Rest in Bodrum, Turkey: Sea, hotels, prices for "all inclusive"

Rest in Turkey every year more and more attracts tourists from different countries. Such popularity contributes to the successful location of the country, because it has access to 4 seas to 4 seas:

Mediterranean, Aegean, marble and black. 90% of all tourists who come to Turkey from Russia are people who like Sunny Antalya with its 5 star hotels, clean beaches, a wide selection of entertainment and moderate prices. But in recent years, the main competitor of Antalya becomes Bodrum, which is considered a premium and elite resort.

Where the resort is located

in the south-west of Turkey in the Mugla province there is a resort Bodrum, washed by the Aegean Sea. The resort is located on the shore of the bay and is divided by a cape for two bays, and the Greek Island of Kos can be seen.

Bodrum is located 425 km from Antalya, 850 km from Cappadocia and 700 km from Istanbul.

Just 36 km north-east from the center of Bodrum is Milas International Airport. From the airport, you can reach the resort on the bus bus, time on the way about 45 minutes.

Climatic conditions, the best time to travel

Rest in Bodrum differs from vacation in other regions of Turkey also with its climate. The Mediterranean climate with a very hot and dry summer and mild and as short in winter prevails here. The climate is affected by the approach of the mountains and the Aegean Sea. But the rest in Bodrum has one feature: water always seems cool.

The season for tourists in Bodrum begins in May and ends in October. The hottest weather falls on August when the thermometers can see the numbers exceeding + 30 ° C, the water in the sea is heated to + 26 ° C. But the temperature of + 30 ° C in Bodrum is transferred easier than in Antalya, and all because the humidity is less.

Vacation options

Rest in Bodrum, as those who have already visited this resort say, is a vacation spent in the “other” Turkey.

And if you look, it really is:

  • snow-white houses with blue windows, like in Greece;
  • hilly picturesque bays;
  • the climate is much more comfortable;
  • The resort is located as close as possible to historical sites.

In addition, it is very often possible to buy inexpensive "hot" tours to Bodrum.


Holidays in Bodrum are picturesque bays surrounded by gardens and pine groves, on the territory of which there are the most beautiful and cozy beaches on the Aegean Sea. Many beaches are approved by the Blue Flag, which indicates a high level of their ecological environment.


Just 7 km from the center of Bodrum on the southwest coast is Bitez Bay, which attracts tourists with a clean and well-groomed beach. The coast stretches for 1 km, the beach pleases tourists with light sand. At the entrance to the warm water of the sea, small pebbles come across, but they cause discomfort. The bottom near the shore is even, the depth is about 1 m, and after 2-3 m from the shore you can find the first deep point.

Rest in Bodrum on this beach is safe for adults and children. On the shore you can see orange trees and pine groves, in which vacationers hide during the midday heat. This beach is considered one of the best, so the largest number of luxury hotels have gathered along it. The beach has everything for a pleasant stay: restrooms, showers, changing rooms.

In the recreation area, you can use sun loungers with umbrellas, which are offered free of charge by local restaurants and cafes. There are also private beach clubs on the beach, which offer a lot of sports and entertainment programs.

Bodrum Central Beach

This is a public place, so the entrance to the beach is free, so it is constantly crowded during the season. To take a seat on a sun lounger, you will have to get up early or, on the contrary, come in the heat, when most tourists go to hotels to hide from the heat.

Holidays in Bodrum can be perfectly spent on the beach

Most restaurants, cafes, hotels and apartments are located near the beach. The entire coast of the beach is covered with small pebbles mixed with coarse sand. The entrance to the sea is smooth. The sea is clean even despite the fact that the port is located as close as possible, where large cruise ships regularly call.


This is a remote but very cozy beach resort. The place is unfamiliar to tourists, but attractive for its wide variety of hotels. To find this beach, you need to drive from the center of the resort to the northeast for about 8 km.

The beach stretches along the entire length of the village, there are several picturesque and secluded bays. The beach is strewn with sand mixed with small pebbles, in some places you can find wooden platforms.

The entrance to the sea is uniform, which is very convenient for families with children. The beach attracts attention with its crowds; it is rare to meet crowds of tourists on it. You won’t be able to find elite restaurants on the beach, but there are cozy establishments with good cuisine. This beach is chosen by those who are tired of the city hustle and bustle.


This beach has absorbed a calm and measured rest, the noise of large night parties, a wide variety of comfortable hotels, picturesque nature and active recreation. This beach is often visited by tourists, and all because every vacationer feels comfortable on it and does not need anything. The situation in different parts of the beach is varied.

The surface of the beach is sandy, you can walk barefoot on it without discomfort. The sea is clean, the entrance to the water is smooth. There are amenities throughout the beach: showers, restrooms, changing cabins, sunbeds and umbrellas. But most of the sunbeds and umbrellas are the property of hotels located along the beach, and you will need to pay to use them.

A lifeguard team is constantly on duty at the beach.

There are things to do on the beach:

  • you can ride a banana;
  • try kayaking, SUP, windsurfing;
  • go for a walk in the sea and dive into the depths.


Rest on this beach in Bodrum is very popular with both locals and tourists. There are plenty of different entertainment, delicious food and a wide range of services for a fun holiday. The beach is located as close as possible to the very center of Bodrum, offering a beautiful view of the sea.

On the beach you can relax on a lounger under an umbrella, pamper yourself on a massage table. A team of lifeguards works on the beach, latrines, showers and changing cabins are installed.

This beach has been awarded the Blue Flag as the most environmentally friendly. The beach is strewn with sand, small pebbles rarely come across.

The entrance to the sea is smooth, so families with small children can often be found on the beach, the depth here is shallow. Entrance to the beach is free, a fee may be required for sun loungers, which are the property of hotels located near the beach.

Tourists, relaxing on the beach can do:

  • fishing from a boat, admiring the sunrise or sunset, and then cook the caught fish on a barbecue;
  • go windsurfing, kayaking, diving;
  • there are plenty of water treatments on the beach for every taste;
  • is to go with a group to the water park.


This beach is considered a paradise for anyone who decides to spend their holidays in this place. It is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. This beach is conditionally divided into separate zones, each of which has options for a wonderful holiday.

This beach has one distinctive feature from other beaches of this resort - it is dark sand. It is thanks to this feature that he got his name, which means black rice.

There is a wooden platform on the beach. It is equipped for those who want to have a tasty meal, enjoying the pleasant atmosphere. There is a zone that is separated from the rest by two hills - this is a remote and secluded zone, but all the other zones are intended for outdoor activities: ride rides, engage in water sports, dive from small islands.

The beach is equipped with everything necessary for a pleasant stay: sun loungers, umbrellas, showers, latrines. Hotels were built throughout the beach, which equipped beaches with sun loungers and umbrellas next to them.

Active recreation

Rest in Turkey is not only swimming in the warm water of the Aegean Sea and lying under the warm sun on a warm pestle, but also active recreation, which includes scuba diving, flying on paragliding and other types of entertainment.

Activities Features Address
DivingThe water in the Aegean Sea is so clear that, diving into it with scuba gear, you can perfectly see the bottom and its inhabitants: beautiful reefs, bright corals. Diving with scuba gear you can get into underwater caves, see sunken ships, pirate schooners and a lot of other interesting things.Asarlk Mevkii, Isis Hotel, Gumbet Bodrum – Turkey Phone: +90 532 597 7386, Eski Cesme Mah. Coban Yildizi Sok. No 41 BODRUM Phone: +90 252 316 073
Quad safariThose who love speed and adrenaline can go on a new adventure. The route is designed so that tourists can see the beauty of wildlife.Ayaz Cad. 39/E Gümbet BODRUM, +90 252 319 49 42
Swimming with dolphinsSwimming with dolphins is an unforgettable experience. Such an excursion will not only give mood, but also improve health. In medicine, there is even therapy - dolphin therapy, which helps to avoid stress, overwork, depression, headaches.Ayaz Cad. 39/E Gümbet BODRUM, +90 252 319 49 42
RaftingRafting on inflatable boats on the fast Dalaman River will allow you to get a lot of positive emotions, as well as check your endurance. The Dalaman River is ideal for rafting. Its length is 229 km, the current is strong, which makes it possible to increase the level of difficulty for rafting.Ayaz Cad. 39/E Gümbet BODRUM, +90 252 319 49 42


famous resort.

Bodrum Castle

Particular attention should be paid to visiting:

