Pitcairn Island in the Pacific Ocean. Capital, population, how to get there, move to live

Pitcairn is the most unusual island on the planet. Its size is 3x1.5 km. 5 islands with an area of ​​46.5 m 2 under the common name Pitcairn are located in the southeastern part of the Pacific Ocean. On the world map, this group of islands, four of which are uninhabited, and only one is inhabited, looks like a small dot.

Significance of the island in the modern world

The islands of Pitcairn, Ducie, Sandy, Oeno and Henderson are of volcanic and coral origin. The closest to them are the islands of French Polynesia (2170 km). To the mountains Auckland (New Zealand), where the official administration of Pitcairn Island is located, more than 3000 km. The islands are under British patronage. This is its only Pacific territory.

The largest uninhabited island, Henderson, has an area of ​​37.3 km², the area of ​​Pitcairn, an inhabited island, is 4.6 km². The island was first sighted by the Portuguese in 1606 and named after St. John the Baptist. It received its current name, Pitcairn, during its second discovery by the British in 1767, after the officer who first spotted the land from a passing ship.

The island was settled in 1790 after a mutiny on the English ship Bounty. The rebels, consisting of 28 people, led by Christian Fletcher, landed on a desert island. Among them were 9 English sailors, 6 Polynesian slaves and 13 Polynesians.

The captain of the ship with several sailors was sent on a boat to the sea to certain death, and the ship was burned near the coast of the island. Until 1808, the settlers lived in isolation from the rest of the world, but then the island was noticed from the American whaling ship Topaz. Since then, the isolation of the island has ended.

The British government made two attempts to relocate the inhabitants of Pitcairn closer to civilization. In 1831, an attempt to resettle in Tahiti failed: 12 people died in a foreign land, 65 returned home. A second attempt in 1856 was partially successful, and since then some of the families have lived on Norfolk Island.

The capital and the only settlement of Pitcairn island is pos. Adamstown. It is impossible to get to the island by air, it does not have a runway. The only way here is regular flights to Papieta (Tahiti), from where 1 time a week, local aviation flies to the Gambier archipelago.

Once, from the island of Manthing, on a cargo ship or passing by the island of Yacht for 36 hours you can reach pitcaerna. ​​The option with a cargo ship is more economical, but the ship drives the cargo to the island 8 times a year.

Before Tahiti from Moscow, there are flights through America (Los Angeles), Japan (Tokyo) or Hong Kong with one transplant, or through the UAE (Dubai) and New Zealand (OKLEND) with 3 me - 4-by-transfer. For citizens of Russia, staying on the island under 14 days does not require a visa, provided that the entrance and the departure is made on the same ship. In other cases, the visa of Great Britain is required.

Distinctive features

Pitcairn (the island on the map is almost imperceptible) - one of the most isolated and incomplete places on the ground.


The climate of the island is subtropical, marine. In the summer, in spring and autumn there are often rain here. About 1200 mm of precipitation falls per year.

The dry months of July and August. The average monthly temperatures in winter + 24 ° C, in summer - + 18 ° C. The European summer here is considered in winter, and vice versa.

Nature features

Pitcairn island of volcanic origin, has steep shores, hills and recesses that are natural reservoirs for rainwater. There are no rivers. The island map shows that vegetation is located only on its perimeter. In addition to Palm, Norfolk cedar is growing here, brought from the island of the same name, coniferous trees.

are common on the island citrus, avocado and papaya, sugar cane, breadwinner. The animal world is represented by a large number of birds like marine (petrels, red-eyed phaetons and crags), and living on land (movie, fruit pigeon, Laurie-hermit). In coastal waters there are many fish.

National dishes

Kitchen Island Pitcairn combines European and New Zealand features. Seafood predominates in the menu.

There are two cafes serving the following dishes:

  • bluefin or shark steaks,
  • goat meat with grilled vegetables,
  • chicken skewers or roast chicken,
  • chicken, fish and bean soup,
  • grilled lobsters and clams,
  • pies stuffed with local fruits (bananas, pineapples),
  • pilhi (baked mashed bananas, sweet potatoes and breadfruit)
  • honey (local honey is famous for it is served at the table of the Queen of Great Britain


Pitcairn is an island on the map, lost in the expanses of the Pacific Ocean, the most sparsely populated on the planet. According to data for 2013, the population of the island is 56 people "Most of them are mixed English and Polynesians, descended from English rebels from the Bounty ship and Tahitian girls. Several families bear the name of the leader of the rebels - Christian.

