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The resort of Puerto de la Cruz, which is located on one of the Canary Islands - Tenerife, due to its climate and geographical features recreation opportunities. It is popular with both Russian vacationers and tourists from other countries.

Where is Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz on the geographical map of the world is located in the north of Tenerife in the Orotava Valley. It extends over an area of ​​8.7 km2, and together with several other settlements forms an agglomeration with a population of 140 thousand people.

The resort is located in a low-lying place and just in the middle of the northern coast of the island. The height of the city above sea level is 54 m. The tourist center is located at a latitude of 28.410and a longitude of 16.550.

How to get there

Tenerife can be reached in the following ways:

  1. Direct flight. Boeing aircraft operate direct flights from Domodedovo airport once a week and land in the south of the island. Approximate flight time - 7 hours. The price of typical tours includes a transfer to the hotel and back. Bus number 343 runs from the southern airport to the western part of Puerto de la Cruz.

    Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife) in the window of an airplane 43]

  2. Flight with transfer. ​​Provides transfer to another flight in different cities in Europe. This option is a little more expensive and takes more time, but it also has its advantages. So at the same time you can see the metropolis where the transfer to another flight takes place or fly out on any day of the week. One of the transfer cities is Madrid. The flight to the Spanish capital from Moscow takes 5 hours, and then another 3 hours to fly to the island. If the aircraft lands at the northern airport, you can get to the destination from it by buses No. 102,104,343.
  3. Interisland flight. You can get to Tenerife from any other island of the Canary archipelago in a minimum amount of time.
  4. Ferry. 4 shipping organizations carry out regular maritime transport between the Canary Islands. If you have time (1.5 days) and desire, then in this way you can get to continental Spain. One of the advantages of a ferry crossing is the availability of seats even before departure. It is not necessary to book tickets in advance for this type of transport.

Weather and climate

Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife) is a resort popular with Russian tourists, despite the weather conditions.

Average temperatures by months:

Period t air day/night,0C t water,0C Number of days per month with precipitation

The wind constantly blows in this city, which causes large waves to appear on the sea and it becomes cooler.

In the summer heat, this factor becomes an advantage, and in the rest of the year it is 5-60C colder here than in the south of the island. And in the period November-February, there is a lot of precipitation, which brings humidity, and the atmosphere cools even more.


List of the best resort hotels:

at its disposal a large-scale adjacent territory with wide terraces, groves and pools. The hotel windows offer a unique view of the ocean and part of the island coast. It can be reached in 1 hour by car from Los Rodeos Airport.

Tourists have at their disposal a health complex, swimming pools with massages and a jacuzzi. The hotel offers spacious halls for celebrations, banquets and conferences with a capacity of about 900 people.

The service involves laundry services, food delivery to the room, shops, beauty salon and massage. Power supplies international and national kitchens by the type of buffet. There is also a restaurant with a selection of eats on the menu.

2. The fashionable hotel Botanico provides its guests with elite, elegant and comfortable rooms, as well as a personal service. The building consists of 6 floors, it is equipped with 4 different restaurants (Spanish, Italian, East) and by type "Buffet". There are 5 bars, 2 pools and 9 premises for celebrations and congresses.

Every evening live music sounds in the lobby. On weekdays, a free bus transports its guests to the city center and back.

One of the features of the hotel is the spa (3500 m2), which has a reservoir with underwater massage, baths, saunas, healing souls and thalassotherapy. The territory adjacent to the hotel buildings is framed in the form of a garden with exotic thickets and plants.

The service includes:

  • laundry;
  • dry cleaning;
  • Delivery of food;
  • Storage Camera;
  • Exchange item.

children and adults entertain animators.

3. The popular BAHIA PRINCIPE SAN FELIPE is suitable for a romantic pastime. The hotel is built on the Central Embankment of the city, near the complex Lago Martians. It consists of one high hull, 2-bed rooms in which are decorated in an aristocratic style.

The hotel has a public catering point operating on a buffet system, 3 bars, and the same amount of pools. Laundry, Hairdresser, Store and Beauty Salon are offered. The room has rooms for receiving guests in the amount of up to 200 people. Works wellness complex, as well as a tennis court and billiards.

4. The Sol Costa Atlantic Tenerife will be remembered by its brightness and efficiency. He is located next to the Martinez Beach. The choice of tourists is offered 280 rooms, decorated in bright shades and equipped with modern luxurious furniture. The rooms are decorated with gourmet orange or burgundy.

The highlights of local artists and luxurious carved mirrors are the highlight. In some apartments, the interior was equipped with authentic antique furniture objects. The general zones of the hotel complex are surprised by a rich marble finish, and in the hall of guests will delight the fountain.

Cafes and restaurants

Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife) will delight guests with a variety of restaurants and cafes:

  1. The restaurant of national cuisine Tapas Arcon will meet its visitors on the most picturesque square of the city. Its peculiarity is that a person can order only ½ portion of food, which will bring the opportunity to try a large number of dishes, and at the same time save money.
  2. For budget tourists, the budget cafe Valle Luz is suitable, which is located in a residential complex with the same name. For a small fee, guests get the opportunity to join a chic buffet with a variety of different treats. For an additional fee, visitors have the right to order all kinds of drinks. Despite the low prices, the quality of cooked food here remains at the highest level.
  3. The best Canarian food is served at the catering place called Meson El Monasterio, which is located in the premises of an ancient monastery. For a reasonable price, you can order original author's dishes and various delicacies here.

The menu of the restaurants presented in Puerto de la Cruz will appeal to those who prefer seafood, exotic fruits and gourmet vegetable treats. Local catering outlets offer an unusually tasty paella based on fish, shellfish and shrimp.

Of the meat delicacies, jamon is popular, which can not only be ordered at a restaurant, but also purchased at the market. Rabbit meat dishes are also common in this Spanish city. A daily meal of the local population is tortilla with potatoes and vegetables.


Sea and beaches

The coast of Puerto de la Cruz has disadvantages in the form of a lack of sunlight and a turbulent ocean. The beach areas are well equipped, but large waves do not give a chance to plunge into the water. Most often, a red flag can be seen on the shore, as a sign that swimming is prohibited. In this regard, there are no attractions such as jet skis and bananas.

The resort town offers beaches for guests:

  1. Playa Jardin. An exotic place strewn with dark volcanic sand. The place is equipped for comfortable rest and entertainment of a sporting nature. There are changing rooms, showers, restaurants, equipment rentals and playgrounds. Near the coast begins a tropical garden with thickets and paved paths. And for children and those who have not learned to swim, a huge ensemble of salt water pools has been built nearby. The beach is intended for sunbathing, because calm in this area is rare.
  2. Playa de Punta Brava. Fenced off from Hardin by a stone embankment. It is distinguished by the presence of red-brown volcanic sand and a sign that says that swimming in the area is not worth it. The coastline is 200 m long and 50 m wide. There are toilets and showers on the beach. Those wishing to have a bite can go to cafes, of which there are many.
  3. Playa San Telmo. Differs in minimum dimensions (20 m). This pebbly, square coastal area is hidden from the waves thanks to a special pier. San Telmo is the only place in Puerto de la Cruz where you can swim without fear.


Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife) is not deprived of attractions:

  1. Nuestra Church -Señora de la Pena de Francia is considered the most beautiful religious building, weddings are held here almost daily. The building has a beautiful exterior and rich interior furnishings. The construction of the temple lasted for 100 years in the 17-18 century. Inside you can see a valuable icon of the Madonna.
  2. One of the oldest botanical gardens in the world. Opened to visitors in 1788. It has more than 1,000 varieties of plants and trees.
  3. An old Anglican cemetery, where the first burials appeared in 1667. Despite the specifics of the place, the churchyard does not have a depressing atmosphere, and people interested in history and centuries-old architecture can visit it. Currently, the object is of great interest, many military and political figures are buried here.
  4. The Archaeological Museum was founded in 1953 and introduces tourists to the ancient history and culture of the Canary archipelago, as well as the peculiarities of life of the indigenous population of the Guanches.
  5. For self-examination, you can opt for fishing harbor. It has preserved a considerable number of old picturesque buildings built in the 17th century. Each of the buildings is rated as a unique architectural monument; many of them now house original ethnic restaurants, souvenir shops and workshops.


There are entertainments in the resort:

  1. Large entertainment center Lago Martianez. It was opened in a unique place, near the thermal healing springs. Here, tourists are invited to enjoy the sea pools and various attractions around the clock. The complex also features a casino and many restaurants. In the afternoon, you can take with you children, and in the evening for adults organize discos.
  2. Beehive Nightclub. The establishment is decorated in the British style. He is visited by football fans, because a significant matches are broadcast on a huge screen.
  3. In February, carnival is carried out on the island, which, on colorfulness and scope, occupies a leading position in Europe and the second after the Brazilian festival. Carnival processions pass throughout the territory. The holiday starts with the election of the queen, near which all follow-ups occur. Throughout the year, all organizations and enterprises are looking for a candidacy that will represent them at the festival.
  4. Establishment by the type of Bar Hannen is suitable for admirers of modern musical directions and exotic beverages.

For children

Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife) is attractive for family holidays. Children include such places:

  1. Loro Park was created in 1972 by the local resident of V. Kissenging on its own savings, and at present the object takes annually 1, 5 million visitors. This unusual place is located on the territory of the picturesque tropical garden, the main inhabitants of which are parrots. In addition, children can observe larger feathered, as well as primates. An oceanarium operates in the Loro Park, in which, in addition to the fish there is a huge transparent passage and a hall with penguins.
  2. For rest in nature Botanical Garden, in which unusual specimens of plant world are collected. Here you can observe conventional tropical plants, or predator flowers. The defortion gladly walks among palm thickets and Lian, and can also find out how many exotic fruits grow.
  3. Another natural attraction for children will be Park Toro. One of its advantages is a free visit, during which waterfalls hidden in thick thickets can be observed. On the territory of the property there are space-based sites from which the coast is visible and the resort itself. And in the cozy restaurant you can organize a family dinner.
  4. The kids will like a garden walk Jardine Aquatiko. It is focused on a small pond with swans, and children have the opportunity to feed them. The grove is decorated with pedestrian bridges, stone tracks and landscaped décor. Among the vegetation there are rare exotic flowers over which tropical butterflies flute.

Tips for tourists

To organize a comfortable rest, you should take advantage of the following recommendations:

  1. Despite the fact that the resort is not A sultry, tourists are desirable to use sunscreen. The sun is especially burned due to the fact that the sand is of dark color. Leaving sunbathing, you should take special shoes on the beach.
  2. For family pastime with children, it is necessary to carefully choose the seaside area to rest, because not all of them are suitable for being with the kids.
  3. If the rest wants to purchase wine from local producers as a memorial souvenir, it is better to purchase them in specialized stores, equipped in the wine-growing area. In these places there is a minimum probability to buy a fake or a product of low quality.
  4. buy goods and pay for services is best in national currency. When exchanging, the currency rate should be carefully examined, and the size of the recoverable commission. In some exchange points, it can be overestimated.
  5. Tourists who plan to view the territory of Puerto de la Cruz and actively move around its surroundings, more practical to rent a car. To do this, you need to have a driver's license of an international sample and have the necessary amount on the credit card.
  6. For large companies, it is advantageous to order a taxi that can be called using the phone. Such a service will cost expensive if the car expects the client near the hotel or restaurant.
  7. When collecting a suitcase, you should take a warm sweater with you, which will come in handy for traveling to the mountains or volcanoes.
  8. Giving tips at public catering points is not necessarily, but is considered a good tone, they will then be done between all employees of the institution. Taxi driver can not be encouraged, because it has already included this percentage. It is advisable to constantly have shallow dignity with you, on large assignments at the resort look with caution.
  9. The Canary Archipelago is distinguished by low prices due to the fact that it enters the free economic trading area. In the first week of January and in July, seasonal sales begins. Purchase can be purchased with a 20-30% discount.
  10. Internet access in hotels is 3 times more expensive than in rooms with slot machines. The presence of a wireless network has a few hotels. It is better to call to Russia from street-green outdoor taxocophones. The call from the hotel room will turn into a significant amount.
  11. When obtaining a Spanish visa, you should purchase health insurance, which will indicate the telephone numbers to call if necessary. Here, the tourist will be provided with advice and medical services, and the invoice will be issued to the insurance company.

Prices for vacations

In late autumn and spring, the cost of vacations at the resort will be cheaper for travelers, because the majority of vacationers visit the city in the summer and New Year holidays. When planning a trip, it should be borne in mind that in February the island hosts a large-scale carnival similar to the Brazilian festival. This event contributes to the increase in prices for accommodation.

For those wishing to spend shopping, it is better to visit Puerto de la Cruz from January 7 to March 6 or all summer months, because seasonal promotional sales take place at this time.

The time of the year does not play a special role for taking sun or sea baths. You can swim here at any time, if the vacationer considers the water + 200With a comfortable temperature.

The best time for a beach holiday will be June-October, and the rest of the time you can see the sights and swim in the pool.

The weather in this ancient city differs significantly from the forecast of other settlements on the island. This is due to the fact that the resort extends into a lowland and has an individual microclimate. Even in the hottest month (August), the temperature regime is no more than + 260C, and the winter climate will not bring cold.

The maximum minimum mark in this place is fixed at + 160C. Sometimes weather conditions overshadow the rest in October and November with infrequent rains and clouds.

The price of a tour in the north of the island depends not only on the weather and season, but also on the service provided. So, if the trip is planned according to the principle “do not deny yourself anything”, then for a tour for 10-14 days you will need at least 60 thousand rubles.

The centuries-old city of Puerto de la Cruz, sheltered on the island of Tenerife, is rich in history, natural beauty and beaches. By visiting it, tourists can not only relax, but also get acquainted with the life and culture of the indigenous population.

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