Ski resort Tsakhkadzor, Armenia. Scheme of descents, photos, hotels, prices, how to get

The Alpine Ski Resort of Armenia Tsakhkadzor is very popular. Soft winter climate, mountain air, a variety of ski trails, excellent service will give an unforgettable impression.

Location of the Tsakhkadzor ski resort in Armenia

Ski resort Tsakhkadzor (Armenia) is located near the capital of the country. From Yerevan to the resort only 60 km drive. The town is located 1.7 km above sea level. From the famous Yerevan Airport - Zvartnuts - to Tsakhkadzor there is only 70 km of way. Through the entire Tsakhkadzor, hens his waters of the Marmarik River.

From the Armenian language, the word "Tsakhkadzor" means "the valley of colors". In the summer, the town, founded at the foot of the TEGENIS Mountain, turns into a flowering mountain valley, which is decorated with thick mixed forests. And in winter, this picturesque place turns into a ski resort.


The highest point of riding is located at an altitude of 2819 m. You can admire the stunning landscape, see the famous Ararat and Lake Sevan.

Weather at the resort

The warmest time in Tsakhkadzor - July-August. The average daily temperature is 22.6 degrees, and the average night temperature is 10.3 degrees. Plus air temperature in this area is saved from May to November. During this period in Tsakhkadzor, heat. And from mid-December to the beginning of April, cold come in these places, the temperature remains minus.

The coldest month in Tsakhkadzor is January. The average daily and night temperature indicators are -4.5 degrees and -11 degrees, respectively. Winter on the Tsakhkadzor is soft. The thermometer column at this time is lowered at least -15 degrees. The greatest amount of precipitation falls in May. The least amount of precipitation can be observed in November: the average is 26.6 mm.

How to get to the resort

You can get to Tsaghkadzor through Yerevan. The cheapest way to get to the capital of Armenia is by intercity bus. Routes depart from different cities of Russia to Yerevan. And the fastest way is to go by plane. There are regular flights to the capital from many Russian cities, for example, from Moscow, Kazan, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don.

There are three ways to get from Zvartnots airport to the ski resort:

  1. .) or order a minivan for 7 seats (4,500 rubles). The road will take an hour and a little. For those who travel with their sports equipment, this is an ideal option.
  2. The option is not the easiest, but more budgetary - to get to your destination with transfers. First, leave the airport for the city center by bus or taxi. The fare is 35 rubles. And then from the center of Yerevan get to the stop "Raykom". Buses numbered 14, 46, 259 run along this route. The fare on this route will be 14 rubles. And already from the stop "Raykom" go to Tsakhkadzor: regular routes run 5-6 times a day. Travel time will be just over an hour, and a ticket will cost 1,400 rubles. Also from this stop you can get to Hrazdan - the regional center, located near the ski resort. Shuttle buses in this direction run every hour. From Hrazdan to Tsaghkadzor you can go on foot or take a taxi.
  3. The cheapest is to take an intercity bus at the Yerevan bus station, for example, following the route Yerevan - Moscow or Yerevan - Ufa. Buses make a stop in Hrazdan. The cost of a bus ticket is from 2000 rubles.

Maps, schemes of trails

The total length of trails in the ski resort of Tsaghkadzor is more than 30 km. The length of the territory where you can ride is 1.9 - 2.8 km. The height difference is 0.8 km.

Average length of tracks:

  • first station — 1.4 km;
  • second station — 1.6 km;
  • third station — 2.5 km, 2.6 km, 2.7 km;
  • fourth station — 2.2 km, 2.4 km.
Tsakhkadzor ski resort is a popular place. A trail map will help beginners navigate the terrain.

The slope of the mountain, on which skiers can try their hand, consists of three parts:

  • upper - black slopes, ski lift 1 km. Steep turns and descents on the track. During the descent from the slope there is the probability of breaking from the cliff or stumble on large boulders at the edges.
  • Average - for calm riding, lift chair 0.8 km. The row is smooth, however, during riding you need to be attentive, as there are also interesting and places here. The length of the route is approximately 3 km, and the width is not less than 0.3 km.
  • Lower - on this site requires high ski technology, as it is located in a deep and long depression at the bottom, the chair lift is 9 km. There are bohege on the lift. This route for lovers of extreme riding and acute sensations: there is a sports chute, a slopes with a steep angle, a ten meter cornice. And most importantly - if climbing on the top of this highway, you can admire the majestic Ararat!


The cableway, built by the Italian company, meets all modern requirements: the high-speed chair elevator with heated seats.

