Sanatorium "Seagull", Evpatoria. Reviews, prices

healthy Nitsy Evpatoria, in the village. Zaozernoe, which is also called Chaika. This is evidenced by many reviews. This is the name of the ancient Greek settlement, which was found within Zaozerny. The local healing "Mineral Water" has the same name.

What is the sanatorium Chaika in Evpatoria, where is located

The sanatorium Chaika in Evpatoria (reviews about the rest here are mostly positive) has a park area of ​​almost 50 hectares. The health resort itself is 11 hectares, the rest is a village resort and park area. Several buildings are provided for accommodation of guests. On the territory there are shops, cafes, parking area.

The resort owns a sandy area near the sea, the length of which is 250 m. The beach is soft, sandy-shelly. It has everything you need for a normal good rest, both adults and children. There are sunbeds and umbrellas available free of charge. From the main building to the beach area, the distance is 50 m. To get from here to the center of Evpatoria, you need to overcome 8 km. The distance from Simferopol airport is 67 km.

Infrastructure, objects, territory

The object has been operating since 1913. In the Soviet era, it had the status of a children's medical center and was named after the first female cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova. Today, a well-renovated 4-storey building, designed for more than 400 people, welcomes guests all year round. The staff of the sanatorium has more than 200 employees. 15 of them have higher medical qualifications.

In the multidisciplinary medical complex there are the following compartments:

  • pulmonary;
  • cardiorevmatologic;
  • orthopedic;
  • Nephrological.
  • ​​

Children can relax here with parents or independently. So that they have the opportunity to simultaneously pass the course of therapy and learn, the sanatorium has a general educational institution. 50 m from the accommodation body is a beach area that belongs to the sanatorium and it is carefully guarded.

It is covered with soft golden sand, as well as small pieces of shells of mollusks. There is no dust. The entrance to the sea is gentle, shallow water greatly warms up daily sunlight. For the convenience of all holidaymakers on the territory are installed canopies, locker rooms, a medical center and the rescuer station work. The total length of the beach is 250 m. On the territory of "Seagulls" there is everything for full rest and effective therapy.

In addition to establishments in which therapeutic procedures are carried out, the sanatoriums are also located:

  • sports grounds;
  • parquet hall for dancing;
  • Summer stage;
  • guarded parking;
  • Palace of Culture.

Therapeutic procedures, thermal sources

Since this center is primarily wellness, the following types of medical services are provided:

  • Massage - for children and adults;
  • Treatment with the use of healing dirt;
  • ultrasound therapy;
  • Healing with a laser.

Cosmetology procedures and rehabilitation

to procedures that conduct specialists of the sanatorium seagull include:

  • electrocardiogram;
  • oxygen cocktail;
  • Shark's shower;
  • hydromassage;
  • Therapeutic bath.

Activities, leisure and entertainment

Sanatorium Seagull in Evpatoria (services about the service and services can be studied in advance) has many sites for hobbies and entertainment:

  • Plots for playing volleyball and basketball;
  • Plot for football with a full-fledged green field on the lawn;
  • The Palace of Culture, designed for 500 people - for those who wish to spend their time less actively;
  • A parquet room with an area of ​​more than 200 square meters. m, where you can do dancing;
  • Dance mirror class of 50 square meters. m with machine.

In the summer, you can watch the performances on the stage stage calculated for 1,500 people.

Room options, prices

For everyone who chose a seagull sanatorium for their holidays with children, there are several accommodation options:

  • Building About 400 seats. There are 4 and 5-quix rooms with amenities on the floor;
  • Housing, designed by almost 700 seats. It is distinguished by an increased level of comfort;
  • Hotel Administrative Corps. Here are 30 seats in residential premises of high comfort;
  • Additional housing, which can take 16 people. Rooms also have increased comfort;
  • Guest House. It has 4 suites. Each apartment is represented by 2 living rooms, which overlooks the sea landscape.

The exact prices for accommodation depend on:

  • of the selected accommodation option;
  • of the season;
  • Duration of stay in the sanatorium.

The average price of the night is 2 500 rubles.

Sanatorium Seagull in Evpatoria (reviews indicate the convenience of accommodation guests) offers 2 main types of rooms:

Standard Comfort
in the room there are:
  • 2 single beds with dimensions 900x2000 m;
  • TV;
  • refrigerator;
  • shower;
  • Set of towels;
  • Exit to the balcony.

The cost of the night for 2 people with treatment and three-time nutrition will be approximately 4,200 rubles.

This number is different from the standard presence of another bed with dimensions - 1800x2000 m. The average price of overnight for 2 people - 4,600 rubles.

The rules of entry and departure

When settling in the sanatorium, the seagull is desirable to provide a printed voucher voucher, since it has all the necessary information. If for any reason this voucher, you should report this in advance about this manager. The settlement will be possible in this case. Adults necessarily require a certificate of an epidemiological environment.

also adults should provide:

  • passport;
  • a ticket;
  • Resort-sanatorial card.

For the identity card, their passport or birth certificate is required. Also need children's certificate and epidemiological surroundings and vaccinations. It will take another sanatorium-resort card.

All categories of citizens (both adults and young) should provide a negative result of PCR test. The child will be adopted in a sanatorium if he turned 2 years old. This is the minimum age of treatment. It is strictly prohibited to come with pets. The reception receives visitors around the clock.

Services, prices

Guests are provided with many services, among which there are both paid and free.

vacationers can:

  • to take things into baggage;
  • Take advantage of the laundry service;
  • In addition to the main power point (dining room), visit others: summer cafe, grill bar, dining room;
  • contact the tour desk and choose a suitable tour of the surrounding area;
  • Use the safe cells where you can put valuable things without fear that they will be lost;
  • Introduction Iron;
  • Use wireless Internet;
  • count on a free three-time meal, as well as the opportunity to use the playground and sports complex at any time;
  • Get excursion services for an additional fee;
  • Rent a conference room and pay for the organizing conference in it;
  • Visit the cafe on the territory of the center. Since the establishment of children's, alcoholic beverages is not here;
  • For an additional fee, get a change of towels and bed linen;
  • Place a personal car on a special parking, which is carefully and built around the clock;
  • take rent a bike;
  • rent a car;
  • Get for an additional payment to the children's stroller;
  • Book a train tickets and plane;
  • Change your image in the hairdresser, which is available on the territory of the center;
  • contact both the services of the cosmetologist;
  • take advantage of the services of a professional photographer;
  • Print electronic tickets and landing tickets for an additional fee. Also specialists are ready to help register for flight.

There are many shops on the territory of the center. You can buy a souvenir for relatives or friends.

Also on the territory there are options for entertainment, for example:

  • in the evening and the day there is an animation;
  • From sports activities Popular Volleyball and Basketball game: Special sites are given for this;
  • You can do sports in the covered room, if the street is not very good weather. Many people prefer to play darts and table tennis;
  • you can do fitness, aerobics and water aerobics under the guidance of a professional instructor;
  • children can use the hall and playroom. You can also rent a bike or scooter for them.

The concept of food

Meals 3 times a day according to the customized menu. Waiters are serving guests. There are several balanced diets. The canteen, which provides food for the children's camp, has 2 halls, each of which is designed for 600 people. There are 180 seats in the dining room, where the whole family comes to eat.

In summer, many people prefer to eat in a relatively small cafe, designed for 80 people.

What is interesting in the surroundings. Cafes, restaurants, sights, etc.

Yevpatoria, where the Chaika sanatorium is located, is the center of resort life in the Western part of the Crimean peninsula. There are a huge number of attractions, about which there are many positive reviews.

The following objects are recommended for visiting:

Landmark Description
GorkyThis is one of the most beautiful embankments in the Crimea. Its restoration was carried out in 2003. It originates on the street. Frunze near the sculpture of Hercules and stretches forward almost 1 km to the street. Duvanovskaya.

Along the embankment there are:

  • architectural structures;
  • beach areas;
  • souvenir shops;
  • restaurants;
  • attractions.
Central city beachIt is located at the beginning of the embankment. Gorky. The entrance to the sea is gentle.
Cote d'AzurAnother beach of Evpatoria, which is recommended for visiting. This picturesque strip with a length of more than 200 m is considered one of the cleanest on the peninsula.