Despite the fact that Patcairn Island is under the patronage of Great Britain, it has its own flag and coat of arms. The Island Council, which makes official decisions, consists of 10 people. The council is headed by a justice of the peace.

They are supervised by the Governor, who is in New Zealand.

There is one police officer on the island, there is a doctor. English is considered the official language of the island, but the population speaks a dialect (XVIII English + Tahitian dialect). Young people tend to emigrate to other countries, mainly to New Zealand due to the lack of work on the island.


Settlements on the island are carried out in New Zealand dollars. Local coins do not take part in circulation, they are collectible.

Pitcairn is an island where the New Zealand dollar is the currency.

There is no currency exchange on the island, and credit cards cannot be used. In settlements among themselves, the islanders often use barter.

How to move to Pitcairn Island

Due to the lack of population growth, the government of the island has developed a special program to attract new residents. For NZ$500, anyone can apply for residency with the Island Council. For a positive decision, you must have at least $ 30,000 in your account for the first 2 years of residence.

After the first 6 months. stay on the island in the absence of administrative offenses, you can get a land plot for building a house for free indefinite use. It should be borne in mind that there is no work on the island, so those who want to move here for permanent residence need to have their own source of income.


There are a little over 6 km of dirt roads on the island. Residents mostly travel on foot or by bike. Every family has an ATV.


Pitcairn is an island with a small number of interesting sights marked on the map. Visiting them is free for tourists.

Name Interesting facts Location Opening hours
Island MuseumStores surviving exhibits of the rebel ship "Bounty", household items of the first settlersIn the center of the village of AdamstownNo opening hours. Just ask the curator of the museum to open the room
Bounty AnchorRebel Ship AnchorAdamstown Central Square24/7
The grave of John AdamsThe last surviving rebel. The capital bears his nameTo the east of the central square of the village, on the mountainAround the clock
Fletcher Christian's CaveThe leader's favorite place rebels, whose name is given to several families of the islandEast of Adamstown on a high rocky shoreAround the clock
Taro GroundFlat height of the island. Previously, only from here they received a radio signalAway from Adamstownaround the clock

What to see for a tourist in summer and winter

And in winter and summer, tourists can get acquainted with the main attractions, explore the island on a quad bike (this service is provided by local residents for free), get acquainted with Miss. T, a Galapagos tortoise brought to the island by a random yacht in the 1930s.

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Leisure on the island

There are no hotels on the island. Tourists are hosted by locals. A feature of Pitcairn is that electricity generated by a diesel generator is supplied in the morning, from 8 to 13 or in the evening from 17 to 22.

Tourists can visit the only bar (if the owners are not there, you can take what you need and then tell them about it), or one of two cafes (one of them works once a week, the other only in the evenings), go out to sea for fishing (boats and tackle provided by the locals), take a walk around the territory of the island.

Diving enthusiasts can see the bottom in Bounty Bay: here, at a depth of 3 m, the remains of the legendary Bounty ship are preserved. Also in the waters around the island you can find different, including new, species of plants and marine life.

Beaches on the island

Pitcairn is a tropical island, but it does not have sandy beaches. Entry into the water is difficult and sometimes impossible due to high rocky shores and large waves. You can swim in natural pools formed in the recesses of the coastline. The tide and waves carry sea water into them.

Several basins under the name "Down Isaak" are located on the coast below Adamstown.

Pink corals live in one of them, sea urchins in another, and yellow algae in the third. At the other end of the island is the "St. Paul's Pool", located between 2 high columns, where ocean water is poured with great force.

What to bring as souvenirs

The only shop in the capital of the island, Pitcairn, works, like all government agencies here, on request. Souvenirs can be purchased directly from the villagers. In every house there are crafts made from trees from Fr. Henderson - figures of sharks, turtles, vases, caskets. A popular wooden model of the historical ship "Bounty". Local craftsmen weave cane baskets for sale.

Soaps, creams and oils are handmade from honey and coconut. Island honey, which is distinguished by great ecological cleanliness, is bought with pleasure by tourists as a souvenir. Pitcairn has long been famous for its brands. They can also be purchased at the post office.

A trip to Pitcairn Island can be an unforgettable trip. One of the most unusual islands on the world map will hospitably welcome tourists and allow you to enjoy your vacation in a tropical paradise.

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