San Francisco, California: attractions on the map, photo, description, interesting places

Small town of San Francisco in California - interesting and attractive place for tourists. There are many attractions that you can visit at any time of the year.

Attractions and interesting places in San Francisco: addresses, description

San Francisco (California), the sights of which are described later in the article, has a lot of places that tourists can visit. This is an absolutely cosmopolitan city, as a variety of peoples from all over the world have gathered here. The objects of their culture in the city are Chinatown, the Japanese Tea Garden, the Museum of Asian Art.

The most interesting places in San Francisco:

  • places associated with the ocean, such as Alcatraz;
  • natural objects, parks;
  • Haight-Ashbury, which was the birthplace of the hippie subculture;
  • Chinatown;

In the city, the entire infrastructure is designed for tourists as much as possible, and transport allows you not to spend a lot of physical effort on visiting them.

Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco (California), the sights of which are discussed in the article, is known for the bridge called the Golden Gate. From here you have an excellent view of the bridge that connects San Francisco and the southern part of California. For many years it was the largest suspension bridge in the world.

It was opened in 1937. On the first day it was allowed to walk on it. However, this bridge is also notorious for being one of the most popular suicide spots. In 2004, a small deer somehow appeared on the bridge and this delayed the movement of cars for a long time.

This bridge appears in many famous American films. Among them is the series "Charmed", in which he appeared in almost every episode. The image of the bridge is often used in computer games.


Alcatraz is a world famous island located in San Francisco Bay. This island has another name - The Rock, acquired by him in connection with the filming of the film of the same name in 1996. Alcatraz is popular among tourists as a place with an interesting history. This attraction appears in many works of cinema and literature.

San Francisco (California), whose sights have existed for more than 2 centuries, experienced a “gold rush” in the 19th century, which contributed to the creation on this island there is a lighthouse and a bell, as well as a fort with a large number of long-range guns.

The location of the island suggests natural isolation. The US Army came to the conclusion that this was an ideal place for a prison in which prisoners of war would be kept. In the second half of the 19th century, there were especially many of them.

This prison was closed in 1934 due to high maintenance costs. But during the Great Depression, crime increased and it was reopened, this time to more dangerous criminals. Now the prison is long gone, the island is a museum, which can be reached by ferry departing from pier number 33.

Cable car

The cable car was invented in the 19th century by Abner Doubleday. Today, the cable car is a very popular city attraction. The funicular was created to be able to navigate the steep slopes of the city hills.

They are so steep that an ordinary tram cannot pass here, but a cable car allows you to move quickly. There are 3 functioning lines in the city.

Union Square

This area is the center of entertainment and commercial facilities. It is also the center of the district of the same name. This is a very suitable place for lovers of theatrical performances and shopping. There are 2 theaters here. For Christmas on this square put the largest spruce in the whole country. On the perimeter of the square is a lot of cafes where you can enjoy the holiday.

Here you can also visit the exhibitions of paintings, which are held once a few weeks. Tourists are offered to visit a sightseeing tour on a walking bus and inspect urban attractions, one of whom is a monument to the whole world a monument to the column with the statue of the Victory goddess.

San Francisco, California: Considering the sights, you can not skip Square Union Square.

From this area, you can go on urban transport in all sides of San Francisco.

Lombard Street Street

Lombard Street is a very remarkable street. This is a kind of path, which is considered the most winding in the world. It is framed very colorfully.

in 20 Gg. XX century Repair work was carried out here so that you could go down the street by car. It is covered with red brick and has beautiful houses with curls curls and plants on both sides. Before this street travels tram related to the Powell-Hyde line.

Park "Golden Gate"

Park The Golden Gate is very attractive in the eyes of all tourists. This is the largest park in the city area of ​​more than 400 hectares. He was founded here in the XIX century, and until now, almost 13 million tourists are visited annually.

Here you can ride a bike or horses, as well as walk on foot. In this area, interesting events are held, including concerts of the loved ones by the public. The park is replete with animals and birds. Here you can visit several museums.

Decreased Lady

These are 7 houses built in the Victorian era and standing close to each other. "Decreased lady" is the most vivid symbol of the architecture of the Victorian type. Shades of pastel houses. The place is very popular for photo shoots.

The name "Decreased Lady" first appeared in the book Elizabeth Lipstick and Michael Larsen. So they became known and other Victorian buildings in the United States. The district was built up since 1856. These puppet houses in the evenings are peculiarly lit and contain an excellent interior inside. These houses due to their cohesion surrendered during a serious earthquake, which happened in 1906.

Rybatskaya Pier

This is a marina that is located in the north-east of the city and is one of its most important attractions. During the "gold fever" fishermen here were engaged in crab fishing.

Throughout the year, interesting and colorful events are held on the fishing marina. From here, the Golden Gate and Alcatraz bridge is clearly visible. Girardelli Square with a cozy restaurant is located on this area. Here you can arrange a long and fascinating shopping. Visiting this pier enters all excursion programs.

Pier 39

Pier 39 like both travelers and local residents. There are souvenir shops, rides, cafes, restaurants with seafood dishes. Sea cats lived here since 1989 and were very valued by local residents, because they attracted tourists here. For incomprehensible reasons, in 2011, they sailed irretrievably from here.

Now they remain only a few, and it is impossible to find out the reasons for this. San Francisco (California), attractions of which are known to many tourists is an excellent shopping and entertainment center. The entrance to the Pier has a large aquarium that allows adults and children to learn about the underwater world of San Francisco. There are many jellyfish, sharks and harmless fish of different color.


Chinatowns in San Francisco - the most extensive place of residence of the Chinese outside Asia. This Quarter has been many years. The number of Chinese is constantly becoming more. Travelers will be able to get to the "real China", where the atmosphere of his culture reigns and there is a sense of travel from one country to another.

All Chinese traditions are observed here, and every September is celebrated by the Chinese Autumn Moon Festival (Moon Festival).

The area consists of 24 blocks. The main street is Grant Avenue. The beginning of the quarter - Bush Street Street. On this street you can buy souvenirs and quench your appetite in any of the 300 thematic restaurants.

Although the "heart" of the district - the quarters near the crossroads of Grant Avenue and California Street, - for the sake of immersion in the most real Chinese exotic, it is worth walking through the streets next door, for example, by Waverly Place.

Castro Quarter

This is the place of residence of people with unconventional orientation. At the end of World War II, they sent military personnel who were with another orientation, which at that time was a reason for discrimination, but in the 60s, thanks to the movements for the rights of people, this place was a gay center.

There are many attractions that are associated with the history of the development of LGBT movement. Here you can visit the "LGBT History Museum", which tells about events in the struggle of minorities for rights.

Cathedral of Grace

Grace Cathedral belongs to the Protestant Episcopal Church. During the years of "Golden Fever" on the hill there was a small chapel of wood, which in 1906Stroke from the face of the earth earthquake. Banker William Crocheker subsidized the detuning of a new temple, which ended in 1964. Now the stability of the cathedral to the earthquake is now provided.

Despite the fact that the cathedral is built in the Gothic style, there are no sculptures on it, there are no reliefs, since all this could collapse with a new natural disaster. Inside colored stained glass windows. Organ concerts are arranged here, sings a male chorus known to the whole world, yoga classes and entertainment walks on the labyrinth painted on the floor are held.

The Palace of Fine Arts

Initially, it was intended for the exhibition related to the commissioning of the Panama Canal and the detuning of the city destroyed by the earthquake. The architect chose the theme of the design of the exhibition structure Roman ruins, pointing to the vanity of everything made by a person.

The building wanted to build only at the time of the exhibition, so the colonnades and the Greek-Romanesque Rotunda were built from wooden materials. But subsequently preserved gallery from concrete walls.

In the 1930s, jeeps and other means of movement were stood in the palace, which belonged to the army. Philanthropists contributed to the restoration of the palace after the collapse of the wooden buildings, since the collapse of the building was for the city of great loss.

Museum of Contemporary Art (SFMOMA)

The Museum of Contemporary Art is more famous as SFMOMA (abbreviation), this is the main and most popular museum of the city. It has more than 29 thousand works of the XIX-XXI centuries. It was designed by the Swiss architect Mario Bott. The design is a futuristic character, there are wonderful sculptures of the hands of modern brewers.

The collection includes 4 partitions:

  • one is dedicated to painting and sculpture;
  • Other - Photos;
  • the third - architecture and design;
  • Fourth - Media Art.

There you can see the works of Frida Kalo, Henri Matisse, Andy Warholl and other bright personalities from the world of fine art.

Scientific Museum Exploratorium

Exploratorium is a major museum in which exhibits of achieving science and art are exhibited. Collections allow visitors to become researchers of their perception and peace as a whole. This museum hosts filmmakers, lectures and family events.

The museum's slogan is the words "non-obscure science." Here it is described in detail about all the stages of human achievements in science and art as the means of knowledge of the world.


The museum was created by Franz Opengeimer, a famous physicist, and it is based on a feeling of joy from discoveries and new, sometimes unexpected, knowledge. Physics here is so clearly shown that Newton's laws are then impossible to forget.

This is an interactive museum. In it, you can do it and even need to be touched by your hands. Possible photo and video. If information about man is concentrated in the Western Gallery, then in Eastern - information about the phenomena of nature. The central gallery is devoted to the explanation of the principles of optics and acoustics. Children love the southern gallery in which they themselves have to collect cognitive exhibits.

The De Yang Museum

in this museum are works of art of America and Oceania, the anthropological collection, and the attention of tourists attracts the tower with which you can look at the city. Although local residents are outraged by abstract buildings, it is still very interesting.

The Asian Art Museum

The Asian Art Museum in this city is the largest in all new world. It is completely filled with exhibits from Asia countries. The museum is located in the building, once the former library of San Francisco and is directly opposite the city hall.

Art objects cover a period of more than 6 thousand years. There are many jewels of shakhs, equipment for samurai, imperial furniture from China, Japanese painting items. Asian artworks are sold at the local store of souvenirs.

Family Museum of Walt Disney

Walt Disney removed 111 films for his life and acted as a producer in creating another 576 films. Sightseeing in California in the form of the Disney Museum in San Francisco founded his daughter. Here you can see personal belongings, drawings, sketches, hardware for sound, much more. Exhibits here and received by Walt Disney awards.

Maritime National Historical Park

This park is an open-air museum, it consists of several objects. This museum tells about the history of navigation, you can see the ship of the past centuries.

Pier Hyde Street is also of great interest. Tours are ready to tell about the military and maritime history of this area, let you feel how heavy and the work of the sailor is responsible. The scientific library contains many cards that have survived since ancient times.

City Hall

This building was built instead of the old city hall. It collapsed as a result of an earthquake in 7 years after the construction.

In 1912, a competition was held for the best design for the new building, in which Arthur Brown won. Its design goes back to classicism, as the author conducted studies at the Art School of Paris. He was inspired by the dome of Les Invalides, which is one of the most famous buildings in the French capital.

Ferry Building

The Ferry Building is a well-known building that is currently a food market. It was opened in 1898 at the place where there used to be a wooden port. Many arrived here by transcontinental railroad. This line was the final line for passengers of ships operating nearby, and also arrived here from other regions.

Architect Arthur Brown designed this building with a strong foundation. Very remarkable is the highest tower, which withstood even 2 earthquakes. Now inside the building there are many cafes and shops selling many local products.


This is the tallest and most recognizable skyscraper in the city. It was built in 1972. Many companies rent this building. There are many cafes in this place and the atmosphere, despite the heaviness of the building, is very cozy.

Coit Tower

This observation tower offers scenic views of the city. In 1998, the film "Dr. Doolittle" was filmed here, in which the hero wanted to jump from the tower.

Inside it is a rich wall painting inspired by the socialist realism of Diego Rivera. Artists were funded by a special program that gave them the opportunity to have a job during the Great Depression.

Westfield San Francisco Center

This is a mall that offers tourists a wide variety of goods. Around it are hotels that are popular due to relatively low prices.

AT&T Park

This is a baseball stadium that is not located in the city itself, but in the suburbs. It is designed for both baseball and football. It is played by student football teams.

Japanese tea garden

The garden was created in the best traditions of Japan. It traces its history back to ancient times, because the tea ceremony is an integral part of Japanese culture. This garden preserves the originality of nature.

Here you can see different plants blooming in spring and autumn depending on the species. Beautiful Japanese-style pavilions are built here.

Twin Peaks

The hills are famous for the cult TV series of the same name, but they are not in the series. The most interesting thing is that fireworks are arranged here on national holidays, which people from all over the country come to see.

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach stretches for almost 5 km along the northwest of San Francisco. It is best to visit in early spring and late autumn. The waters are conducive to surfing. Here it is fashionable to visit themed shops and even cafes dedicated to the theme of surfing.

Baker Beach

The beach is located near the Golden Gate Bridge, which is always full of people. On it you can arrange picnics, photo shoots and sports.

No entry fee. The beach is always clean.

Itineraries for tourists for 2 days

The first place in the tourist route is occupied by the prison on Alcatraz Island. It is located on Pier 39, which in itself deserves attention. Then you can follow to the pier 45 of the embankment and see the Pampanito submarine.

At 100 34th Avenue is the Marine National Historical Park. Next, you should see the ruins of the Satro Baths pool, built by a millionaire at the northern end of Ocean Beach. The Sea Cliff area, Golden Gate Park, lakes, paths of Golden Gate Park, the Rose Garden, the Japanese and Botanical Gardens are also noteworthy.

The California Academy of Sciences, which is located at 55 Music Concourse Drive and is a major asset of the natural sciences, is worth the attention of tourists. You can see the Conservatory of Flowers, go to the memorial museum of M. Kh. de Young, full of paintings and frescoes, take a walk through the Parc Alarmo.

What to see in 3 days?

Start the route from Alcatraz, then follow to Pier 39, see Fisherman's Village, Twin Peaks Hills, Golden Gate Bridge, California Academy of Sciences, Chinatown, California Academy of Sciences, the most famous beaches, lakes, ride the cable car, visit the magnificent Coit Tower, visit the Ferry Building Market Center.

Of course, 3 days is not enough to see all the local treasures, but you can allocate 2 hours for each item. Then you can see if not everything, then at least a lot.

The table shows the average prices for visiting attractions:

Features Price
Children (under 12)$10-13
Pensioners10 -13$
Weekends (from 17:00 to 21:00)$11-14
Friday (from 15:00 to 20:00)$12-15
Thursday (from 11:00 to 18:00)$8-11

San Francisco, like California in general, is a very good place for a good rest and sightseeing.

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