Sumatra island. Length, coordinates, where it is on the map, shape, rest

Sumatra is an island in Indonesia, which at its length ranks 6th in the world. This is a very popular tourist leisure place, as there are many attractions, luxury beaches, beautiful nature, exotic plants and animals that are only on this island.

Where is the island of Sumwar on the world map, coordinates

The geographical coordinates of the island - 0 ° 23'44 "South Littleness of 101 ° 46'38" East longitude. Located Sumyra in the western part of Indonesia. The island is divided into two almost equal parts of the equator line, therefore 1 part is located in one hemisphere, and 2 in the other.

The name "Sumatra" is the words Samudra, which translated from Sanskrit means "Ocean". The coast of the island can meet coral reefs. The island is washed by three seas: Adamansky, South Chinese and Yavansky. As well as the Indian Ocean.

Distinctive features of the island

Sumatra island, whose length is 1800 km. Its width is 435 km. Square Sumatra 473000 km². The island has an elongated shape. Climate on Sumatra Equatorial. The air temperature here is comfortable, all year round 25-27 ° C. But because of high humidity, tourists often feel as if they are in the steam room. Near the water, the humidity is felt less, as light fresh wind blows from the sea.

at night there is very windy. On Sumatra, many volcanoes, of which 12 acting. In Sumatra, many rivers and lakes. The biggest lake is called Toba. It is in a volcanic crater. The environmental situation in the country is heterogeneous. In some regions it is better, in some - worse.


Recently there has been a tendency of a general deterioration of the environmental situation. This is due to the increasing population, with the expansion of economic activities and an increase in the inflow of tourists.

Main problems:

  • The permanently increasing amount of emissions into the atmosphere of greenhouse gases;
  • Pollution of water and air by waste from industry;
  • Forest fires;
  • Increasing water consumption of fresh water bodies.

The authorities are actively implementing various programs to limit the harmful effects of industry and to preserve nature aimed at improving ecology in the country. Sumatra lives a little more than 50 million people. The country ranks 4th in the world among the islands in the number of residents. The largest and most populous city is Medan.

Sumatra inhabit various peoples. Residents are hospitable, distinguished by community and politeness. Many in a completely good level speak English. In cities where there is the greatest influx of tourists, some locals, in particular merchants, speak Russian well. Most of the population (90%) - Muslims.

In some regions of the island, the matriarchy still remains. In particular, such communities, where power belongs to women, a lot in the Western alpine areas of Sumatra. The main revenues of the country brings agriculture, as well as the mining industry. Oil, gold and other fossils are produced here.

There are ventricular enterprises. The most common and profitable industries of agriculture: rice, coffee, rubber glasses. Nature Sumatra is typical for the tropical island. Palm trees, ficuses, ferns grow here. There is a giant bamboo. In the mountains grow evergreen trees - Lavra, Oaks.

And here are many chestnuts, marshes and coniferous trees. In some regions, mangroves and Alang-Alang are distributed. Animals on the island quite a lot. Only mammals here live about 200 species. Birds are about 450 species. Reptiles - 194 species.

The most common animals:

  • Sumatran rhino
  • pig-dead macaque;
  • Striped Pig;
  • Coupling Tapir;
  • Siamang;
  • Buffalo;
  • Malay Bear and others.

There are quite a lot of snakes on the island, including large ones. Many representatives of flora and fauna Sumatra - endemics.

How to get there

In Sumatra, there are no direct flights from Russia. The flight can be carried out only with transfers. The transplant should be made either in Jakarta (the capital of Indonesia), or on Bali, or in any other country. On Sumatra the largest city is Medan. It is at the airport of this city, tourists arrive most often.

And already coming to the place of recreation. The amount of time that will have to spend in order to get to Sumatra, depends on what city of Russia tourists will fly out, and from the duration of transfers. You can reach the Sumatra and water. On the island of 5 ports. In any of them you can accumulate on a ferry from one of the neighboring countries.

