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The sights of Regensburg are distinguished by their antiquity and attract tourists from all over the world. Today it is one of the oldest cities in Germany, whose history dates back to the Stone Age. Excavations have shown that the ancient Celtic tribes settled their dwellings here from 400 BC.

Here are the remains of Roman fortresses and settlements. Also, Regensburg is known as the residence of the bishops and dukes of Bavaria, thanks to which its modern population can admire the majestic castles and church cathedrals.

Top 10 most interesting sights

The capital of the Bavarian Upper Palatinate region stands out among other settlements with its amazingly picturesque streets and buildings. Tourists are attracted here even by ordinary residential buildings: colorful, arranged according to a clear plan, they additionally create an atmosphere of a medieval fairy tale.

If it is not possible to stay in the city for a long time, it is important to have time to visit all the main tourist places. To do this, you need to study the list of city attractions in advance and make the top 10 must-sees.

It is especially interesting to see the following places live:

  1. St. Peter's Cathedral. The symbol and the main church temple of the city. Its buildings were created in the Gothic style and have survived intact to this day.
  2. Stone Bridge. The oldest building, which is still considered one of the masterpieces of architecture and is protected by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
  3. St. James Church. A large white Romanesque church, an important religious building in all of Bavaria. The church features an entrance decorated with bas-reliefs and sculptures.
  4. Historical Museum. Here, events from the past of Regensburg will be told and shown in detail, starting from the Stone Age and ending with the present.
  5. Old City Hall. The building was built in the XIII century and decorated in a blended baroque style and gothic. Previously, the Reichstag meetings were held here, and the chamber of torture was located. This is one of the most interesting historical sights of Regensburg.
  6. Valchalla. Built in classic style, the structure resembles Greek Parthenon. In the Hall of Fame, busts of famous public figures, commander, people of creative professions of German origin are kept.
  7. Castra Regina. The famous Roman fortress, erected in the second century BC. The place is of great interest for historians, as it demonstrates the remains of the monastery of legionnaires, their burials, as well as a number of temples and the sanctuary of that time.
  8. Bavarian Forest. It is a little further urban traits, but deserves visits. The first Bavaria National Park attracts the beauty of nature and the atmosphere of rest.
  9. Palace of St. Emmers. The residence over the centuries belonged to the famous Turne-and-Taksis. Today the castle is called one of the most beautiful places of Regensburg, its inalienable symbol.
  10. Golf Museum. The institution will tell about the history of the famous sports game, will demonstrate to visitors of the sticks, balls and clothes of players of past centuries.

Architectural facilities and a large number of museums will like any tourist not only by the exciting type of buildings, but also by its historicity. It is believed that Regensburg is full of ancient values ​​that archaeologists have not yet been discovered. Walking through the streets of the city, the person here is likely to be held simultaneously on a number of historical treasures.

Architectural objects and monuments

One of the most vintage structures of the capital of the Upper Palatz almost 900 years, which, however, did not affect its condition and strength. We are talking about Stone Bridge - masterpiece of Bavarian architecture and valuable cultural building for the whole world.

The attraction is located in the old part of the city and connects its shores separated by the Danube. Date of completion of the construction of the bridge - 1146. Until 1935, the construction remained the only means to move from one part of the city to another.

Today, the stone bridge is included in the World Heritage List developed by UNESCO.

In Regensburg, there is a monument to Don Juan Austrian - the extramarital son of the Spanish King of Charles V, who made a brilliant military career and became especially famous for the battle with the Ottoman Empire at Radano.

The prototype of the Bavarian sculpture served as the Sicilian monument of 1572, delivered immediately after the victorious battle. You can see the monument to Don Juan at Zieroldsplatz.

Regensburg, whose sights appeared mainly from the Middle Ages, was known as the residence of noble families. By building family palaces, they made a great contribution to the development of urban architecture.

Wealthy families erected high towers to confirm their prestigious status, one of which, the Golden Tower, is today one of the main sights of Regensburg. The 13th-century building is 50 meters long and its courtyard is open to tourists and interested locals.

Historical monuments

The oldest building in the city, the Castra Regina fortress, was built about 2000 years ago. It is a large white building with a dilapidated stone tower. The gate of the fortress, Porta Pretoria, is also built of massive stone and used to be the northern entrance to Regensburg.

The historical monument was erected during the time of the Roman conquests, the camp of the legionnaires was located here. Castra Regina was discovered by archaeologists in 2006 and built into a medieval building.

History buffs in Regensburg are attracted by the Old Town Hall, the main city building from the middle of the 13th century. The yellowish building stands out for its huge clock tower, which can be seen from many places in the capital of the Upper Palatinate.

The town hall is located on the market square in the city center and today it is equipped as a museum. Visitors can see the hall where meetings of the Reichstag were held during the existence of the Holy Roman Empire and even go down to the torture room.

Towers of the famous palace of Thurn y Taxis rise on the territory of the old part of the city. An influential princely family owned it for several centuries. Today, the castle, which is also a private area, still delights visitors with its majesty. The palace is surrounded by a large garden with a fountain and benches, and you can also find souvenir shops here.

With the permission of the owners, art exhibitions, social events and fairs are held on the territory of Thurn y Taxis. Tourists have access to tours of the halls of the palace, where there is a huge library, various salons, the Ballroom and Throne Halls, decorated with an abundance of jewelry, expensive paintings, sculptures from the collection of the family.

Interesting museums

Regensburg, whose sights are largely connected with the city's past, is full of various museums that host exhibitions and tours for tourists. Here you can see valuable archaeological exhibits, old paintings, as well as visit thematic establishments dedicated, for example, to mail or golf.

One of the most important places in the city is a historical museum. Here are the exhibits from the time of the Stone Age, which are available to visitors to view and study. The museum is located in a large white building with a brick color of the roof, once Franciscan monastery.

The stands are filled with a large number of historical artifacts, cultural values ​​and works of art of local authors of past centuries. The entrance is paid and is 5 euros for an adult visitor. Excursion with a professional guide costs 7.5 euros per person.

In the XIX century, local Parthenon - Valchalla appeared in the vicinity of the city. Built by order of Ludwig Bavarian, the construction is intended to perpetuate the memory of the famous German actors who made a great contribution to the development of Germany and the world as a whole.

Today, there are more hundreds of busts and memorable boards, which depict portraits or simply indicate the names of the great representatives of the German people. Among them, they can find sculptures of Marshal Barclay de Tolly, Empress Ekaterina Great, Albert Einstein, physicist-theorist.

Temples and cathedrals

The Majestic Cathedral of St. Peter is recognized as the masterpiece of the Bavarian architecture of the Middle Ages. The construction of the church lasted over the sixth centuries - from the XIII to XIX.

The high towers of the only cathedral in the Gothic style are visible almost from any place of the old city. Church windows are degraded with bright stained glass windows, and the arches are decorated under the gothic. Inside there is a museum of religious works of art.

In the XVIII century, the Basilica of Holy Emeram was built on the territory of the modern administrative center of the upper pavement. The light building in the Baroque style initially received the status of a modest Benedictine monastery.

Later, the construction received the importance of the imperial abbey and played an important role in the religious life of Bavaria. Modern basilica continues to be one of the main churches of the city.

Parks and gardens

Regensburg whose attractions are presented mainly by architectural structures, also has several beautiful parks. Here, tourists will be able to enjoy the Bavarian nature, quietly stroll and experience harmony with the outside world.

Climate Regensburg allows tourists to enjoy soft, warm weather throughout the spring and summer. In winter, the temperature here is rarely lowered below -3aboutS. More about the climate, you can learn from the following table:

One of the main urban attractions is the Villa Park, which is a little further than the eastern gate. A distinctive feature of the place is a large palace, made in bright colors.

This building is the Royal Villa of Maximilian II, and a spacious green park was created as part of the castle adjacent. The territory is planted with a large number of trees, bushes and equipped with benches, which are located right on the banks of the Danube.

Another ancient park that attracts the attention of tourists and locals is Herzogs. The place is known as a territory of botanical gardens, including an alpine garden, a collection of rhododendrons, a pond with lilies, a garden with southern plants.

The park was equipped in the XIII century, and today it is located in the Old Town, on the banks of the Danube. On the territory of Herzogs you can see the large medieval tower Prebrunnturm, built of stone in 1293. Also nearby is the Württemberg Palace, a museum specializing in the natural history of Eastern Bavaria.

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Modern objects

Finding modern buildings in medieval Regensburg is difficult due to the abundance of valuable buildings from the 13th-19th centuries. However, such places exist and, as a rule, are entertaining. Here you can meet many young people who prefer to spend time here with friends.

One of the modern objects that deserve the attention of tourists is the Regensburg cinema CinemaxX. It is distinguished by a large modernist building with many windows, which makes the structure appear glassy. This is the largest cinema in the city, which shows films of different directions, including novelties and classics of the genre.

In the old part of the city there are many bars - a favorite meeting place and entertainment for young people. Despite their location among historical sights, the establishments are furnished in a modern style and attract not only local entertainment enthusiasts, but also tourists.

The most popular bars in Regensburg are Barock, Palletti, 13. All three establishments are located near the Old Town Hall.