Here are:

  • bars;
  • attractions;
  • VIP zones;
  • comfortable bungalows;
  • sheds;
  • comfortable sun loungers.
Karaite kenassesThis is a temple complex, which includes:
  • 2 prayer houses;
  • religious school-midrash;
  • dining room;
  • outbuildings.

The complex has a small museum and a library.

The Pushkin TheaterAppeared in Evpatoria in 1910

Performances were held here:

  • Stanislavsky;
  • Vakhtangov;
  • Vertinsky.

As a result of a recent restoration, the number of places in the auditorium was increased to 900.

Golden Keyis a children's theater, On the stage of which works are regularly put:
  • Marshak;
  • Chukovsky;
  • Kipling.
Old Sea PharmacyThis is a kind of museum where you can see:
  • rare pharmaceutical scales;
  • Pill cooking devices;
  • flasks;
  • Different test tubes.
DolphinariumHere, bright performances with the participation of dolphins and marine cats are regularly held. With them you can swim in the "steppe harbor".

Prices of vouchers and where to buy, discounts for preferential categories of citizens

A ticket to a sanatorium Seagull can be bought for several days or a few weeks. The minimum time of the tribute is -1 night. Accommodation for 4 weeks for 2 people with treatment and three-time meals will cost about 4,000 rubles. per night.

One of the following options can also be purchased:

Travel Description
"Sea Journey"This special ticket costs costs about 40 thousand rubles.

Change will be held in the format of the plot-role-playing game. Children go on a journey, where they take on the role of navigators and discovers.

they find new:

  • continents;
  • Islands;
  • of the sea and oceans.

In this case, each crew has:

  • a unique image;
  • Own name of the ship;
  • His flag, motto.

During the journey, children participate in different adventures.


  • contests;
  • Competitions;
  • Quests;
  • Quiz.

According to the results of the change, the best detachment is given the right to leave the symbol of its detachment on the central "Alley of Stars".

"Festival"costs about 40 thousand rubles.

The voucher is in the format of the plot-role-playing game. First, detachments are created, each of which has its own symbolism.

Children participate in:

  • festivals;
  • contests;
  • Holidays.

Also young vacationers Sanatorium Seagull can become participants in shooting video.

At the same time, they themselves will be engaged in:

  • inventing scenarios;
  • installation;
  • by presenting finished projects at film festivals.

Each film studio has:

  • a name;
  • motto;
  • emblem.

Address, how to get there

There are many ways to get to the Chaika sanatorium, from arriving here by private transport and ending with an air flight with next taxi ride. In any case, it is recommended to apply for the "transfer" service. You can get there in the following ways:

Method Description
By private carmove in the direction of Evpatoria, to the village. Zaozernoe.
By bus or taxiYou can get to Evpatoria by intercity bus. You need to move, as in the above case, using your own transport. First you need to go to Evpatoria, then from the bus station by minibus to the village. Zaozernoe.

Also, being in Evpatoria, you can apply for the services of private taxi drivers, if for some reason there is no desire to go by minibus.

By trainThis is the most popular way for Russian citizens to get to Evpatoria.

The path should be like this:

1. Get to the Simferopol railway station.

2. At the motor station "Kurortnaya" transfer to a regular bus. It follows to Evpatoria.

3. From the station, get to the place of rest by minibus or taxi.

By planeIf you decide to fly to Evpatoria by plane, you should take a ticket to Simferopol.


1. Get to Evpatoria by public transport or private taxi.

2. Transfer to a fixed-route taxi at the bus station. It should go to the village. Zaozernoye, where the sanatorium is located.

Another option is to get from the bus station in Evpatoria to the village. Zaozernoe - use the services of a taxi.


Chaika Sanatorium in Yevpatoriya (reviews from vacationers help new guests in choosing rooms and leisure activities) is open all year round.

His exact address: Russia, Crimea, Evpatoria, pos. Zaozernoe, st. Friendship Alley, 93. Chaika Sanatorium is an excellent choice for families with children. It has its own sandy beach, comfortable rooms with balconies, and a medical center that offers specialized treatments.

Guests at the Chaika sanatorium in Evpatoria are offered a wide choice of rooms, three meals a day, as well as the opportunity to stay in the cottage "Guest house", which is located in a separate protected area. They leave positive reviews about it.

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