Sydney, Australia. Attractions, photos with description, weather, climate, beaches, hotels, interesting places

Sydney - the largest city of the mainland Australia. After the long way of development from the British colony to a modern megalpolis, the city is welcoming the doors to tourists, which is their sights to the world.

A little about Sydney

Sydney takes 12 km2the southeast coast of the smallest of the mainland - Australia. The city is currently - the capital of the state of New South Wales. The buildings were built around the Little Sydney Bay Sydney Cove . Thanks to the geographical location, Sydney received the second name "The Harbor City", which in the literal translation sounds like "City of the Bay".

Urban areas are surrounded by:

  • by the Pacific Ocean in the East.
  • Blue Mountains from the west.
  • River Hoxbury from the north.
  • Royal National Park in the south.

The city is rapidly increasing and covered Port Jackson Bay Bay (which is considered the greatest natural harbor in the world ranking) and the Botanical Bay (Tasmanovo Sea). In total, there are about 70 bays with beach areas in the urban trait.

Sydney Opera House is a business card of Australia.

Sydney residential areas occupy 1687 km2, which lives more than 5.3 million people belonging to more than 200 nationals. The population of the city is rapidly increasing due to the high level of immigration.

Sydney is one of the world's top ten metropolitan areas in terms of percentage of foreign-born residents, with the largest influx coming from the UK and China.

Australia does not have an official language, most of the population speaks Australian English. According to statistics, about 1,500 residents of Sydney use the Russian language. More than 60% of the population are Christians, 17% do not adhere to religion, 5% are Muslims. The remaining percentages are distributed among Buddhists, Hindus, Jews.

Official currency - The Australian dollar, denoted as $AU or $A. A feature of Australian money is that they are not made of paper, but thin strips of special plastic.

Districts of the city

Sydney is currently divided into 38 districts, each of which has its own government. At the same time, there is no single city head of Sydney. Matters beyond the jurisdiction of local government are handled by the district government.

The most famous areas are:

  • Rocks. It was in this historic area that Arthur Phillip's fleet landed in 1788 with the first settlers who founded Sydney. Now the whole of Sydney has been transformed into a modern metropolis, but echoes of the past remain in the Rocks area. Market squares, white limestone houses and welcoming pubs are all left over from colonial times. Randomly laid streets intertwine and converge to the sea at the iron arch and the modern Harbor Bridge. Sydney, like all of Australia, has developed over time, and now instead of slums there are neat sights, skyscrapers and museums. The galleries and boutiques at the sites of the ruins showcase the work of contemporary masters and couturiers.
  • Central Business District. This is one of the busiest areas with offices, business centers and retail areas. Gourmet restaurants offer gourmet cuisine to visitors, and art galleries are full of a variety of paintings and expositions. Tourists are attracted by the High Park and the botanical garden, where you can relax from the hustle and bustle. The parks also host holidays or festivals, such as the Good Food Festival in October.
  • Bondi Beach. Bondi Beach is considered the center of tourist hostels. Developed infrastructure and coastline create ideal conditions for a beach holiday. On Saturdays, there is a ready-made natural food market. Not so long ago, small restaurants for lovers of gourmet cuisine opened on Hall Street. The area is also famous for its active nightlife.
  • Palm Beach. This is a remote northern area of ​​Sydney, famous for coastal castles and expensive villas. The houses here are owned exclusively by millionaires, but many Sydneysiders choose Palm Beach for their leisure time.

Weather and climate

Sydney's weather is subtropical. In areas adjacent to the ocean, weather conditions are relatively stable, but areas of the continental part are subject to extreme temperature fluctuations. The seasons in Australia are distributed differently, and when it is winter in Russia, it is summer in Sydney, and vice versa.

The warmest time is in January, 20-30 C. Minimum temperatures, 8-16 C are fixed in July days. In rare cases, the temperature drops to 5 C. It rains in Sydney equally in all seasons, however, a certain predominance of precipitation is observed in winter, with the arrival of easterly winds in the city.

Sydney is flooding at this time. Strong winds also bring storms. It is better for tourists to refrain from traveling to Sydney for a beach holiday in the summer and spring months, but for sightseeing routes such conditions are quite acceptable. There has been no snow in Sydney for almost 200 years, but hail and snow pellets periodically fall.

Month Jan-var February March April May June July August September October November December
Average daily temperature22.322.422.218.715.613.312.113.515.818.019.321.5
Precipitation rate101.7117.0133.2126.8120.2131.597.681.667, 976.584.778.0
Water temperature222219191818161618182121

How to get to Sydney

From Moscow, as well as from anywhere in the world, getting to Sydney is difficult. The cities are separated by a distance of 15,000 km, which is comparable to a trip from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad and back. Travelers will have a rather long flight, which takes about 20 hours, depending on the airline.

The following carriers have direct flights:

  • Qatar Airways;
  • Etihad Airways;
  • S7 Airlines;
  • China Southern Airlines;
  • Singapore Airlines;
  • Thai Airways;
  • Aeroflot;
  • Vietnam Airlines.

Departures are possible from Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo Airports, and the receiving airport is Kingsford Smith. The minimum ticket price is 18 thousand rubles. If such a long flight is not suitable for a tourist, you can fly with transfers, but the road to Sydney will take a little more than a day.

It is also possible to get to Sydney without a plane, but in this case, the journey will require many transfers and take at least 2 weeks one way.

Where to stay in Sydney

Ovolo Woolloomooloo

This 5-star hotel is close to Sydney's most visited attractions (Opera House, Royal Botanic Gardens).

A feature of the hotel in an ultra-modern design:

  • each room is equipped with an iPad;
  • The interior is decorated with valuable objects and fashionable furniture;
  • Each TV has a Smart TV function;
  • exclusively high-quality and expensive textiles were used.

The 24-hour Lo Lounge, indoor pool and parking are available. Every morning, fresh press is delivered to the guests, you can also call a massage therapist in the room or order food.

ADGE Apartment Hotel

5-star hotel 10 minutes from the center of Sydney. Comfortable rooms have a kitchen and a balcony. Television in the rooms includes 20 channels. The lounge bar is open 24/7. Dining at the art hotel is served in the Baccomatto Osteria restaurant. There is a tourist office with excursions to city attractions. Parking on site is paid.

Meriton Suites Zetland

This splendid 5-star hotel is located in a lively area of ​​the city and offers self-contained luxury rooms.

This includes:

  • air conditioning;
  • satellite television;
  • a full kitchen or kitchen area;
  • spacious guest area.

Moore Park Golf Course, the train station and Dunks Street are all within close proximity of the hotel. From the international airport to the hotel 15 minutes drive.

Where to eat in Sydney

List of places to eat:

  1. Aria on Macquarie St. The restaurant has been open to visitors since 1999 and since its opening has been famous for the highest level of service, an exclusive menu and panoramic windows overlooking the city and its sights. The restaurant's menu includes dishes of national cuisine from a world-class chef. Pre-booking a table is required.
  2. Mohr Fish. The restaurant is located near the central railway station and is famous for its wide range of fish dishes and seafood delicacies. Outwardly, the restaurant is decorated in a nondescript manner, but the service is fast and the staff is friendly.
  3. Chinta Ria. This is Sydney's finest oriental restaurant. The restaurant is located near Darling Park. The restaurant serves Malaysian, Thai, meat and vegetarian cuisine. The atmosphere is complemented by live music and appropriate design.

Recreation and entertainment

Sydney, Australia, with its beaches mostly, offers tourists a long coastline, indented with coves and inlets, which makes this type of tourism flourish.

The most visited beaches are:

  • Callory;
  • Bronte;
  • Googee;
  • Palm Beach.

The listed beaches are equipped with all the necessary infrastructure, in addition, they have all the conditions for active leisure activities, water sports, and lovers of the underwater world are waiting for many diving schools with dives of different levels of training. Kilometer-long Bondi Beach.

The beauty of the water surface and the coastline attracts many sunbathers, but the main advantage of the beach is the ideal conditions for surfing.

This sport is popular all year round and is practiced by all categories of the population. Manly Beach is ideal for family holidays, due to its remote location it is less popular. Vacationers can get to the beach on a regularly plying pleasure boat.

In the immediate vicinity there is an embankment, walks along which will diversify your leisure time. Diving can also be attributed to the varieties of beach recreation. The waters of the Pacific Ocean are characterized by a variety of flora and fauna, in addition, the crystal clear waters provide good visibility.

