San Tropez (Saint-Tropez), France. Where is, photo, attractions

A small town Saint-Tropez is located on the southeast coast of France. It is one of the most popular resort places on the Cote d'Azur.

Where is it on the map of France

Once a small fishing village, today it has become a bright, integral landmark of France, which is famous for its beaches and small green streets in the old part of the city, as if descended from the canvases of artists.

The warm clear sea, beautiful houses and cozy green courtyards attract tourists from all over the world to St. Tropez. In addition, actors, artists, musicians and other representatives of the world show business like to visit Saint Tropez.

Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez is 59,000 m away (69,000 m by motorway) from the city of Toulon, 70,000 m (by motorway - 110,000 m) from Nice, 102,000 m (by motorway - 143,000 m) from Marseille and 437,000 m from Paris (by motorway - 875 000 m). The capital of international film festivals, Cannes is located 76,000 meters from Saint Tropez.

The Provence region in the Alps, where the cozy picturesque resort town of St. Tropez is located (the area is 11,200 sq. m.) is located on the southeastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea and is washed by its clear warm waters. It has a warm mild climate, hot summers and comfortable southern winters.

How to get from the airport to the city

The nearest airport "La Mole" is located 15,000 m from St. Tropez. It carries out a limited number of domestic and international flights, so the use of public transport for the transfer of passengers is not provided.

From "La Mole" to Saint Tropez can be reached by taxi or rental car. Travel time can be from 30 minutes, depending on the traffic on the highways. The trip can cost from 40 € to 50 €.

Car rental in France is provided by many companies. Their representatives are located directly at the airport. The cost of the service per day ranges from 25 € to 60 €, depending on the class of the car (comfort and premium, respectively).

In addition, Saint-Tropez can be reached from the main airport on the French Riviera, which is located in Nice (Aéroport Nice Côte d'Azur / fr.). The distance to the resort town from the airport is 110,000 m.

Mode of transport

Travel time Cost Notes 1.Train express

No. 99 + bus

From 2 to 3 hours€15 (airport-railway station €2; express train ticket €11; bus ticket €2)To San Rafael 7601, which follows in St. Tropez).2.Bus

No. 3003 (from terminal platforms at the airport)

From 1 h 30 min. up to 2 h 30 min.20 €Goes to St. Rafael

(transfer at the bus station to bus number 7601, which goes to St. Tropez).

3.Boat / leaves

from the Lunel embankment (Lunel)

2 h 30 min.From 48 € to 65 €Take bus number 23 to the Lunel embankment / then by boat to St. Tropez.4.helicopter20 min.From €840 to €1,150

(from 2 to 5 people respectively)

Helicopter Taxi / to St. Tropez city centre.5.taxi1 h 30 min.From 240 € to 280 €Taxi ranks are located at the airport terminals / continue to the center of St. rentalFrom 1 h 30 min. up to 2 hoursFrom 25 € to 60 € / day of useCar rental companies are located in the airport building / continue to the center of St. Tropez.

It should be noted that the small resort town of St. Tropez does not have its own railway and bus station. Buses arriving in the city go to the city center. There is a stop Place des Lice. Intercity and domestic buses also depart from it.

It is difficult to find parking spaces on a rented car, especially during the period of active visits to St. Tropez by tourists.

Underground guarded parking under the main square of the city, Place des Lices, can accommodate up to 470 vehicles. Here you can park your car for free for 30 minutes. For 45 min. you will have to pay 2 €, and for 1 hour - 3 €. 24h parking costs 44 €.

History of the city

Saint-Tropez is located in the most prestigious holiday destination in France.

The origins of the city's history date back to the 2nd century BC. when the first settlement was formed here. As the legend says, a dilapidated boat once washed up on its shores on the southeast coast, in which the locals found the headless body of the disciple and companion of the Apostle Paul, the Holy Great Martyr Torpis (or Trofim, Tropis).

It happened in the 60s. I century, when the cruel and treacherous Roman emperor Nero (Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus) ruled. That time was marked by persecution of Christians.

In honor of the Apostle Thorpis (Trofim), the first settlement on the site of modern St. Tropez, which was a Greek colony, was named.

The city suffered more than one complete destruction by Arab raids. It was restored and destroyed again. St. Tropez was not spared by internecine wars in Provence. Only in 1441 did the princes of Provence come to an agreement. It was decided to completely restore and ennoble the city. An Italian architect was invited for this.

It was then that the prosperity of the city-commune began. The erected fortress surrounded the city with walls, which became the stronghold of the entire district and the sea bay. The place becomes the center of international trade. In addition, many merchants, fishermen and ship owners live here. All this contributes to the rapid economic growth of St. Tropez.

