The best 4-5 star hotels in Hurghada, Egypt. Prices for "All inclusive", photos, reviews

Hurghada is famous for its sandy beaches, beautiful seascapes, as well as 4-5 star hotels. The resort is considered one of the best and most popular in wonderful Egypt.

Many historical monuments and famous sights have made this place popular among travelers and archaeologists. The infrastructure of the city is well developed, there are many good establishments, restaurants and shops.

Features of rest in hotels of Hurghada

Rest in hospitable Hurghada is pure pleasure. The weather conditions of the resort delight its guests throughout the year. The climate is tropical and dry, as rains are very rare. Precipitation falls in autumn. In winter, cold winds sometimes blow. Therefore, the most favorable time for a beach holiday is considered from the beginning of May to the end of November.

The air temperature reaches its highest levels from June to August (+30…+33 °C). During these months, the flow of tourists is the largest.

The local population is friendly and hospitable. It is very important for them to show the guest good manners and a high level of service. Egyptians rejoice when vacationers thank them for their help, or for a tour with a small amount of money. It is customary to dress modestly here. A defiant look and open outfits are considered bad form.

Despite the fact that the city has a high unemployment rate, there are not so many cases when tourists were robbed. For greater safety, it is better to leave the hotel territory not alone, and valuables should be left at the hotel.

The country's currency is the Egyptian pound, which is equal to 100 piastres. At the moment, 1 Egyptian pound is equal to 3.72 rubles. You can exchange currency both at the airport and at bank branches, or at exchange offices and hotels. Almost everywhere they accept dollars and euros, it is most profitable to bring just such a currency with you.

Egypt can be considered to be considered a gastronomic paradise, since there is a wide variety of traditional restaurants, as well as institutions where you can taste dishes of various kitchens of the world. The national menu often encounter flour dishes and delicious baking. The local population prefers poultry meat, beef and fish. Also, it is also customary to eat many vegetables and fruits.

Egyptian cuisine dishes, which are worth trying:

  1. Kushari.
  2. Mashshi.
  3. Ful.
  4. Halva.
  5. Mulukia.
  6. Ali mind.

Tourists who have decided to save on food should pay attention to the establishment of fast foods of famous brands, as you can easily choose the usual street food. For example, lunch in KFC will cost 150 Egyptian pounds. Dinner in a more respectable restaurant will be from 400 Egyptian pounds.

Top 10 best hotels 4-5 stars Hurghada

Hotels in 4-5 stars in Hurghada surprise with their luxury and excellent opportunity to take careless holidays with children, as a variety of entertainment, interesting leisure options for Children are more than enough.

Desert Rose 5 *

Dessert Rose is an excellent option for family holidays. The hotel is located in its convenient proximity to the air port (10 km.) And has its own beach with a length of about 1.5 km. Exotic plants and flowers are planted throughout. A special impression leaves the architecture of the building with terraces in the form of an archer. Another elementary element is a basin of huge sizes.

Hotels 4-5 stars Hurghada: Top best opens Desert Rose 5 *.

The hotel offers tourists 763 comfortable rooms that are equipped with the necessary things and devices for a good pastime. There is also a large conference room. Among the paid services: hairdresser, car rental, nanny and doctor services, extra room service.

A large selection of entertainment will have to do with even the most picky tourist. Here you can learn diving, windsurfing, play tennis, volleyball, billiards and other sports. You can also rent a yacht or boat on the coast or in the evening to go to the amphitheater or a disco. For small travelers, a children's club, mini-discos and playgrounds are organized.

Food at the hotel on the system - all inclusive (24 hours per day). The power system is very comfortable, everyone can choose independently in which restaurant and how much to eat. You can also agree that dishes are delivered to the room at a certain time.

There are several restaurants in the Complex: the main one (the menu is constantly updated, dishes of various cuisines of the world can be presented here), Lebanese, Italian and fish. Free ice cream is served for adults and children from 12:00 to 14:00.


Room type Price per day, in rubles.
Superior double room12160
Club Suite15780

SUNRISE Royal Makadi Aqua Resort (SELECT) 5*

The hotel enjoys popular with families with children. It is located next to the sea - less than 200 m. It has a well-groomed sandy beach with a developed infrastructure. Beach services are free of charge.

The large territory of the hotel complex has its own water park with many different slides and 8 modern pools, some of which are heated. Also, there are many shops of various values, bars and restaurants with national, European and Asian cuisines.

It takes less than 30 minutes to get to the hotel from the airport.

The complex has 698 rooms of types: standard, junior suite, suite, family, royal and for people with disabilities. All rooms are equipped with modern technology and beautifully decorated. Type of food in the hotel - all inclusive. Guest service is provided around the clock. Service at a very high level.

A variety of leisure activities are provided to keep guests entertained. For example, discos, diving, windsurfing, minigolf, tennis and other sports. For children there is an excellent club in Russian, as well as playgrounds, children's discos.


Room type Price per day, in rubles
Standard double room8600
Family suite9780
Junior suite with sea view11000

SUNRISE Romance Resort Sahl Hasheesh 5*

The hotel is located 23 km. from the air port of the city. It has its own beach, located at a distance of 120 m., 2 swimming pools, SPA, gym and sauna. The hotel complex has 256 comfortable rooms, each of which is equipped with the necessary household items for quality rest. Of these, 5 have their own jacuzzi, and 10 have direct access to the pool.

There are also all the conditions for recreation of people with disabilities. Powered by type: All inclusive, breakfast only. In addition to the main cafe, the hotel has cozy restaurants of Indian, Italian and Chinese cuisines, as well as bars and coffee shops. For an additional fee can organize a romantic dinner on the coast.

The hotel's paid services include: Laundry, Car Order, Spa, Diving, Billiards and Doctor Services, Nannies. Free towels for the beach and sun loungers are issued. Not far from the complex there are water park, jungle park and a large shopping center.


Type of number Price per day, in rubles.
Two room5440
Suite with Jacuzzi9580
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Sunrise Garden Beach 5 *

Hotels in 4-5 stars in Hurghada are distinguished by high quality service, a wide selection of entertainment, as well as amazingly beautiful setting. One of these is the hotel complex that resembles a real fairy tale. The complex is located at a distance of 20 km. from the airport and less than 200 m. From the sea. Holds 480 rooms.

The hotel is presented in the form of two-storey buildings, which are surrounded by green gardens and flowers. At the entrance there is a large fountain, which gives a special atmosphere. On the other hand, there are several pools, next to which there are umbrellas and lounge chairs. There is also a large water park with 12 different slides.

Entertainment for holidaymakers a huge amount and for every taste. For adults, various sports, including tennis, football, volleyball and basketball. On the beach you can rent a boat, catamaran and diving equipment, surfing. For children, a club, a playground is provided here. For an additional fee, you can use the nanny service.

Among other paid services of the hotel can be noted: laundry, car rental, doctor and hairdresser services.

In the main restaurant, a buffet with a large selection of delicious dishes, as well as a separate children's cuisine. The hotel has eastern and Italian restaurants, as well as bars and disco bars.


Number type Price per day, in rubles.
number, designed for 3-4 people8600

Albatros Citadel Resort 5 *


The hotel has an unusual external The view that transmits the flavor of Eastern architecture will remain in the memory of each rest in the guest Hurghada. Wonderful service and friendly staff are suitable for the level of hotels category 4-5 stars.

Albatross Citadel is close to the airport, less than 20 km. The hotel has 654 comfortable rooms with all amenities for wonderful and carefree holidays. On the territory of the hotel complex there is a private beach where you can rent a boat, yacht, gear for other water sports. All other entertainment are provided free of charge.

Also here are a spa, pools for adults and children, gym, gaming zones and clubs for children. in the evenings can be observed for animation ideas.

A huge range of various dishes is represented in 4 restaurants: Brazilian, Italian, Asian and Oriental, each of which will have to taste to any guest. In addition, there are many cozy cafes, bars and coffee shops.


Type of room Price per day, in rubles.
Standard for two6400

Jungle Aqua Park 4 *

Hotels 4-5 stars in Hurghada very in demand Among holidaymakers, as for reasonable prices, you can relax in the luxurious hotel complexes. This 4-star hotel is located 20 minutes from the city's airport. The distance from the sea about 1000 m. The complex has 32 pools, a huge water park with a large number of different slides and water attractions.

Here you can organize an active holiday, without setting up to the hotel, or wonderfully spend your vacation. Pools are designed for both adults and children, some of them heated. The complex does not have its own beach, but you can use the private shore of the neighboring hotel.

In the building of 860 cozy rooms such as bungalows with the presence of a terrace and other amenities. Free services include: umbrellas and lounge chairs, bus to the coast and back, Internet. For an additional fee, you can use the services of a doctor, billiards, massage, diving and other sports.

For children, there is a wonderful club, discos, play areas, as well as a special children's menu and comfortable high chairs.

A wide variety of restaurants and bars will delight guests. There are establishments of such cuisines as Mediterranean, German, Italian, Asian, Oriental, as well as fast food.


Room Type Price per day, in rubles
Standard for 2 people5800

Coral Beach Hotel Hurghada 4*

This hotel has all the conditions for quality and comfortable stay. It has its own sandy beach as well as 3 swimming pools. The number of rooms in the hotel complex is 369, belonging to the bungalow type. All rooms have all the necessary amenities. Linen is changed 3 times a week. The service is at a fairly high level.

Paid services include: laundry, massage, pharmacy, transport.

The main restaurant offers free buffet throughout the stay. You can dine in restaurants of Italian, Arabic cuisine for free 1 time during your vacation. Also on the territory of the complex there are various bars and coffee shops.

Free entertainment includes animation, playground, volleyball and sports equipment. Paid activities include diving, a mini-zoo, an aquatic center where you can rent various swimming equipment or a yacht for boat trips.


Room type Price per day, in rubles
Standard double room4230
Superior double room6700
Triple room with sea view7360

Hilton Long Beach Resort 4*

Hotel covers a large coastal area, has its own wide beach. From the airport you have to drive only 15 minutes to get to the tourist complex. Palm trees and flowering plants are planted on the territory, a lawn between the pools. For children, there is a specially designated place, enclosed by a rainbow fence. Canopies and umbrellas are made of natural and eco-friendly materials.

The pools are made in an unusual shape, reminiscent of a riverbed. There is a pier on the coast from where you can go on a sea excursion. The hotel rooms are comfortable with all the additional amenities of the types: standard, family, two-room and for people with disabilities. Cots and babysitting services can be provided for small children.

The hotel offers 3 restaurants: main, Egyptian and Italian. The first courses are prepared according to international recipes. There is also a separate children's menu. You can only sit in the Italian restaurant in the evening, as it is closed until afternoon. Egyptian opens even later, after 7 pm.

In addition, next to the pools there are wonderful bars where you can take soft drinks and ice cream. From entertainment, various water sports, tennis, surfing, diving, off-road safaris, organization of interesting excursions, play areas for children, clubs.


Room type Price per day, in rubles.
Family Suite15620

Hurghada Marriott Beach Resort 5*

For those who prefer luxury holidays in Egypt Worth a look at this wonderful hotel. Vacation will leave only positive impressions from the highest class of service and level of service.

The hotel is located in close proximity to the sea, and only 5 km. from the airport of the city. Such a convenient location cannot but attract. At the disposal of the complex are many cozy rooms, which are distinguished by beautiful decoration and the presence of additional amenities for a carefree holiday.

The territory of the hotel is well landscaped. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and caffeine around the large pool and on the hotel's island. In the restaurants you can taste dishes of Italian, Oriental, national and European cuisines. In addition, there is a wonderful confectionery with an Internet cafe.

For children there are playgrounds, mini-clubs and a paid babysitting service. Adults can have fun on the tennis court, billiard room, or other water sports. The complex has a health club where you can go for massages, sauna or hot tubs.


Room type Price per day, in rubles
Double room with sea view7660
Junior Suite9600

Jaz Aquamarine Resort 5*

Hotels 4-5 stars in Hurghada are great for families with children. Picturesque views from the territory of the Jazz Aquamarine hotel, good infrastructure and appropriate service - all this together makes the rest bright and memorable. The hotel is located on the Red Sea coast and is located at a distance of 17 km from the city airport.

The architecture of the complex is made according to oriental motifs in sand color. At the guests' disposal are 1001 comfortable rooms of the type: standard, family, deluxe and suite. Rooms offer sea, garden or pool views. Each room has all the amenities and necessary appliances for a pleasant stay.

The complex has 20 swimming pools, 1 water park for children and 3 for adults. In the hotel you can use the following paid services: taxi, prams, court lighting for tennis in the evening, diving, SPA.

Beach towels, sun loungers and umbrellas, various sports and a gym are provided free of charge for vacationers. In the evenings, you can watch various performances in the theater. For children there is a playground, a mini club, if necessary, you can ask for a baby chair and a crib.

The hotel has a large number of restaurants and bars. The menu in 7 restaurants is different from each other, some of them have a menu for children. The main one is open from 10 am to 24:00 all inclusive. Only imported drinks are charged. Other restaurants are paid and open from 18:30. It is worth taking care of the reservation in advance.

Bars are free until a certain time. For example, a bar located in the lobby after 24:00 is paid, and those located next to the pools after 17:00 are paid. Guests can enjoy ice cream for free at any time.


Room type Price per day, in rubles
Standard Double14850
Deluxe Family16200
Junior suite20100

Comparative table for 4-5 star hotels in Hurghada.

Name Location Prices, in rub. Features
Desert RoseSafaga RoadFrom 7800Near the palace 1000 and 1 night, there is KFS on site
SUNRISE Royal Makadi Aqua ResortMakadi BayFrom 8600Large water park, childcare, room service
SUNRISE Romance Resort Sahl HasheeshOld CityFrom 5440Free shuttle, luxury spa, golf course
Sunrise Garden BeachGovernorateFrom 7770Diving center, football field
Albatros Citadel ResortSahl HasheeshFrom 6400There is a place for fishing, room service, jetty
Jungle Aqua ParkHurghadaFrom 5800orok and pools, there are conditions for windsurfing
Coral Beach Hotel HurghadaSafagaFrom 4230Wide beach, 2 large swimming pools, organize excursions
Hilton Long Beach ResortHurghadaFrom 8180Many pools for children and adults, children's playground
Hurghada Marriott Beach ResortHurghadaFrom 7660Huge pool, private island and beach
Jaz Aquamarine ResortSouth Magawish RoadFrom 14850Evening entertainment at the theater, childcare, private beach

Resting in Hurghada, every tourist feels like a respected guest. The local population is hospitable and friendly to every visiting guest. The level of service in hotels and 4-5 star hotels surprises with high quality.

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