Sanatoriums of Sudak with treatment of the musculoskeletal system

Sudak - a small city on the Black Sea coast in the Crimea, the number of inhabitants is 16 thousand people. It has only a few sanatoriums with a modern medical database. All Sudak Sanatoriums with treatment are on the first line near the sea and are surrounded by parks.

Features of treatment and recreation

The main therapeutic factor of Sudak - climate. The city is covered by the wind of a mountain varnish, so it reigns clean wet air filled with the evaporation of the sea and growing in the juniper region.

Winter in Sudak Soft, minus temperatures are only in late January-February. The sea does not freeze. Spring comes at the end of March, already in May open the bathing season when the sea is heated to + 16-180C, and air to + 22-250S. 20]

Sanatorium Sudak with the treatment of various ailments of the musculoskeletal system, the gastrointestinal tract

The climatic summer in Sudak lasts from mid-May to mid-October. At this time, the air temperature reaches + 27-350C, water in the sea + 22-250C. The rains are rare. Autumn comes in October, in November there are often showers and cloudy days. The air temperature decreases to + 7-90S.

Many sadly peaks work year-round. In the "low" season, late autumn and in winter, the cost of accommodation is reduced, it is easier to visit excursions, in cafes and restaurants less visitors.

Sudak sanatoriums with treatment specialize in various diseases of the respiratory organs, take guests with impairment of the musculoskeletal system. Rehabilitation programs are compiled taking into account local climatic resources and use Saki mud and mineral water.

In the few health resorts of Sudak, it is proposed not only to undergo a healing course and improve health, but also to have a good time. The sanatoriums have their own beaches and prepare for guests saturated cultural program.


in Sudak a few sanatoriums with treatment, and the most famous of them - the tourist and wellness complex "Sudak".

The hull of the health care is surrounded by a park, which is a monument to park art. In 1947, the park of 17 hectares is unique with a collection of rare and red-born plants, it is decorated with fountains, bridges over decorative pools, grottoes, cascades. The park goes to the shore of the Black Sea and borders on the embankment.

Healthcarebed specializes in the treatment of various ailments of the musculoskeletal system, the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory organs, as well as diseases of the nervous system and skin. The effectiveness of the procedures provide the used methods and technologies, such as heat collecting paraffin and ozokerite, hardware physiotherapy, singlent-oxygen therapy and inhalation.

Doctors practice quantum therapy, balneo- and hydrotherapy. Guests are offered to undergo a course of therapeutic massage and mechanotherapy, visit the salt cave, make mud appliqués. In the sanatorium use mineral water, the windows of which is located in a sanatorium park.

The cost of therapeutic programs begins from 130 rubles: massage will cost 250 rubles, therapeutic shower at 170-200 rubles, mud wraps 400 rubles, physiotics 130-200 rubles.

Full holiday, recovery and treatment are impossible without comfortable conditions for stay. On the territory there are 11 residential buildings with high-rise from 1 to 8 floors. Some buildings are located 50-200 meters from the sea, others are built in the depths of the park.

The number of rooms consists of rooms of categories Standard and Suite:

  • 1-room standard for 1-2 guests cost from 2200-2750 rubles;
  • 2-room standard for 2 guests at a price of 2450 rubles;
  • 2 and 3-room suite cost from 4050-5250 rubles.

All rooms are equipped with a refrigerator, air conditioning, TV. The rooms have loggias or balconies. Furniture has 1 or 2 bedroom beds, a desk with a mirror, a hanger. The suites are highlighted bedrooms and living rooms, there are loggias.

The cost of rooms is influenced by the season and the number of guests living, as well as the selected case. The minimum prices are installed in the period from October to June, the maximum - from mid-July to the end of August. The price of the health trips includes accommodation, food, animation, visits to the library, pools and the beach, physiotherapy and the reception of mineral water.

On the territory of the sanatorium there are 2 restaurants - "Consul", "Silk Road" and a cafe "Winter". The restaurants serve on a customized menu, a buffet system operates in the cafe. Breakfast

In the Szhanka Shopping Center on the territory of the sanatorium, a cafe is open, which will delight resting live music and a rich assortment. In the sanatorium there are bar institutions "Beer" and "Coffee", Cafe "Fortation" and "Funny".

in the sanatorium to the services of vacationers:

  1. Museum. Talks about the history of the city.
  2. Park. 3 terrencours of varying complexity was laid. One of the pair zone decorations is a sculpture B. Pork "Abduction of Europe".
  3. Air-conditioned gym, in which there are halls for yoga and aerobics. Located in the fitness center.
  4. Also in the fitness center there is a complex of bath crops - there is a sauna, steam room and hammam, a living room, massage and showers with different types of souls, solarium.
  5. The indoor pool in the fitness center is filled with sea water. Its length is 25 m and depth 1.5-3 m.
  6. The seasonal outdoor pool is divided into 3 zones: adult, children's and to occupy aquaaerobic. Its parameters 40x18 m. Near the water bowl is arranged places of recreation, there are showers, locker rooms, cafes, toilet.
  7. Beauty salon, grocery and souvenir shop, inventory rental.
  8. Summer Indoor Film Concert Hall at 1700 seats.
  9. There was a place at the sports grounds: there are tennis courts and billiards.

Current "Sudak" often becomes a venue for events of various formats. On the territory built a business center in which 4 conference rooms were created, lecture audiences with a necessary technical equipment, there is a club.

For kids, a playground is made in the shade of trees, and a game room is arranged in one of the buildings. In the summer period, vacationers are invited to participate in animation programs. There are more than 40 sightseeing routes around the city and Crimea in health.

The length of the beach "Sudak" is 550 m, near the sea are located canopies, umbrellas under which lounge chairs are placed. There is a toilet, showers and locker rooms on the beach. Near the beach is renting boats and boats.

Book a room in a sanatorium on the official website, ordering a call back or writing a letter. Those who wish can contact +7 (978) 017-45-50. In case there are free places on the selected dates in the sanatorium, the booking service will send an account for the payment of accommodation. Sanatorium is located in the center of Sudak on the street. Lenin, 89.


Senakian sanatoriums with treatment are in picturesque places, and "Star" is no exception. The sanatorium is located in the city center, 200 meters from Lenin's main street and 1 km from the embankment.

the hulls are surrounded by a 4-hectare fleet of 4 hectares, which is another healing factor, because coniferous trees have been growing in it - Crimean pine, cypresses, cedars, juniper, thui.

respiratory organs and the musculoskeletal system are the specializations of "star". Who wishes are a secreting course. In a multidisciplinary medical center, a physiotherapy department, a mud, massage room, inhalete, are open.

The following treatment methods are used in healthy:

  • therapeutic physical education;
  • Massage;
  • magnetotherapy;
  • bioptrore;
  • ultrasound and laser;
  • neurostimulation;
  • mud appliqués;
  • physiothereders;
  • inhalation;
  • Spelotherapy.

Therapeutic measures are not included in the cost of placement, guests of the health resort can pay them separately. The cost of inspection by experts is 150-350 rubles., Physiotherapy, inhalation, neurostimulation and freedom from 150 rubles., Massage from 200 rubles, mud applications from 350 rubles.

Resters provide rooms in a modern 5-storey building with 2 elevators. The building was reconstructed in 2006, and in 2018 the number of rooms was updated.

In the sanatorium there are categories of the standard:

  • 1, 2 and 3-seater;
  • 2 and 3-seater plus;
  • Superior 2 and 3-seater.

Light one-room standards with access to the balconies are furnished with a minimal set of furniture: there are single beds with couches, desktop and mirror, wardrobe for things. As an additional bedroom, a chair-bed or Euro club is offered.

There is a hanger in a small hallway. From home appliances in the rooms are presented with TV, mini fridge, air conditioning, an electric kettle and a hairdryer is offered. In the toilet room, which is in every room, has a shower, toilet, sink.

Also in the sanatorium there are family rooms of high comfort. They consist of 2 rooms, in one there is a double bed, then a living room with an LCD TV and a large refrigerator is made. The room has air conditioning, electric kettle, set of dishes, iron. Separate bathroom is equipped with a shower and sink, there is a hairdryer.

The cost of accommodation in the Sanatorium "Star" depends on the season and choosing the type of power. Vacationers will offer a full board, two-time nutrition or breakfast.

Prices for posting 1 guest with full board are presented in table :

Room category May May-June June-July July -Avugust September October
Standard 1, 2-seater3700 rubles.4400 rubles.5000 rubles.5600 rubles.4400 rubles.3000 rub.
Standard 3-seater5550 rubles.6600 rubles.7500 rub.8400 rub.5500 rub.4500 rub.
Standard plus 2-seater4100 rubles.5000 rubles.5400 rub.6400 rubles.5000 rubles.4000 rubles.
Standard plus 3-seater6150 rub.7500 rub.8100 rubles.9600 rub.7500 rubles.6000 rubles.
Superior4500 rub.5600 rubles.6400 rub.7000 rubles.5000 rubles.4400 rubles.
Family4000 rubles.4500 rub.5000 rubles.6500 rubles.5000 rubles.4000 rubles.

With single placement in the room of any category, the cost of a ticket increases. Children under 4 are accepted for free, but they are not provided with a separate place and nutrition. Children under the age of 13 relies a discount of 10-20% depending on the number of accompanying persons and category numbers. Sanatorium traditionally offers a discount on holiday in September.

The cost of the junction acquired for the period of June-September, the following options include:

  • Accommodation;
  • Power on the selected type;
  • Reception by a specialist doctor, several wellness procedures;
  • Animation;
  • Billiards, Table Tennis, Street Simulators;
  • visiting the outdoor pool;
  • sports grounds;
  • Children's playground and gaming room.

In the Sanatorium "Star" vacationers are offered 3 types of food: breakfast, breakfast + dinner or three meal. Guests are invited to the dining room, where the custom menu is available to their services, and for children - specially prepared for children. The dining room is located in a separate building and is connected to the sleeping case with a warm transition.

Spacious room equipped with air conditioning system is designed for landing 540 people. You can pay for food at the settlement: Breakfast and dinner are worth 200 rubles., Lunch - 250 rubles., 3-meals goal costs 650 rubles. per person.

Pension Pension "Star", Sudak

Sanatorium Sudak with treatment, such as "Star", offer their guests Use additional services for a fee, among them:

  • Parking (150 rubles);
  • Tennis Court;
  • mini-safe;
  • gym;
  • Procedures in the Medical Center;
  • Excursions.

The conditions for a comfortable stay in nature have been created in "Star". An outdoor pool with fresh water with an area of ​​600 square meters.m is surrounded by greens. The pool is divided into 3 zones: for children, adults and hydromassage. In an adult part, the depth of the pool is 1.2-1.5 m, in the children's - 0.4 m.

near the water location there is a platform for relaxation with canopies and sun loungers. Nearby is a summer bar, which offers hot and cold drinks, snacks. In the summer period (from June to late September), an animation is carried out in the sanatorium.

There are sites in the park where you can play sports, including a mini-football, a location with street simulators and tennis courts are made. Maintain a good physical form, guests can in the covered gym. There is a cinema hall, designed for 370 seats, as well as a library and an Internet cafe.

It is thought out in the "star" and children's recreation system: the kids are intended for an open playground and a games room in which children are located together with a professional educator. For children, animation is held from May 20 to October 15.

Those who wish to visit the beaches in the Valley of Megan or Sunny can use the free shuttle service. Buses are sent on schedule several times a day.

Order number, clarify questions of interest to accommodation or treatment, by calling the booking service +7 (978) 082-60-18, +8 (36566) 3-20-91 or + 8 800 775 -12-55. To discuss the time of arrival or transfer is offered with the duty administrator who takes calls around the clock by phone +8 800 775-12-55.

All topical information on the activities of the sanatorium, prices, services are presented on the official website, and also duplicated in social networks. Sanatorium is located in Sudak on the street. ul. Lenin, 81, coordinates 44 ° 50 '43 "s. Sh., 34 ° 58 '35 "in. d.

Book a room in Starny, ordering callback on the site by writing my wishes in the form of feedback or by calling on the specified phones. The administration responds quickly to requests. In case the required category of the room will be available on the specified dates, the booking service will send an account that will be required.


has been engaged in the rehabilitation and treatment of Sokol sanatorium, located at the foot of the Genoese Fortress - the main attraction of Sudak. The health resort is a departmental and belongs to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Sanatoriums of Sudak with treatment, such as Sokol, specialize in the treatment of primarily the respiratory organs - the climate and natural wellness factors contribute to this.

Healthy diseases of the respiratory organs, allergies and chronic diseases of the nasopharynx, bronchitis and asthma. They are engaged in the health resort with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system.

In the treatment, doctors use physiotherapy, inhalations, mud therapy is carried out with the mud of Lake Saki (Crimea). Those undergoing a health course visit a halochamber, receive a massage course, and do exercise therapy.

In the bathroom section, they offer therapeutic baths with Crimean essential oils and salt, various types of showers. Procedures in a cedar barrel and a hydro-galvanic bath have a significant effect.

The number of rooms is located in 8 two-storey cottages and 3 buildings with a height of 2-3 floors, the sanatorium is designed to receive 205 people.

Vacationers will be offered rooms:

  1. Economy 1 and 2-bed. The room has a mini-fridge, a TV and access to a balcony, from sanitary facilities there is a washbasin (shower and toilet are on the floor). The cost for 1 guest is 750-900 rubles.
  2. Standard 2-3-seater. The room is equipped with a refrigerator, TV, bathroom. Some rooms have balconies. The price for 1 guest starts from 1100 rubles.
  3. Extra comfort 2-3-seater. The room is divided into living and sleeping areas. In addition to a TV and a refrigerator, there is air conditioning, as well as a set of dishes. Separate bathroom. The cost starts from 1200 rubles.

3 meals a day are included in the price, guests of the spa hotel order meals from a 7-day menu, taking into account the recommendations of the doctor and the prescribed diet. There is a cafe and bar on site.

Vacationers can spend their free time in the library, billiard room, on sports grounds or in the gym. Sauna and hammam, excursions are paid separately. The sanatorium hosts concerts and film screenings in its own club, and in the open area in the summer - discos. There is a playroom for children, where they will be offered a variety of exciting activities.

At 200 m from the buildings there is a sanatorium beach, equipped with sheds, sanitary rooms. Vacationers will be provided with sun loungers.

The sanatorium is a departmental one, therefore current and retired employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, their family members have a priority right to accommodation. Other citizens can get information about free places and book places by calling the reception department +8 (36566) 31852, +7 (978) 742-11-80 or the head of the health resort +8 (36566) 31186.

The sanatorium is located on st. Primorskaya, 23, transport stop "Cozy".

Professional treatment programs, recreation on the Black Sea coast, pleasant climate attract people from different regions of the Russian Federation to the Sudak sanatorium. Sanatorium procedures with treatment of the musculoskeletal system and respiratory organs have an effective positive effect on the health of vacationers.

Video about the sanatoriums of Sudak

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