However, in the XVII century. on the coast, the power of Marseille is growing, and St. Tropez until the 19th century. reputed to be a small fishing village. At this time, one of the famous French artists comes here. He bought an estate in St. Tropez. Many guests began to visit him, who appreciated the favorable climate and the beauty of these places. The city is getting more and more popular.

Today's Saint Tropez has been the setting for many popular films that have brought it even more attention. The city began to be recognized all over the world.

Main attractions

St. Tropez is located in a picturesque place, which is marked not only by the beauty of nature, but also by historical events that have left their mark on the appearance of the city. Many attractions are of interest to those who come here on vacation.

Fortress (citadel) of Saint-Tropez

The fortress of Saint-Tropez was built in the 14th century. It became a protection against foreign raids not only for the city and its environs, but also for the sea coast. The fortification located on a hill made it possible to view the area and notice the approach of the enemy from afar.

The Sea Museum was opened here. Nowadays, the Fortress of Saint-Tropez has become an excellent observation deck for tourists and vacationers, offering magnificent views of the city and the sea.

Sea Museum

The Sea Museum in Saint-Tropez was opened in 1958 on the territory of the Fortress of Saint-Tropez. This was not done by chance, because almost the entire centuries-old history of the city is connected with the sea and marine crafts. The museum contains numerous collections of models of historical ships, weapons, works of art related to the sea.

In the XX century. The Fortress (citadel) of Saint-Tropez and the Sea Museum have been declared Historic Monuments.

Annunciation Museum

The Annunciation Museum was located on the territory of the former chapel of the same name, which was built in the 16th century. In the storerooms and expositions of the museum there are only a few dozen sculptures and paintings by painters of the 19th and 20th centuries.

A place of honor among the exhibits is occupied by the work of the artist Paul Signac, who was the first to settle in St. Tropez and laid the foundation for the cultural development of the resort town.

Old Port

The Old Port of Saint-Tropez is a historic site. It was from him that the construction of a fishing village in the vicinity of port facilities began. After complete destruction during the years of World War II, the port was restored, and it became one of the main attractions of the city.

Today, the port and the adjoining embankment are home to many modern cafes, restaurants, all kinds of shops and souvenir shops.

Celebrities and ordinary tourists who come to St. Tropez love to walk along the promenade and, sitting on open terraces, contemplate the beautiful seascapes and snow-white yachts moored in Port. In addition, local artists set up spontaneous exhibitions of their works on the embankment, which, if desired, can be purchased as a souvenir.

Church of Saint-Tropez

The church (temple) of Saint-Tropez was built in the city in the 19th century. Here you can see the gilded bust of the Apostle Torpis (Trofim), after whom the once small settlement got its name. The structure of the church was made in the Baroque style.

Old Town

The Old Town is located between the Old Port and the St. Tropez Fortress.

It was built in the 15th century. Bright yellow, orange centuries-old houses and cozy courtyards of the Old Town can be seen on the canvases of artists of different years. Today, the first floors of these buildings are occupied by numerous boutiques and souvenir shops.

Butterfly Museum of Saint-Tropez

Butterfly Museum of Saint-Tropez is small in size, but very unusual. The founder of an unusual collection of insects was Dani Lartigue, who himself painted picturesque landscapes, and attached beautiful winged creatures to them. Many rare species flutter freely in the museum premises.

Saint Tropez is a small seaside town. However, there is something to see and where to go.


St. Tropez is located on the Cote d'Azur and is rightfully considered one of the best places to relax by the sea. For many years, its beaches have attracted tourists from all over the world, as well as eminent artists, artists, couturiers and very rich people.

The beaches of Saint-Tropez are famous for their clean sandy coastlines, clear warm water and magnificent sea views.

Some of the most popular beaches include:

  • Pampelonne the best in France and the world, located in the south of St. Tropez, has a length of about 6,000 m; like to visit the rich and famous, there is a zone for nudists.
  • Esclamandes (Esclamond) - a beach that is divided into zones, which is convenient for families with children or those with special preferences.
  • Tahiti (Tahiti) is part of the Pampelonne beach (Pampelonne) and a favorite vacation spot for the elite, there are many restaurants and cafes, music plays in the evenings and parties take place.
  • Les Canoubiers is one of the best free beaches where locals and visiting French like to relax; equipped with separate cabins, showers and parking.
  • La Ponche — a small free sand and pebble beach, has a convenient gentle entrance to the sea, loved by the local population.
  • ​​
  • Les Graniers is located near the Fortress (citadel) of Saint-Tropez, 20 min. walk from the city center.
  • La Bouillabaisse is located at the entrance to Saint-Tropez, near the port, suitable for a pleasant pastime in the family circle with children.
  • Les Salins, this beach offers beautiful seascapes overlooking white yachts; part of the beach area is occupied by restaurants, including those on the water.
  • Fontanette is located next to La Ponche beach within the city.
Pampelonne Beach in San Tropez

All beaches are equipped with sun beds, sunscreen canopies. Guests of the city can always choose a comfortable place to relax by the sea.

