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  • I want to come from vacation not only with the luggage of new impressions and fresh tanning, but also full forces for the new working year. It is possible to achieve the execution of both tasks at once, by choosing a sanatorium "Helios" as a rest area, located in the vicinity of Evpatoria.


    "Helios" (such a name of the sanatorium was carried before, now it is "Famili Resort") is located in the village Popovka - suburb of the resort Evpatoria.

    You can get to it in several ways:

    1. by car.
    2. by plane.
    3. by rail.

    For the first option, it is necessary to establish any of the mobile applications:

    • Yandex Navigator;
    • Yandex Maps;
    • ​​
    • Google Maps,

    Open coordinates 45.1791, 33.3367 and pave the route. Preferring aircraft travels can get to Simferopol Airport, then drive to the bus station "Resort", after which it is to take a bus station to Evpatoria, and from there you can already go by bus or minibuses No. 6 or No. 10 to the Sanatorium Helios stop.

    In the same way, to "Helios" will be those who travel by rail, with the difference that they first need to reach the train to Evpatoria Railway Station, and then the bus is either a minibus 6 or 10.

    From March 1 of each year (that is, from the beginning of the season), Helios provides transfer services. A comfortable car will take away holidaymakers from Simferopol Airport right to the hotel. In 2019, the trip to the Minivan class car costs 3450 rubles per group of up to 7 people.

    Sanatorium Helios (Evpatoria) is a bit away from the city itself. Popovka village, where medical procedures have to be resting and undergoing, separated from Evpatoria is only 28 km, so if you wish to the city, you can easily get on the Evpatoria - Mirny bus. She stops at the turn to the Popping. The trip will take approximately 50 minutes.

    The exact address of "Famili Resort": Republic of Crimea, Evpatoria, Kievskaya street, 53. Helios"?". The sanatorium has been known since Soviet times, so anyone who has lived here for a relatively long time will explain the way.


    Helios changed its name to Family Resort in 2016. A major overhaul took place here in 2003. The five-story building has 154 cozy rooms. Just 300 m from the building there is a sandy beach (2nd line from the sea).

    For those who come to rest with children, it is important: the entrance to the sea is gentle, so you can safely allow even the smallest to swim.


    Just a 5-minute walk from the building is Lake Moinaki, famous for its therapeutic mud. The maximum depth of the lake is no more than 1 m, and the water in it is very salty, so it is impossible to drown in it, but you can safely lie on the surface of the water. In order to diversify your vacation, you can sometimes visit the banks of the Moinaki, but it is better not to use therapeutic mud on your own.

    This should be done only on doctor's orders. Sea beach "Famili Resort" is convenient for adults and children. It is equipped with everything you need for a relaxing holiday. Its length is 50 m.

    On the beach there are:

    • sun loungers and umbrellas (the use of them is included in the tour price);
    • drinking water fountain;
    • toilets;
    • changing rooms;
    • infirmary.
    Helios Sanatorium, Evpatoria, has a beautiful beach with thoughtful places to relax.

    For lovers of sports there is an opportunity to go scuba diving (but this is for a fee).

    On the territory of the hotel

    Helios Sanatorium (Yevpatoria), after major repairs, may well claim high marks not only in terms of the level of medical services provided (this area has always been a priority for him), but also in terms of comfort residence. On its territory there is everything that you may need during your vacation at sea.

    In case the weather deteriorates and there is no desire to go to the beach, you can swim in the outdoor pool. It is filled with fresh water, open, not heated.

    There are sports grounds for playing volleyball, everything you need for playing table tennis and billiards is provided free of charge. If you want to explore the surroundings, you can rent a bicycle (but this is for a fee). You can go on a bus tour, a list of routes and dates is at the reception.

    Those who want to play more relaxed games can diversify their leisure time with checkers or chess. Free WI-FI is available throughout the hotel. If it is necessary to combine rest with the solution of some business issues, the administration provides a printer, scanner, laptop for use.

    The owners of "Helios" pay special attention to children who are taken for rest and treatment from the age of 4. For the little ones, there is a special children's area in the pool. Catering is organized according to a separate dietary menu.