Diving is most developed in Botany Bay and Belambi reef, with the famous "ship graveyard". The most experienced and adventurous divers go to Manly Beach to dive into the shark cave. Inexperienced tourists can dive in the shark pool at OceanWorld.


The variety of terrestrial fauna can be fully appreciated in the zoos of the city, where it is allowed to feed and pick up animals. Ecotourism lovers will appreciate a walk through the city parks.

Bats, opossums, parrots and ibises live among the tree plantations in the city center. The largest walking area is the Royal Botanical Garden, with an area of ​​more than 30 hectares. In addition to the variety of animals, the collection includes more than 7,500 plants.

Sports tourism

Thrill-seekers climbing the main city bridge.

In the city you can witness professional competitions or take part in sports festivals in person. Sydney hosts yacht races, gastronomy and other public events without a break in the seasons.


Shopping malls with 24-hour cafes and shops are considered good places for nightlife, especially among shopping centers Queen Victoria Building stands out for its variety of entertainment. Nightclubs are also in abundance: The Basement, Cargo, Black Market and many others.


A popular holiday in Sydney is Pacific cruises. Many companies provide such services, such as Sensational Sydney Cruises Pty Ltd, Eagle Rock Adventures or Ucruise Sydney. The routes pass near Aboriginal settlements, habitats of dolphins or whales. In addition to walking on luxury yachts, companies provide tourists with the opportunity to swim in kayaks or canoes.

Architectural landmarks

Sydney (Australia) National landmarks, which are considered the hallmark of the city, were collected in one district of the state of New South Wales. Most of them are within walking distance from each other.

Sydney Tower Eye Observation Deck

This is the city's television tower with an observation deck on the upper floors.

You can go upstairs with one of two types of tickets:

  • with a visit to a closed viewing area with panoramic windows;
  • with an additional visit to the Skywalk (exit in overalls with a guide);

There are souvenir shops with "made in Australia" products in the closed area, all Chinese-made souvenirs at the entrance. There are always long queues at the ticket offices. To avoid them, you should book a ticket in advance, or come in the morning when the tower opens.

Harbor Bridge

This is an arched structure that occupies the top positions in the world ranking of bridges. The construction of the bridge ended in 1932, about 1.5 thousand people worked on its creation. Today, the Harbor Bridge is considered the property of not only Sydney, but of the entire continent, and the locals gave it a second name - "the old hanger."

Sydney Opera House

Yorn Watson's unique architectural composition has become the hallmark of the city since its opening.

The non-standard roof of the theater is made in the form of different sails or shells, each of which are theatrical halls. Under the smallest shell is a restaurant.

Stadium Australia

By the time of discovery in 1999, the stadium with the name of the continent and the total capacity of 110 thousand people was the largest world arena. Builded a building in Brunton Ave, Richmond for the adoption of the Olympic Games.

After reconstruction in 2002, a sliding roof was completed, but I had to sacrifice part of the Tribune, reducing the capacity of up to 83 thousand spectators. Now the stadium is used as homely Arena Australian cricket team, football and rugby.

Queen Victoria's building

Queen Victoria House is located in the central business district of the city at the intersection of Georg and York streets. Now there is a modern shopping center, decorated with stained glass windows, mosaic floor and a unique interior in the Gothic style.

The external design is represented by the classical English pseudo-gothic. In addition to boutiques and shops, the house may surprise visitors to the exhibition of the British Queen and the puppet theater with a play on the history of England.


You can visit the following sights:

  • ANZAC Memorial. This is simultaneously a monument, a memorial and a museum dedicated to the victory of Australians and New Zealanders who fell during the First World War. There is a structure in the southern part of the Hyde Park, close to Liverpool Street. The monument has two levels. On the top there is a crucifixion (figure on the cross) with extraordinary detail. Warning the room of the dome with holes - stars, each of which symbolizes the fallen warrior. At the low level, the room is occupied by a small military museum.
  • Lady Chair McKori. The chair is a stone bench in the Royal Botanical Garden with several steps, carved into the rock in 1816 for Lady McKorya her husband - Governor Laclane McKoryori. Around the sights are equipped with an observation deck, offering the most beautiful views of the city and on the harbor with coming and outgoing ships. On a stone, an inscription dedicated to Lady Elizabeth is carved by an employee. The road leads the road, built in the same year as the bench.
  • El Alamein Memorial Fountain. This is a magnificent fountain, which is within walking distance from the Kings Cross Station. A construction is built as a military memorial of the nine imperial forces of Australia, who took part in the battle at El-Alameine (the territory of Egypt) during World War II. The external design of the fountain resembles a huge dandelion consisting of 211 seed boxes, of which water beats under pressure. Especially spectacular fountain looks during strong wind gusts.
  • The Cenotaph. Satyotaf (empty grave) in Sydney is a sculptural composition from the figures of employees in the Australian army of the sailor and a soldier (participating in the First World War) at different side of the granite slab. The monument stands on Martin Place and is not considered a tourist attraction. He is visited as a tribute to the defenders.
  • The Legend of Islay. This is a monument to the Cairn-Terrier dog, who belonged to the Queen of Victoria by Nicking Yalay. Bronze sculpture is only 60 cm. Long. The dog died at the age of 5, without having survived a fight with a cat. The Queen loved me very much, and in memory of him near the Kingdom of Queen Victoria placed a cute sculpture.

Religious objects

Sydney (Australia), attractions of which attract tourists from all over the world, is also famous for their own cathedrals.

in view of the multinational population of the city, the religious structures of most world religions are presented:

  • Cathedral of the Virgin Mary. This is the most spacious church of the continent, which has the status of "small basilica" and "National shrine. The walls of the cathedral are lined up on St Marys RD from sandstone and are decorated in the style of the Gothic Renaissance, which prevailed in England of the 19th century. The cathedral is also famous and its stained glass windows, which are about 40.
  • Great Synagogue. A large synagogue is located opposite the Hyde Park and is considered one of the oldest buildings in Sydney. The excursion needs to be booked in advance, since the synagogue is valid, and not open all the days.
  • ST PATRICK'S CHURCH 89649938152. The Cathedral was erected in 1840 on Grosvenor Street in Neoetic style. The world's oldest church of the city became famous for colored stained glass windows, an intricate interior, a beautiful organ, stern arches and a high altar.
  • St SpyRidons Orthodox Church. The Orthodox Church of 1975. Building on Gardeners RD is based on the Greek community Sydney in memory of the Greeks who fell during World War II.


The most visited museums:

  • Astronomical Museum. The Astronomical Museum is located in the Observatory (Rock area) building. The bulk of the programs is scheduled for night with clear weather when the stars are visible best. In the daytime, cognitive ideas are held by the museum staff. The latest equipment is able to reproduce a reduced copy of the galaxy in 3D.
  • Australian Museum of Magical Arts. This is a museum of the history of magic on Riley St, which reveals the secrets of tricks and tricks of illusionists. The guide takes you on a tour of the building, allowing you to see the props for the show, and revealing the details of some of the magical activities that the children love.
  • Madame Tussauds Museum. This is one of the branches of the famous Madame Tussauds on Wheat Rd. The exposition consists of wax figures of celebrities, including James Cook, Batman, Brad Pitt, surfers and many others. It is 30% more profitable to buy tickets immediately to Madame Tussauds, Sydney Tower, zoo and aquarium.
  • Australian National Maritime Museum. This is a federal maritime museum located in Darling Harbour. The exhibits show visitors the history of Australian navigation from Aboriginal times to the present day. Here, visitors can discover the history of the emergence of the first lighthouses across the continent. The pier at the museum is filled with ships of different times and sizes. A unique feature of the museum is a submarine, which everyone can see from the inside.

The most interesting and unusual places in Sydney

Sydney (Australia) presents attractions for every taste. Those who are tired of museums, beaches and walks can appreciate the city from a different perspective.

For example, you can visit:

  • Tunnels. Beneath the bustling downtown areas lies a large network of labyrinths. For tourists, experienced guides lay excursion routes. It is forbidden to go down into the tunnels yourself, the network of passages is too confusing. The Sydney Underworld reveals many secrets, but to unravel them, you need to arm yourself with a lantern and rubber boots.
  • Chew Chew. This cafe at the intersection of Shirley Rd and Telopea St, built for pets. The territory is divided into 2 halls, one of which serves four-legged animals, and the second is for their owners.

Cafe menu is presented in three versions:

  • cat;
  • canine;
  • for people.
  • Woolloomooloo Wharf.

