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Perth is one of the cities in Australia, based during the "Gold Fever" In the XIX century. Among its attractions there are many historical monuments of the English colony. The city is also surrounded by magnificent white sand beaches (there are more than 60 them), which makes this place perfect for family holidays.

Where is the city

Perth - the capital of the largest state in Australia - Western Australia. Indigenous peoples inhabited this locality more than 38,000 years. In a new time, the settlement was the center of the British Colony of Swan River, and in 1856 it received the status of the city. Geographic coordinates of this place: 31 ° 57 '8 "S 115 ° 51' 32" E.

Perth is conditionally considered the most isolated in the world, since on the one hand the Indian Ocean is surrounded, and on the other - Australian depth; The nearest city is the "millionth" is in 2000 km.

There are 2 airports near the city:

  • Perth Airport for local and international traffic (10 km from the CBD);
  • Jandakot - for the purposes of civil aviation (training flights, fire patrol, airborne geophysical survey).

There are no direct flights from Moscow to this city. Passenger transportation is carried out with a change in Singapore, in some Arab and Chinese major centers. The minimum price for an air ticket is 24 thousand rubles. The average flight duration is 16-18 hours.

There are several ways to get from Sydney to Perth:

  • by plane, flight duration - 7 hours, cost - 8-23 thousand rubles;
  • on the Indian Pacific train, the duration of the trip is 3 days, the cost is 42-100 thousand rubles;
  • by car, travel time about 43 hours.

    Perth (Australia) at night from the coastline

From Perth Airport to the city center you can make a trip as follows:

  • by taxi, the price is about $80-100;
  • on charter buses (No. 935 and No. 40 from the fourth terminal, No. 80 from the first terminal), the fare is $15-30;
  • in a rental car at the airport.

Weather, best time to travel

Perth, Australia, which is described in this article, is best visited during the Australian spring from September to November, when the mass flowering of plants begins. At the height of summer (December-February), the temperature can rise above +40°C, and the amount of precipitation is very small. Sometimes sea breezes ease the heat in the afternoon, dropping the temperature by 10°C.

The city is considered the sunniest capital in the world, even the winter here is quite dry. In July, the temperature can drop to +13°C, and at night - to 0°C.

Religious buildings

There are more than a dozen churches in Perth, the most popular among tourists are the following:

  • St. Mary's Cathedral (Victoria Square, in the center of Victoria Square);
  • St Georges Terrace, downtown;
  • United Trinity Church (72 St Georges Terrace).

St. Mary's Cathedral

St. Mary's Cathedral is the main church of the Roman Catholic Church in the city. The cathedral was built in 3 stages in different historical eras, so the architecture of this building is a mixture of ancient and modern styles.

Inside there are colorful stained glass windows, and outside the church is surrounded by a beautiful rose garden and square. The temple is open for free visits daily.

St. George's Cathedral

St. George's Cathedral is the main Anglican church in Perth. The building of the temple is an example of academic Gothic architecture, therefore it is included in the list of cultural heritage sites of the state. The cathedral was built in 1879-1888.

In the belfry, which is dedicated to the memory of Queen Victoria, there are impressive bells weighing 50 0 and 900 kg. The cathedral also has 3 organs, one of which is the largest among similar musical instruments of mechanical action. Entrance to the temple is free from 7-00 to 18-00, inside it is allowed to take photos.

United Trinity Church

United Trinity Church is one of the oldest temples in Perth, built in the 19th century. The building was erected in a strict Victorian style, and the main facade includes 2 towers topped with octagonal spiers.

The interior of the church is decorated with galleries, balustrades and stained-glass windows. The building is included in the register of the national heritage of the country. The temple is open for free visits on weekdays from 11-00 to 14-00.

The most interesting museums

Perth has more than a dozen museums that cover almost all areas of human activity - from the history of aviation to medicine. Among them, you can choose the one that satisfies your personal interests.

The most visited and famous museums include the following:

  • Western Australian Museum, a natural history museum that has been operating for over 120 years (under renovation until 2020)., address - Perth Cultural Center, James Street);
  • Automobile Museum (Whiteman Park, 99 A Lord Street);
  • Art Gallery of Western Australia (Perth Cultural Centre, James Street Mall Via Roe St, Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge);
  • Science Museum (Sutherland Street, West Perth).

The Motor Museum

The Motor Museum of Western Australia is located in Whiteman Park. This is an ideal place for car enthusiasts: among the exhibits there are rare vintage car brands - Rolls Royce, Cadillac and others, as well as documentation for them from the 19th century, tools, road signs and photographs. The museum is open on weekdays and Saturdays from 10:00 to 16:00.

Admission fees:

  • for adults – $15;
  • Children 6-12 years old - $10.

Discounts are available for families and groups.

Scitech Science Museum

The Scitech Museum was recently established in 1988. Here are interactive exhibits and public demonstrations on science and technology that will be interesting for children and adults. On the territory of the center there is also a planetarium. The interactive museum is open daily from 9-30 to 16-00.

Tickets must be booked in advance, their cost:

  • for adults - $ 19;
  • for children 4-17 years old - $ 12.

In the small art gallery Art Gallery of Western Australia are presented as the art of local indigenous peoples and exhibitions of modern masters. Here is the store with a large selection of souvenirs. The gallery is open from Monday by Wednesday from 10-00 to 17-00.

Visit free, but some exhibitions can be seen for a fee.

Monuments and Monuments

Perth, Australia, the attractions of which are literally permeated with the spirit of history, has more than 20 monuments.

Among them the most well-known and unusual are:

  • Military memorial, which is located in Kings Park (68 Fraser Ave, Kings Park);
  • Kangaroo sculptures (33 ST Georges Terrace, Stirling Gardens);
  • "Steps in time", "FootSteps in Time" (40-50 ST Georges Terrace, St Martins Center).

Military Memorial

The State Military Memorial Traditionally enters most of the city's excursions. He is dedicated to all military servicemen who died in military conflicts. Memorial is an almost complete copy of the same structures undertaken in France and Belgium.

The center is the 18-meter obelisk. More than 7 thousand names of the people who died during the First World War were listed on marble tablets during the First World War.

Inside the crypt, the names of residents who died in armed conflicts after 1950 were free to visit at any time.

Kangaroo sculptures

The original sculptural composition of the three large males Kangaroo was built in 1998, in the framework of the Perth - City for People, which financed by the State Government and the local city authorities.

The sculptures are cast from bronze. Animal figures are in natural poses - drinking, jumping and observing. On their background, you can make interesting photos.

"Steps in time"

"Steps in time" - another street sculptural composition, which was built in honor of the 175th anniversary of Western Australia. The official discovery took place in 2004.

The sculptures symbolize the people who built the city's central business district and are associated with the following important events:

  1. Exploration in 1697 of the Swan River, which flows through the territory of the future cities.
  2. Founding of an English settlement in 1829.
  3. Discovery of gold deposits in 1885-1895.
  4. Wave of European immigration in 1945-1955.
  5. Man of the Millennium-2004.

Architectural structures


The architecture of the city is very diverse - from the Gothic facades of old Victorian buildings to the modern look of the city library. Walking around Perth, you can learn a lot about its history and culture.

Most of the architectural sights of the city are concentrated in its historical center; most of the houses built in the 19th - early 20th centuries are located here. In close proximity to each other are Government House, City Hall, St. George's Cathedral, St. Mary's Cathedral, a colonial hospital, as well as a number of beautiful private residences and commercial buildings.

Government House

The magnificent government building is located at 27-29 St Georges Terrace. It is open to the general public from 12:00 to 14:00 Tuesday to Thursday. Inside is also an exquisite ballroom designed in the classical Renaissance style. Guided tours are held every Tuesday at 11:00, tickets must be purchased in advance.

The house was built in 1864 and is the official residence of the Governor of Western Australia. The building is included in the register of national heritage.

City Hall

City Hall, built in 1870 by inmates, is located on the corner of Hay and Barrack Streets. It is Australia's only town hall built in the Gothic style.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, from 10:00 to 16:00 (admission is free). There are shows here on Tuesdays at 11:00, and art exhibitions are regularly held on the lower floor.