Total on the cableway five lifts:

  • The first lift is a four-seater chair. It rises to a height of 1137 m. In one hour, the lift raises 1,200 people;
  • The second lift is a double chair. It rises to a height of 1458 m. In one hour, the lift copes with transportation of 800 people;
  • The third lift is also a double chair. Rises at 1624 m. In one hour can cope with transportation of 800 people;
  • Fourth lift - double chair, transporting 800 people per hour. Rises to a height of 926 m;

Fifth lift - double. It is launched relatively recently. Provided for beginners to ski. Rises at a height of 1030 m and transports 800 people in one hour.

The length of the cable car, M height from the sea level, M
11371969 - 2233
13882233 - 2476
16242475 - 2819
9262210 - 2354
2672263 - 2530

General description of the resort

The ski resort Tsakhkadzor (Armenia) is distinguished by picturesque views, a favorable climate, fresh mountain air, outstanding relief. This place has for sports pastime: in winter you can ride not only on skis, but also on a snowboard, and when warmth, you can practice climbing, bicycle rides, mountain tourism, safaris on SUVs.

For people who are not familiar with skiing, it is proposed to learn this from professional instructors and ride under their supervision.

The rescue service is always on duty in Tsaghkadzor in case of injury. In addition, each station has its own first-aid post.

The cost of training, skiing

Tsakhkadzor ski resort (Armenia) has affordable prices. The resort has the opportunity to rent sports equipment and equipment at specially organized points. The range of products is quite wide, there is a decent choice. The cost of equipment rental is moderate. The price for renting equipment in European resorts is an order of magnitude higher.

Hire of boots and mountain skis will cost about 500 rubles. in a day. it is possible to hire an instructor: the cost of an hour of classes with a professional is approximately 1,500 rubles. Instructors teach both adults and children; work with both beginners and amateurs. During the high season, prices for services may rise.

Cable car tickets will cost the following:

  • 2 days – 2,200 rub.;
  • 3 days - 3,200 rubles;
  • 7 days - 6,800 rubles;
  • 1 month - 18,000 rubles;
  • Seasonal - 34,500 rubles.

Hotels, living conditions, cost

There are many hotels on the territory of the resort, so the tourist can choose a place of residence at an affordable cost.

Marriott Tsaghkadzor 5*

This is the newest high-class complex. The hotel has a hundred apartments and seven villas, each with five rooms. Almost all rooms have balconies.

Estimated cost of accommodation (accommodation is paid on the spot):

Room type Cost, rub.
standard9 600
deluxe11 200
suites27 200
Royal suites40 000
king villa8 000
deluxe villa10 300

Breakfast for two persons included. If desired, you can purchase full board or half board (Additional charge). Guests also have free access to the entertainment center, swimming pool or gym. Wi-Fi is available for all guests.


Marriott signature beds are featured in the apartment. The rooms are equipped with all the necessary furniture and items for the convenience of guests.

There are several restaurants and bars in the hotel complex. For events, a conference room is available to accommodate up to 400 people. Game rooms are organized for children. There is a SPA where you can take relaxing and intake treatments.

Golden Palace 5 *

Golden Palace Hotel Resort is located near the resort, surrounded by a magnificent scenery.

The estimated cost of accommodation in the apartment is shown in the table (taxes are included):

Number the cost of placement, rub.
Single Standardfrom 7870
Double Standardfrom 7870
Classic numberfrom 8670
Deluxe numberfrom 10670
Tower Sweet Twinfrom 12 270
Junior Suitefrom 20 800
Senior Suitefrom 30 400
Apartmentfrom 38 670

Breakfast included in the rate. Also guests can also visit Hamam, sauna, jacuzzi. In addition, guests can engage in the gym and swim in the pool. And for children there are playrooms.

Children under 10 years old without an additional bedroom can accommodate apartments for free. And if necessary, additional beds - additionally paid accommodation per person per day.

Guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi in the entire hotel.

for a comfortable stay of vacationers, the apartments are equipped with the most necessary. Non-smoking people organized individual rooms. At the reception always employs responsive employees of the hotel. In Golden Palace Hotel, if necessary, you can exchange currency. In addition, there is a parking lot, a business center. Works sports equipment.

And for the guests of Royal Suite and President Suite, fresh fruits in the apartment are available daily. Taking care of people with guests to Golden Palace Hotel, the hotel administration organized the possibility of free transportation on transport throughout the Tsakhkadzor.

On the territory of Golden Palace, guests can visit such institutions as:

  • The restaurant in which delicious dishes are served;
  • cigar bar - for cigar lovers there are a wide range, cocktails, drinks;
  • Lobby Bar - Premium establishment with a high level of service;
  • Children's room in which you can leave kids under the supervision of experienced nanny;
  • 3 conference rooms: Small - accommodates a maximum of 6 people; Medium - capacity up to 30 people; big - accommodates up to 100 people;
  • Billiard room - here you can try your hand in a wide variety of types of this game;
  • SPA - are offered relaxing, leaving procedures and massages;
  • A large gym, where you can play both in active sports and work on the simulators;
  • Modern Swimming Pool;
  • Hamam;
  • Sauna.

Russia 5 *

The hotel meets all modern requirements. The hotel was founded in the center of the resort town. Nearby is a cable car. Rooms - 64 apartments.

Approximate cost of accommodation:

Type of rooms Cost, rub.
Singlefrom 4000
Doublefrom 6670
Family Suitefrom 8000
Junior Suitefrom 10670
Luxfrom 14670
presidentialfrom 17330

The cost of accommodation includes the following services:

  • Power supply three times a day;
  • Rest room;
  • visiting the gym;
  • the possibility of visiting the pool;
  • Cinema;
  • Children's Entertainment Room;
  • Maf-club;
  • Parking.

In the hotel, Russia provides for transportation of holidaymakers both to the cable car and in the resort town: it has at its disposal a capacity of up to 20 people. Also here you can rent sports equipment.

The following places will be provided in the hotel with joy:

  • The restaurant in which Armenian cuisine is offered, as well as European dishes;
  • Gym Equipped with Modern Equipment;
  • room for children;
  • Big Cinema, where you can enjoy watching interesting films;
  • Children's room, where you can leave children for a while. Behind the children is supervised by a professional nanny;
  • Rest room, where you can relax to calm music to play intellectual or board games;
  • conference room, with a capacity of up to 70 people;
  • Maf Club - "Mafia" Placement, all inherent attributes are provided.

Multi REST House 5 *

Hotel declares itself as a world-class hotel, which corresponds to. Families and business people are resting here.

Approximate cost of accommodation in apartments (with taxes):

Number type Cost, rub.
Double Standard5330
Classic suite6670
Junior Suite8000
Cottage (capacity up to 4 people)13330
Cottage (capacity up to 6 people)16000
Cottage (capacity up to 10 people)20000

Breakfasts are included in the price. For children under 6 years old, additional payment is required. If you need an extra bed, then you will have to pay. All rooms are equipped with necessary for guests.

Here you can also exchange currency and quickly remove cash. Administrators of the hotel will always be helped at the front desk and will be found. If necessary, you can use nanny services to take care of children.

Also on site can be visited:

  • Restaurant "Golden Lion";
  • Summer cafe;
  • Bar "Pascucci".

For active leisure lovers, everything is also provided for the opportunity to play active sports games (basketball, tennis, billiards, volleyball).

Chief Sport Complex 4 *

The complex is predominantly calculated for guests-athletes, but other guests at the hotel will also be welcome.

The estimated cost of accommodation in the apartment (taxes are included):

(365]) Cost, rub.
Number type
Suite quadruplefrom 10270 (full board - 13200)

Breakfasts are included in the price. Possible purchase is possible - full board.

In the luxury rooms in the apartment price includes access to the Internet, visiting the swimming pool, as well as ski pass.

Accommodation in children up to three years old for free.

The total number of rooms in the hotel includes 183 apartments, of which:

  • 99 - single numbers;
  • 64 - double rooms;
  • 20 - Suite numbers.

All rooms are equipped with the necessary items for the comfort of guests. The double room and suite has a fridge, a wardrobe. Suite has a balcony, three rooms, two sofas, computers, jacuzzi.

Additional entertainment and services:

  • Restaurant of Armenian and European cuisines;
  • bar;
  • swimming pool;
  • Conference room up to 30 people.

Alva 4 *

The modern holiday home of the Alva cottage type is located at an altitude of 2 km above sea level and 150 m from the ski slope. From here, holidaymakers can reach the cable car even on skis. The complex includes 3 single-storey buildings and 2 separate quadruple houses.

The rest house provides the services of an instructor for mountain skiing. In addition, there are trails for sleds and tubing on the territory, and there is also your bougiel lift.

The estimated cost of living in the holiday home (taxes are included):

numbers Cost, rub.
Double junior suitefrom 2 670
Quadruple cottagefrom 5330

The price includes breakfast, visiting the pool and billiard room. Children under 3 years old stay free.

The rest house is designed for 60 vacationers, and includes:

  • 18 double rooms with an area of ​​30 sq.m.;
  • 2 cottage of 60 sq.m.

Each room is equipped with:

  • Modern furniture;
  • shower;
  • Mini Bar;
  • TV.

There is a restaurant where you can taste a variety of Armenian dishes. There is also a bar, table tennis and billiards on site.

Kecharis 4*

The hotel is located 2 km from the cable car. It is possible to rent sports equipment directly at the hotel. Suitable for families with children and for business people.

Estimated cost of living for two people (VAT included):

Room ) Cost, rub.
standardfrom 2930
superiorfrom 3200
family dullexfrom 3600
junior suitefrom 4400
junior suitefrom 5870
royal suite40000

Breakfast included in the price numbers. Free Wi-Fi and a children's room are also available for guests. There is no extra charge for children under 3 years of age in the rooms.

Kecharis has 34 comfortable rooms, of which:

  • economy class — 8 numbers;
  • business class — 4 rooms;
  • junior suite — 2 rooms;
  • duplex - 12 numbers;
  • suite — 8 rooms.

For the comfort and entertainment of vacationers, as well as for their pleasant pastime, Kecharis has organized:

  • establishments where you can eat and drink deliciously: 2 restaurants, 4 bars;
  • places where you can have fun and have a good time: ballroom, bowling, tennis, billiards.

Alpina Tsaghkadzor 4*

You can quickly get to the cable car from the hotel: they are only 2 km away. Alpina Tsaghkadzor accommodates 152 people. In the hotel complex you can rent both rooms and cottages for 4 to 10 people. The rooms and cottages have everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Cottages are two-storey wooden buildings with several rooms. The more rooms and amenities in the apartment, the higher the cost of living. As in all hotels, you can pay for your stay in local currency.

Estimated cost of the room/cottage in rubles:

Number ) Cost, rub.
Double Standard4800
Double junior suite6000
Triple Room6670
Triple Suite7330
Suite with kitchen7330
cottage (by 4 people)5330
Cottage Junior Suite (on 4 people)6000
Luxury cottage (for 4 people)6670
Cottage Suite (for 6 people)8670
cottage (per 8)6670
cottage (per 10 people)6670
Cottage Junior Suite (by 10 people)10670

The cost of the room / cottage includes breakfast. Three-meter is available for a fee. It is possible to accommodate an additional bed at an additional fee. All apartments have everything you need for a comfortable stay on vacation. The hotel complex is organized leisure for its guests.

However, all additional services are not included in the price and are charged separately. Fans of exquisite dishes and drinks can visit restaurants and bars, discos. Also holidaymakers can visit the fitness center, swimming pool, spa. If necessary, guests can rent vehicles, use parking, conference rooms, laundry facilities.

What a tourist is viewed next to the resort

The ski resort Tsakhkadzor (Armenia) is an excellent place in which historical and natural attractions are concentrated:

  • The cable car leads to the top of Tehenis. From the highest point, like on the palm, you can see all the magnificence of incomparable mountainous Armenia.
  • Museum of the Orbell Brothers is an informative museum with interesting excursions. Great place for cultural recreation.
  • Kepless Monastery - represents a whole complex of four churches, two chapels, an ancient cemetery of the 16th century. The base of the monastery dates back to the 11th century.
  • Church of St. Harutyuna is a small Armenian church, the beginning of its construction is the 13th century.
  • In the summer, the riot of greens and beautiful flavors in the "Valley of Flowers" attract many tourists. And closer to the end of summer, and autumn time is a great period for hiking or bicycles.

The cost of tours to the resort Tsakhkadzor

The cost of recreation in the resort on a person depends on which services it claims to. In addition, prices may vary depending on the season. An overview of prices for accommodation in several hotels, rental of sports equipment, as well as the cost of tickets to the track are given above.

Useful information for tourists

The ski resort is located in Armenia, so it is advisable to exchange money for local currency. Paying in Tsakhkadzor should be done in cash in drams. To enter the country it is enough to have a passport, a visa is not required.

Tsakhkadzor is famous for its climate: due to the combination of factors such as altitude, mountain air, coniferous forests, the general well-being of a person in the resort improves markedly. In Tsaghkadzor, there is no additional lighting on the slopes, and it is not recommended to ride during fog.

Safety measures for holidaymakers at the resort are provided: the legs of the lifts are covered with mats, fences and warning signs are installed.

Tsakhkadzor is a great place for skiing holidays. The resort is undoubtedly the winter pearl of beautiful Armenia.

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