Walking along Woolloomooloo Wharf in the bay of Woolloomooloo Bay will appeal to many. Numerous sculptures, cafes and an atmosphere of tranquility create ideal conditions for watching the sunset.

  • The Calyx. This is an original building on the territory of the Royal Botanical Gardens, which was popularly called the "calyx". It is a unique sample of harmony between human life and its surrounding nature.
  • University of Sydney. Sydney University is a magnificent European-style building surrounded by squares. The atmosphere near his walls creates the impression that Garry Potter will come out of the door.

Natural Attractions

Some of the most beautiful natural attractions are the following places:

  • Royal Botanical Garden. The garden covers a territory in 30 hectares in the very center of the business regions of Sydney. In the complex with other parks, he creates an oasis in the middle of height and business centers. The park is equipped with a mini-tram that takes tourists almost throughout the territory. You can organize your leisure yourself, or honeying a guide.
  • Robertson Park. The magnificent park area with developed infrastructure and free parking is ideal for a family picnic. It is located in Watssons Bay, close to the pier with roots. The park inhabits many small animals, and exotic birds nest on the trees.
  • "Blue Mountains". Blue Mountains of the state of South Wales received their name through the Size, it can be descended as a result of evaporation from eucalyptus thickets. Singles begin at the Western Border of Sydney and stretch 50 km. The urban trait is the eponymous National Park, in which the evolution of eucalyptus trees and their diversity is clearly traced.
  • Chinese garden. The second name is a friendship garden. It is located near the bay of Darling Harbor and is considered the largest Chinese garden behind the territory of China. The flora of the garden is represented by a variety of unique plants, and carps live in a decorative reservoir. On the territory there is also a traditional garden of stones, and floristic compositions and buildings in the style of 5th century. At the entrance to tourists is issued national Chinese clothing.

Where to go with a child in Sydney

List of places where to go with the child:

  • Featherdale Wildlife. Zoo is famous for animals inhabiting only in Australia. Some of them are allowed to feed and iron. But distinguishes the park from him such an exhibition of prehistoric lizards, the layouts of which are made in a natural value.
  • Kuranda. Kuranda is a tiny mountain village, the path to which lies exclusively along the cable car. There is a magnificent zoo where you can care for the kangaroo, take a coal on the hands and take pictures without restrictions. After the zoo, you can walk to the ancient railway with an old acting train on which you can make a small journey.
  • SEA LIFE SYDNEY AQUARIUM. Aquarium is located in the Darling Harbor area and is a complex of 100 m. Reservoirs with unique marine residents: Digo, Baramundi, sea cow, skates. Total aquarium has 12,000 fish and mammals. All the variety of fauna can be contemplated through the transparent bottom of the boat. In addition to excursions, children can feed the rods and swim with dolphins.
  • Moon Park in Sydney. The park continuously expands and is rebuilt. It is located in the city center at the beginning of Olympic Dr. Famous old attractions are complemented by modern new products, only the original entrance to the park, decorated in the style of the 30s with the towers and the open mouth of the fabulous character remain unchanged.


A popular place for shopping is the worn market Emerging Designer Market. On a mercil by 100 km2there are many pavilions with local goods for every taste at affordable prices. The George Street has a specialized store in which Australian Uggs are sold.

The original shoes from the manufacturer on natural fur can withstand the most tall frosts. In walking distance there is also an Opal Minded store. The name speaks for itself - here you can buy both untreated stone and exclusive design of author's work or souvenirs made according to special projects.

Tourists go to the market in the Balmein area as an exhibition. Here are objects of art of different eras and varying values.

Market in the Chinatown area Pttit variety of inexpensive products: toys, jewelry, clothing. When buying it is important to pay attention to prices.

Trade complexes are most popular among tourists:

  • QVB;
  • Galleries Victoria;
  • Strand Arcade.

What to bring from Sydney

The most popular souvenir with tourists Sydney - opal and products from it. The stone is actively mined in Australia and is considered to be its national symbol. You can buy both untreated stones, and exclusive things from Opala. The same vintage things and antiques are popular, which are presented in Crown Street Street stores.

Here you can also find designer clothing and accessories. In some street boutiques, global celebrities often come. It is not only famous for attractions. This is an important shopping, cultural and business center of Australia. In addition to industry, the city has a developed education system, and for the past few years, Sydney has been recognized as the best city to live in.

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Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia: