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The resorts of the Luxury class are located on the bagams and other vacation options with reasonable prices. The minimum cost of staying within one week on the island is about $ 2500 per person.

Top 10 Resorts of the Bahamas

to the 50s of the 20th century, the Bahamas consisted of small fishing settlements. Now the inhabitants of this archipelago of 700 islands are 400 thousand people. Attendance to the islands of tourists in 2018 exceeded this figure almost 2 times, thereby making it one of their most popular resorts in the northern hemisphere.


Located on New Providence Island, Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas, as well as the most densely populated city of the archipelago. This place offers its visitors a unique combination of international culture and tropical rest.

due to the characteristics of the subequatorial climate, the visit to this city is better to schedule for the period from November to April, when the amount of precipitation is minimal, and the air temperature will reach + 30-34 C. New Providence has a plain relief, and The highest point above sea level is at an altitude of 37 m.

Nassau is located in the middle of the ocean, so most of the paths to it lies through the air. The city center is 16 km from the airport, you can reach it in 30 minutes. By taxi or bus. The main resort area of ​​Nassau is a paradise island, where the greatest number of hotels is. The minimum price per night is about $ 200 per night.

From the attractions worth paying attention to the Gallery of National Art Bahamas, the visit of which will cost $ 10; Nassau Pirates Museum and Atlantis - a hotel that is also an entertaining complex with a lot of branded shops, restaurants and a casino.

The beaches of the city are well-groomed, clean and spacious, most of them are free, and for staying on some will have to pay from $ 20 per person.

The entertainment is located near the coastal zone:

  • basketball courts;
  • cafe;
  • Restaurants;
  • Pools;
  • ​​
  • Water Parks.

Crooked Island

Located in Aklins Lagoon, Crooked Island is the most remote resort in the Bahamas. The population of the island is only 300 people, which is why tourists come here for a quiet meditative rest. The tropical climate allows the temperature to remain stable throughout the year, and only in the period from May to September, the figures can drop to +25aboutC.

Separated from other islands by a 500 sq. m, Crooked Island offers various types of entertainment:

  1. Scuba diving (mask and suit rental costs about $ 30).
  2. Deep dives (from $150 to $280, depending on the number of dives).
  3. Fishing tours ($750 half day, $1250 full day).

The island can be reached by plane, as well as by ferry, which departs regularly from Nassau.

Holidays in the Bahamas, the prices for which are quite high, are popular with yachting enthusiasts. Here they offer to rent a yacht (the rental price per day is from $10,000). On it you can explore Crooked Island and neighboring Long Island and Cockburn Town.

The main places to stay are the few bungalows. They are mostly one-story, some have their own cafe and recreation area. It is Acklins Bay, in which Crooked Island is located, is known for its rich underwater world.

Both from the shore and from the boat you can see:

  • sea turtles;
  • octopuses;
  • rays;
  • sharks.

The main attraction of this island is nature in the form of untouched sand, coral reefs. The only memory of the historical past is the ruins of the British fortress, which was built in the 17th century to protect the territory from pirate invasions.

Greater Abaco

As the 2nd largest island in the Bahamas, Greater Abaco is known for its bustling resort life, as well as Treasure Cay, home to five-star hotels, expensive restaurants and celebrity villas.

The best time to visit Greater Abaco coincides with the opening of the sailing season - it starts in spring and ends closer to autumn. During this period, the air temperature reaches +32-34oC, and the water heats up to +27oC.

the islands can be reached either by plane, which depart from Nassau and neighboring countries, or by ferry or boat - in a more budgetary way. There is a wide range of hotels on Great Abaco, the minimum price per night will be about $300. It is also possible to rent a villa or bungalow.

Treasure Cay is one of the best beaches of the island, which is exactly worth visiting. Coastline, 5 km long, white sand and azure water made Treasure Cay the most visited beach on the island. Here you can also find national parks and reserves.

Among them:

  1. National Parks Abaco, where many types of parrots and other tropical birds live.
  2. Water park with unique species of fish and corals.
  3. Black Sand Reserves and Fowel Case.

Among the publicly available types of entertainment, bonfishing, diving and underwater fishing can be allocated. In the presence of the experience of dives under the water, it is worth trying a dive to the awn in 1862 the Ariardak ship. Big Abaco is suitable for extreme lovers and outdoor activities.


Andros is the largest island of the archipelago, which is known 3 largest by the barrier reef, more than 225 km long.

in the northern tropical climate, the air temperature is 27-29aboutfrom from May to November, which makes this period the most favorable For a visit.

About 1/6 of the island area occupy tropical forests and swamps, so Andros is not popular among tourists. The island has more than 200 species of birds, which settled in the thickets of palm trees and mahogany. Also grow more than 50 species of wild orchids.

Most inhabitants and tourists live on the coast in the cities: Nikolz-Town, Congo Town and Andros-Town. The path to the island lies through Nassau, from which you can fly by plane or take advantage of the boat. From public transport on the island allocate a taxi.

