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Qatar - one of the most open AR Abs of the Persian Gulf countries. Now to visit the capital of the country - the city of Doha and admire the sights of this richest state can admire anyone.

The meaning of Qatar in the modern world

Scientists argue that in the territory where Qatar is now located, people have already lived more than 7 thousand years ago. Later, during the Roman Empire, they participated in trade between India and Greece.

Starting from the VII century n. e. The country has become Muslim and entered the Arab Caliphate. Was under the rule of Emir Bahrain, the Ottoman Empire, under the Program of Britain. Since 1971, Qatar gained independence and since 2003, according to the new Constitution, became an absolute monarchy.

The ruling Al-Tanya dynasty is in the authority of the country from 1825 to the present. In the same, in 1825 the capital was built, then al-bid, now it is called Doha. It lives nearly 90% of the country's indigenous population.

The entire population of the country is about 2.6 million people, together with temporarily staying migrant workers from neighboring states - Pakistan, India, Iran.

In the last century, Qatar was a small and unobtative in the community in the community, the main source of income of which was pearls and fishing. In 1939, the world's largest stocks of natural gas and oil were discovered on its territory, after which a sharp economic rise began.


The doha is particularly rapidly started to store in which many skyscrapers of unusual architectural forms, sports facilities, shopping centers and global high-class network hotels are erected.

Now the country not only effectively spends its natural reserves, but also invests into the future. In order to move away from the commodity type of economy, the tourist destination is developing. Compared to its closest competitors - the UAE and Dubai, the prices in Qatar are more affordable for similar accommodation in a five-star hotel, such as a visit to the best restaurant.

Now it has become the largest and well-known means of mass media of the Arab world. Qatar Airways is very famous for its quality service. In 2022, the World Cup will be held in Qatar to which the country is already actively preparing.

Where Qatar

Qatar is located in the east of the Arabian Peninsula and has only one land border - with Saudi Arabia, and that length is only 60 km. The area of ​​the state is only 12 thousand square meters. km. By sea bordered with Bahrain and UAE. Coordinates of the capital - the city of Doha - Latina: 25 ° 16.7592 'S. Sh., Longitude: 51 ° 31.347' V. D.

You can get to Qatar in almost one way - by plane. From the Moscow Domodedovo daily there are three direct flights to Duha - at 9:40 pm, 12:55 pm and 23:55 h, they are committed by Qatar Airways. Tickets are not cheap, so you can save, buying flights with transfers to various cities.

In Doha, Hamad International Airport (Hamad International), which has been operating since 2014 and is considered one of the most modern on international standards - there is even a fitness center and a huge pool. From the airport to the city around the clock there are taxis with cars of any class, as well as there are several car rental companies.

Weather in Qatar, the best time to travel

The entire territory of the country is desert, with rare oases and zybuchi "eoliac" sands. The precipitation falls out occasionally in winter, they are very short-term and non-delicious. There is no natural fresh water and water bodies in the country, all water is mined by the desalination of the marine, which affects its price.

Tropical climate, deserted, dry, very hot - in the summer months, from June to September Air temperature during the day + 45 ° C and even +50 ° С With such values, the stay outdoor with air conditioning becomes dangerous. Therefore, rest in this country should be planned for months from October to April. In the winter months, the temperature of the day becomes + 20 ° C, + 25 ° C.

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Sights of Qatar

Qatar, the attractions of which are created for the most part recently, this is a very young, modern city. There are no ancient or medieval buildings here. Nevertheless, they do not have to miss tourists.

Katar's cult facilities

are few and concentrated the most iconic structures in the capital, Doha:

  1. Big State Mosque Qatar Al -Huvareir. The building was built in the 50s of the last century and is located in the heart of the city - not far from the Kornish embankment and the Palace of Emir Country. In his architecture, an interesting combination of modernity and classical Islamic buildings. White-green mosque, with a lot of small domes and one high subtle minaret. In the evening, surprisingly beautiful illumination of the building is included, thanks to which it takes off above the ground. Inside the museum finishing from an amazingly beautiful mosaic and painted ceiling. But the entrance is allowed only for Muslims.
  2. Spiral mosque with cassem. The most interesting building in a modern style. It looks like a fabulous house wrapped with a ribbon twisting spiral up. And at the top of the spiral ends with a minaret.
  3. Mosque and Training Center in Doha. Most new building, 2015, ranked first in the global architectural festival. The white building is crowned with two tapes, a height of about 90 m, directed towards Mecca, and the enclosures of the futuristic streamlined form themselves. The mosque has a capacity of up to 1800 people.
  4. Mound of Umm-Salal-Ali. Approximately 40 km north of the capital is the archaeological zone of excavations. According to scientists, burials - mounds and mounds, are dated iii millennium BC. This means that they are not Muslim, but much earlier, allegedly belong to the tribes of Atlantov or Aryans.

Qatar Museums

Despite the relative youth of the country, thanks to the efforts of its Emir, beautiful museums have been created. Some exhibits are in them for more than 14 centuries.


1. Museum of Islamic art. Built in 2005 on a small artificial island. A palm alley leads to a modern building, beautifully highlighted in the evening. And inside it is striking the imagination of a magnificent atrium overlooking the sea, marble floor and a chandelier height in several floors.

In the museum of more than 10 thousand units, including ancient manuscripts, manuscripts, books, copies of the Quran, textiles, weapons, decorations. There are objects of contemporary art: paintings, sculpture. Exhibits gathered in various countries with a rich Islamic heritage - Pakistan, Morocco, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, as well as in some countries in Europe and Asia.

Interior of the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha (Qatar)

In addition to the permanent exposition, which can be admired for free, under the contract with the museum is constantly updated and temporary exhibitions - from the Louvre, the Egyptian Museum, Metro, Moroccan Museum. The museum is open daily, except Tuesdays. In addition to the museum itself, a souvenir shop, cafe and restaurant IDAM chef, having three star Michelin - Alena Ducassas.

2. The Sheikh Feisala Museum. He founded a billionaire, Sheikh Faisal Ben Kasim Al-Tanya, belonging to the family of Emir. The collection was started to collect his father, and Sheikh himself continued this matter. And in 1998, in the walls of the Qatar fortress, Al-Samaria, an area of ​​more than 500 thousand square meters. M, opened the museum. It collected in the tarts of the Middle East and the Arab world.

The number of exhibits is more than 15 thousand, on arranged in separate thematic halls. The heritage of Qatar, including the objects of the cult and life of Bedouins, archaeological finds. Transportation - a collection of retro cars, carts, carriages, bicycles and a plane is exhibited here.

There are also assembly of coins, furniture, clothes, carpets, boats, and even eggs and a skeleton of a dinosaur. The museum is outside the city, so in order not to overpay for a taxi there and back with expectation, it is better to visit the museum as part of the group and listen to the guide.

3. Cultural Center of the Qatar, he is the same ethnographic village. Galleries, exhibition halls, theaters and studios are collected in one place. Life boils here - exhibitions, openingages, concerts and performances are constantly going. There are cinema in the open sky. It is in the walls of Qatar that the Ajial Film Festival is held, and the films of different countries are shown on an ongoing basis.

On the territory there is everything and for recreation - a variety of restaurants, a public beach with outdoor activities, shops. It works daily until 23 o'clock.

4. Museum Mathhaf. This is the Museum of Islamic Contemporary Art. His collection of 6 thousand exhibits fills up ultra-modern halls and covers the period from the middle of the XIX century to the present day. It is here that modern artists of Lebanon, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries are exhibited. Sometimes unusual exhibitions are held, including the younger generation.

Architectural structures and monuments in Qatar

Qatar, whose architectural landmarks are represented mainly by defensive structures - forts, has the right to be proud of their number and perfect condition.

Monuments of architecture:

  1. Al-Zubara Fort. UNESCO site. It is located on the shores of the bay, 100 km from Doha, on the site of the former trading city of Al-Zubar, which connected the trade routes of the Arab world with India and Asia. Pearl fishing and fishing were also actively developed in the city. Now the walls of the fort, built in 1938 for the Coast Guard, have been restored in excellent condition. The fort was built in the traditional style - fortification walls, and crenellated towers with loopholes in the corners. They house a small museum with archaeological finds.
  2. Al Kut Fort. It was built in the 19th century during the reign of the Ottoman Empire as a prison and police station. Throughout the middle of the last century, the building was empty, and in 1978, after restoration, a museum of products of local artisans and an ethnographic museum were opened here. Often there are exhibitions of weapons, contemporary art and photography.
  3. Al-Wajba Fort. The oldest fort located near Doha. It hosted a battle between Qatar and the Ottoman Empire in 1893. Later, the sheikh's country residence was located here. The large four towers of this fortification, visible from afar, are very impressive.
  4. Barzan Tower. It was built in 1910 by a sheikh and had several important functions. From its height of 16 m, the surroundings were clearly visible, which made it possible to control the places where rainwater accumulated. Also from the tower watched the pearl divers and the waters. And it also set the time for the onset of the full moon, which is necessary to establish the dates of religious holidays. The tower was opened for visitors in 2003 after a thorough restoration.

Natural sights of Qatar

There are no gardens and parks in Qatar. The reason for this is not only the dry climate, but also the extremely high air temperature for most of the year. But there are unusual natural attractions.

Natural attractions:

  1. Rocks of Ras Abruq. These are limestone rocks that have been subjected to heating and weathering for many years. As a result, now locally has a landscape similar to the surface of the moon: Stony hills, shaped like ridges or mushrooms, look unearthly. Near the bay in the same area are deserted sandy beaches.
  2. Forests of Al-Takira. Located in a large green oasis in the north of the country. Thickets of mangrove trees are drowning in water rich in fish. There are many species of rare birds and animals. A desert stretches around, making this island of greenery is still unusual.
  3. "Internal" Sea of ​​Qatar Chor-al-ADAID. The sea is completely surrounded by the desert - a very unusual natural object, a natural reserve. By the way, there are no roads and you can walk only on foot - on sand dunes. Many rare waterfowl, extinct skulls and shores - Gazelles. "The landscape of this place is unique, not like that, not even in UNESCO materials.
  4. Cave Dal-al-Mesfer. It has a depth of about 40 m, while inside it can be seen soft glow. You can also see the "Roses of the Desert" - the accumulation of gypsum crystals with tops of bright red.

Rest in Qatar

For lovers of shopping, entertainment and beach recreation, Qatar will become a real find. Many modern shopping centers in combination with markets, sports facilities and sandy beaches - all this is here.

Shopping in Qatar

Qatar, attractions and trading of which are inseparable, in this plan look like other eastern cities. In the center of the city necessarily there is a market. In addition, modern trade centers are also growing.

Markets and shopping centers:

  1. BUR market Vagif. is located in the center of the Doha and built quite recently - in 2003. But the place was not chosen by chance - it was here that dozens of years ago there was a simple market, on which Bedouins were traded - animals, birds, simple products and clothing. According to numerous requests, the buildings built on the site of the old market were demolished. And the architects were built beautiful quarters, in which there are now practically through the streets there are shops of traders with decorations, clothes, perfumes, spices, birds, furniture and many others. Here you can often see traditional speeches of musicians, dancers and magicians. And in numerous cafes and restaurants to try the dishes of Turkish, Iranian, Lebanese and many other countries. By the way, it is an open-air in the market in the market you can smoke a hookah, this is the only place in the city. Prices for goods are available.
  2. Golden Market, Golden Suk. Located near Suk Vagif. It is a civilized specialized shopping center specializing only on products made of precious metals. At the same time, the quality of products is seriously controlled by the state. In addition to the decorations of a variety of species and forms, we can buy weapons, coins, dishes and objects of life and interior. You can make a personalized gold pendant with inscriptions in Latin and Arabic. The prices are high.
  3. The Pearl of Qatar. It is a large artificial island, shaped like a pearl. It has berths for expensive yachts, luxury hotels, luxury residential skyscrapers, boutiques and shops of branded clothing and accessories. In addition, here you can visit restaurants with cuisines from almost any country in the world. Prices are high and very high.
  4. City Center Mall is Doha's largest mall. On several floors, you can buy both locally produced goods and well-known world brands. Everything is here - clothes, shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, dishes. Bowling, a cinema, cafes and restaurants are provided for recreation.
  5. Mall of Qatar - slightly smaller than the previous one, but fabulously designed mall. It has a lot of fountains, beautiful flowers, original lighting. There is also a catwalk for shows of fashion houses collections.
  6. Wholesale Market. This is the largest food market. It has both the freshest seafood from the local coast and the most interesting goods from all over the world - spices, sweets, fruits and vegetables.

Things to do with kids

Qatar, its capital, Doha, has many options for spending time with kids. For them, attractions such as cinemas, water parks and a zoo are suitable.

Where to go with children:

  1. Al-Khor Park. Located in downtown Doha. It combines an amusement park, a natural science museum and a zoo. In addition, it has a beautiful, albeit small, territory, which has a large fountain and waterfalls. All exhibits and attractions can be visited by boarding a small special small train passing through the territory.
  2. Qatar Zoo. Despite the rather modest size, predators and wild animals, the atmosphere here is very cozy and hospitable. Children can pet, feed the animals and take pictures with them. There are also good recreation areas and playgrounds equipped with air conditioning, which is especially important in the summer months.
  3. Aqua Park Qatar. Of all the water parks in Doha, this one is the largest and most beautiful. Several huge pools for adults and older children and small ones designed for toddlers. Numerous slides of different designs are made in the traditional national style, there are separate slides for the smallest visitors. By the way, specially trained instructors work for children to help them get comfortable.
  4. Gondolania Theme Park. The most memorable entertainment in Doha can become Gondolania Theme Park. This entertainment park is located in a large shopping center Vilaggio and offers visitors to plunge into the atmosphere of canals resembling Venetian. They are laid as inside the building, and go beyond its limits, they are moving on them only on gondolas. This theme park is also a lot of interesting cafes.
  5. Entertainment Park "Kingdom of Aladdin". Little children offer gaming zones and theater with colorful ideas. And more eldest children will enjoy outstanding attractions. The territory of the park is decorated with a lagoon, in which the recreation area is hidden and cafes.

Active rest in Qatar

In Doha For lovers of outdoor activities, there are parks, sports facilities and beaches:

  1. Espire Park. A very large picturesque territory of more than 80 hectares is located near the Kornish Embankment. In the center of the park there is a huge artificial lake. He himself is organized in such a way that in it you can spend time both in almost complete solitude and in a funny company. For adults and children there are treadmills, sports grounds and children's gaming areas. In the evenings, the park is illuminated by the lanterns on the solar panels, which are charged during the day.
  2. Safari on jeeps in the desert. It is organized by many local firms, it is possible to combine such a trip with dinner in the desert along with the Bedouins.
  3. Water entertainment - surfing, kaitsurfing, diving, fishing. There are several firms that organize diving on international standards. Important: Public beach in Doha is only one. The entrance to it costs 30 dollars and women are forbidden to walk in European-type swimsuits. Therefore, behind a calm beach holiday and tan is needed on the hotel's beach.
  4. Walking on the yacht. If you wish, you can rent a yacht with equipment and a team and choose the route and the desired entertainment.

Excursions in Qatar

Qatar, the attractions of which for the most part are in the capital, convenient for combined and even transit excursions (short, begin and end at the airport) Country. Firms offering these services set, starting from the airport and ending with the city center.

Excursion It includes Duration
Day Tour for DohaNaberezhnaya Doha and Harbor, Pearl Island, SC-Vakif, Guide in English4 hoursfrom 4000 rubles. per person
Night Tour of DohaDoha's embankment at sunset, visits to the island of pearl, Village of Qatar and the branch market Vakif, Guide in English4 hoursfrom 2600 rubles. per person
combined with a cruiseexcursion for the Doha and boat cruise DOU, guide in English4 hoursFrom 7500 rubles. per person
Jeep-camelsSafari in the desert at the jeep and camel riding, guide in English4 hoursFrom 3000 rubles. per person
jeep-camels and seaCamels on the desert, jeep, sandboarding and visit to the inner sea, guide in English5 hoursfrom 4200 rubles. per person
transitvisits to old and new areas of the city and the branch of Vakif, guide in English4 hoursFrom 3400 rubles. per person

Route for the inspection of Qatar on their own

  1. Kornish Embankment - is located in the very center of Doha. It is here that are the highest and most unusual buildings, the most prestigious hotels and the most expensive shops.
  2. The Museum of Islamic Art is located on the artificial island, to which you can go with the embankment.
  3. Fort al-Kut, a defensive structure, also near the embankment.
  4. SCO Vakif market, here you can spend all day.
  5. A big mosque, the oldest in the city.
  6. Ethnographic village. - Many galleries, exhibitions and performances.
  7. Mosque and training center - you can simply admire the unusual architecture of the building, even without going inside.
  8. The artificial island of the "Pearl" of Qatar.
  9. Golden Suk, the Golden Market will allow you to admire the fantasy of the Masters-Jewelers.
  10. If the time remains, it is possible to finish the route by the root of the root, since at sunset it is surprisingly beautiful!

Hotels in Qatar

Hotels of Qatar, Doha, are focused mainly on wealthy tourists, so most hotels 4 and 5-star. But budget hotels also have, in small quantities.

Hotels in Qatar:

  1. The St. Regis Doha, 5*. Location: Westbay, West Bay, Doha, Qatar. The hotel is young, opened in 2012, but is already considered one of the best on the coast. The hotel has a large private beach, swimming pools, fitness center, tennis court and 10 restaurants, 2 of which are led by world renowned chef Gordon Ramsay. The property provides parking, butler service and airport shuttle service. The rooms are decorated with marble, have a tropical rain shower, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, numerous TV channels, and elite cosmetics. Rooms of various levels and capacity, the cost starts from 14500 per day, according to the promotion.
  2. Sapphire Plaza Hotel, 4*. Address: Al Rayyan Road, Al Reem Street, Doha, Qatar. City style hotel close to many attractions. Provides airport transfers and parking. Each room has a bath, shower, air conditioning, tea facilities and Wi-Fi. Room prices start from 4,000 rubles for single occupancy and from 4,400 rubles. with double.
  3. Doha Dinasty Hotel, 3*. Address: Al Mahar Street, Opposite Doha Sports Stadium, 999 Doha, Qatar. The hotel is located near the Souq Waqif market. Provides airport transfers and free breakfasts. The hotel has an Indian restaurant. The rooms have air conditioning, wi-fi, bathrooms. Prices for rooms from 3500 rubles. per day.
  4. La Villa Palace Hotel, 2*. Address: 810th Ibn Abdul Muttalib Street, Near Dar Al Kutub Round About Old Ghanim, Doha, Qatar. The hotel has a restaurant, fitness center, and airport shuttle service. The rooms are air-conditioned, Wi-Fi, satellite TV, tea facilities and free breakfast. Prices start from 2800 rubles. per day.

How to get around Qatar

There is practically no municipal transport in Doha. The only regular bus is shuttle 777 from the airport to the city center and back.

It is most convenient to move around the city and its surroundings by taxi, it is inexpensive and fast. It is possible to rent a car for as little as $25 a day and move around freely by filling up the gas. To do this, you will need a valid international driver's license and a credit card.

Despite the fact that Qatar is a very small country, the number of natural and man-made attractions is great. Museums, galleries, markets, shops, natural unique landscapes - all this is collected in a small area and is convenient for visiting even in 1-2 days.

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