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Rest on Koh Samui attracts travelers with its stunning nature and comfortable climatic conditions. The resorts of this place are perfect for both large families who prefer a calm and measured rest, and lovers of nightlife.

Description and history of Koh Samui

The island is considered the second largest among the islands of Thailand. It is part of the province of Surat Thani. The island is located in the Gulf of Thailand, 40 km from the eastern coast of Thailand. Koh Samui covers only about 230 square meters. km.

Koh Samui is an impenetrable tropical jungle (central highlands) and heavenly sandy beaches. Going around it in a ring, one single route stretches along which movement around the island is organized.

For a long time, Koh Samui, which is the center of the port industry, developed only through trade and seafood. In addition to fishing activities, the island supplied coconuts to the "mainland".

Nathon is the capital of this paradise, as well as the main port. The prosperity of the tourism business on Koh Samui began relatively recently, but has already made it one of the most popular resorts in Thailand.

Top 10 most interesting sights

Koh Samui (rest for tourists even with a modest budget) offers, for free or for a symbolic price, to visit its many places of worship.

Since temples and various statues of deities are of great importance for the island, there are a lot of them on Koh Samui:

  1. Big Buddha statue – it is an imposing statue that can be seen from anywhere on the island. Its height reaches 12 m, but due to the fact that it is located on a significant elevation, the statue seems even more majestic. The path to the foot of the statue is led by a staircase, which has the name - Dragon Path. Before you enter the holy territory (as in every temple on Koh Samui), you must take off your shoes. The deity sitting in the lotus position is completely covered with gold leaf. Surrounded by it are smaller Buddha statues. From the observation deck, a dizzying view opens up, the whole island is in the palm of your hand. Airplanes flying right above the statue seem very close and this adds awe to what they see. At its core, this Buddha statue is a huge talisman of the island, protecting it from various misfortunes (including natural disasters).
  2. Plai Laem Temple is an incredibly beautiful building, which is located near the statue of the Big Buddha. The artists worked for more than three years, painting the facades. There are about 15 shrines significant for the island in the temple. The pond surrounding the temple is home to many beautiful fish. If desired, anyone can feed them.
  3. The Statue of the Happy Buddha is a very colorful and spectacular religious building on the territory of the Plai Laem temple. The Buddha is depicted as a good-natured "fat man" and is the personification of wealth, generosity and prosperity. This statue is very voluminous and impressive. Its height is about 30 m. According to legend, if you make a wish and rub the belly of the Buddha, then it will certainly come true. However, getting even to the feet of the Happy Buddha is not so easy. The gigantic statue sits on a considerable dais.
  4. The statue of the goddess Kuan Yin is a very interesting sculpture. The goddess is depicted with 9 pairs of hands and sitting in a lotus position. According to legend, this goddess patronizes the elderly, children, mothers, the seriously ill and the poor. In East Asia, she also has great fame. Located in the temple of Plai Laem.
  5. Laem Sor Pagoda is one of the most impressive architectural structures on the island. This pagoda consists of small golden plates. On a clear day, it really shines against the blue background of the sky and the sea. It looks like it is on fire among the lush tropical vegetation
  6. Buddha's Foot - This shrine is located a few km from the Butterfly Garden, on a significant elevation, in the middle of the tropical jungle.
  7. Wat Khunaram temple - attracts a huge number of travelers. The temple is famous for the holy mummy of a Buddhist monk, which is kept in a glass flask and is on display for visitors. According to legend, this monk had the gift of divination and predicted the date of his own death. Believers bring incense and flowers as an offering. In the temple, you can make a wish and hit the ancient gong. You can also get a blessing and buy amulets in the form of bracelets - handmade by the monks living on the territory.
  8. Wat Ninh Ngu Temple – also known as the Red Temple. Its main difference (from other temples of the island) is that it is all made of red clay. This gives it its characteristic shades of red. In addition, this temple is considered the oldest on Koh Samui.
  9. Statue of Coral Buddha - This attraction has been considered one of the main ones a few years ago. The statue is located not far from the temple of Wat sink and today it is visited by almost only Buddhists. To the great regret, she has not been restored for a long time and the statue statue leaves much to be desired. However, it is still considered the shrine of the Self Island.
  10. The temple on Pira Lan is the Orthodox Church, which began its life relatively recently. The church, although it does not use such mad popular as the above, is not less beautiful and interesting.

Parks and natural attractions

It is impossible to imagine a full-fledged holiday on the island of Samui without visiting numerous reserves and parks.

Almost all of them are in vast territories, in order to bypass one park may need a whole day.

  1. National Marine Park AngThong - Excursion to this maritime reserve is very popular among tourists. This park consists of 42 uninhabited islands possessing virgin nature. The reserve zone is famous for the abundance of rare species of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.
  2. Oceanarium and Tiger Zoo - The place is not so large-scale as I would like, however it is great for excursion with children. You can admire the various types of tigers and a show with trained marine quotes.
  3. Rock Grandma and Grandfather - these are very unusual stone piles, remotely resembling men's and female genitals. A lot of legends go around this place, but none of them gives an accurate answer about the origin of the name. Locals believe that the rock has healing properties.
  4. Butterfly Garden - This park has become a habitat of more than 25 different types of butterflies. But in addition to insects in the reserve there is something to see. In the tropical garden there are several viewing sites, picturesque arbors, small waterfalls.
  5. The secret Garden of the Buddha - it is on the mountain Pum. The garden is a lot of figures of religious themes sharpened from stone. They are located along the river bed, among small waterfalls. These figures created a local farmer who was engaged in growing fruit trees - Durian. The walk among these stone sculptures in some tourists leave ambiguous feelings. Some visitors surrounding the atmosphere seems to be injection. Hike to this garden in itself is a kind of adventure, as it is located in a very difficult area.
  6. Paradise Park is a reserve with a natural habitat for animals. The entire park is divided into a variety of areas with a variety of conditions suitable for a particular type of animals.

    Relax on the island of Samui can be in Paradise Park

  7. Monkeys - This place will like the children very much. Monkeys are performed here various tricks playing musical instruments and dance.
  8. Namuang Safari Park - one more protected place where it is worth come with children. Here you can not only see the many animals, but also ride on elephants. The Park Administration arranges entertainment shows for their visitors.

Samui beaches

Samui Island (rest for beaches last year) offers its guests a lot of sunbathing zones and bathing in azure waters. The height of the beach season on the island from December to March. At this time, the combination of water and air temperatures are almost perfect. Pretty strong waves are here since the beginning of December and February, and the beaches are going to the Surfers' Surfers.

The best of the beaches according to tourists:

  1. Chaweng is the most popular beach of the island. His infrastructure is very developed. Considering that life here boils both in the afternoon and at night, there is a huge number of bars, fast food points, massage and spa salons, souvenir shops and many supermarkets. There are always a lot of people on this beach.
  2. Lamai - a very wide and picturesque beach. In the area you can easily choose housing for the possibilities of any wallet. On the shore there are many hotels and hostels. Waves here are a big rarity. In season (as well as in Chawenge), there are a lot of people here.
  3. Bo Phut - another stunning beach. Many holidaymakers attract a long wooden pier, which looks very romantic at sunset. Luxury hotels and no less luxurious restaurants are located here. Sand on the beach has a coarse yellow structure. Although there is no waves, water is always a bit muddy.
  4. May We - This beach is considered loved for Russian tourists. The bottom here is very comfortable and hollow. Thanks to this, the beach is often occupied by families with young children.
  5. Choengmon - is in the bay, but the storm is not uncommon here. In the peak of the season on this beach, too, the crowd of the people. A distinctive feature of this beach is a small island in the distance. It can be reached by boat or on foot, on sandy mound.
  6. Taling NGAM - This beach is perfect for lovers of a quiet, measured rest. Especially this romantic place was loved by newlyweds and just a couple. The sea is very small here, it is suitable for swimming only in winter, and in the summer - the sump.
  7. Chaweng Noi is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. It is located in a wide bay. It has a spacious shore line. The beach offers a very beautiful view of the mountains covered with tropical greens. Sand white and very small, step on it is very nice.

In addition to well-kept recreation areas on the coast, there are still wild beaches of incredible beauty in the style of the Bounty.

It is not so easy to get through the rocky protrusions and tropical thickets, but this path is worth it. The indescribable feelings of unity with virgin nature will be a huge award for the traveler.

Modern objects, interesting for visiting

for the development of tourist business and attracting tourists, the administration of the island of Samui organized all the conditions.

On the island, a variety of entertainment centers specifically for amateurs of active recreation, for example:

  1. Aquatcentre Pink Elephant is the best and most visited from Water parks on the island. There are both adults and children's attractions on its territory.
  2. COCO SPLASH WATERPARK - This park will be interested in families with young children. In fact, this is a real paradise for the island's little guests.
  3. BO PHUT HILLS GOLF CLUB - suitable for fans of acute sensations. The highlight of this amusement park is the attraction - Samui Water Bal (high-speed descent in the rubber bowl with 10 m slope).

Finding suitable accommodation on the island is not a problem. The choice is truly huge, from economical options, to the lacker apartments. It is much more profitable to rest on Samui in large companies or several families. The fact is that for a completely small (per person) you can withdraw a comfortable cottage with all amenities. But the couples here will not be without a roof above their heads.

Estimated cost of housing on Koh Samui
Type of housing Cost per night Number of guests
Tentfrom 2605402
Bungalowfrom 3607502
Hostelfrom 3206652
Guest housefrom 4609502
Economy class hotelfrom 80016602
Apartmentsfrom 82017002
Villasfrom 120025002
Villafrom 183038004
Apartment with poolfrom 200041504


Koh Samui, rest here is quiet and measured. To dilute the tranquility, the island offers its guests a wide variety of excursions with interesting programs and at affordable prices.

The following excursions are the most popular:

  1. Safari to the most important sights of the island (Big Buddha Statue, Namuang Park) in comfortable American jeeps. From 1936 baht (about 4000 rubles) per person. Lasts about 8 hours.
  2. Fascinating sea fishing near the island of Koh Tan. Takes approximately 6.5 - 7 hours. From 1720 baht per person.
  3. Excursion to the best places of Ang Thong Park by motor boat. 8 hours of stunning views for only 1900 baht.
  4. Snorkeling near the islands of Nang Yuan and Ca Tao, among the coral reefs. The tour lasts 5 hours. All this beauty is available for 1900 baht per person.
  5. Diving and photo session on the coral reefs of the Gulf of Thailand. THB 2130 per person for 5 hours of underwater enjoyment.
  6. Unforgettable romantic dinner on the ship "Bloody Baron", with bright scarlet sails. At sunset, the ship looks very impressive. All this pleasure from 2700 per person, and lasts 3 hours.

Independent hiking route in 1 day

Koh Samui (rest and the impressions received from it remain forever in the memory of travelers) due to its rather modest size, offers its guests the opportunity to visit every attraction for a very short period of time.

Of course you can do and hiking, but much more cost-effective to rent Thai motornets or familiar to Russian tourists - a scooter. Cost of about 150 baht per day. For such a minor amount, you can significantly save time and strength. The bike is very easy to manage and cope with it easily, considering that there are always semi-empty roads on the island.

Even if there is one's own transport, many stunning places on the island will be ignored, as one day is too little for such a rich place. Parks here are very extensive and to visit them you need to pay at least half of the day. The best area for walking tour - BO PHUT.

  1. The first object with which it is better to start sightseeing - the statue of the Big Buddha. At the base of the stairs leading to the statue there are counters with numerous souvenirs. You can purchase various crafts, decorations and talismans.
  2. Next Wat Play Laem or how otherwise it is called - the Temple of the Buddha. The temple is constructed over the water stroke of the lake, in which the Soma and gold carps swim. Here we sell bags with food for these fish. The complex is very motley and rich. There are more than 20 different cultural structures on its territory.
  3. The following object is a shelter for elephants on Samui. Here you can not only admire these giants, but also feed and even ride.
  4. After the path being traveled and seen, the spectacles must necessarily have a snack. It is best to do it on the seashore, so it is better to go to the nearest beach - Chong Mont. Here is a huge variety of cafes, comfortable wooden chairs and tables are installed right on the sand and can be trapes under the noise of sea waves.
  5. You can then go on a crocodile farm. Here you can spend most of the day, watching the trains of crocodiles. There are also many varieties of snakes, kaymans, Varanans, rabbits, monkeys, parrots and lemurs. Very spectacular shows are held with the participation of crocodiles.
  6. After visiting a crocodile farm, it is best to go to Chaweng Beach. Every day (except Friday and Sunday) from 17:00 and until 20:00, Walking Street starts here. In essence, this is a big mobile fair filled with Thai flavor. Numerous trading tents are exhibited along the street, in which you can find everything that you may need a tourist. At the improvised stage are local artists. Here you can try freshly prepared national street food and sea delicacies at an affordable price.

Self Island is primarily a beach vacation. Therefore, most visitors are limited to the first two points, after which they are sent on the coast. Fans of beach nightlife will love the famous Full Moon beach party, which attracts thousands of travelers.

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