    Outdoors, there is a playground where you can ride down a hill, swing on a swing, train your muscles on horizontal bars, get lost in labyrinths. And in the sanatorium itself there is a playroom with many toys.

    In the evenings, there is a costume show for children, which will be interesting for their parents as well. Animators are constantly working, quests, competitions and theatrical performances are organized. And, of course, an obligatory element of an evening entertainment on vacation is a disco for adults and children.

    Parents can go on an excursion or to the beach, and leave the child under the supervision of a nanny. Such services are also provided in the "Famili Resort". The concept of the sanatorium's services is focused on a relaxing family vacation, it is located away from busy tourist places and noisy bars, in a park area.

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    Medical services

    The main profile of the sanatorium "Helios", Evpatoria, is the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

    First of all, these are arthritis and polyarthritis:

    • rheumatoid;
    • benign;
    • infectious-allergic;
    • exchange.

    Patients suffering from arthrosis (a disease in which the tissues of the joints wear out) will also receive relief after undergoing a course of treatment. These are secondary arthrosis, primary deforming arthrosis, polyosteoarthrosis. Helios has other types of specialization. These are pathologies of the nervous system, skin diseases, respiratory diseases.

    A wide range of medical services is offered by the sanatorium for families in which one of the spouses suffers from infertility. The reason for the inability to give birth to a child can be various diseases of the pelvic organs caused by inflammatory processes or hormonal disorders (in women), chronic prostatitis (in men), as well as endocrine problems.

    Women over 40 often suffer from benign tumors (myomas, fibromas). In some cases, it is not hormonal therapy or surgical methods that can help, but physiotherapy methods used, in particular, in the Family Resort. Please note: a number of procedures are included in the cost of the tour, and for some of them you will have to pay extra.

    What is included in the voucher

    Climatotherapy procedures, as well as therapeutic exercises are included in the amount that must be paid for the voucher (together with accommodation and meals).

    In addition, these are physiotherapy:

    • electrophoresis;
    • galvanotherapy;
    • magnetotherapy.

    The list also includes halotherapy and inhalation.


    Dental services and some types of massage are provided at the request of the guest and are paid "plus" to the main amount. If desired, you can get advice from a gynecologist, urologist, otolaryngologist, traumatologist-orthopedist, neurologist. The medical center "Famili Resort" has developed exclusive programs that help maintain youth and beauty.

    Title 134] Expected result
    “Grace”For overweight adults of both sexesGradual weight loss within 14 days by cleansing the body of toxins and toxins
    "Aphrodite"For women of any age categoryhealth
    “Anti-cellulite”Mainly for women and girls, but the offer can also be used by men facing the problem of celluliteGetting rid of “ favorite" female trouble with the help of massage, baths and phyto barrels
    "Longevity"For people aged "55+"by blocking cell degeneration, improving memory

    There is a program "Vacations" for children. If you follow all the doctor's recommendations, the child's immunity strengthens after the end of treatment, and resistance to seasonal diseases improves. Children like delicious herbal tea and pleasant herbal baths, which form the basis of this complex.

    Prices for medical services

    Helios Sanatorium (Evpatoria) has balneotherapy and speleology departments, halochambers, massage rooms. There is a cardiology office.

    The cost of procedures is average (if we take sanatoriums of a similar profile). So, one session of galvanic mud therapy costs 300 rubles, one inhalation - 80 rubles, a session in the salt room - 180 rubles. The most expensive are mud procedures (general, for the whole body - 800 rubles) and massage.

    General massage (adult) costs 1200 rubles, for children - 800. An anti-cellulite session will cost 1300 rubles. A glass of herbal tea (as well as an oxygen cocktail) costs 50 rubles. You can warm up in a phytobarrel for 300 rubles.

    It is difficult to calculate on your own how much money you will need to pay for the course - you need to consult a doctor. Perhaps he will advise you to limit yourself to the main appointments, or maybe he will recommend adding some of the additional ones or leave it at the discretion of the patient (if there are no contraindications).

    Living conditions

    Guests are provided with a choice of rooms of the following categories:

    • standard mini;
    • double standard;
    • junior suite.