For one trip will have to pay $ 80-100. Rest on the Bahamas on Andros Island does not provide a wide selection of hotels, and the average price per night will reach about $ 800. Thanks to extensive diving opportunities, the most frequent visitors are divers-extremes.

Deep hole Dina is located in the Andros region. This is the perfect place to relax divers on the bugs. The depth of the hole is more than 200m

they come here to look at the unique underwater world of the barrier reef and solve the mystery of "blue holes". There are many underwater caves on the island that will be interested in extreme lovers. But for an inexperienced diver, underwater labyrinths can become a dangerous place where you can get lost. Snorkeling, bonfishing and kayaking also available on Andros.

San Salvador

It is believed that San Salvador island was opened by Christopher Columbus during his first journey to America. After 6 centuries, this island remains uncharted and untouched as with the time of the navigator.

The climate on the island is tropical. Like most of the Bahamas, San Salvador is recommended to visit from April to November, when the air temperature rises to its maximum. The island has a flat relief, and around it there are coral reefs that attract divers from all over the world.

San Salvador can be reached by plane, but it is still better to travel from island to island by yacht or boat. A road is available on the territory, it is possible to rent a motorcycle or bicycle. Car rental prices range from $40 to $55 per day.

The range for choosing a hotel here is quite wide, the average price per day in a hotel does not exceed $250. In addition to hotels on this Bahamian island, it is also possible to rent a villa for a large family holiday.

San Salvador is known for its cuisine, which will appeal to all seafood lovers. Oysters, mussels, traditional lobsters and shrimp - the average check per person in a restaurant will be about $60.

Diving is the main form of entertainment on the island. A particularly good place for deep diving is the western coast, the depth of which reaches 300 m. The cost of one day of diving can range from $100 to $180.

San Salvador also offers visitors tours of the island, where tourists can visit the most popular places in descending order:

  1. Museum of the New World.
  2. East Beach, famous for its pinkish tint.
  3. Local lighthouse, with stunning views of the island.

Prices for such tours start at $1,300 per person. San Salvador also contributes to science. The island is home to the Gerace Research Center, which helps students study marine biology and archaeology.

Cat Island

Cat Island is another island in the archipelago that has remained untouched since the time of Columbus. It is one of the least populated Bahamas - only 1,500 inhabitants. The main cities are New Bright, Arthur's Town and Orange Creek.

Cat Island has the most favorable climate of all the Bahamas. Its location in the northern tropical climate helps the air temperature to remain stable all the time: from +28 to +32oC Mount Alvernia, 63 m high, is considered the highest geographical point of the island. At its top is a miniature medieval monastery Hermitage, carved from stone.

Cat Island has an international airport and can also be reached from another island by boat or yacht. Among tourists, car and motorcycle rentals are popular here. A day of renting such a vehicle will cost you about $60.

Due to the low popularity of the island, the average price per night here is much less than on San Salvador or Crooked Island - the night in the coastal bungalow will cost about $ 220. Rest on the bugs, the prices of which are overpriced for tourists, here are acceptable. The cost of immersion under water on the island ranges from 120 to $ 180.

Among the tourists San Salvador is known for his pink beaches that they got such a color thanks to small coral chips. It is recommended to look at the coral reefs, sunken ships and underwater caves, whose depth reaches 50 m.

Visitors to the island can also:

  1. arrange a bicycle tour at unknown corners Islands.
  2. Ride a boat, watching marine turtles.
  3. Surfing.

Grand Bagham

Grand Bagama is one of the largest bauchams, which has high popularity among tourists through its noisy rest, bright nightlife and high prices for shopping.

Visit to the island should be scheduled for the period from May to September, when the air on the island is dry and warm, at this time the temperature ranges from +28 to +34aboutS. The island is 90 km from Florida, so the most part of the guests is the Americans.

On the island of Grand Bagam is the airport hosting flights from the neighboring United States and from other islands. Buses do not go here, so moving around the territory of the island will have to taxi or a rented car.

The capital of Grand Baham is the city of Freeport. It is a respectable luxury resort, which annually takes about half a million guests. The resort is also often visited by celebrities. On the island it is possible to find quite budget options to stop at night - from $ 250 per person. Freeport few attractions.

The main ones are 2 places:

  1. The Grand Bagham Museum is dedicated to the ancient tribe, which lived on the island.
  2. LUKOIN National Park, which is interesting for labyrinths of underwater gorges.

from entertainment on the island prefer shopping. For lovers of excursions, they organize trips to the settlement of Jack-Ter, the inhabitants of which were engaged in the production of Roma and sold it to pirates.

Alice Town

Alice Town is the historic and fishing center of the Bahamas, as well as the capital of the Bimini Islands Group. Being one of Ernest Hamingue's favorite places, the city acquired the glory of places for real romantics and desperate adventurers. Numerous fishing resorts and clubs made this place popular among marine hunting lovers.

