Telavi, Georgia. Attractions, photos, what to see, where to go on your own

Telavi is one of the most ancient cities in East Georgia. This city is although small, but very beautiful and interesting, there are very many curious attractions such as cultural and historical.

The significance of the city in the modern world

Telavi is one of the ancient cities of Georgia, and historically - the capital of the whole Kakheti, because the Kakhetian kingdom began its beginning from here. The modern history of the city begins with 1800, but she goes into deep antiquity with its roots. His story itself, the city itself and its sights lead from the i century AD.

Initially, over the course of several centuries, Telavi was a province, but because many important trading routes to Europe passed through it, in the XI century, after Tianeti was destroyed, the city turned into the capital. In the XII century He lost this title, but then, in the XVII-XVIII century, returned it again.

Telavi is a relatively small city, it is located at an altitude of almost 500 m above sea level, on the slope of the Civilian Gomborsky Range. The city is located in a picturesque and beautiful place - in the middle of the Alazan Valley. The city itself is simply drowning in greens, and modern and centuries-old historical buildings are perfectly on its territory.

It is believed that the city received its name due to the rugged Karagachs growing here, which in Georgians are called "bodies".

Telavi (Georgia) - the landmark is also "winemaking", since this city was and remains the wine-making center of Kakheti and all of Georgia. The wine-making traditions of this city go deep into the ages.

There are several wine factories in the city and its surroundings, which produce more than 80 wines, including those known as Kindzazrauli, Cinanandali, Mukuzani, Saperavi and others.

The city acquired its popularity after the release of the film Georgy Delhetia Mimino, because the pilot Mizandari pilot, the protagonist of the film, works at the TVAI airport.


Telavi climate is quite mild and traveling here in principle to make all year round.

Telavi climate chart (Georgia)

Telavi has a lot of sun in summer, but there is no unbearable heat: average temperature this season - +25 C, but there is quite a bit of precipitation, so the rains will not spoil the summer vacation. Spring and autumn in Telavi are quite comfortable: the "summer" warmth is preserved here from April to October. Even in winter, there are no sub-zero temperatures in the city.


Telavi is not a densely populated city. As of March 2019, less than 20,000 people live here. Mostly they are Georgians and Azerbaijanis, very hospitable and cordial.

It is very easy to get to know the locals and start a heart-to-heart conversation, however, it should be borne in mind that Telavi is the center of Georgian winemaking, and it is extremely impolite to refuse a toast in this region and there is a risk that it will be difficult to leave a newfound friend in a literal, physical sense.


The official currency in this territory is the Georgian lari, it has a floating rate, but the approximate ratio to the ruble for 2019 is as follows: 1 lari = 24 rubles. You can exchange currency in Georgia at the airport, train station, bank, most large shopping centers, and some hotels. In most shops, hotels, restaurants and cafes you can pay by credit card.

Features of cuisine

Telavi (Georgia), whose sights attract tourists from all over the world, is also famous for its national cuisine. Any national cuisine has its own characteristics, but Georgian cuisine is valued literally all over the world for its spice, almost everywhere there is a restaurant of Georgian cuisine. But, of course, you can enjoy real Georgian dishes only in Georgia itself.

You can start your gastronomic acquaintance with bread: try shotis - a large salty flatbread cooked in the tandoor and has an interesting shape: its edges are elongated, and in the middle there is a “pancake”. There are also mchadi - small unleavened elongated balls without cornmeal filling, as a rule, they are eaten with soup.

You can start your meal with snacks, in Georgia they are also their own. Pkhali - balls of grated vegetables and herbs, such as beets, pumpkins, spinach with spices and walnuts, are very popular. Lobio is a traditional bean salad prepared in a pot. Badrijani - fried eggplants with grated nuts, most often in the form of a roll.

Khachapuri is already well known all over the world, but it is worth trying it in its native lands.

species of this cake with cheese Miscellaneous:

  • in Imeretinski - Cheese in such a cake is inside;
  • In Megrelski - rather similar to a large pellet, topped with thick cheese top;
  • Guriyski - cheese here is also inside, however, the cake has a special form resembling crescent;
  • In Ajars - the cake has the form of a boat, and the raw and egg is broken by the "in it" cheese.

