) 4 Star Hotels:

  • Hotel Don Michele 4.

Be Live Experience Network:

  • ) Hamaca Garden - AI 4.
  • Hamaca Beach - 4. The hotel provides an American or Italian breakfast.

Beaches of Caleton and Juanillo

Beaches in the region of Punta Cana.

Infrastructure of the beaches

The beaches are exclusive, closed to the public. They are distinguished by the highest class of purity of sand and water, they are included in the world rankings of the best beaches in the world. Located within the fashionable Cap Cana complex, access to the beaches is only with passes for local owners.

Hotel infrastructure investors include Donald Trump Corporation and the Ritz Carlton hotel group. The length of the beaches is 8 km. Third-party visitors can buy an entrance ticket for a one-day stay on the beaches for 30 - 40 USD per person.

Entertainment, cost

According to the high class of stay, the resort offers only elite services on the beaches (golf, polo, children's camp, extreme sports) at the request of each guest.

3, 4, 5 star hotels near the beaches

As part of the closed resort of Cap Cana, where the beaches are located, there are no 3 and 4 star hotels, only high-class 5 stars:

  • Caleton Beach Club & villas.
  • Eden Roc.
  • Fishing Lodge.
  • Golden Bear Lodge.
  • Sanctuary.

Sosua beach

Beach in Sosua bay.

Beach infrastructure

Beach with clean sand and water, located 7 km from the airport. The water is calm, the beach is also protected by an offshore coral reef. All beach activities are associated with the nightlife of the city of Sosua.

The beach attracts young people and single travelers who want to spend time in bars, casinos and discos.

Entertainment, cost

The most famous leisure activities on Sosua Beach are:

  • Playa Chiquita Casino. A complex that combines a large casino, a souvenir shop, a restaurant and a club.
  • Diving and fishing. Diving is possible up to 36 m to the sunken ship "Zingara".
  • Extreme - FunCity Action Park. Karting, electric cars. The bracelet costs about 10 USD per person.

3, 4, 5 star hotels near the beach

Features of the hotel infrastructure on the beach are similar to those on the beaches of Boca Chica. The focus is on affordable 3-star housing or secluded apartments in individual 4-star villas. There are no 5 star hotels near Sosua Beach.

3 star hotels:

  • Sunset Hotel 3.
  • Exxtraordinary Resort - Bellamar 3.
  • Piergiorgio Palace Hotel 3.
  • Los Balcones 3.
  • Piergiorgio Hotel 3. The hotel is picturesquely built into ledges on the rock.
  • Bungalow Natura Village 3.
  • Agua del Caribe 3.

3.5 and 4 star hotels:

  • CASA-22 Luxury Boutique Hotel 3.5.
  • Victorian House 3.5.
  • OceanFront Condo E-3 at Los Balcones 3.5.
  • Villa Hispaniola 25 - 4.
  • Villa Marty 3.5. Villa in the mountains with a private pool.
  • Agua Blu Penthouse 4.
  • Villa Olga 4.
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Dominicus Beach

A beach near Bayahibe village.

Beach infrastructure

Dominicus Beach is adjacent to the Este National Park. It is from here that the yachts towards the beach of Bounty on the island of Saona. Near the beach - the village of Fishermen Bayabe. The beach is similar to the characteristics with the Bounty Beach, Sanoa Island is just 18 km from Dominicus.

Entertainment, cost

National Park, of course, the most picturesque landmark of the district.

However, in addition to him, you can still visit:

  • Diving classes. Immersion on the stentered ship "Saint George". It is located vertically relative to the bottom, the immersion is possible to a depth of up to 40 m. It is possible to swim in the cave El - Chico at a depth of about 10 m. The cave does not have air halls and has narrow passes, the dive is only suitable for professionals.
  • Cultural Center "Altos - Devon". Built specifically for the Italian architect project, reproduces the Italian settlement of the XV century.

The complex is equipped with:

  • art gallery;
  • masterfully;
  • a classic amphitheater;
  • restaurants;
  • Church;
  • Archaeological Museum.

Hotels 3, 4, 5 stars near the beach

The specifics of the region do not assume the presence of 5 star hotels.

Hotels 3 Stars:

  • Cabana ELKE 3.
  • B & B Villa Luna 3.
  • Hotel El Eden 3.

Hotels 3.5 and 4 stars:

  • Apartaments AT CADAQUES CARIBE 3.5.
  • Be Live Collection CANOA - AI 3.5.
  • Villas by Be Live Collection CANOA - AI 4.
  • Catalonia La Romana - AI 3.5.
  • Iberostar Hacienda AI 3.5.
  • Villa Preciosa by Casa de Campo Resort & Villas 4. The villa is capable of receiving a company of 9 guests, the price tag for renting the entire villa appropriate: about 150,000 rubles per day.
  • Viva Wyndham Palace Resort - AI 3.5.
  • Los Flamencos Aparthotel 3.5.
  • Tracadero Beach Resort 4.
  • Alkquimia Hotel Lounge and Bar 4.
  • Whala! BayAhibe - AI 4.

Dominican Republic - a country in which it is notated to make a little photo from the beaches and from hotels. Be sure to bring something home with you to, according to the famous accept, return to this paradise again.

The country gratefully accepts any tourists with any budget, sights on land and in water also not to consider at a time. An ideal option to get acquainted with the Dominican Republic closer will be a trip along the coastline on one solid unique beach, a length of 1300 km.

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