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At the end of December 1995, mankind had the opportunity to see a unique natural phenomenon - a total solar eclipse.

For the city of Phan Thiet in Vietnam, this event became a landmark: tourists who came here to observe a rare natural phenomenon appreciated this corner of the earth as a great place to relax, which prompted the local authorities to build the first hotels. So, over the past 2 decades, the city has become a world famous resort.

General information

Phan Thiet (Phan Thiet, Phan Thiet) is a Vietnamese city located on the coast of the South China Sea. Quite often, Phan Thiet is identified with a fishing village called Mui Ne. This happens due to the fact that these two settlements are the end points of a huge resort area stretching along the coastline.

According to the latest data, about 400,000 people live in the city of Phan Thiet. Residents speak many languages ​​and dialects, which is associated with the multinational composition of the population. However, the main language of communication, which almost everyone knows, is Vietnamese.

The tourism business (a branch of the economy that has recently been intensively developing) is also making its own changes: residents are actively learning English. 5-6% of Vietnamese are fluent in French, which is an echo of the country's tragic history.

Not without the influence of the Russian tourist. The influx of Russian-speaking holidaymakers that flooded into the country harmoniously wedged their speech into the already multilingual structure of Vietnam. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the resort area from Phan Thiet to the former fishing village of Mui Ne, which has attracted our fellow citizens, is increasingly being called "Asian Russia".

In Russian, you can see city signs, menus in many cafes and restaurants, shop price tags, watch Russian-language television channels and visit excursions conducted in Russian.

The national Vietnamese currency is dong. Despite the fact that cash is issued both in banknotes and in coins, only banknotes are mostly found in everyday life. They are not printed on paper, but on thin, pleasant to the touch, plastic. If a coin fell into your hands, then it is better to keep it “for good luck” or as a collectible.

For those who have come together to visit Vietnam, better stock US dollars. With the euro, there will also be no problems (however, the euro rate may not be so profitable). Very convenient that moment that for tourists, all prices are immediately transferred to the dollar equivalent. In addition, payment for services or goods can be performed in a mixed currency.

How to get to Phantaet

Planning a trip to Vietnam, you need to prepare for the fact that it will not work quickly and without transplant to recess. To do this, use the services of air transport and land in one of the cities of Vietnam (most often in Ho Chi Minh City or Nha Trang).

Flight from Moscow will take about 10 hours, and then you need to transfer by taxi, bus or train. In addition, you should not forget that Moscow time will be laid here for 4 hours.

Name of the city Transport Time in the way The average cost
Ho Chi Minhine - PhantetTourist busabout 5-7 hours.from $ 5 (on a daily bus)

from $ 15 (at night)

Taxi4-5 h.from 80 $
Train4 h.16-18 $
Nyachng - PhannetTourist Bus5-7 h.About $ 10
Taxi3-4 h.100-150 $
Train (To the city does not reach 12 km)about 5 hours.about $ 15 (the remaining 12 km will have to get on a taxi)

The time is the approximate: usually the tracks are loaded, and the permissible speed of transport does not exceed 40 km / h.

Weather in Fantrytheet

A unique microclimate, which has developed in a fantaet, makes this year-round resort by a paradise place to relax. Sustainable weather allows you to highlight 2 seasons: dry (high tourist season) and rainy (low season). But these 2 years of year do not contrast each other.

It is believed that the best time to visit the fantaet lasts from November to April. The average air temperature during this period ranges from 20-23 ° C at night and 30-32 ° C during the day. The remaining months (May - October) are better called suitable for travel. During this period, the temperature regime reaches its maximum and in combination with high humidity is not carried out in the best way.



air temperature Celsius Water temperature The amount of rainy days
during the day Night
January 31 °21 °25 °1
February 31 °22 °25 °0
Mart 32 °23 °27 °1
April 34 °24 °28 °1
May 34 °25 °28 °5
June 33 °25 °28 °6
July [14 5]33 °25 °28 °8
August 33 °24 °28 °9
September 32 °24 °28 °12
October 32 °24 °28 °10
November 32 °23 °28 °2
December 31 °22 °27 °2

(so Medium indicators, collected in a few years)

, the most interesting weather feature of this paradise are constant winds, which makes this region particularly attractive for surfing lovers, windsurfing, kitesurfing.

But diving and snorkeling fans here, there is nothing to do because of too turbid water (dried water constantly raises sand from the bottom). The highest waves are observed during the winter months. In November, March and April, the sea is a bit calmer (with children it is better to plan rest during this period).

The rainy season (the relative humidity of air during this period is only about 80%) also has its advantages: short-term (usually no more than an hour) The rains slightly reduce the high temperature of the air, and A small number of tourists determines the decline in prices.

Where to stay in

Hotels of Phatetet (Vietnam) year-round expect guests, trying to take into account the requests of each. A decent double room can be removed from both $ 20 and find the cost of $ 90 and more expensive. As you have to get to the city with transfers, it is better to settle where there is a shuttle service.

Hotels Phatetet (Vietnam), which are used by the excellent reputation among tourists:

Hotel name location The average cost of the double room (for December 2018) accommodation conditions and services provided
Green Organic Villas (4 stars). He takes from September 2011on the beach of Rien Than, 17 km from the city center8500 rubles.
  • VILLAM style villa;
  • Outdoor pool;
  • Near its own beach;
  • Water sports and bicycle rental inventory;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • European and Asian cuisine (organic products);
  • Laundry services, dry cleaning, shuttle.
Hotel Veranda Beach (3 stars).District of Tien Than, on the seaside, 17 km from the railway station7800 rubles. (Super Suite)
  • Wi-Fi;
  • His beach;
  • Gorgeous Garden;
  • Outdoor pool;
  • There are non-smoking rooms;
  • A varied menu is proposed;
  • Balanced nutrition is possible;
  • Transfer.
Hotel Khanh An (2 stars). Excellent value for money and quality.2 km from the bus station (one of the most successful locations)1250 rubles. (room with balcony)
  • free Wi-Fi and parking;
  • In the morning, an excellent buffet is covered;
  • There are non-smoking rooms;
  • The restaurant specializes in Asian cuisine;
  • Transfer services are provided.

Hotels in Fentietary abused, but one nuance should be considered: to find a suitable accommodation during the celebration of the Vietnamese New Year (February 5 in 2019, 25 January in 2020) is almost impossible, since everything is filled with the Vietnamese themselves. Phatetet (Vietnam) hotels on this period should be booked in advance.

Local cuisine

Usually in hotels offered to their guests only breakfasts. You can have lunch and dinner in numerous cafes and restaurants, where we are always happy to visitors. One feature is seen: at points serving Russian tourists, prices are slightly overestimated.

if the budget is limited, then a pleasant discovery will be a catering establishment, located outside the tourist zone (that is, where the local population eats): the same tasty and fresh food, but significantly cheaper. There are no problems with the choice of dishes in a fanta: almost in every restaurant (cafe) you can find a menu in Russian or with pictures.

Cooks in fantasy try to satisfy taste addictions of all visits. There is always the opportunity to find restaurants that specialize in European or Russian cuisines. But foreigners are usually of particular interest to the local, in which seafood and exotic fruits prevail.

Few people will refuse themselves the pleasure to try freshly prepared lobsters, scallops, crabs, lobsters or fish dishes with unfamiliar names. Well, passing by such exotic, like food from crocodile meat or snake, will be just an unforgivable omission.

To entertain tourists, the preparation of a certain dish is often turning into a show (for example, the blood snake will be switched right in front of visitors).

Do not ignore the visits to the side of the bokeh, where the freshly detected marine inhabitants are contained in special aquariums. It is here that we will be able to try food from the highest quality seafood. At the same time, lunch will cost approximately 5, and dinner is 15 dollars.

The unique climate of South Vietnam is suitable for growing many fruits that are wonding for many tourists. Therefore, it is necessary to try the fruits of Mangosten, Rambutan, "Dragon Fruit", or Paint (a glass of fresh juice will cost the customer about the dollar).


For tourists who wish to spend most of the time on the seashore, do not stop in the city itself. Good beaches are beyond and stretch along the coastline to the fishing village Muin inclusive.

The Central Beach Rang (Rang) is located 7 km from Phaletet. Its popularity is due not only to a wide coastal zone with small golden sand and gentle entrance to the sea, but also a well-developed infrastructure. Many hotels, bars and restaurants are concentrated on the 6 km segment of the coast.

This is a favorite place of surfing lovers, windsurfing, kaitsurfing. There are also various schools where you can undergo a course of water sports.

The beach area is equipped with sun beds and other attributes needed for a seafood. Marine entertainment is organized for vacationers, but they are located at a fairly large distance from each other (this is due to the dense building in hotels).

For those tourists who are looking for a privacy, Tien Thain Beach, located 30 km from Phanteta. The lack of infrastructure outside the selected hotel will allow in silence to enjoy wonderful nature and an excellent shore.

All hotels of this resort area are designed for money tourist, so in the area you should not hope for budget accommodation.


No matter how charming, the nature of Phantets with its endless beaches, huge palm trees and pine forests, often appears a desire to make a variety of serene rest and admire local wonders. The choice cannot be called huge.

Nevertheless, it is worth familiar with some sights of Phantet.

  1. It is possible to estimate all the beauty of the well-known resort and its environs by climbing the Mount Ta Ku (extinct volcano). From a 700-meter height, a striking spectacle opens: the statue of the lying Buddha. This 49-meter creature of human hands was carved from a solid white stone and is a place of pilgrimage. Mount Taji is often called temple due to concentration in the area of ​​a large number of religious shrines.
  2. For foreigners, it will be interesting to see Pophai plantations (Painty), or "Dragon Fruit". Moreover, this plant thickets, giving delicious fruits, is located along the road leading to the mountain of Ta ku.
  3. In 1762, the temple of Van Tu Temple was built (282] (Van Thuy Tu Temple), which is considered the oldest and largest museum, the exhibits of which are hundreds China skeletons, the length of the largest of which reaches 22 m. His birth of the museum is obliged to respect the local population to the mammal. Fishermen are confident that these amazing creatures help people pointing to bad weather to the shore. Therefore, the remains of whales that have been thrown ashore, now for more than a decade are brought to the temple for storage.

In addition, in the museum you can see many historical relics relating to the history of the Board of the Nguyen dynasty. 10,000 dongs (the cost of one ticket) is a small fee for visiting such an interesting place.

  1. One of the historical sights of Phanteta is Tower of Cham. These three structures remained as a reminder of the former power of the Cham Empire, which flourished in the 7th century. 2 towers can only be examined outside, as they do not have inside the hollow space. The third building structure allows you to look inside.
  2. The amazing sights of Phan Thiet include colorful dunes: pink (Pink Canyon), white and red. This natural wonder is very close to the city. Pink dunes consist of pinkish clean sand, in which the traveler's feet sink to the very ankle. Climbing to the top of the dune, you can see a stunning view of the bay, the surface of which is cut by kiters under colorful sails.

At a distance of 10 km from the pink dunes are white dunes, known as Bau Trang, or White Lake. A feature of this area is light sand (almost white). It is worth visiting this area not only because of this: romantic tourists will be delighted with the beautiful Trang Lake, the water surface of which is decorated with pink lotus flowers.

The smaller red dunes are composed of brick-colored sand. This place attracts many tourists, especially those who want to take more good photos.

To feel more comfortable, it is better to explore all the sandy sights early in the morning or late in the evening. At this time, the sand is not heated to the maximum mark.

Gifts and souvenirs

From every trip I want to bring home not only pleasant memories, but also something more material. As for Phan Thiet, it is not too difficult to buy a good gift or souvenir here: a large selection and low prices.

  • The most common gift option is tea and coffee. Of particular interest is the exotic luwak coffee. Its cost is quite high due to the specific processing process: a special taste is obtained as a result of the fermentation of grains in the stomachs of musangs (Malayan palm martens).
  • Exotic fruits (pitahaya, lychee, mangosteen, rambutan) are also a common gift that tourists tend to bring home. To do this, it is necessary to select slightly unripe fruits that tolerate transportation well.
  • Original gifts (souvenirs) include various alcohol tinctures, which include components of animal origin (snakes, scorpions). Such gifts are best left as a souvenir for a long memory.
  • A gift for relatives and friends can also be picked up in pharmacies. Ointments, balms, rubbing, herbal preparations, based on plant and animal raw materials unusual for our traditional medicine, are considered extremely effective.
  • It is unforgivable to leave Phan Thiet without pearl jewelry. It is grown in specialized farms in South Vietnam and is inexpensive. However, there are a lot of fakes here too.

    Phan Thiet in Vietnam is impossible to visit and leave without their decorations.

  • You can buy gifts and souvenirs made of natural materials quite cheaply: crocodile or snake skin products, paintings or a Vietnamese national costume made of natural silk, a traditional non hat.

Almost all of this can be purchased in numerous shops, pharmacies and souvenir shops of the city, located along the main street of Nguyen Dinh Hieu.

And although the resort town of Phan Thiet in Vietnam is more focused on a measured and relaxing holiday, picturesque landscapes, new comfortable hotels and friendly Vietnamese will not leave any traveler indifferent.

Article design: Mila Fridan

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