  1. Castle in Bodrum. This castle was built by the Hospitallers in the early 15th century. It was dedicated to Saint Peter. Its walls offer a picturesque view of the surroundings. Within its walls, the Museum of Underwater Archeology was organized, which is considered one of the most important in the world. Address: Çarşı Mahallesi, Bodrum Kalesi, Kale Caddesi, Bodrum/Mugla, Turkey.
  2. Bodrum Maritime Museum. This museum is very well formed and spread over two floors. Tourists will be able to explore the maritime past of Bodrum with the help of thoughtful boat models. Particular attention is paid to the role of Bodrum as a diving center, as well as the birthplace of the writer Cevat Shakir Kabaagachly. Address: Çarşı Mahallesi, Bodrum Deniz Müzesi, Nazım Hikmet Sokak, Bodrum/Mugla, Turkey.
  3. Ottoman shipyard. It is also called Milt's shipyard. In the 70s of the 18th century, Russia destroyed the entire Ottoman fleet in Cesme and restored it at such shipyards as in Bodrum. The shipyard was thoroughly fortified and a watchtower was erected, which made it possible to more reliably defend against pirates. Currently, the shipyard has been restored and is used to a greater extent for art exhibitions.
  4. Amphitheater of Halicarnassus. On the slope of a hill overlooking the main road to Turgutreis, in the 4th century BC, the Amphitheater of Halicarnassus was built, which was able to accommodate 5 thousand spectators, and in the 3rd century AD. when the famous gladiator fights were held. Today, concerts are often held here in the summer.
  5. Church of St. Nicholas in Bodrum. On the way from Bodrum to Strobilos, west of the Myndos Gate, you can see an old Christian church from the Byzantine period. It is assumed that this structure was built in the 3rd century of our era, so it still stood for almost two millennia, and it came to us at least in a rather old form, but still did not fall apart. The church is built of red brick, has a stone foundation, the height of it is 8 m. Inside the mosaic floor with images of flowers and dolphins, the remains of the Christian painting are visible on the walls. The building stands in the middle of a mandarin grove, nearby there is another historically interesting construction - a well belonging to the same epoch.
  6. Museum of Art of Zekka Muren. The local art museum was built and called in honor of the Muren Zekka, the famous Turkish singer, composer and actor. The museum is organized in the last residence of celebrities before his death. He is known for his contribution to music as well as Elvis. The exposition of the museum consists of a multitude of his personal belongings, souvenirs about his outstanding career, other things and information that directly explains how Muren has become an icon of modern Turkish music.


Rest in Turkey can be elite, and maybe budget. On the resort of Bodrum on the very coast of the Aegean Sea you can find 5-star hotels with all inclusive or budget options available to the middle class.

Forever Club 4 *

This is a modest and cozy hotel for 4 stars. To get to the beach, you will have to go on the road or use the underground pedestrian. This hotel is designed for a comfortable and cozy family holiday, but children under 14 are not accepted. It is located just 1.5 km from the center of the resort and 35 km from the airport.

at the hotel 214 rooms of different price categories: you can book a room for 5000 rubles. per day or choose an economy option for 2500 rubles. The hotel has a dry cleaning, a hairdresser, a laundry room, a doctor's office, as well as 4 restaurants and a bar, there is also a huge outdoor pool. The hotel has just 20 meters from the main entrance there is a private beach with sun loungers and umbrellas.

Bodrium Hotel & Spa 5 *


This is a stylish hotel with clean and modernly decorated rooms, attentive staff, ready to always come to help guests. It is located in the center of the resort and 36 km from the airport. The hotel has 50 rooms, the standard version per day will cost 3,700 rubles. The hotel has no own beach, but in 950 m there is a public beach.

The hotel received a certificate of safe tourism. Hotel guests can deliciously eat at the local restaurant, relax in the garden or on the terrace, use the services of dry cleaning, laundry service, as well as visit the bath, sauna, hammam, gym.

Exen by Weekend

This is a small, but cozy hotel, which has only 14 rooms. Helpful staff is ready to help guests and help in any situation. The hotel has different price policy rooms, economy class room will cost a day from one tourist about 2300 rubles.

On the territory there is a bar where you can deliciously eat and drink hot drinks. The hotel has its own beach. The hotel has a spacious outdoor pool. Guests can use the services of the wellness center, spa treatments.

Asteria Bodrum

This is not easy, and a whole small town with his streets and three-story houses, created specifically for family holidays with children. Almost every room offers a magnificent view of the blue sea smooth. The hotel has everything created for a pleasant stay: animators, evening programs, live music, a tasty menu at a local restaurant, a children's club and more and more.

The hotel has its own beach, there is a beauty salon, there is a dry cleaning, laundry and all that the tourist may take place for a full-fledged holiday. The hotel's room on average will cost 10 thousand per day.

Grand Yazici Bodrum

This is an elite hotel with a private beach and a huge territory, which has a restaurant, bar, garden and terrace. The hotel has its beach, equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas.

The hotel has rooms of different pricing policies, so for example, the Deluxe Deluxe number for two per day will cost 15 thousand rubles. Guests of the hotel can have a good time by the pool, visit the Cabinet of Masseur, shake in the bath, make an example spa treatments. For the convenience of tourists, the hotel has dry cleaning, laundry facilities, a nanny order service, a buffet, which is suitable for children.

Bodrum is the place where it is necessary to go. In this part of Turkey, rest will be unforgettable. Everything is created here in order to make a paradise vacation: a refreshing sea, warm sand, luxury hotels, ancient attractions and a lot of entertainment for every taste and wallet.

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