Sanatoriums near Minsk with a pool and treatment

Near Minsk nah There are more than 15 sanatoriums. All of them are equipped with modern medical equipment, and experienced specialists provide medical assistance to people. Belarusian health resorts have their own wells with mineral water. Most of the institutions are among the purest forests. This location contributes to effective climate therapy.


The health resort has been welcoming guests since 1958. Initially, it had the status of a health center, and only in 1997 it was transformed into a multidisciplinary medical sanatorium. The territory has its own spa-salon, medical building and leisure facilities.

On the basis of the sanatorium there is a closed-type swimming pool with warm water. It is adapted for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The reservoir is connected to the residential buildings of the health resort by a warm corridor. Works on the territory of the pump room with mineral drinking water. It comes here from a drilled well.

Where is located

The sanatorium is located in the first coastline of the lake. Naroch.

There is a pine forest around the health resort. Visiting card of "Youth":

  • Address: Minsk district, s / s Zhdanovichsky, 67, p / o Ratomka.
  • Phones: +375 17 503 91 16, +375 17 503 91 10.
  • Official website: yunost_by.

Sanatoriums near Minsk have an important transport advantage: it is easy to get to your destination. Access roads are well-surfaced, and there are direct routes from the capital of the country or routes passing through health resorts.

Treatment and procedures

There is a medical block on the territory of the sanatorium.

The staff consists of doctors of the following specialties:

  • Dermatologist.
  • Orthopedist.
  • Gynecologist.
  • Urologist.
  • Neurologist.
  • Physiotherapist.
  • Rehabilitator.
  • Psychotherapist.
  • Reflexologist.
  • Uzist.
  • Endocrinologist.
  • Cardiologist.
  • Nephrologist.

Types of medical care provided in "Youth":

Category Services
  • Examination of peripheral lymph nodes, rectum, mammary glands.
  • Oncocytological smear or flora.
  • Individual selection of treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Treatment of mastopathy, infertility, ovarian cysts, climacteric syndrome, adhesions of the pelvic organs, uterine fibroids.
  • Rehabilitation after surgery.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of pathologies of the cervix.
  • Cystoscopy.
  • Ureteroscopy.
  • Minimally invasive interventions: dissection of the short frenulum, electroresection.
  • Treatment of male menopause, impotence.
NephrologyTreatment of cystitis, urolithiasis, glomerulonephritis, urinary tract, pyelonephritis.
  • Aesthetic restoration of teeth.
  • Prevention of caries.
  • Treatment of carious teeth.
  • Enamel whitening.

The sanatorium has services for the treatment and rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system. List of services for this profile:

  • Ozone therapy.
  • Cryosauna.
  • Therapeutic shower.
  • Kinesitherapeutic technique "Exarta".
  • Traction of the spine.
  • Therapeutic baths.
  • Hirudotherapy.
  • Shock wave therapy.
  • Kinesiology taping.
  • Non-contact local cryotherapy.
  • Treatment of joints.
  • Fango-paraffin applications.

All necessary laboratory or ultrasound diagnostics are carried out in the medical complex. Thermographic research, bicycle ergometry works. Guests of the health resort can visit the pressure chamber "Respiro".

It is recommended for adults and children with the following conditions:

  • Autoimmune or systemic.
  • Chronic.
  • Minimal brain dysfunction syndrome.
  • Violation of the regulation of cerebral circulation.
  • Hypoxia.
  • Mountain sickness.

Sanatoriums near Minsk regularly improve the quality of services provided. In "Youth" there is a hardware treatment with "Avantron" equipment. It creates magnetic impulses that promote muscle stimulation. This improves microcirculation in the body, and also restores the functioning of the sphincter.

Dedicated treatment room. It provides services of intravenous drip administration of drugs. Guests of the health resort suffering from nervousness, insomnia or increased fatigue can visit the AVS-D apparatus. This equipment with audiovisual brain stimulation.

There is a halochamber on the territory of the health resort. In a salt cave, people breathe a microclimate filled with a dry sodium chloride aerosol. It allows you to reduce inflammation of the respiratory organs, restore their work and suppress pathogenic microorganisms.


A cosmetology room operates on the basis of the sanatorium. It provides services to doctors with the highest qualification category.

In-salon treatments:

  • Chemical superficial peels.
  • Fractional rejuvenation.
  • Plasmolifting.
  • Ozone therapy.
  • Injection mesotherapy.
  • Phototherapy.
  • Diamond peeling.

Cosmetic products are used only by proven manufacturers from France, Israel, Spain. The cabinet is equipped with the latest equipment: Reaction, Infusion, BTL, VTOUCH.


There are parking areas for vacationers in the sanatorium. Seats for package guests are provided free of charge. Cars are monitored around the clock. Also, for the convenience of visitors, it is possible to order a transfer.