Top 5 places for families with children

Regensburg, which will be of interest to adults interested in history, is not particularly suitable for young children. There are few places in the city where children can have fun, but the mild climate and the abundance of cultural sites make the capital of the Upper Palatinate ideal for a family vacation.

Resting in Regensburg with children, you can not ignore the following objects:

  1. Regensburg Dult Fair. It usually opens in May or August and runs for two weeks. Children will be interested in a large number of attractions, as well as an abundance of sweet pastries and ice cream.
  2. Historical Museum. Ancient artifacts from the Stone Age will interest representatives of all ages. The ticket price for adults is 5 euros, for children under 18 - half the price. The price of a guided family tour is 15 euros.
  3. Regensburg Spectaculum. The local knight's festival takes place in the second week of July, on Saturday and Sunday. This is a real medieval holiday for adults and children, where you can meet people in appropriate costumes, watch a jousting tournament, listen to live music of past centuries. Children are allowed to participate in archery competitions. In the evening, a fire show is held here, and throughout the day they offer to try local dishes, popular several centuries ago. You can also buy souvenirs at the festival.
  4. Das Stadtwerk. This is an open-air pool popular with tourists and locals, which is suitable for relaxing in the hot season. Children will also enjoy the water slide here.
  5. Stenz Eis. The local ice cream parlor offers a large selection of sweets with various toppings and syrups.

The best time to go on holiday with a child is in the summer, when fairs and a large number of festivals are held in Regensburg. Many of them offer a variety of entertainment for children.

Excursion routes

A traditional tour of Regensburg is a four-hour walking tour of the main attractions of the area. A visit to the Old City, a walk along the Stone Bridge, a guide to St. Peter's Cathedral and a tour of all the main churches are a must. The cost of such an excursion for a group of 1 to 8 people is about 165 euros.

Thematic guides around Regensburg are also interesting. Some travel companies offer customers to go on a beer tour and walk through the brewing places in the city.

Such an excursion will allow you to learn the history of the production of the famous German low-alcohol drink, see the process live and taste its result. Depending on the specific guide or travel agency, the price per tour is 150-200 euros.

Self-guided walking route

If a guide is too expensive, you can always get by with a self-guided tour of Regensburg. In this case, it is important to walk through the territory of the Old Town and look at all its sights.

The journey starts from the Stone Bridge, the main historical monument and symbol of the city. Not far from it is the German eatery Wurstküche, known throughout the world as the first fast food in Germany. Here you can order the famous Bavarian sausages or potato soup and refresh yourself before starting an independent tour.

After crossing the bridge to the other side of the city, you need to go to the Cathedral Square. Here is the famous Regensburg Cathedral, the only Gothic church in the area. Then - a long walk to the building of the Old Town Hall - the center of civil life of the XIII century. You can view the building not only from the outside, but also from the inside.

Passing from one attraction to another, it is important to pay attention to the beauty of the medieval streets of Regensburg and the abundance of shops, many of which offer antiques. From the Old Town Hall, walk forward all the way to the Obermünster Museum, which showcases works of art and culture. A little further is the Abbey of St. Emmeram.

Coming back, you can stop at one of the restaurants and cafes in the city, for example, in Storstad. Not far from this institution is the famous statue of Don Juan of Austria. This is where the journey ends. If you wish and have extra time, you can walk a little further along the road, turn onto Heidplatz square and see the Regensburg Theater.

Interesting facts

The history of the capital of the Upper Palatinate is full of fascinating pages that will interest both tourists and some local residents.

Among them, the following five facts stand out in particular:

  1. Regensburg is known to history by several names that were constantly changing. The modern name is of Celtic origin and literally means "city on the Regen", that is, the river that flows through the territory of the Upper Palatinate.
  2. The old town hall of Regensburg is known for the fact that it was here, within its walls, that the official announcement of the demise of the Holy Roman Empire was made.
  3. The famous German coffee houses originate in Regensburg. It was here that institutions of this kind appeared for the first time in Germany. The oldest German coffee shop is still in operation and open to the public.
  4. The construction of the Stone Bridge is shrouded in myths. One of them says that the architect of a local landmark made a deal with the devil for the sake of a quick completion of construction and promised him three living souls for this, who would be the first to pass over the surface of the bridge. When the building was ready, the architect let a dog, a hen and a rooster run over it. Then angry feature tried to destroy the bridge, because of what he looks a little curve today.
  5. In 2014, Regensburg was included in the list of 30 major attractions, which are recommended to tourists in Germany. Every year more than 150 million foreigners arrive here.

In Regensburg, many historical attractions have been preserved since the time of the Stone Age and Roman conquests, and most of the local buildings were created in the Middle Ages. There are several large historical museums and important religious facilities in the city.

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