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Swan Bells Bell Tower

Swan Bells (Barracks Square, Barrack Square, Riverside Drive) is one of the largest active bell towers in the world. Its height reaches 82.5 m. By means of a special mechanical device, several well-known melodies are played on 26 bells.

It also has an observation deck that overlooks the Swan River and the CBD. Outside, the tower has an unusual design - it is surrounded by two "sails". The bell tower is open to the public daily, from 10-00, the entrance ticket for an adult costs $18, for children 5-14 years old - $9, younger ones - free of charge.

Natural attractions

Perth has 10 large parks, as well as several small gardens, which provide all conditions for both passive and active recreation. There are 19 white sand beaches in the immediate vicinity of the city.

They are located in the following parks:

  • Yanchep National Park;
  • Neerabup Park;
  • "Shepherd's Lake";
  • Yellangog Park;
  • Marmion Marine Park.

Kings Park

Kings Park is located in the heart of Perth (Fraser Avenue) and features many large trees, lakes, sculpture gardens and picnic areas. The total area of ​​the complex is 400 hectares. This place is considered the best place to stay in the city. Here you can watch the picturesque sunset over the Swan River. 216 217 Extinct Australian Dinosaurs Life Size. The park is free to visit and is open daily.

Stirling Gardens

Stirling Gardens is the oldest garden in the city. It was officially opened as the Perth Botanic Garden in 1845.

The following attractions can be seen here:

  • kangaroo sculptures;
  • giant fig tree;
  • statue of Alexander Forrest, explorer of Western Australia and others.

Swan Estuary Marine Park

Swan Estuary Marine Park is located in Alfred Bay, 5 km from the city center (20 minutes drive). The park is known for nesting birds that are under international protection.

In addition to walking and cycling along the landscaped paths, visitors can go diving, canoeing, kayaking, relaxing on the beach, fishing and shrimp.

Modern objects of interest to visit

Perth is not only the administrative center of the state of Western Australia, where you can see a large number of cultural and historical attractions, but also a modern city, on the territory of which there are many shopping centers.

Among them, there are 7 largest ones:

  • Garden City Booragoon;
  • Westfield Carousel Cannington;
  • Karrinyup Shopping Center Karrinyup;
  • Centro Galleria Morley;
  • Westfield Whitfords City Hillarys;
  • Claremont Quarter Claremont.

The largest concentration of nightclubs and discos for young people is concentrated in Northbridge, located within walking distance of the railway station. In almost all entertainment establishments, you must show an identity card confirming the age of over 18 years.

Fremantle Markets

Fremantle is a port city that is part of the Perth metropolitan area. It belongs to the leading tourist destinations. Fremantle Markets has been operating since 1897 and has over 150 stores. There is a large selection of both products and unique art pieces.

There is a wildlife park for children where you can pet a koala. Other attractions in the area are a prison (works as a museum), an arts center, numerous street musicians, a maritime museum, a fishing harbor and a shipwreck gallery.

Eve club

Eve club (Crown Perth, Great Eastern Hwy, Burswood, Perth) is one of the most popular places for young people to relax. The club is open from Friday to Sunday from 21-00 to 3-00. Entrance until 22-00 is free.

R&B and techno music is played on the dance floor. The club has a strict dress code, too revealing clothes are not allowed (including shorts and T-shirts), girls must have elegant dresses. Photo ID is required at the entrance.

Villa Nightclub

Villa Nightclub (187 Stirling St, Perth) is a city center nightclub that hosts concerts, shows, nights with world famous DJs, fashion shows and more. The dance floor with live music is large and divided into several floors. The club is open from Friday to Sunday from 22-00.

Things to do with kids

Perth has a lot of things to do with kids, from wildlife parks and beaches to educational clubs. Additional information about children's activities can be obtained from local visitor centers and the hotel's concierge service. The most popular family entertainment and recreation areas are described below.

Adventure World Theme Park

Adventure World (351 Progress Drive, Lake Bibra) is a 25-minute drive from the city centre. The theme park includes more than 25 types of attractions, as well as a water park.

The most unusual and popular attractions are gigantic pendulum swings, American slides, the world's largest waterfront. The park is open in the summer from 10-00 to 17-00. Entrance for children under 3 years old - free.

The cost of the day subscription:

  • children 4-13 years - $ 52.5;
  • Adults - $ 62.5.

Discounts are provided for families.


Perth, Australia, the attractions of which are tens of cultural institutions, has its own zoo. It has been working for more than 120 years and animals have been collected from all over the world. The zoo is in close proximity to the business center (20 Labouchere Road, South Perth) and is open daily, from 9-00 to 17-00.

The cost of entrance tickets is $ 33 for adults, $ 16.5 for children is 4-15 years old. Children under 4 years old entrance is free.

Children's Scientific Center SCITECH

Scitech is located at: 1st Floor, City West, Sutherland Street. Here is the largest planetarium in Australia, hundreds of interactive exhibits, art exhibitions are held. In the center regularly show scientific and puppet shows for children.

In the Discovery Shop store, you can buy an unusual gift for a child for scientific experiences at home. Scitech is focused on visiting by children aged 5-12 years. There is also a thematic zone for children for 3-7 years. Children under 4 years old in the planetarium are not allowed. Ticket price - $ 12 for children 4-12 years old, $ 19 - for adults.

The route for inspection independently for 1-2 days

In good weather, the perspective of pea can be devoted to familiarization with architectural and natural attractions:

  1. A visit to the Cathedral of St. Mary.
  2. Walk along the embankment, visit the bell tower of Swan-Bals, listening to the concert of bell music, climbing the viewing platform.
  3. Lunch in one of the nearby restaurants with local Australian cuisine (Amano Restaurant, Balthazar, Friends Restaurant).
  4. Walk in the park of kings and botanical garden.
  5. A trip to the Rottnest Island on the ferry or helicopter (19 km from the city). Rest on beaches or surfing, diving in coral reefs.
  6. Dinner at the Restaurant C Restaurant In The Sky (on the 33rd floor with a sightseeing view of the city).

In bad weather, the next one-day route is recommended:

  1. A visit to the Cathedral of St. George, listening to organ music concert.
  2. Visit to Bell Tower, rise to the viewing platform.
  3. Lunch in one of the local restaurants with national cuisine.
  4. Visiting a Scitech center with children or an indigenous art gallery.
  5. Shopping in one of the shopping centers.
  6. Dinner at Annalakshmi on the Swan (Indian cuisine) overlooking the waterfront.
  7. Visiting the nightclub Villa.


Perth, Australia, the attractions of which are described above, has several dozen hotels from premium class to inexpensive hostels. The table below shows the most popular hotels of different price levels.

Name, category of hotel Address Minimum price for number, in dollars Additional services
COMO The Treasury, 5 stars1 Cathedral Ave400Free refillable bar, air conditioning, safe, Wi-Fi, multimedia hub.
Mercure Perth 4 stars10 Irwin St.135Wi-Fi, air conditioning, laundry, satellite TV.
Duxton Hotel, 4 stars1 St Georges Tce (river view)110Pool, beach, Wi -Fi, fitness center.
Pensione Hotel Perth, 3 stars70 Pier St Cnr of Murray St.100Wi-Fi, air conditioning, flat screen TV.
Hostel G Perth, 2 stars80 Stirling St.44Wi-Fi, restaurant, self-service laundry.

Where to eat

The best restaurants and cafes in Perth, designed for different budgets, are shown in the table below.

Sen5Es Restaurant
Name ) Location Kitchen Average bill, USD
Sandalford Estate3210 West Swan Road, CavershamAustralian, Chinese65
Nobu23 Bolton AvenueGluten Free, Japanese, Vegetarian105
Sen5Es Restaurant221 Adelaide TerraceInternational50
Red Opium21/326 Hay St.Thai20-40
McDonald's Northbridge208 Beaufort St.Fast food10

How to get around

The main ways to get around the city are buses and taxis. The suburbs are also served by rail trains. The average taxi fare is $1.72 per 1 km.

There is a Free Transit Zone in downtown Perth. Bus rides are free. Flights start at 5:00 am and end at 23:00 pm.

Situated on the banks of the Swan River, Perth, Australia is known for its vibrant beach and nightlife. Among its attractions you can find entertainment for every taste - from museums and concert halls to modern attractions. For outdoor enthusiasts, there are sports clubs, you can go surfing and scuba diving.

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