Due to the hot tropical climate, Alice Town has a lot of rain in the summer. This season lasts from May to October, the average temperature per year reaches +25aboutC. Alice Town can be reached through Bimini South Airport with a direct flight from Nassau. Due to the underdeveloped road system, only bicycles and golf carts can be found here.

Accommodation on the island is inexpensive, the minimum price per night in a hotel is $120. The infrastructure in Alice Town is also not developed, in the city center you can find only a few cafes and souvenir shops.

The island is famous for its extensive fishing opportunities, which is why fishing enthusiasts come to Alice Town to enjoy the unique underwater world of this island. From these waters, you can catch tuna, barracuda and blue marlin.

Snorkeling and diving are also common on the island, and people come here to dive to the wrecks. Of the attractions, it is worth highlighting the Compleat Engler Hotel resort, where Hemingway wrote his novel To Have and Have Not more than 80 years ago.

Also noteworthy is the Bimini Museum, which contains many of the island's cultural artifacts. Diving enthusiasts can dive to the ocean floor at the Paradise Pont resort, where, according to historians, the ancient civilization of Atlantis was located.

Great Exuma

Established in 1973, Great Exuma is the largest island group located in the South Bahamas. This place is known for its white sandy beaches and caves.

A visit to the island can be planned at any time, since the weather here is stable throughout the year, and the air temperature averages 32-34aboutC. The relief of the Great Exuma is flat, a small part of the island make up tropical forests.

Access to the island is via Nassau International Airport. The only form of transport on the island is a taxi, which must be ordered in advance by phone.

Sandals Emerald Bay is considered the best hotel on the island - a luxury hotel offering its visitors: procedures;

  • diving instruction;
  • beach sports on site;
  • holding a wedding ceremony.
  • Holidays in the Bahamas, the price of which can be $400-800 per day, can be spent on this island for $180-290.

    The beaches are a special attraction of the island. Coco Plum Beach may seem unusual because of its shallow water. Due to the low water level, you can safely walk from it to the neighboring uninhabited islands. But the most interesting on the Great Exuma is the island of wild pigs.

    According to the legend, pigs were brought here with pirates as a food reserve, but for unknown reasons for pigs and remained to live on the island. They are not afraid of people, very friendly and often bathe along with tourists.


    Located on Andros, Mangroves are often called "island in the island". It is covered by the barrier reef of Big Andros. Residents carefully belong to the island, actively developing ecotourism. The climate on the island prevails tropical. From the trip from November to May, it is better to refrain, because at this time there is a rainy. The average air temperature is +26aboutC.

    You can get to the island from Nassau by plane. Flights depart 2 times a day. Also tourists are available water taxi services. You can stay in Mangrove in hotels and guest houses located near the coastline. Rest on the bugs, the price of which on average is $ 500, on mangroves will be in the range of $ 600-800, including the cost per night at the hotel (about $ 360).

    From entertainment on the island Popular:

    • Diving;
    • Scuba diving;
    • Hiking on kayaks;
    • Fishing.

    Fans of marine hunting often come here to visit the Mangrove Club - a high-class resort of fishing lovers. Also suitable for diving and snorkelling Blue Wpadina "Victoria", near which tropical birds and wild orchids can be observed.

    Comparative Table in the resorts of the Bahamas

    Resort Hotel category Price per day


    Price per day (average) Attractions Category of beaches
    1. Nassau5 starsfrom $ 80450 $Island Blue Lagoon, Water Park "Aquavencher", Royal Forestry, Charlotte FortressSand, actively used, pure
    2. Crooked Islandwithout categoryfrom 170 $300 $(2 39) Natural species.Sandy, low-used, pure
    3. Big Abaco3 starsfrom 100 $220 $Castle Sivia-Cassle, Wyannie Malone Museum, Marsh Harbor IslandSand, actively used, pure
    4. Andros5 starsfrom 110 $380 $Barrier Reef, "Blue Holes".Sand, actively used, pure
    5. San Salvador4 starsfrom 150 $230 $Lighthouse Dixon Hill, Club Guanahani Dive, East Beach BeachSandy, moderately used, pure
    6. Kat-Island3 starsfrom 140 $300 $The stream of the Embrister Creek, Lake Boiling-Howsandy, moderately used, pure
    7. Grand Bahama4 starsfrom 120 $180 $Center of Nature Rand-Memorial, Dead Man's Coral Reefsandy, actively used, pure
    8. Alice Town4 starsfrom $ 140220 $Dolphins House, Radio BeachSand, actively used, pure
    9. Great Exuma3 starsfrom 150 $300 $Island of wild pigs.Sand, moderately used, pure
    10. Mangroves3 starsfrom 180 $230 $Fishingsandy, low-used, clean

    resting on the hotel's bauches cost from 100 to $ 400, and on Mangrove you can rent a tent, where prices are about $ 20 per night. From entertainment it is recommended to visit coral reefs, cave tunnels.

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