Tallinn. Attractions in 2 days on the map, photos, rest, what to see in winter and summer

The attractions of a small medieval Tallinn is difficult to explore for 2 days. Only on the old urban streets can be happy to wander all day.

The value of the city in the modern world

Tallinn, the attractions for 2 days of which will be able to inspect running, leads its official history from 1154, when the first mention of the city is found in the documents. This historically and culturally rich city has been perfectly preserved since the Middle Ages.

There are several options for the origin of the modern name, which is translated as a Danish or winter city, or as a house, manor, castle.

It is not known who the village was founded. There is information that at the beginning of the XIII century it colonized the Danes. During this period, the city is called Revel, named local tribes living in these parts. By the end of the century, the city entered the Hanseatic Trade Union of Medieval Europe, preferring to all wars and political disassembly benefits of trade.

By the middle of the XIV century, the city moved to the Livonian Order. At about the same time, the structure of the city was also formed when the city was treated at the top of the hill, and the foot was formed by settlements of artisans and merchants. The upper and lower city had independent strengthening systems and administrative independence from each other, up to the XIX century.

From the beginning of the 18th century, the city became the center of the Revel province in the Russian Empire for 2 centuries, passing without a fight to the Peter's army. Military fortifications lose their significance, and the city begins to grow in breadth. And in connection with the construction of the railway, industry begins to develop.

With the advent of Soviet rule in Estonia, the name of the capital changes, its development expands, the appearance of the city changes. This process is still ongoing. In the age of using new technologies, modern skyscrapers appeared in Tallinn, which become an original backdrop for medieval architectural monuments.

The Estonian capital is located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland and is a major passenger and commercial seaport. The coastline stretches for 46 km. The area of ​​the city is 160 sq. km.


The local climate is characterized by a rather cold long winter with negative temperatures, which rarely fall below -10oC. The largest percentage of precipitation falls on the same period.

Summer is short, frosts occur even in June. And the temperature of the warmest summer month rarely exceeds +25oC. The peak of tourist activity is observed in the summer months and during the Christmas period. But the Old Town can be visited at any time of the year.


Estonia is considered one of the countries with the cleanest air. A large area of ​​the country is covered with forests, and the 5th part is occupied by nature reserves, which also makes it one of the greenest state territories.

The tap water in the city's water supply system is also very clean and recognized as potable. Clean and tidy Tallinn sorts and disposes of most of the waste, sending it for recycling.


The urban population is 450 thousand people, most of which are Estonians - 52.2%. About 38% of the population are Russians. Less than 4% of Ukrainians live, about 2% of Belarusians, other nationalities in the form of Finns, Jews and Tatars account for less than 1% of the population.

Flora and fauna

Tallinn is a very green city, where 25% of the area is occupied by parks, gardens, squares and other green areas. In addition, it is the European capital of trees, as its tree biography is more than 3 centuries old. The giant linden tree with a huge hollow near the walls of the church of Niguliste goes into the 4th century.

The legendary linden tree in Tallinn

by Peter the Great himself, but scientists have not confirmed this fact. Also in the city you can easily find centuries-old oaks and pines.

Many birds live in the city, among which, in addition to pigeons, sparrows and tits, one can distinguish gulls, swallows, swans, swifts, Siberian eider, cormorants. Storks, cranes and herons are not uncommon in these places. Many migratory birds fly by the thousands in these parts.

How to get there

There are many different ways to get to the Estonian capital: by land, air or water.

By plane

The fastest way to get to the city from Moscow is by air. A direct flight from any Moscow airport takes 1.5 hours. From the Tallinn airport you can get to the city center by bus number 2, which runs every 30 minutes. from 07:00 to 24:00. The fare is 2.5 euros. The same distance of 4 km by taxi will cost 7-10 euros.

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By train

You can get to the railway station of Old Tallinn by train from Moscow in 15 hours, and from St. Petersburg in 8 hours.Trains depart daily.

By bus

Regular bus service connects Tallinn with the northern capital. A bus departs from the Baltic Station every day at 7-15, arriving at its destination in 6.5 hours. The fare is about 2 thousand rubles.

By water

From May until late autumn, cruise liners depart from the Marine Station of St. Petersburg. The road to Tallinn via Helsinki and Stockholm will take about 2 days, the cost, depending on the class of the cabin, starts from 6.5 thousand rubles. A direct ferry runs between Tallinn and Helsinki several times a day, which will take you to your destination in 4 hours for 19 euros.


City public transport operates from 06:00 to 23:00. A ticket for a bus, trolleybus or tram costs the same 2 euros, you can buy it directly from the driver or at kiosks with printed materials at equipped stops.

You can buy a single travel card with a deposit of 2 euros, after using it you can return it and get the money back.

There are various fares:

travel rate in euro
1 hour1.1
1 day3 euros
3 days5 euro
5 days6 euro
30 days23 Euro

in the city there are several large taxis companies, there are Private cars. The passage is paid solely on the meter - 1.1 euro from 1 km, landing in the car costs 5.5 euros. For trips outside the city and review of urban surroundings, you can rent a car from 20 euros per day. With a longer rental, it is possible to provide a significant discount.

Main attractions

Tallinn, sights for 2 days of which will not work in detail, notable in that the entire historical center of the city is the object of cultural heritage of UNESCO.

Cult structures

The famous house church in Vyshgorod rises on Toom-Kooli Street 6. This is an old Lutheran temple in honor of the Holy Virgin Mary began to build in the XIII century. The long definition has absorbed many different styles of all eras. The walls of the church are decorated with 68 wooden coat of arms of noble families, donors for the construction of the temple. Each Saturday has organ concerts here.

Cathedral is open to visit daily, except Monday:

  • from 9 to 15 hours in winter from November to March;
  • from 9 to 17 hours in May and September;
  • in the summer months daily from 9 to 17 hours.

Entrance to the Tower of the Cathedral of the Cathedral: For an adult ticket costs 5 euros, the children will cost 3 euros.

Church of Alexander Nevsky at Lossi Plats 10 is the Cathedral of the Orthodox Church and the biggest religious building in the Baltic States. The building of the Neagovitine style with dips of lows was erected in 1900 on the Tompea Hill, it is clearly visible from anywhere in the city. You can visit it on any day of the week from 8 to 19 hours.

Dominican monastery of St. Catherine began the beginning of the XIII century built in the Gothic style in the Latin quarter near the lively Vienna Street, which allowed the monks to engage in trade. This ancient Catholic Monastery of Estonia today is in a dilapidated state.

The Church of Saint Catherine is valid. You can visit her and the Klourter of the monastery from Wednesday on Sunday for free from 10 to 18 hours.

The Nikolsky Orthodox Church in the style of classicism on Vene 24 Street was built at the beginning of the XIX century on the site of the first church of the XI century, became the first dome building in the city. Inside the gold-plated iconostasis is installed, skillfully carved in the unquestous style at the end of the XIX century, preserved in excellent condition until today.

The Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit is considered the smallest church of Tallinn next to the town hall. It is highlighted by its high bell tower and the ancient turrets of the XVII century. Inside, you can see a unique hanging department and ancient triptych of the descent of the Holy Spirit of the XV century.


The Maritime Museum in the flight harbor suggests more than 2 hundred unique exhibits: a submarine, centenary icecolor, a seaplane, a sailboat and an ease of an old ship.

There are multimedia programs on modern computer equipment, simulators and simulators. You can visit the museum from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 18 hours. The cost of an adult ticket is 15 euros, a children's ticket worth 8 euros. With the Marine Museum there is a cafe, a restaurant and a store of souvenir products.

Tallinn City Museum in the very center of the city on Vienna 17 works daily, except Tuesday, from 10 to 17-30 hours. For 4 euros, you can familiarize yourself with the expositions of ceramics, crystal and glass, local textile products of various times, the most ancient weapons, objects of life and visual art.

To inspect the invaluable exhibition of the Tallinn Museum of Knight's Order every day, except Monday, on Kuning Street from 10 to 18 hours. Here you can see more than 700 authentic orders and the highest awards of kings, emperors, princes, commander and presidents. Adult entrance ticket costs 9 euros, preferential for children from 7 years old, pensioners and students - 5 euros.

The museum of Kick-In-de-Kek, which translated "Look into the kitchen", as the guards can see the kitchens of neighboring houses from the tower. The 6-storey tower housed an exhibition dedicated to various wars and the fortifications of Tallinn. From here it begins to inspect the dungeons of Swedish bastions.

Visit the Museum on Ahtri 2 Street from Tuesday to Sunday from 10-30 to 18 hours from March to October, the remainder of the tower is open until 17-30 hours. The entrance ticket is worth 6 euros for adults and 4 Euro for children and pensioners.

Museum of Marzipan next to the town hall on Pick Street 40 works daily from 10 to 18 hours. Showcases in museum halls with elegant sweet figures are constantly updated. Here you can buy any liked exhibit. Master classes are passed on marzipan. The entrance ticket costs 5 euros.

Natural attractions

Kadriorg Park is rightfully considered a masterpiece of palace and park art. Created by royal order at the beginning of the 18th century by the Italian architect Niccolò Michetti. Today, the palace building houses an art museum, and restoration workshops are located in the park pavilion.