Entertainment and Shopping Places

in San Tropez (Saint Tropez) In addition to attractions and beaches there are many places that are very attractive for vacationers.


In the city there are many restaurants, bars, cafes and nightclubs that open the doors to guests from the evening and until the morning. Here the river flows intricate cocktails and wines.

It should be noted that for those who wish to have cheaper in the San Tropez there is no place. Prices for snacks and alcohol are not budget here: a glass of white wine can cost up to 20 €, and Coca Cola up to 7 €. Almost in all establishments, admission is possible when complying with a specific Dress Code.

Most Popular Bars:

  • Le Yaca Bar;
  • La Bodega de Papagayo (in Porto);
  • L'Atrium Bar;
  • Le Pigeonnier;
  • Bar Chez Maggie;
  • Kelly's Pub.

Most Popular Clubs:

  • Café de Paris;
  • Le VIP Room;
  • Les Caves du Roy (Hotel Byblos).


San Tropez is a place that is visited by quite wealthy and famous vacationers. This kind of leisure as shopping is very popular here. After all, in stores you can always see the latest fashion collections, shoes and accessories.

Place de La Garonne is the most popular Saint Tropez shopping area. Here is most of the most popular stores selling clothing of famous brands.

The most famous and popular destination for a variety of purchases is Place Des Lices Market (literally translated as lilies area). This is the main square of the city and the main place of trading. Here you can buy affordable goods and souvenirs, as well as vegetables, fruits and more.

Guests of the city can visit the specialized store of all sorts of delicacies La Maison des Confitures. In addition, a variety of souvenirs are sold here. Looking at the Rondini shop, buyers will find here fashionable wicker shoes handmade the highest quality. One pair of shoes can do in the amount of 150 €.

Lovers of expensive clothes and shoes can visit the shops in the Le Triangle D'OR area. It is all impregnated with the fragrances of expensive perfume and elite clothing of famous fashion houses Louis Vuitton and Dior. In autumn, the season of large-scale sales of branded collections of past seasons begins here, and vacationers can purchase coveted items at huge discounts.

On the central streets, you can find shops selling elite men's shirts, bathing suits of famous brands, and luxurious jewelry.

There are streets in Saint-Tropez (Général Allard, Jean Mermoz) where boutiques with more affordable prices are located. Things here are also not cheap, but their prices are more affordable than in elite shopping centers.

What to bring as a gift

Having been on the Cote d'Azur in the beautiful St. Tropez, many people want to take with them a piece of the sun and wonderful memories of their vacation, as well as share it with family, friends and colleagues work.

Saint Tropez has enough souvenir shops and boutiques where you can find not very expensive gizmos.

These can be:

  • marine-themed souvenirs;
  • St. Tropez reminder magnets;
  • all kinds of spices and sets of them;
  • natural olive oil;
  • wines;
  • cheeses;
  • chocolate;
  • posters, calendars, T-shirts featuring movie stars;
  • paintings by local artists;
  • bijouterie;
  • perfume.

Visiting the Le Brigitte Bardot store, you can buy a lot of pleasant things with the initials of the famous film star.

Winter holidays

St. Tropez is located in the French Riviera, where the mild Mediterranean climate prevails. Winters are warm here. The air temperature on the coast is from 14 degrees Celsius and above. Therefore, holidays at this time of the year are no less popular than in summer. The holiday season starts here in May and ends in October.

The influx of tourists is less, but it is impossible to see completely empty beaches, hotels and shops in St. Tropez. It is always crowded here, especially on the eve of the Christmas and New Year holidays. However, in winter it is easier to find parking spaces for rented or own cars.

In winter, holidays are somewhat more budgetary, and therefore more profitable. Since October, the season of big discounts begins in the resort town, so many people come here to treat themselves to a pleasant profitable shopping.

Recreation in summer

In the summer, the Cote d'Azur is very crowded. Vacationers from all over the world come here. The beaches are all full, and it is simply impossible to find a place in St. Tropez to park vehicles.

Already in May the water temperature in the sea is +20°, and in summer in the shade it can reach over +30°. In the summer in Saint Tropez life does not stop day or night. Small and large streets of the city are literally filled with vacationers during the day, and there are huge queues in cafes and restaurants. All beaches (even wild ones) are filled in summer.

Tired of the heat of the day, many holidaymakers go to nightclubs, bars and restaurants, where they are offered a wide range of soft and alcoholic drinks, as well as dishes of Mediterranean and European cuisine.

Holidays in St. Tropez, which is located on the Cote d'Azur in the French Riviera, can be an unforgettable highlight at any time of the year.

Video about the city

Traveling by car in St. Tropez: