Rest in Evpatoria 2021. Private sector, prices without intermediaries, how to rent a room cheap, with kitchen, food

The private sector, as an accommodation option for recreation in Evpatoria, is one of the most common. And this is quite justified: prices are lower, services are practically the same as those offered by large operators of the tourist business. People who have chosen this option of rest have to take all organizational worries on their shoulders.

Evpatoria: features and types of recreation

Among the resorts of the Crimea, Evpatoria has long been one of the places of honor. Historically, the city has existed for 2.5 millennia. The first settlement called Kerkinitida was founded on this site by the Greeks. Subsequently, when the Crimea was under the control of the Ottoman Empire, the Turks built the Gozlev fortress here. Among the Russians, the name did not take root and was quickly transformed into Kozlov.

When the Crimea was ceded to Russia, this name extremely outraged Empress Catherine II. It was she who gave the current name to the city. Eupator was the name of the Greek king. The name came from his name. According to contemporaries, Catherine, emphasizing her greatness, gave the name a symbolic meaning: “Evpator and I!”.

Today, the resort infrastructure of the city is able to provide guests with all types of recreation, depending on their wallet. These can be expensive boarding houses and hotels, or they can be modest and inexpensive private sector apartments.

There are many entertainments for outdoor enthusiasts:

  • horse riding;
  • water park;
  • Dolphinarium;
  • travel on sailing yachts;
  • jeep tours to famous places of the peninsula.

Diving lovers in Evpatoria expect an amazing underwater adventure: immersion to depths up to 30 m with inspection of ships, victims wreck. And not only outside, but also from the inside.

Fans of noisy nightlife await the best nightclubs of the resort town. The very thick network of them focuses along the coastal strip. Nightlife here just boils. For example, Del Mar nightclub, designed for quite respectable wallet, with high-level restaurant service and interesting shows.

or Night Club White, all in white stone, starting from an elephant meeting visitors. The length of the bar stands here exceeds all expectations - more than 35 m. For a more relaxed, but a sufficiently noisy rest has its own doors to break the karaoke - the club "SEBRO". Those who are traveling for a calm family holiday, waiting for the sights of the city and, of course, beaches and the sea.

How to get to the resort

Evpatoria is located in the western part of the Crimean Peninsula. This is the natural zone of steppes. Geographic coordinates of 45 ° 12. Northern latitude and 33 ° 23. Eastern longitude. Here, the annual volume of solar radiation and the duration of the light day are ideal for a person. Absolute heights of the water cut do not exceed 10 m.

What transport to Evpatoria is the choice of each traveling. If this is aviation, the new terminal of Simferopol Airport will provide the opportunity to take a taxi, express or bus. The cost of the express ticket is located in the area of ​​400 rubles, for the bus - 130 rubles. The time that the road will take is not more than 2 hours.

But with a taxi can wait surprises. The illegal taxi in the parking lot will cost a half - two times more expensive than the official one. To order a taxi to leave the terminal is not required: right in the terminal there is an order rack. Its cost will be from 1400 to 2000 rubles. Depending on the class of the car.

If Russian Railways services are elected, the electric train is part of the station to Evpatoria. The fare is from 120 rubles, and travel time is about 2 hours.

In addition, if it is possible to engage in self-organization, it is best to order a taxi or transfer in advance. For this, there are several sites in this particular topic. For example, the cost of transfer to Krim-Taxiprestige will be from 1100 to 2500 rubles. Depending on the class.

on Sipaero-Simferopol. Taxi - from 900 to 2500 rubles. After paying 200 rubles, you can get a meeting with a sign with a sign. Taxi-Meridian and Simferopol-aeroport. Taxi provides services at the same prices.

In order not to start your vacation with a painful road in the heat, we can recommend a transfer from the “standard” class to the business class at average prices from 1200 to 2500 rubles. Traveling directly from the terminal to an air-conditioned resting place in 30-degree heat is more comfortable.

Transport in Yevpatoriya

Several transport companies operate in the city:

  • New Taxi +7 (978) 715-03- 93 Fare in the city: from 100 rubles.
  • Taxi "21st century" +7 (36569) 4-41-31 +7 (978) 041-24-41 +7 (988) 622-41-41. Fare in the city: from 60 rubles. Taxi operating hours: around the clock.
  • Services in leasing motor vehicles. Price from 2000 rubles. per day.
  • Bus fleet: tickets - from 12 rubles, open from 06:00 to 20:00.
  • Tram park: 4 routes, ticket price - 11 rubles, open from 06:00 to 20:00.
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Climate and weather by months

If true subtropics dominate on the southern coast of Crimea, Evpatoria is located in the arid zone of the Crimean steppes. Maritime monsoons soften continental dryness. This contributes to the emergence of a kind of climatic phenomenon.

That is why the city is considered a unique resort, which is suitable for sanatorium-resort rehabilitation of patients with various diseases. The drier climate compared to other subtropics makes it much easier to endure the summer heat and shorten the acclimatization period. The latter is extremely important for children.

Evpatoria winter passes at positive temperatures. Most often, even without snow. The feeling of coldness in winter is given only by the high humidity typical of the winter months in these parts. Its performance reaches 90 - 94%. It is in January and February that the most precipitation falls.

Spring comes early. Already in the first days of March, the air temperature rises to +9 - + 15 ° С. In April, average temperatures rise above + 15°C. In May, the weather here is truly summer - from + 12°С at night to + 26°С during the day. From mid-May, the resort-bathing season starts.

The autumn months here drag on slowly due to the fact that the temperature regime in the range of + 22 ° - + 25 ° С lasts until the end of September. You can still swim until mid-October. Night frosts come in October. Increased chance of precipitation.

If a comprehensive characterization of a climatic background in Evpatoria, it will look like this:



air temperature ° C water temperature in the sea ° C Clear days days with rain
July [16 4]3025282

for a full rest It is better to choose the period from the last numbers of May to mid-September.

recovery planning in Evpatoria without intermediaries

rest in Evpatoria (private sector or boarding house, guest house or a fashionable hotel, this question must be solved already at the initial stage) without school age children better plan to start at the beginning September: housing prices will not fall yet, but from September 1, the number of vacationers with children will decrease.

Next, it is necessary to study all the information about the city in detail to get a maximum of benefit and informative from recreation. It is also necessary to explore the sites offering holidays with accommodation in the private sector and guest houses Evpatoria.

How to book accommodation in Evpatoria in the private sector in advance

On the Internet there are many options for booking housing. Immediately you should pay attention to those where there are many booking objects, and the telephone for communication is one. This fact indicates an intermediary who is not the owner.

Hochu-Na-Yuga - a long time proven and reliable option. Communication here directly with housing owners. And the reviews are mostly real. It is better to choose several options and contact the owners. Call an approximate date of arrival and departure. Agree that accurate dates and booking will be indicated when tickets will be on your hands.

As a rule, adequate landlords agree with such conditions. In addition, there is almost always a transfer from anywhere. Ultimately, 2 - 3 real options remain in the reserve.

What should be feared when booking housing

When making a prepayment for the reservation, the likelihood of colliding with rogues: what was shown in the photo - Fake, and in the realities - everything is much worse.

When possible with booking without prepayment, the situation is the same: the client is in complete confidence that there is a reservation, but in fact there is no housing and is offered another, but more expensive. And options for cheating with early booking mass.

Therefore, before going directly by the order by the order, it is necessary to carefully examine the reviews on the site and search for the planned accommodation in the social. Networks: there really can be chatted with people writing reviews.

And one more point: always need to be focused on the middle and maximum cost. If the price is offered below the average, then 99% is better to immediately discard the option. Announced low price, as a rule, put the client to then change the price or offer knowingly more expensive housing.

Finally, the last advice: To check the reality of the suggested prices, similar accommodation should be viewed in the nearby resort places. For example - in Nikolayevka: remoteness from Simferopol is the same, the popularity is lower, respectively and the real prices.

Prices for rest in the private sector of Evpatoria in 2022

Rest in Evpatoria (the private sector in this case, the most priority option of the budget recreation) begins with accommodation and payment of residence. This is the most expensive cost of expenses. Therefore, it requires careful study. This is what the owners of real estate in the city of Resort are offered today.

1-room housing in the private sector with kitchen

is the most popular accommodation option. Independent nutrition is always cheaper. However, it is not worth deducting about the "kitchen". This is not a full-fledged working area, but just an addition to the rest of the comforts: a dining table, a kettle, a modest set of dishes and, maximum, microwave.

The value of such housing in the center of Evpatoria is given:

month Room cost (rub.)
Minimum average Maximum

The price is directly depending on the remoteness of the sea, the availability of parking and the level of services provided.

2-bedroom housing in the private sector

This option is more suitable for family holidays with two or more children or two pairs or four friends (girlfriends). The cost is slightly higher, but at the rate of 1 person it turns out cheaper than two 1-room.

month price per room (rub.)
Minimum Average Maximum

In the last column of the table, the cost of the room with a kitchen in a small tourist complex "Pyramids by the sea" is indicated. He is right on the oasis beach. The entire infrastructure in miniature is present. Up to organization of excursions.

There is a cafe, the cost of food:

  • 2x-one-time + fruit for season - 600 rubles;
  • 3x-one-time + fruits for the season - 900 rubles;
  • 4x-one-time + fruits for the season - 1200 rubles.

3 and 4-room housing in the private sector

For small companies (or large families) 3 - 4 - indoor apartments for rent in Evpatoria.

Monthly prices are shown in the table:

Month 3-room apartment 4-room apartment



House rent

There are also options for large companies. Whole houses are provided for them:

Month 3-room house 4-room house




Prices for rooms in guest houses with meals

For Evpatoria, a guest house for rest with the service of 3 meals a day is not typical. Cooking services are not provided in the private sector for a simple reason: the city has 57 restaurants and many cafes, canteens, coffee houses, tea houses and other catering establishments. And where there are their own catering establishments, they prefer not to include meals in the room rate.

At the same time, there are such guest houses, but prices with meals in the high season start from 2000 rubles., and in boarding houses - from 3500 rubles. from a person. When compared with the average price of a single room, it turns out twice the price.

But there are also other negative factors:

  • tying meals to a certain time;
  • deliberately depriving oneself of the opportunity to feast on the side;
  • or the constant thought that the money was paid in vain: a full three meals a day in an average cafe will cost 600-900 rubles.

Beaches in Yevpatoriya: description, location

Yevpatoriya beaches are a unique place of their kind: about 70 beaches of gray sand, sometimes mixed with small pebbles, stretch for more than 40 km. There are no more such places in Crimea where the seabed consists of a sand cushion with a thickness of one and a half to 9 m. A significant part of the beaches belongs to sanatoriums and boarding houses.

Rest in Evpatoria, the private sector of which is located closer to the central and historical parts of the city, involves the use of the main and most popular beaches.

These are the beaches:

  • Central Beach;
  • Robinson;
  • New Beach;
  • Oasis;
  • Cote d'Azur.

The central beach is located right in the park. Frunze. It is rather small in size. Some zones are assigned to sanatoriums, the rest is for free visiting. All beach infrastructure is present and available for a small fee. Given the location of the beach, there are enough places to eat.

Pleasure and entertainment boats leave from the double-sided pier directly from the beach. The beach is convenient for families with young children, since the depth in the coastal zone is small. This is one of the most popular beaches, so it gets crowded during the high season.

As a drawback, it should be noted a large amount of algae thrown out during a storm. They do not have time to clean them up in time and the beach has a peculiar smell.

Robinson Beach is located southeast of Central. St. approaches him. Kievskaya, which allows you to get here from any end of the resort. The result of the accessibility and narrowness of the coastal zone in this place is high crowding. The beach is free with inexpensive infrastructure.

Due to the need for sanitation, the opening hours of the beach are from 6 am to 6 pm. Considered one of the cleanest. You can get to the beach by fixed-route taxis No. 6 and No. 9 to the stop "Sanatorium Priboy". By car - using the GPS navigator: 45.180871, 33.358791.

New beach from the southeast, adjacent to Robinson. Differs from urban counterparts in spaciousness. True, the sand here is mixed with small pebbles. A few meters from the water's edge is already quite deep. Therefore, vacations with small children are problematic.

The equipment of the beach is no worse than all the city ones, there is absolutely everything and at affordable prices. In addition, parking is organized and a site for camping is allocated. In the eastern corner of the beach is the largest water park in the Crimea "Banana Republic". From the center to the beach there is a bus number 6 and an electric train from the station Evpatoria - a resort.

Oasis Beach is located in the western part of the Old City. Due to its location, rather large depths and pebble-sandy coating, it is especially popular.

It has two zones: free access and paid (100 rubles) on the territory of the boarding house "Oasis". In the guest area, awnings, sun loungers and free use of hygienic infrastructure are provided. Equipped with handrails for the elderly and the disabled. For prams and wheelchairs, a path has been made to the sea.

This beach has a large number of additional services:

  • volleyball;
  • rental of sports equipment;
  • jet ski;
  • water bicycles;
  • equipment for rolling on water;
  • pleasure and pleasure craft;
  • children's attractions.

There is a place to eat. You can get there by tram No. 1 or 17 to the Pochta stop or by bus No. 6 to the Tram Ring stop.

"Cote d'Azur" - a paid beach on the western outskirts of (3 km from the center). Perfect sea water and clean shore make the beach perhaps the most popular. Bungalows are scattered along the shore, provided for a fee of 100 - 200 rubles.

The paid beach "Cote d'Azur", a popular holiday destination in Evpatoria, has a full infrastructure, including the possibility of renting safe deposit boxes.

Equipped with all the infrastructure, in addition, it is possible to use safe boxes. There is a designated area for camping and barbecues. You can get there by buses No. 6 and 10 to the stop "Plyazh".

Evpatoria's sights: addresses, ticket prices

Rest in Evpatoria (the private sector is ideal for this) can be not only a beach holiday. Independent movement in the central part or in the Old Town provides more opportunities to get acquainted with the sights.

Here is an approximate list of interesting places in Evpatoria, past which the tourist moves to the beaches:

  • Karaite kenasas. The only functioning temple of the Crimean Karaites. Consists of three courtyards with a fountain. Small kenasa (courtyard waiting for prayer) can be visited freely. Entrance to a large kenasa (courtyard where services are held) is paid with a guide. Price - 100 rubles. Object address: st. Karaimskaya, 68. Phone: +7656933035. Open from 08.00–20.00.

  • Tekie dervishes and Gözlow Gate. Muslim temple, built during the Ottoman Empire more than 4 centuries ago. Tekie is the name of the monastery. It was inhabited by wandering monks (dervishes). They traveled, healing the suffering and did educational work. It is located at the intersection of Internatsionalnaya, Povorotnaya and Karaeva streets. Working hours from 10.00 to 18.00. Price from 80 to 150 rubles.
  • Gözlow Gate. There were 5 main gates in ancient Gozlev. An unusual three-story building: the 2nd floor is occupied by a Tatar coffee house with excellent coffee, the 3rd floor is a museum building.

  • Juma-Jami Mosque (it is also called the Friday Mosque), it is also the Khan Mosque -Jami. Built in the 16th century. The rulers of Crimea were crowned here. The height of the building, crowned with an 11-meter dome, is 22 meters. Minarets 35 m high are attached on the sides. The main dome is surrounded by 11 small domes. In the upper tier, the glazing is made with colored stained-glass windows, which change depending on the time of the city and are a symbol of eternity. Address: Evpatoria, st. Revolution, 36, stop "Park Karaev". The mosque is open every day from 9:00 to 21:00. Viewing is free, but donations are welcome.

  • Yeghiya Kapay Synagogue. This is the prayer house of the local Jewish community. Built in 1912 in the best traditions of Jewish religious architecture. It is a three-level rectangular basilica with rectangular windows on two levels and round ones on the third, which ends with a stained-glass window of the Star of David. Only men enter from the main entrance, and women enter from the two side entrances leading to the second floor. Address: Evpatoria, Old Town, st. Prosmushkinykh, 34. Phone +7 36569 2-36-63. Geographic coordinates GPS N 45.198343 E 33.376335. You don't need to pay an entrance fee.
  • Church of the Holy Prophet Elijah. It was created by the local Greek community in 1918. It was built in the traditional style of Greek Orthodoxy and has the shape of a cross when laid. The dome rests on an octagonal drum. The bell tower is three-tiered and taller than the main building. An interesting fact: the first rector was Eleazar Spiridonov, who died in 1937 in the camp, was canonized and is the heavenly patron of Evpatoria. Address: st. Brothers Buslaev, d. 5. Phone 8 (06569) 3 -35-13. The visit is free.

  • Armenian Church of St. Nikoghayos. The year of construction is 1820. Russian classical architecture is well complemented by Armenian Orthodox traditions. The church was built of white limestone in the form of a basilica. The dome of the building is destroyed. On the eastern wall, a three-dimensional image of a cross (khachkar), traditional for Armenian churches, has been preserved. Located in the area of ​​​​the house on the street. Internatsionalnaya, 28.
  • Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. It occupies the second place in size on the Crimean peninsula. Its capacity is more than 2000 parishioners. The first service was held in February 1899. Under the communists, it was abolished and they wanted to undermine it. The features of the architecture are exactly the same as the Cathedral of St. Sophia in Constantinople. The initial frescoes are preserved on the walls and domes. Iconostasis, despite the many restorations, preserved pristine. The temple complex is located at: st. Touch, 2, tel. +7 36569 6-23-39. Visit free, donations are welcome.
  • Park "Crimea in miniature". More than 40 architectural attractions of the peninsula made in the ratio of 1/25 are allowed for 20 minutes. Read all the Crimean sights.

Full information about the park for visitors:

  • Address: Kirov Street, 34/42.
  • Mode of operation: from May to September - from 9:00 to 23:00.
  • Ticket prices: 600 rubles., Children 4 - 13 years old - 400 rubles.

Transportation stop - Frunze Park.

The article article is selected and is composed so that the tourist is clear, it is worth it or not to consider the private sector as the main version of its summer holiday in Evpatoria.

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