    All rooms are equipped with balconies, each has WI-FI, TV, refrigerator. The rooms have either 2 single beds or 1 double bed, bedside table, wardrobe. In the junior suite in the second room there is a sofa - it can be used as an extra bed. A bathroom and shower are available in every room.

    How food is organized in the Family Resort

    The sanatorium has its own restaurant. Meals for the guests of the sanatorium are included in the price of the voucher, the system is three meals a day according to the "buffet" principle. The choice of vacationers - hot and cold dishes, side dishes, fresh fruit.

    For lunch or dinner, you can taste some of the local wines. If for some reason a guest did not get to lunch, he can always have a snack with buns and tea (or coffee) at the intermediate food station, which is open all the time.


    You can book a voucher on the website of the sanatorium on your own or call the phone number indicated there, and managers will place an order.

    The ticket includes: accommodation and meals (full board, including an intermediate food station), visiting beaches, animation for children and adults, use of the pool, billiards, badminton, sports and children's playgrounds. The basic set of procedures that the doctor will prescribe is also included.

    The price will depend on the season.


    per day, at the end of the season - 5000 rubles, and at the height (from 01.07 to September) - 6000 rubles. from a person. A suite costs 4800 rubles. At the beginning of the season, 7,000 in the "high season", 4800 - closer to the end. Cost of children's ticket (from 4 to 12 years) - 600 rubles. per day, regardless of the season. The prices of 2018 are shown - they may change.

    Entertainment and leisure

    In the helios sanatorium, animators are constantly working, which are busy entertainment from the morning to late evening. Those who wish can take a walk to Evpatoria or Simferopol, but also in those days when guests stay on the hotel's territory, they do not have to miss them.

    In the morning, gymnastics are carried out with the inclusion of the elements of aqua fitness, then there can be different programs: a game in volleyball, yoga lesson or some master classes, quests for the whole family. In the evening - for children Holidays with treats and music, aquagrima, weaving from beads, the manufacture of clay crafts, dancing. Late in the evening - adult interactive and musical programs.

    Where to go (or go): Attractions nearby

    In the village of Popovka, there are no special attractions, except for the art studio "I am an artist", where master classes are held in the summer glass (manufacture of products from mosaic).

    Nearby is another resort village - Stretche. You can dedicate a couple of hours a day to travel there and inspection of manual works created from natural material caught in the sea or thrown by a wave ashore.

    in the resort center of Evpatoria, to which it is easy to get in less than an hour by public transport, there are interesting facilities that deserve all those who are fascinated by history or Just likes to bring new knowledge from vacation.

    Among them - the old Turkish bath of the XVI century. And the entrance door of the Odea Bazaar-Kapa, ​​who won on his century and Crimean Khanov, and the Russian commander of Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov, and Emperor Alexander I, and the Polish poet, Contemporary Pushkin - Adam Mitskevich.

    Curious District called Small Jerusalem. There peacefully coexist on small space different cultures.

    Original Natural Landmark - Ohibur Lake. It is located between the settlers Popovka and Storms. Here you can arrange a free cosmetic session, using the local unique blue clay.

    If you wish, you can sunbathe on the local beach and swim in the lake, where the water is heated by May 15 (the lake is petty, so the sun's rays turn it quickly In the perfect place for swimming those who came to rest at the very beginning of the season).

    Less than one day will take an independent trip to Bakhchisarai. You must first get to Simferopol, and from there already - in this old town. The Khan Palace of Bakhchisaraya with his oriental harem, once a worried imagination of the Europeans who did not have access to it, long ago inspires poets and artists.

    If you have to go to Simferopol, it is worth sitting on a minibus in this city and visit Chersonesos - a real antique open-air museum. The excursion will be long, will take a whole day and evening.


    It is easier and more reliable to book a ticket on the Helios website: Hotel-FamilyResort_ru / O-NAS. Any questions that have arisen will solve the phone manager: +7 (978) 902 10 05.

    By the beginning of the season there are already many wishing to get on holiday in " Helios, "one of the best and oldest sanatoriums Evpatoria. Therefore, it is necessary to plan your vacation in advance and book a ticket.

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