It is also worth trying both Lobiani - cake with acute boiled beans, and Kudbari - meat sharp pie. The main dishes of Georgia are meat, there are no restrictions in the form of meat, in the kitchen of this country it is much and is preparing it is very diverse.

Once here, it is worth trying a chicken stew with tomatoes - chahokhbille, white chicken meat with spicy walnut sauce - sazivi, beef, extended in a vegetable stew - Caxusuli, tomlenny lamb With herbs - chuckupuli. Kuchmatachi - fried sharp chicken or calf labor.

Hincali - a traditional dish of dough and meat, occupy a special place in the kitchen of this country.

This dish has a lot of varieties and titles: Kalakuri - with greens, pepper and minced meat from 2 types of meat, ITIALURES - with spicy minced meat from 2 species, but without greens, paxanauli - instead of minced me It uses finely chopped meat of different types, in Kakhetinsky - only swine meat is used. In addition to meat chinkly, there are also cheese, with mushrooms or potatoes.

The special charm of Georgian cuisine betray her sauces, which serve with other dishes. In addition to the famous Adzhika, plum sauce with spices and garlic - Tkemali, tomato sauce with spices - sazebel, onion-nut sauce with egg - Garo. The festive Georgian sauce is considered to be the basis of it - the walnuts, to which garlic and spices are added.

There are also its traditional soups here, for example, the famous Harcho is spicy, sharp and thick soup on the beef broth, with pieces of meat, rice and tomatoes. Or welded, chichirt from chicken, corn flour and eggs. Hashchi is probably one of the most "long" soups, as it should be boiled about 8 hours, he is preparing from beef legs and bits, garlic and greens are also added here.

There are special desserts in Georgian cuisine. Once here, it is worth trying a real fresh Churchhel - like a thread like beads of nuts in a sweet sour cake from different fruits and berries.

Other fruit dessert - Tklapy, in fact, it is a shelter dried in the sun. Flour desserts: famous and beloved by many Pahlava and sweet honeybee with raisins - Nazuka. Here you can try real gozinak.

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How to get

Although televi has an airport in which Mimino worked, it is not possible to fly to it, because this 20 years has been abandoned, and after reconstruction 2018 has become an educational, not a passenger airport.

Therefore, it will be the most convenient to first fly to Tbilisi, and from it already on the bus, minibus or rented car to get to Telavi. The cost and duration of the path will look like this:

transport Time in way Cost
Aircraft from Moscowapproximately 2.5 habout 8000 rubles.
Airplane from St. Petersburgapproximately 3.5 hoursabout 7000 rubles.
Minibusapproximately 2-2.5 hoursapproximately 280 rubles.
Busapproximately 2.5-3 hoursapproximately 240 rubles.
Taxiapproximately 1.5 habout 960 rubles.

Thus, the full route from St. Petersburg to Telavi will take about 7 hours and costs about 7300 rubles. From Moscow - about 6 hours and will cost about 8300 rubles.


The main transport in Telavi is minibuses, with their help you can move both around the city and in its surroundings, and even get to neighboring cities. Route taxis begin to move at 6-9 in the morning, and end in 5-6 pm depending on the route, the movement interval is 30 minutes. The average price for the trip is 0.8 lari, that is, about 20 rubles, in the city.

Many people resting in Telavi advise to negotiate with a taxi driver or, through the owner of the hotel with those who have a personal car. So for 40-60 Lari, it is possible to obtain not only transport for 6-8 hours, but also a personal guide, which will drive through all the main places and attractions and will tell about them.

The sights of Telavi

Telavi (Georgia), whose attractions can be called a living history, retained many monuments and long-time testimonies.

  • Cathedral of Alaverdi.

Alaverdi is not only a church, or rather the cathedral, but also a male monastery, in addition, Alaverdi is considered the most important temple of Kakheti and one of the most famous in all of Georgia. The temple is located in the village of Alaverdi, which is less than 20 km from Telavi.

The temple arose in the VI, however, then it was only a small monastery of the monk-hermit Joseph Alaverd, who for advice people from the surrounding villages. At the beginning of the IX century, a St. George Cathedral was built in this place, the main relics of which became the power of the elder Joseph. [127!.

However, in the next century, the temple survived a few more Opija and another earthquake, which was very damaged. The destruction of the temple continued in the Soviet period, but his revival began only at the end of the XX century.

And currently there is a male monastery with a large-scale complex of a variety of buildings around. Despite repeated siege and numerous damage that the temple survived for his rich history, he retained the original outlines, ancient frescoes and paintings.

  • Alazan Valley.

The Valley of the Alazan River is a great place with a delightful climate, fertile soil and magnificent views. The valley extends 200 km away and read all its attractions for 1 day is simply impossible.

It is worth visiting the Museum-estate of the Prince of Chavchavadze - families, a lot of both for Georgia and Russia. In the Alazan valley there is the oldest monastery of Kakheti - the monastery of Ikalto, which was founded in the VIII century. The main attraction of Alazan is considered to be the castle of Gremi, who was in the center of Silk Trade XVII century.

  • The village of Zinandali

The village of Zinandali is located 10 km from Telavi, it is here that the estate of the family of Chavchavadze is located. The estate serves as a museum not only by Chavchavadze, but also the XIX century, since there are a lot of artifacts of that time.

Visitors of the estate can also take part in wine tasting, which will be held in the cellar, where more than 16,000 bottles of wine XIX-XX centuries are stored.

  • Harm's fortress

The Gremy's castle is considered to be a pearl of Kakheti, so elegantly he sipped into the country's landscape. Gremi was built at the beginning of the 15th century by King George, but it existed for less than 100 years, since at the beginning of the next century he was almost completely destroyed by the army of Shah Abbas.

After this raid, only the walls of the Arkhangelsk temple and the bell tower were survived, they are now called the Rude castle.

  • Gurdjaan Qwellsmind

Gurdjaani is the most grape, and, consequently, the Wine region of Georgia. It is here that the main grape wine varieties are grown. But this area is famous for not only wine excursions, but also a huge amount, about 400, architectural monuments of temples, among which there are even related to V century.

Their peculiarity is that they are hidden and disguised, which is possible, and allowed them to be preserved in such quantities.

The most famous temple of Gudjaiani is considered to be quelocminda, built in the VIII century and preserving the fragments of the Basilica, which was here in the VII century. This church is also unique in the fact that it is the only church in Georgia with 2 domes. The main relic of the church is a peaceful icon of St. Archangel Mikhail.

  • Fortress "Batonis-Cihe"

In the XVII century, the fortress was the residence of Kings Kakheti, its name Translated from Starogruzinsky means "Mr. Fortress". A fortress wall has been preserved in the fortress, several palace buildings, two churches - they are all renovated. Now there is an ethnographic museum and art gallery on the territory of the castle.

  • Wine plant "Teliani led"

This winery was built at the end of the 20th century on the Meta Winery, which in the XIX century belonged to Mikhail Romanov. Now it is one of the most popular places producing vintage high-quality wine, because the plant continues to follow the old wine-making traditions.

Excursions are regularly held on the territory of the winery regularly, during which it is fashionable to familiarize themselves with the history of the drink and plant, the process and technology of its production, to participate in the tasting of various wine varieties.

  • Ikalt Monastery

Icato - the first monastery on the territory of Kakhetieti, Adjev in Georgia, he is one of the oldest. It was founded in the first half of the 6th century Zenomon Ikaltoy.

After a while, in the XII century, an academy was built on the territory of the monastery, which is famous for the fact that at one time the famous Rustaveli studied in it, which at the beginning of the XVII was burned together with the monastery. The monastery was restored only the 3rd century later. On the territory of the monastery there are buildings of various eras: from vi in. Until IX, sometimes these are ruins.

  • Lopota

The burdot is a resort, or rather the hotel, one of the first luxury class in Kakheti and in all of Georgia. The creators of the resort call it "a place where dreams come true", it's hard to say, but definitely Lapota is a great place for those who want to relax among the Caucasian mountains with European comfort.

  • “Khareba Winery”

Khareba Winery is a relatively young enterprise that emerged in 2001. The company's vineyards occupy almost 750 hectares, and its main goal is the revival and restoration of endangered grape varieties.

Tours and tastings are held on the territory of the winery, and its main attraction is the cellar, which stores more than 25,000 bottles of wine.

  • Museum of Vine and Wine “Vaziani”

This museum is perhaps the most popular place in the village of Tsinandali. The museum is located on the territory of the Shumi factory. In the museum you can get acquainted with the history of winemaking, study more than 300 types of vines and take part in tasting.

  • Omalo village

the rest of the time the only road to the village is covered with snow, while the village itself is surrounded by impregnable rocks.

The village is located in an extremely picturesque place, its main charm is that civilization has reached here in very limited quantities, and the nature and air here are the purest. Cinematography brought a certain fame to this place, because it was here that the famous "Mimino" was filmed.

  • Algeti reservoir

The reservoir is located on the Algeti River and is one of the natural attractions of Georgia. Algeti stores more than 65 million m2of water, 60 of which are used. This is a very picturesque place where you can have a great rest, in addition, you can go fishing here.

  • Kodori pass

This is the main pass through the Greater Caucasus, it is also called the “Water Dividing Pass”. There is a pass from Russia, through the territory of Dagestan, to Georgia and connects two valleys: Alazani and Andi. The place, like many in Georgia, is very beautiful and picturesque.

  • Lake Ilya

Lake Ilya is located in the picturesque Alazani valley. In fact, this is not a natural, but an artificial lake that fills the Duruji River. The lake got its name in honor of the famous Georgian poet and writer Ilya Chavchavadze. This place for its beauty and serenity is very much loved by tourists who choose it as a place to relax.

What to look for 1 day

Telavi (Georgia), the attractions of the surroundings of which are so numerous, it is impossible to examine in 1 day, but you can organize a one-day acquaintance with Kakheti. You can get acquainted with this edge as using a professional guide, and on your own, using a taxi and public transport.

In any case, the following places should be included in the route:

  1. Telavi. It is worth viewing the city itself and, of course, visit Batonis Cyche and his museum.
  2. Qinandali. Then go to the village of Zinandali, which is just 10 km from Telavi. Here you can walk around the surroundings, drink wine and be sure to visit the princely estate-museum of Chavchavadze.
  3. Museum of grapes and vines. Continuing the "Wine Tour", on the way back from Kinanandali in Telavi, it is worth going to the vintage and vines museum nearby.
  4. Ikalto Monastery. After wineries, you can go to the Ikalto Monastery, which is also about 10 km from Telavi. Going into it, it's best to change the route to Telavi a little to enjoy new landscapes.
  5. Grem's fortress. Having visited the monastery, it is advisable to change the route again, you need to return to Telavi and from it to go to the Grem Fortress, from which the monastery is about 30 km away, you can travel to Mimino Airport on the way.

You can easily modify this route without difficulty, because Telavi is literally located in the center, from which it is very convenient to get to many land attractions.

What to bring to the souvenirs

from Georgia and Kakheti, first of all, Wine is driven as gifts and souvenirs, no wonder these places are called "Wine Region". You can still bring traditional vodka vodka with you - Chach.

In addition to alcoholic souvenirs, other delicacies can also be brought, for example, Churchhel, Paxtil, Pahlav, Georgian honey, spices. You can also take some of the cheeses with you, because Georgia is famous for them. Experienced people recommend Suluguni and Imereti.

Connoisseurs of jewelry can be brought as a gift the product from Mincari - the famous partition enamel. A good gift can also become clay dishes, for example, Ketzi is a traditional and multifunctional skillet.

Telavi is a wonderful city, this is the heart of Kakhetiya one of the most ancient cities in Georgia. In its surroundings, a huge number of cultural and historical monuments and attractions, which, besides, are among the magnificent nature, even for the sake of her one is already worth a visit.

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