Address of the museum complex: Weizenbergi, 37. The park itself, located on 70 hectares, can be viewed free of charge at any time. It is possible to get into the palace from 10 am to 6 pm with entrance tickets costing from 6 to 8 euros.

The Danish King's Garden near the city walls at Luhike jalg, 9B will help you feel the atmosphere of the real Middle Ages, walk along the paths paved with old cobblestones, see the statues of black monks and admire the opening panorama of the Lower City.

The botanical garden at 52 Kloostrimetsa tee in the area of ​​the city's TV tower boasts over 5,000 species of plants planted in zones in open ground or in a greenhouse.

Unique exhibits from all over the world are collected here. In the Palm House you can get acquainted with the collection of bananas, see alpine flowers in the rock garden, enjoy the scent of orchids in the greenhouse, and in July take a walk through the fragrant rose garden.

Period Garden hours Palm house and greenhouse
from May to Septemberfrom 10 to 20from 11 to 18
) from October to Aprilfrom 9 am to 5 pmfrom 11 am to 4 pm

The cost of entrance tickets for an adult is 5.5 euros, children from 7 years of age, pensioners and students a ticket will cost 3 euros, children under 7 years old free of charge.


Toompea Fortress built in the 13th century is now occupied by the Estonian Parliament, but still welcomes tourists. A half-hour tour inside the castle can be visited on weekdays from 10 am to 4 pm. The city fortress wall of the 13th century has a height of 20 m. Many high observation and weapon towers of the fortification have been preserved. Many of them are open to the public.

There is a cafe on the roof of the 25-meter-diameter tower called Fat Margaret, from where you can enjoy magnificent views of the Old City while having a meal. Also open to the public are the Maiden's Tower, Kuldjala, Kik-in-de-Kek, Epping and Nunna.

Town Hall Square is considered the heart of the Old Town. Numerous sightseeing tours start from here, city holidays and fairs are held here. Here you can see the Gothic building of the town hall of the XIV century with the sculpture of Old Toomas on the spire, the old town hall pharmacy of the beginning of the XV century, visit the medieval tavern.

There are many cafes and restaurants, souvenir shops and local colorful shops on the square. Music concerts, national dance festivals, holiday parades are held here.


Tallinn is a haven for shopaholics. In the Old Town, there are many small cozy shops with author's works and exclusive designer items.

There are many large centers with shopping galleries of boutiques of fashionable branded clothes and shoes of the world level, there are well-known representative offices of Finnish companies. Shops are generally open from 9 am to 6 pm. In resort and tourist areas until 8 pm. On Saturdays, there is a reduced opening hours until 3 or 5 pm, Sunday is a day off.

Active holidays

Those who like active holidays have a unique opportunity to have fun in the area of ​​the Pirita River, where they can rent a boat, pedalo or canoe for 18 euros and take an informative walk to the monastery of St. Brigid.

Pirita amusement park offers 6 tracks of varying difficulty for different ages: for adults, a ticket costs 17-19 euros, for children from 5 to 15 euros, depending on the chosen level.

Visit the Olympic Village, feel the spirit of sports in the Pirita Spordikeskus centers, run along the treadmills in the pine forest, play tennis or basketball on the equipped grounds.

You can take a boat trip on a yacht or combine it with fishing. Night club lovers will appreciate a visit to the most popular youth institution in the city of Hollywood. The Studio nightclub offers a choice of 2 dance halls with different music at once.

Interesting places for families with children

The sights of Tallinn in 2 days can be enjoyed by the whole family with children.

The Rocca al Mare open-air museum invites you to get acquainted with historical buildings of the 17th-20th centuries, picturesquely located in a forested area. Here you can imagine the peasant life of a village hut and a farm economy, taste national dishes in a tavern.

An area of ​​several hectares can be explored on a rented bicycle or in a carriage with horses. On holidays and weekends, there are entertainment programs with competitions and performances by local amateur performances. The museum complex is open daily in the summer from 10 am to 8 pm. Entrance ticket for adults costs from 7 to 9 euros, children from 8 years old costs 5-6 euros depending on the season.

A visit to the Miia-Milla-Manda Children's Museum will be an exciting experience for a child from 3 to 11 years old. Here you can get acquainted with various professions in a playful way. You can visit the museum from Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 18:00. The cost of entrance tickets for adults is 3 euros, for children and students 2 euros.

The Tallinn Zoo is located at Paldiski maantee 145. You can visit it daily at any time of the year from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in winter, until 9 p.m. in summer. children 3-5 euros depending on the season. To visit the adventure park at the zoo, you will have to purchase tickets for 20-25 euros.


Tallinn offers sightseeing in 2 days with experienced guides who will lead many interesting routes to the most popular tourist destinations.

With a smile in Old Tallinn!

An introductory walking tour of the Old Town for 2 hours is also suitable for children.It will introduce you to the main events of history and urban legends, help you plunge into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and admire the old streets and buildings. The cost of a guided tour is 45 euros for 1-2 people.

All of Tallinn in one day

A 4-hour sightseeing car and walking tour for a group of up to 3 people will cost 125 euros. A walk through the Old Town will introduce you to the main sights of the historical center, and in a fascinating way will tell you about the inhabitants and life of the Middle Ages.

A trip to the Kadriorg park and the Singing Field, a visit to the castle of Count Orlov and the monastery of St. Brigid, a visit to the Olympic village.

Quest "Disappearing Tallinn"

An individual 1.5-hour tour for a group of up to 10 people will cost 75 euros. A walking tour of the Old Town will demonstrate with the help of engravings and photographs how the city has changed over the 2 centuries. The game form of the tour is suitable for children from 8 years old, and for tourists already familiar with the city.

Itinerary for exploring the city on your own in 1-2 days

Tallinn this route:

  1. The most natural way to start a walk through the Old Town is from the city gates of Viru.
  2. Walk along the hill of kisses, go out and see the ancient Town Hall Square, look into the oldest pharmacy on the continent.
  3. Visit the Church of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Enjoy local sweets at the marzipan museum.
  5. Look into the photography museum in the building of the former prison.
  6. Climb to the observation deck of the Oleviste Church, seeing the Tenement House and the house with dragons along the way.
  7. You should definitely see the main towers and climb the city fortress wall.
  8. Walk along Vene Street to the Dominican monastery in the Latin Quarter, visiting the Church of St. Nicholas on the way.
  9. Visit the museum of the city.
  10. Walk in the garden of the Danish king.
  11. Look into the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.
  12. View Toompea Castle.
  13. Visit the Dome Cathedral.
  14. Pass by the knight's house and go up to the Kohtuotsa observation deck.
  15. Walk through the magnificent Kadriorg park, and if time permits, visit the Petrovsky Palace and the Art Museum.
  16. Visit Pirita beach and enjoy the purest pine and sea air next to the Old Town.
  17. Try your hand at an amusement park or take a cruise along the coast.
  18. Look into the monastery of St. Brigid.
  19. Fans of Russian literature and admirers of Sergei Dovlatov are invited to take a walk around the places of the famous writer.
  20. If time permits, you can go to the Rocca al Mare open-air museum and plunge into the atmosphere of the leisurely life of a medieval village.


There are many different hotels and hotels in the city, so tourists and vacationers should not have problems with accommodation.

Hotel Ulemiste

The hotel in a picturesque location on the lake near the airport offers rooms from 5.8 thousand rubles. The hotel restaurant prepares and serves breakfasts on the open terrace during the warm season. The hotel has its own park with a fountain. There is a night club, a bar, a fitness center, a Finnish sauna and a steam room. Nearby is a large shopping center.

Rooms are equipped with everything you need: air conditioning, TV, safe and minibar. Bathroom with free toiletries. Guests enjoy 24-hour free internet access. The hotel is located at: Lennujaama Tee 2.

Modern hotel on Sadama street 9, located near the Old Town and the passenger port. A comfortable room with a bathroom, TV, air conditioning, telephone and desk will cost from 5.8 thousand rubles. Free WI-FI is provided.

The hotel's restaurant serves delicious international and Estonian cuisine, and serves buffet breakfasts daily. The hotel has a conference room, business corner, play area for children, currency exchange, car rental and bicycle. All major urban attractions are within walking distance.

Economy Hotel

Eco-hotel is located in the center of Tallinn on Kopli 2 / c Street, next to the Baltic Station Market and the Creative Town. Guests can relax on a terrace with beautiful views, a children's play area, free 24-hour internet access. For an additional charge, breakfasts and transfer to the airport are served.

A small cozy room with all necessary amenities will cost at a price of 6.8 thousand rubles.

What to bring as a souvenir

in Tallinn in the courtyard of the masters, you can purchase many interesting souvenirs from glass and ceramics, crafts from the skin and tree of manual juniper. Also, many curious shops and souvenir shops are located on the Viru Street.

Local knitted products from wool are very popular, you can choose original bright scarves, hats, mittens and socks with local ornaments. It is worth looking into the marzipan gallery to buy delicious and very beautiful sweet souvenirs.

Attractions of the Old Tallinn can be examined in 2 days, making an unforgettable trip on the weekend in the preserved corner of medieval Europe to return here again for more detailed dating with this magnificent city.

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