Ferry schedule is better to specify on the carrier's website. The cost of tickets for moving from Moscow to a medal depends on the date of departure, arrival time, quantity and duration of transfers. On average, the road will cost 56-113 thousand rubles. For two adults.


Sumatra is an island, whose length makes somewhat problematic movement on it. All trips around the island are slow, tedious and unsafe.

You can move here:

  • on buses;
  • on railway transport;
  • ferry;
  • taxi;
  • on the shuttle.

To get from the airport to the place of recreation, you can use public transport. A transfer on the flight buses and railway expresses was organized on Sumatra. Expresss go every 30 minutes. A ticket for this transport can cost from 240 to 750 rubles, depending on the destination. Ride on a flight bus will cost an average of 46 rubles.

Public transport walks not around the clock. It is possible to use them only if tourists arrive during the daytime. If the aircraft arrives at night or in the evening, then, most likely, have to do in the medant. You can also use taxi services. The cost of the trip on average will be 360 ​​rubles. But at night, book a taxi is problematic.

Due to long distances, large loads and poor quality of roads, most taxi drivers, for security reasons, avoid night trips. Those tourists who have no wishes to sleep in the medant, will have to work hard to find a driver who will agree to take them to the rest of the rest at the later time. If you find such a taxi driver, you will pay a double, or even triple fee.

Movement on the island on buses has certain nuances. For example, special stops are not provided. Buses stop at demand. In addition to the usual taxi, there is a bee. This is a velaiksha on a three-wheeled bike. It is convenient to move on such a transport, especially where narrow streets, and there is a trip cheap.

In small cities, Sumatra can be moved on horse strollers. But it is worth it is quite expensive. Ferries on Sumatra - not the safest type of transport. It is better to choose more expensive and high-speed ferries. Crossing on this type of slow and cheap transport can be dangerous, especially at night.

Main Attractions

Sumatra is a breathtaking and impressive island. There are a lot of attractions here. For example, you can visit Lake Toba. It is the largest on the island and in all of Southeast Asia. Its length is 100 km. It is located in Parapat. You can get here by taxi or bus. It will take 6 hours to drive from Medan.

The cost of a bus trip is 1500 rubles. A taxi will cost twice as much. On the lake you can walk, admire nature, sail or swim.

The Buddhist temple complex of Muara Jambi will be of interest to lovers of architectural monuments. The complex was built in the IX-XIII centuries. It is the largest archaeological site in Sumatra. It is located 28 km from the city of Jambi. The visit to the complex is free. But tourists can make a voluntary donation, which is welcome here.

You can get here by motorcycle taxi, bus or rent a boat. The last option is the most expensive and will cost about 1500 rubles. You can explore the complex on foot or rent a bicycle. Inspection is possible both independently and with a guide. But you have to pay for the services of a guide. A unique place is the Gunung Leser National Park.

It is listed as a World Heritage Site. Here you can walk, admiring the unique nature and watch wild animals: monkeys, rhinos, tigers and others. A rehabilitation center for orangutans has been built here, where they are temporarily kept and then released into the jungle. You can get here by bus or by rented car.

The road from Medan is quite long, it will take 3-4 hours. Buses from Medan to the closest settlement to the park, Bukit Lawang, depart every 30 minutes. You can also use transport such as labi labi or mobil - this is something like minibuses. Renting a car will cost about 1700 rubles. in a day. One of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Sumatra is the Sipiso Piso waterfall.

It is near Lake Toba. Inspection of the waterfall costs about 10 rubles. for children and about 20 rubles. for adults. This is an ideal place to admire the magnificent nature and take gorgeous photos for memory. You can get there by shuttle bus. First you need to get to Kabanyahe, then on another bus to Merek. You can rent a motorbike and go on a trip on your own.

One of the most popular tourist attractions is Fort Marlborough.

It was erected in the 18th century. Today it operates as a museum. Entrance here is inexpensive, about 15 rubles. The fort is open from 8:00 to 18:00. You can get to the fort by the yellow Angkot bus. It is better to sit in it on the territory of Panjang Beach. The fare is about 15 rubles. The fort is located on the main street of the city of Bengkulu.


In Sumatra, every tourist will find interesting types of recreation. Shopping lovers can be advised to visit the largest shopping centers in Sumatra, where you can buy anything you want, and at low prices.

For example:

  • Hermes Place Polonia shopping center (located near Gurdwara University, you can get there on foot, by minibus or from another city by train);
  • Palladium Hypermarket (a giant shopping center near the railway station in Medan, also accessible on foot or by public transport);
  • Sun Plaza shopping center (one of the largest shopping centers, located in the center of the historical part of Medan).

Fans of outdoor activities in Sumatra will also have something to entertain themselves with. You can go on long hikes, take walks along tourist routes. A very popular entertainment among tourists is a trip to the mouth of the volcano. This adventure will last 2 days.

Near Teluk Dalam, there are two beaches (Lagundri and Sorake) where you can go surfing. There are even competitions. These beaches feature world class waves. There is also a surfer school. Another interesting place for surfers is Bava Island. There is a whole camp for surfers. The best way to get from Medan to Bava is by ferry or private boat.

The journey will take 1.5-2 hours. But the winds are strong here, the waves are too, so it is better for beginners to refrain from surfing here. This place is for more advanced athletes. Asu Island is another camping surfers paradise. The height of the waves here reaches 3-4 m. You can get to the island by boat. In addition to surfing, you can have fun with scuba diving, fishing and yoga.

For active travelers there are also such entertainments in Sumatra:

  • diving;
  • boat trips;
  • golf;
  • tracking;
  • tubing;
  • rafting.

The cost of entertainment depends on which island and which park to visit. Groups from 10 people are offered lower prices than single tourists or traveling in a small company. Many guests of Sumatra prefer to relax with their families, bring their children with them. And for little tourists there are also interesting places.

The most important entertainment that travelers with children prefer is water parks. Also for such guests will be interested in zoos, amusement parks and visits to leisure centers where animation programs are offered. The most popular water park - Hairos Water Park in the Medan. There are rides and children and extreme entertainment for adults.

In stock Water slides, pools. Great place to go away with children - Penangkaran Buya Asam Kumbang. This is a crocodile farm. Here you can look at exotic animals, feed them and make photos for memory. Great place - Pematang Siantar Zoo in Pempancyantar.

This is a zoo, where you can admire the peacocks, giraffes, crocodiles, zebras, camels and other animals. You will enjoy young tourists and the Bukit Naang Park, where you need to move around the cable cars. And this is not a complete list of interesting places for tourists traveling with children.


There are quite a few places on the island of Sumyra, where you can go on an interesting excursion. Here are the ruins of ancient temples, and palaces, and objects of untouched nature. Every city has something to see. Sumatra is an island with a rich history, unique culture and amazingly beautiful nature. The choice of tourists is huge.

For example, you can go on the following excursions:

  • to Krakataau volcano;
  • in the cave of volatile mice;
  • To Lake Ranaau.

It should be remembered that only Indonesian rupees are taken to pay on Sumatra. Therefore, before going to any excursion, it is necessary to take care that the local currency is in the presence.

Volcano Krakataau

This volcano is one of the most active. It is known throughout the world in that in the distant 1883, his eruption of tremendous strength occurred. About 40,000 people died. Is Krakatau between the Sumature and the island of Jawa. On the excursion here you can go from any city Sumatra. You can order a tour to the volcano in any tour desk and at the hotel.

The cost of excursion from $ 100 per person. A trip to Krakataau begins at 5 o'clock in the morning, tourists are returned to the hotel in the evening. Guests during an excursion rise to the volcano. Under the legs of hot black sand, from under the ground go smoke. But it is impossible to come to the crater itself because the sand under his feet is thinned there.

Sumatra, Island. Volcano Krakatau.

There are also night tours to the volcano. They are interested in what you can see how the splashes of a split lava are escaping from the erail of the volcano.

The cave of volatile mice

This place is popular due to the fact that it is possible to observe the volatile mice here in the conditions of their natural habitat. On the way to the cave, tourists will move through the groves of Durian trees and rubber plantations. This will allow you to get acquainted closer with the unique nature of the island. The cave, where bats live, occupies a territory of 500 m2.

Mice there are thousands. There is an attraction in the village of Bukit Lavang. You can buy tickets for a tour in the hotel, in any sightseeing bureau or order transport right in the very reserve. You need to take a flashlight. Shoes should be comfortable, as it will have to walk quite a lot. The cost of the excursion is about 1500 rubles.

Lake Ranaau

This is the second in size on Sumatra Lake. Here you can admire the luxurious landscapes that look completely unreal, as if from a fantastic film. During the excursion you can go to the cafe and try dishes from local, incredibly delicious fish, as well as fishermen to purchase such fish.

There are two ways to get to the reserve: as part of the excursion group, either independently, taking a car. The cost of visiting the lake is only about 5 rubles. If you travel by car, you will also need to pay for the parking lot - about 20 rubles.


Hotels Sumatra

Sumatra is the island, the length of which provides him with a large territory and, therefore, the hotels here are quite a lot - the choice of tourists is large. There are hotels with different stars, expensive and budget. Rooms in them differ in comfort, the number of rooms, views from the window.

In each hotel, it is assumed a certain set of free and paid additional services. Some hotels have their own entertainment for guests of guests.

The most popular hotels in Sumatra tourists:

  • Aston Palembang Hotel & Conference Center;
  • Mercure Padang 4 *.

Aston Palembang Hotel & Conference Center

This hotel is located in Palambang. It has 4 * and is one of the best hotels in Sumatra. There is a hotel in the very center of the city, just a few minutes walk from the main square. Getting here from the airport is the most convenient, using the transfer service.

All rooms are decorated in classic style, cozy and comfortable. Guest rooms have everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Tourists are offered the following services:

  • free parking;
  • sauna;
  • Wi-Fi (free);
  • basin;
  • fitness center;
  • transfer;
  • tour desk and so on.

The hotel has its own restaurant, where meals are organized for vacationers. The cost of the tour includes breakfast (Swedish table). Lunches and dinners can be ordered at the restaurant for an additional fee. The menu includes seafood dishes, light snacks, as well as European dishes.

The hotel provides 3 types of rooms:

  • deluxe (double with 2 single beds or 1 double bed);
  • junior suite (with 1 king size bed);
  • Executive Suite (Twin Beds).

The cost of living starts from 3000 rubles. per person per night.

Swiss-Belinn Medan

This hotel is located in the largest city of the island - in Medan. It is located 45 min. drive from the airport. The most convenient way to get from the airport to the hotel is to order a transfer. The hotel rooms are equipped with everything you need, including a coffee maker and slippers.

The hotel offers its guests the following additional services:

  • gym;
  • massage;
  • travel agency;
  • dry cleaning;
  • laundry;
  • free parking;
  • currency exchange;
  • ATM;
  • delivery of breakfasts and lunches to the rooms;
  • car rental;
  • spa and more.

The hotel has its own restaurant, where meals are organized for guests. Dishes for vacationers are offered both local cuisine and European. The cost of breakfast (buffet) 472 rubles. Within walking distance from the hotel there are many shops with a variety of goods, restaurants, pharmacies.

Room types:

  • economy;
  • superior double room;
  • double deluxe;
  • lux.

The cost of accommodation in economy rooms is 2123 rubles. per day. Breakfast is not included. The cost of living in a superior room is 2453 rubles. per day. Breakfast must be paid extra. Accommodation in a deluxe room will cost 2,925 rubles. In this case, breakfast is included in the price. The price for the superior deluxe is 3,396 rubles. Breakfast is also included in the price.

Mercure Padang 4*

This hotel is one of the best in Sumatra. It is located in the city of Padang. The location of the hotel is just perfect - in the very center of the city. From the airport to the hotel 45 min. ride. Getting it best to use the transfer service that the hotel offers. You can order it immediately when booking numbers. Transfer is charged additionally.

The hotel has modern rooms with an elegant interior and with all amenities. Guest rooms have a great view of the pool or ocean.

Services that can be obtained at the hotel:

  • Spa;
  • Hall for fitness;
  • sauna;
  • swimming pool;
  • massage;
  • car rental;
  • Barbecue Accessories;
  • Wellness services;
  • Entertainment programs with live music and others.

The hotel has its own restaurant, where guests are offered breakfasts on the buffet system. Breakfasts are not included in the price, they will need to make an additional fee for them if the tourist plans to eat at the hotel's restaurant. Breakfast cost 613 rubles. You can also order lunch and dinner restaurant.

Room Types:

  • Superior Double with 2 Single Beds (Cost of 5279 rubles per day);
  • Superior Double Room with 1 Double Bed (cost 5,850 rubles per day);
  • Deluxe with 1 king-size bed and overlooking the window on the ocean (costs 6322 rubles per day);
  • Junior Suite with 1 Huge Double Bed (7166 rubles per day);
  • Suite (accommodation in 7737 rubles per day).

What to bring as a souvenir

on Sumatra quite a few stores, markets and other outlets. There you can buy anything. In assortment both cheap clothing and elite perfumery. As souvenirs, guests of the island prefer to buy most often handmade craft products. For example, umbrellas from the Sun or Figurines made of wood.

Prices on Sumatra are pretty democratic. Even a budget tourist will be able to acquire souvenirs by means. You can bargain with merchants. But they do not make big discounts, as the earnings are low and trade here is a way to get additional income.

The cost of tours to the island of Sumatra

Sumatra island (the length of it is a distinctive feature), where many operators organize tours.

The cost of recreation depends on the number of nights, the type of power, comfort of numbers, the hotel and other factors:

(285])Tours on Sumatra in 2019 with departure from Moscow for 2 adult tourists Hotel Number of stars Number of nights Power type Showing Price Pondok Sari2 *7breakfasts-91 460 rub.LEGIAN VILLAGE3 *7breakfasts-92 362 rub.Amandari5 *7breakfastView from the room to the garden93 494 rub.TRUMBU NUSA4 *7breakfast-95 477 rub.NEW ASTA GRAHA HOMESTAY3 *7breakfasts-96 473 rub.Melasti Beach Resort & SPA3 *7breakfasts-95 139 rub.Sari Segara Resort3 *7breakfasts-98 186 rub.Palm Beach3 *7breakfast-94 860 rub.IDA2 *7breakfast-98 260 rub.The Batu Belig Hotel & Spa2 *7breakfasts-95 931 rub.Champlung MAS3 *7breakfast-96 608 rub.maxonehotels.com3 *7breakfasts-95 322 rub.DEWI SRI COTTAGES2 *7breakfast-112 325 rub.SWISS-Belhotel Tuban4 *7breakfast-116 972 rub.The Sun Hotel & Spa4 *7breakfast-99 269 rub.The Radiant Resort3 *7breakfast-123 232 rub.SWISS-Belhotel Rainforest4 *7breakfasts-101 436 rub.PURI BAMBU3 *7breakfasts-117 545 rub.Tijili Benoa4 *7breakfasts-120 186 rub.EVERYDAY SMART Hotel2 *7breakfasts-104 850 rub.Bakungs Beach Hotel3 *7breakfasts-123 232 rub.Santika Siligita Hotel3 *7breakfasts-100 640 rub.Tusita3 *7breakfasts-111 073.FourtEEN ROSES BEACH3 *7breakfasts-110 782 rub.SWISS-Belhotel Segara4 *8breakfast + dinnerRooms with View from Pool windows126 152 rub.SWISS-BelResort Pecatu4 *8breakfast + dinner-130 187 rub.

Sumatra is an amazing island in Indonesia. And it differs not only by the fact that he has a record length. First of all, it is a very beautiful place. Here you can enjoy nature, see many attractions and become a participant in the real adventure.

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