To use this service, you need to call one of the numbers: ​​

  • +375 29 344 00 10.
  • +375 17 503 91 15.

The service must be ordered at least 1 day before arrival at the resort. On the territory there are conditions for living with children.

For the little guests here works:

  • Swimming pool.
  • Outdoor playground.
  • Children's club "Yunoland".

For adults, there are entertainment services provided at the River Park Club. This place offers water sports such as wakesurfing or wakeboarding. You can also book a boat trip here.


In the sanatorium guests are offered 2 types of food:

  • Wellness.
  • Buffet.

The first option includes dietary dishes. The cooking uses only environmentally friendly Belarusian food. Confectionery products are made on the basis of the health resort. Works in "Youth" Restaurant (you need to follow Dress Code) and 2 bars. In the institution "Black Swan" you can organize a solemn lunch or dinner.

The conditions of residence

in the residence of the guests are located in 2 bedroom housings: "Forest" and "Maritime".

In the first version of the category of numbers are as follows:

  • Single Room.
  • King Size.
  • Double.
  • Twin.
  • Suite Room and Junior Suite Room.

In the marine package to choose from 4 category of numbers:

  • King Size.
  • Single Room.
  • Suite Room and Junior Suite Room.

All rooms have modern repairs. A discreet style in the interior is present in all rooms. The premises have similar equipment.

So, in all categories without exception:

  • cabinet.
  • Beds (only their size and amount varies).
  • TV.
  • Bathroom.
  • Wireless Internet.
  • Phone.
  • Hair dryer.
  • Bathrobes.
  • Lingerie dryer.
  • Bedside Tubes.
  • Cable TV.

Book a room on the official website of the sanatorium or by phone.


Cost of vouchers to a sanatorium:

View of the voucher Cost in Russian currency
for citizens of the Republic of Belarus for non-residents of the Republic of Belarus in the Customs Union
Sanatorium-resortfrom 4 to 8.7 thousandfrom 4.4 to 9.5 thousand
Wellness with the medical programfrom 4.2 to 17 thousandfrom 4.4 to 13.6 thousand
Wellness with a spafrom 8.7 to 18.9 BYNfrom 9.5 to 20.7 thousand

The cost of the voucher includes:

  • Power 3 times a day.
  • Gym.
  • Barbecue gazebo.
  • Therapeutic program.
  • Swimming pool and sauna.
  • Accommodation.
  • Billiard table.
  • Cultural and entertainment leisure.
  • Beach area with equipment.

The sanatorium next to Minsk in most cases is allowed to stay along with children. In the "youth" child up to 3 years old lives for free. From 3 to 8 - 50% discount from the cost of the voucher. 30% will have to pay extra for the child up to 16 years. An additional place for an adult is 20% of the cost of the tour.

When settled in the room charge 3% resort fees from the cost of the voucher. When a person books a double room for one guest, then the cost is used 1.7. If the client comes to a sanatorium for treating treatment, he must present a sanatorium-resort card.

If it is not, then the test of the sanatorium is:

  • 1718 rubles. for men.
  • 2155 rub. for women.

The price of diagnostics includes:

  • general urine analysis.
  • Ultrasound of the abdominal organs.
  • Total blood test.
  • ECG.
  • Primary consultation of the gynecologist or a urologist.

When settled, it is necessary to present a passport.


Healthcares occupies part of the territory of Narochansky National Park. Nearby are Lakes White and Naroch. Sanatorium founded in 1976. Since 2006, reconstruction was held in the entire complex. In 2017, the last stage of work was completed, during which the dance and concert halls were repaired. Sanatorium has the highest category. Works all year round. Total territory - 57 hectares. Accommodation with animals is prohibited.


At the same time, 218 people can accommodate in the sanatorium.

Total 3 bedroom housings:

  • pine.
  • Chief.
  • round.

There are separate cottages - 6 units. In the main building 6 floors, there is an elevator.

In the same building, there are:

  • Dance and Film Concert Halls.
  • Dining room.

in the "Pine" building 2 floors, no elevator. Rooms in all sleeping buildings differ only in the area. There are one-room, two-room and three-room rooms.

All of them have similar equipment:

  • Bathroom.
  • Refrigerator.
  • Phone.
  • TV.
  • Cabinet.
  • Beds.
  • kettle.

Wireless Internet provide all guests free of charge. The rooms are cleaning daily. 1 time per week change bedding. This will be done at the request of living. Towel change 1 time every 3 days.


Voucher meals are provided 4 times a day. Food is taken in 2 dining rooms located in the "Main" building.


  • From 8:30 to 10:00 breakfast.
  • From 13:30 to 15:00 lunch.
  • From 16:45 to 17:30 afternoon snack.
  • From 18:30 to 20:00 dinner.

There is a diet menu and a vegetarian one. There are separate meals for children. Guests can enjoy the service of an individual menu. The food system is a buffet.


Vacationers can use the free service of the sanatorium.


  • Infokiosk.
  • Security.
  • Discos and entertainment in the dance hall.
  • Parking.
  • Conference room.

For an additional fee:

  • Hairdressing and spa services.
  • Bath complex, sauna.
  • Pharmacy building.
  • Shops.
  • Luggage storage.

Sauna or bath can be booked for the company.

Recreation and entertainment

Sanatoriums near Minsk are most often equipped with a swimming pool. Pines is no exception. There is an indoor swimming pool on site. It is located in the "Medical" building. The size of the artificial reservoir is 125 m². It is 25 m long and 5 m wide. There is a billiard room in the main building on the 1st floor.

For sports leisure there are the following objects:

  • Tennis court.
  • Gym.
  • Volleyball court.
  • Gym.

Outdoors there is a landscaped barbecue area. The beach area is equipped in the summer with everything you need to relax. There is a rental office.

You can rent:

  • Scooters.
  • Kayaks.
  • Catamarans.
  • Equipment for surfing.
  • Swimming facilities.
  • Air mattresses.
  • Sports walking sticks.
  • Barbecue equipment.

It is possible to leave private bicycles under guard. The beach area is open during the summer. It is located 100 meters from residential buildings. There is a summer bar near the lake. There are gazebos, swings.


The favorable location of the sanatorium contributes to the improvement of the body. Climatotherapy is carried out due to the peculiarities of the landscape. On the territory of the health resort there is a pump room with mineral water. The liquid comes from a well depth of 420 m.


  • fluorine 0.61 g / dm³.
  • low-mineralized - 4.88 g / l.
  • Bromine - 7.68 g / dm³.

Indications for use:

  • Diseases of the digestive tract.
  • Violations of metabolism.
  • The removal of radionuclides.
  • iron deficiency anemia.

In the sanatoriums are engaged in mud. The healing agent is brought from Lake Saki. The health base of the sanatorium is divided into therapeutic and diagnostic.

The first embodiment includes:

  • baths.
  • Pneumocompression therapy.
  • Massages.
  • Magnetotherapy.
  • Spelotherapy.
  • Heat collecting.
  • Hirudotherapy.
  • diet therapy.
  • physiotherapy.
  • Reflexotherapy.
  • Inhalation therapy.

Diagnostic base Conducts:

  • Consultations of narrow specialists.
  • Endoscopic diagnostics.
  • Ultrasound examination.
  • Laboratory tests.

The medical staff consists of doctors of the following specialties:

  • physiotherapist.
  • Gynecologist.
  • Igloreflexotherapist.
  • Neurologist.
  • Uzisser.
  • dentist.

Sanatorium specializes in the treatment of diseases of such systems of the body, as:

  • urogenital.
  • Kostommuscular.
  • nervous.
  • blood circulation.
  • respiratory.
  • digestive.

From 2019, on the basis of the sanatorium, there is an opportunity to undergo treatment under the supervision of the orthopedic traumatologist by the highest qualification category. Work experience of a specialist providing services for more than 30 years.

Prices, Pourevki

Prescription for therapeutic, wellness and cosmetology services:

Variety Minimum and maximum cost per 1 session. Prices are in Russian currency.
Analysisfrom 72 rubles. Up to 2671
Functional diagnosticsfrom 148 rubles. up to 869
Liftingfrom 988 to 1.7 thousand
Massages in the SPA-salonfrom 494 rubles. up to 1.5 thousand
Face carefrom 1453 rubles.
Hydrobalnerapyfrom 224 rubles.up to 409
Heat and mud therapy218 ​​– 625 rub.
Therapeutic massages206 – 497 rubles.
Swimming pool (60 min.)154 rubles.
Sauna2 thousand
Bath complex436 rubles.
Inhalations127 - 139 rubles.
Electro-light-magnetotherapy119 – 476 rubles.
Traumatology-orthopedicsFrom 552 rub. up to 12 thousand
Carboxytherapy328 – 767 rub.
Intestinal procedures183 rub. – 1.4 thousand
Gynecology145 rubles. – 1.1 thousand
Reflexology316 – 752 rubles.
Cryotherapy165 – 537 rub.

with medical programs.

  • Sanatorium-resort.
  • Children's.
  • On weekends.
  • The cost of vouchers depends on the length of stay in the sanatorium, as well as the season of the year. The maximum price falls on the summer period and the end of spring. The minimum age for a child to receive treatment is 5 years.

    Address, how to get there, contacts

    The sanatorium is located at: Sosny village, Myadel district, Myadel s/s, Minsk region.

    You can get to the health resort in the following ways:

    • By bus. Every day, the Minsk-Naroch flight departs from the Central Bus Station in Minsk.
    • Railway transport. There are 3 routes. From Moscow by train No. 5 "Moscow - Vilnius" or No. 147 "Moscow - Kaliningrad". You should get off in Molodechno. From St. Petersburg there is route number 79.

    It is possible to order a transfer. From the railway station in Minsk, a car for 4 people will cost 2.6 thousand, from the airport "Minsk-2" 3.5 thousand


    • Official website: sosny_by.
    • Phone numbers: +375 44 512 06 00; +375 1797 20 600.

    You can book accommodation in the sanatorium on the official Sosen website.


    The Sputnik sanatorium near Minsk was built in 2006. It was given the highest category. The territory with residential buildings and a park area is 7.2 hectares. It is guarded 24/7. The complex occupies the coastline of the lake. Naroch. The health resort is located 150 km from Minsk.


    The total number of places is 295. Guests are located in 2-7-storey buildings. Between the buildings are connected by the covered gallery. In addition to the bedroom complexes, there are 11 cottages built from a wooden bar.

    There are rooms with 1 or 2 rooms. Room area from 19 to 53 m². Two-storey cottages.

    They are allowed to live families or one. In the 1st level there is:

    • Kitchen and dining area.
    • Shower Cab.
    • toilet.

    in the 2nd level:

    • 2 bedrooms.
    • toilet.
    • shower.

    The houses are equipped with air conditioning, a safe, TV. Wireless Internet works throughout the sanatorium. Clean the rooms and cottages daily. Water supply is hot and cold round-the-clock.


    On the 2nd floor of the main building there are 2 dining rooms. Shared capacity - 320 seats. On the voucher of the power mode - 4 times a day.

    Food reception schedule:

    • Breakfast from 9:00 to 10:00.
    • Second breakfast from 11:30 to 12:30.
    • Lunch from 14:00 to 17:00.
    • afternoon school from 16:30 to 17:00.
    • Dinner from 19:00 to 20:00.

    An afternoon school and a second breakfast to visitors are issued. The sanatorium has a dietary and vegetarian menu. A variant of developing an individual power mode is provided.


    Free Services are available for free:

    • Barbecue area.
    • Sports Territory for the game in Volleyball.
    • Winter Garden.
    • Ironing room.
    • Library.
    • Children's room. It works in it.
    • Gym.
    • Television.
    • Cinema for 190 seats.
    • Dance floor.

    For an additional fee, there are:

    • Parking with video surveillance.
    • Egyptian Bath and Russian.
    • Banquet Hall.
    • Pool. Area - 175 m². It has a jacuzzi, children's zone, cannon, waterproof and cascade.
    • Billiards.
    • Hairdresser.
    • Solarium.
    • Sauna.
    • Turkish Hamam.
    • Inventory at the rental point.

    cashless payment is running.

    Sports and wellness leisure

    In addition to sports entertainment, guests of the sanatorium attend SPA complex. It employs a procedural office for body care, as well as a cosmetology department.400 meters from the sanatorium there are oz. Naroch. Beach area is equipped with toilets, shower.There is rental of boats, catamarans, leisure facilities.


    Sanatorium specializes in the treatment of diseases of such systems of the body, as:

    • of blood circulation.
    • sexual.
    • nervous.
    • Bone-muscular.

    health care personnel:

    • Therapist.
    • Uzisser.
    • obstetrician gynecologist.
    • Neurologist.
    • ophthalmologist.
    • Dentist-therapist.
    • Reflexotherapist.
    • Dentist surgeon.
    • Doctor of laboratory diagnostics.

    The medical services complex is selected for each visitor individually after the primary inspection by the doctor on the sanatorium base. The cost of living in 1 day with treatment - from 3.5 thousand rubles. per person. The highest price from June 10 to August 22.

    Contacts, address, address, how to get

    Location of the sanatorium: K / P Narough, ul. Tourist, d. 14, Minsk region, Mojdelsky district. Contact information:

    • Official website: Sansputnik_by.
    • Reception: +375 1797 455 08.
    • Electronic address for consultation (no booking): [email protected]

    You can get to the sanatorium from the Central Bus Station of the capital of Belarus. The most convenient route is the flight "Minsk - Naroch", through NDC "Zubenok".

    Next to Minsk there are other, no less worthy sanatoriums. "Priozenny", "Vesta", "Dawn-Luban" - they all have a good medical base, pools, children's rooms. In Belarus, the quality of services provided pays great attention. Therefore, only highly qualified doctors work in all health resorts. Experienced specialists select an individual treatment plan to each client, which makes rest of the beneficial and enjoyable.

    Video on sanatoriums next to Minsk

    Sanatorium Pine (Naro) Belarus. Video review: