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"Sights of Montenegro" - it sounds mysterious and exotic, but in fact this Italian romantic name hides Montenegro, so close to the Slavic soul. Small and cozy, this country has long been the favorite of many Russians, and its resorts, including Perast, are in great demand.

Where is Perast

The ancient city of Perast is located directly opposite the Verige Strait, which connects the Adriatic Sea and the Bay of Kotor. In the name of the bay, the word "veriga" is easily guessed, which can also be called a chain. In the old days, the bay was pulled with chains, thereby blocking the passage to the cities of Kotor and Risan.

Perast himself in those days was the keeper of the bay, and his whole life was built around shipbuilding and navigation. The first mention of Perasta refers to another 1326, however, then it was only a small village with shipyard. Its economic, political and cultural development began only in 1420, when he became part of the Venice Republic.

The city has reached the city at the beginning of the 18th century: in a small perast, where a little more than 1,500 people lived, there was at least 4 ship shipyards, a fleet with hundreds of ships, and he could be accepted and a thousand, 19 palaces, 17 Catholic and 2 Orthodox churches. Unfortunately, at the end of the XVIII century, after the invention of the steam engine, the city came to his "sunset".

Today, the perast is small, with a population of no more than 350 people and only 3-4 streets, town. "To grow" Perasta has nowhere: Only water. You can pass the whole city literally in 15 minutes. The territory of Perast also includes 2 islands: the island of St. George and the artificial island of Gosp SO Shkrapel.

How to get to Perasta

by plane to Perasta will not get to get: the town of this tiny and the airport is simply not here. The nearest airport to Perast is in Tivat, from which you can reach the city by bus, taxi or rented car.

Options, how to get:

  1. Bus. From Tivat, as well as Budva and Kotor to Perasta can be reached by bus going towards Herceg Novi. A bus ticket will cost approximately 2-3 euros. The only difficulty here is that the route of the bus Perast does not undermine, and it will be necessary to negotiate the driver in advance. It will take about 40 minutes from Tivat and no more than 20 minutes.
  2. Taxi. Another way to get to Perasta is a taxi. From Tivat, it will take about 30 minutes. In general, a taxi in Montenegro is a fairly convenient means of moving, but it does not suit everything. Here you need to be able to negotiate, because for those who can not do this, trips can be very ruinous. People are open and sociable in the face of the driver can also acquire a guide. Standard trips starts with 1.70 euros.
  3. Lease of the car. In Montenegro, the most convenient way of moving, according to experienced tourists, is considered a rented car. He literally unleashes his arms and allows you to visit different parts of the country and familiarize yourself with its attractions. Therefore, you can rent a car, get to Perasta, and from there to go to explore other cities. The price of car rental begins with 15 euros per day.
  4. ferry. You can already on the way to Perast to arrange a small journey by going to it on the ferry. The cost of crossing the car along with passengers is 4.5 euros. Passengers without a car - 1 euro.
  5. As part of the excursion. Those who have a rest in other cities of Montenegro can go to Perast as part of an excursion, either complex or aimed specifically at Perast.

You can fly to Tivat, in August the price for a one-way flight will look like this:

Transport Travel time Cost
Plane from Moscow (Victory)Approximately 3 hours 15 minutesAbout 6500 rubles.
Airplane from Moscow (Aeroflot)About 3 hours 20 minutesAbout 12,000 rubles.
Plane from St. Petersburg (Victory)About 18 hours 30 minutesAbout 8000 rubles.
Airplane from St. Petersburg (Aeroflot)About 10 hours 20 minutesAbout 16,000 rubles.
Plane from St. Petersburg (Montenegro Airlines)About 3 hours 20 minutesAbout 14,000 rubles.

Those who have decided on a vacation in advance, of course, should buy tickets in advance, because this way you can save several thousand, and at some special discount it can be purchased for 3000 rub.

Weather in Perast, the best time to travel

Countries located on the Mediterranean coast, as a rule, have a fairly pleasant warm climate with mild winters and hot summers. Such a climate is typical for Montenegro as a whole, and in particular for Perast. For those who want to swim in the Adriatic during their holidays, it is too early to go here at the beginning and middle of spring.

Officially, the season in Perast begins from late spring to mid-autumn, that is, from May to October. Summer time is the highest season. The air temperature at this time is approximately +25 - +33 degrees, and the water warms up to about +25 degrees. At this time, there are quite a lot of vacationers, including families with children.

Velvet season in Perast falls on September. Daytime air temperature this month averages +25 - +27 degrees, water - +23 degrees.

In the evening, the temperature can drop to +16 degrees, so you should take a couple of sweaters with you. At this time, the contingent of vacationers also changes: families with children are replaced by elderly couples, and the general rhythm of relaxation seems to be slightly calming down and slowing down.

In October, it is also quite comfortable here, although the temperature of both air and water drops by a couple of degrees, in the evening it can already be as low as +12 degrees. In November, the season finally ends, since at this time Perast is no longer suitable for a beach and sea holiday: the temperature during the day rises to a maximum of +16 degrees, moreover, here it is one of the rainiest months of the year.

Religious buildings of Perast

Perast (Montenegro), whose sights do not lose their attractiveness over the years, for its small size it is very rich in religious buildings, once there were about 20 Orthodox and Catholic churches, most of which have survived to this day, although only 3 are open to the public.

Church of St. John the Baptist

This small temple was built at the very end of the 16th century, the first mention of it dates back to 1595, most likely, this is the year the church was founded. However, what can be seen today is not the original appearance of the temple, but a reconstruction of the beginning of the 18th century.

solutions. This church is also remarkable for its unique belfry: it has, as it were, 2 floors, one bell is located above the other. In more modern churches, that structure is no longer found.

St. Mark's Church

On the embankment you can find another church - St. Mark's Church. It was built in the second half of the 18th century from snow-white stone brought from the island of Korcula. The church was built on the site of an older temple, from which the belfry has even been preserved.

The church is also notable for its sculptures: Jesus Christ, St. Mark with the Gospel and St. Peter with the keys to paradise are depicted on the facade. Unfortunately, during communist Yugoslav times, the church was used as a warehouse, due to which almost all of its original interior decoration was lost.

Church of Our Lady of Rosario

Church of Our Lady of Rosario, more like a chapel, was built next to the palace, which is known in the city as the “Bishop's House”.

The church was built between the 70s and 80s of the 17th century. A little later, an octagonal bell tower was added to it, which today is considered one of the most beautiful on the entire Adriatic coast.

Church of the Holy Cross

The Church of the Holy Cross, built in the 9th century, is very small, many will even mistake it for a chapel, but the information plate indicates that it is a church. On the Internet about this temple, the information is either in general is absent or satisfied with doubtful.

The fact is that some sources write that the church was destroyed at a certain point, and in her place they built the fortress of the Holy Cross. However, actually destroyed just a fortress, the church exists and even functions.

Church of St. Nicholas

Church of St. Nicholas with its bell tower can be considered the most recognizable symbol of Perasta, it is them most often depicted on various souvenirs. The temple was built at the beginning of the XVII century on one version on an empty place, and on the other - on the site of the old church. The patron of the temple is St. Nicholas - the defender and the keeper of all navigators.

Especially remarkable, of course, the 55-meter bell tower of the church, which, according to legend, was built on the means of wealthy citizens: in the amount of donation amounted to at least 50,000 gold ducats. The Church is stored in the work of the Bridge of Cool, as well as the numerous canvases of the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries. The entrance to the bell tower costs 1 euro, it is open from May to October.

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Museums of Perasta

In Perasta, only one museum is a city museum, but, given the size of the city, and this is a lot. The city museum of Perasta today is located in the Buwish Palace, where he was postponed in 1948, he was founded 10 years earlier and was in the city hail. The collection of the museum was formed mainly thanks to the townspeople, who passed the family relics and other personal belongings and the paper of their ancestors.

The museum's exposition gives an idea of ​​the history of the city and its inhabitants.


Among the exhibits can be noted the portrait of Captain Marco Martinovich and his sword, it was this navigator who trained Russian sailors to the sea; Inlaid by gems sword of the XIV century, belonging to Vukshu Stepanovich; The extensive library of the Viscovich family extensive library is dedicated to the basic art of Waving.

In addition to these exhibits, the museum also has armory halls, portraits of outstanding personalities, several models of old ships, as well as a collection of traditional costumes and jewelry. At the entrance to the Museum, visitors give brochures, including in Russian.

Monuments in Perast (187]

The entire monument to Perasta was collected in one place - in the center of the city, on the central square, next to the Church of St. Nicholas.

Here you can find monuments of navigators and famous townspeople: the Maths of Zmaevich - the famous Flovier and the commander of the Gallery fleet of Peter I; Marco Martinovich - the famous navigator and shipbuilder, who studies Russian nobility by marine art; Tripo Kokol - a talented painter of the Baroque era.

Architectural facilities in Perasthe

Perast in the old days was a very wealthy city, at that time about 20 palaces were built on a relatively small territory of the city, many of which were preserved today and are a kind of business card cities.

The Palace of Smex

The Palace of Smexa is the largest in the city, it is located on the embankment next to the Church of St. Mark and is its peculiar dominant. The palace consists of two parts - the stone upper and lower palaces, interconnected by the mounted corridor as clearly from the name, once he belonged to the family of Smexa - one of the influential and rich Captain families of Perasta.

The construction of the palace began in 1764 and until 1936 the building was constantly completed and rebuilt, so it's hard to say to which style it belongs. In 1936, a sewing factory was equipped in the palace building, there are currently talking about the opening of a luxury hotel in the building of the palace.

Palace of Viscovichi

Palace of Viscovichi - one of the oldest palaces in the city, it was built in the middle of the XVI century and belonged to one of the sorry of Perasta families. Viskovichi at one time was headed by Perast, participated in his defense, were diplomats, scientists, one of the representatives of this kind - Frano Antoine - wrote the history of the city.

The palace consists of several parts: a large watchtower, which used to be part of the fortification system of the city; Three-storey old palace, loggia and new mansion.

Palace of Zmaievich

Palace of Zmayevich is considered a kind of dominant in the northwestern part of the city. The palace attracts attention not only by its impressive size, but also an arrow-bell tower, which is built here is no coincidence.

The National Name of the Palace - Biskup, or the Bishop's House, as a few of its owners had a bishop. Built the palace was in 1664 belongs to a baroque style.

Palace Buiovich

The Palace of Buovich is considered the most beautiful palace of Perasta. Very unusual material from which the building is built, because these are fragments of the city wall Herceg Novi, which was destroyed during the liberation of the city from the Turks. Today in the Palace is the City National Museum of Perasta.

Bronze Palace

The Bronze family's palace is located in the eastern part of the city. It was built in the middle of the 18th century by a trading family that had grown rich by that time. The appearance of the palace has been preserved since the 18th century, even the ceilings here are still wooden.

The popular name of the palace is Dogana, which can be translated as “customs”, since in the 18th century the building was occupied by officials responsible for duties. Today, the building houses the office of the local parish.

Natural attractions of Perast

Perast (Montenegro), whose sights have a long history, is a city with quite remarkable and natural, as well as semi-natural objects. The real attraction of the city are its islands.

St. George's Island

This island of natural origin is also called the Isle of the Dead. It is famous for its picturesque cypress grove, an old abbey and a cemetery, where representatives of noble families were kept for a long time.

The island was named after the Benedictine abbey located here. In written sources, the abbey of St. George was first mentioned in the XII century, but historians say that it was built three centuries earlier. The abbey failed to survive in its original form until our time, as earthquakes, fires, and attacks fell to its lot.

Today, the wreck is privately owned and can only be officially visited with permission from local authorities. However, many citizens and tourists defy this ban and sail here.

Island of Gospa od Skrpjela

The name of the island can be translated as “Mother of God on the reef”. Gospa od Skrpjela is an artificial island and it is the only one in the Adriatic Sea. Its origin is connected with the legend about how in the middle of the 15th century two sailors found the icon of the Mother of God on the reef. One of the sailors was very ill, but the icon healed him.

After a miraculous recovery, the sailors decided to take the icon from the reef to the city, but it was miraculously transported back to the reef. Since then, the townspeople began, as it were, to build up the island, sinking ships near the reef, enemy and their own. A law was also passed that ordered every passing ship to drop a stone in this place.

In two centuries, instead of a reef, an island with an area of ​​more than 3000 m2 has grown. A temple of the Mother of God was erected here, which over time, thanks to numerous gifts, turned into a real treasury, which it is to this day: the church itself has a very rich decoration, it contains about 70 paintings by famous masters, several thousand votive plates.

Perast Montenegro, the beautiful island of Gospa od Skrpjela.

Unlike the island of the Dead, the island of "Madonna on the Reef" is accessible to everyone, you can get here both independently and as part of an excursion.

Modern objects in Perast, interesting to visit

First of all, Perast is still a city with a historical and cultural program, there are few entertainment venues, but a couple can still be distinguished.

Beach Bar Pirates

Beach bar with a great atmosphere, live music and various parties. Here, almost from the table you can dive into the sea. It is difficult to indicate the address, since in Perast they, one might say, are not indicated. The average price of a pint of beer in a bar is 2 euros.

Floating fish market

There is no market in Perast, as well as any large stores, but there is such an unusual phenomenon as a floating fish market: early in the morning, usually at about 5-6 o'clock, fishermen come to the embankment and sell the freshest fish caught at night.

Interesting places for families with children

Perast (Montenegro), whose sights are extremely attractive for adults, is unlikely to be of interest to small children. There is no zoo, no water park, or even a beach, because this town, although beautiful, is extremely small.

Itinerary for exploring Perast on your own for 1-2 days

Perast (Montenegro), where sights can be found at almost every step, is perfect for independent research: everything here is within walking distance. In fact, half a day is enough to explore the cities and even visit one of the islands.

You can build your route as follows:

  1. As a starting point, you should choose the Perast embankment, you can walk along it, enjoying the views and have a cup of coffee in which some coastal cafe.
  2. Walking along the embankment, it is worth stopping at the church of St. Nicholas, it is impossible to miss it, and spend 1 euro to climb the bell tower, as the view from here is simply fabulous.
  3. On the embankment, you can take a boat and go to the island of "Madonna on the Reef", such a trip will cost 5 euros.
  4. Having returned and walked a little along the coast, it is worth looking into the Bujović Palace, which now houses the city museum.
  5. Walking a little deeper from the palace, you can see the church of John the Baptist.
  6. From the church you can go up the stairs, focusing on the tower of the bell tower of the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, reaching which you also find yourself next to the Zmaevichi Palace.
  7. On the way to the Palace of Zmayevich, the Palace of Lucci-Kolovich-Matikola and the Palace of Smex will also meet.
  8. Immediately behind the Palace of Smexa - Church of St. Marco.
  9. Also on the way to the Mother of God, the Rosary will be the central area where you can stay and consider the monuments of the famous townspeople.

In reality, it is possible to just take a walk in the peracter, and without any plan, it will be possible to avoid attractions on its path.

Hotels in Perasthe

Perast is considered a fairly expensive city, some are even called him "the city of millionaires", so it is not necessary to count on very cheap accommodation here: it's not necessary to find a hostel for 900 in Perasta.

Most of the options are not a hotel, but apartments, also not worth any high-class service, because there are no big hotels here. It is not worth living here in the city center here, because from anywhere in the city to reach it - not a problem.

M & M Apartment & Rooms

Address: Ulica Kapetana Marka Martinovića. These apartments have excellent reviews, guests like the location and rooms themselves. Bedroom room for two without a private bathroom and toilet will cost 3000 rubles.

Bluemarine Rooms & Apartments

Address: Obala Marka Martinovica 152 This guest house is assigned 4 stars, reviews here are also good. It is worth noting that about any housing in Perasta reviews are positive, probably because in the conditions of such a small town to provide bad services just unprofitable.

Night in a double room without a private bathroom will cost 4000 rubles, apartments with a terrace - 7000 rubles.

Vila Perast Boutique Hotel

Address: Obala Kapetana Marka Martinovica B. B. The hotel has 3 stars, a room for two with a private bathroom will cost about 6,000 rubles, breakfast is also included.

Hotel Per Astra

Arsers: Perast BB. The boutique hotel has 4 stars, and from the windows of the rooms there is a magnificent view. There is also an outdoor pool overlooking the Bay. Junior Suite for two overlooking the garden and the included breakfast will cost 15,000 rubles.

Monte Bay Retreat

Address: PERAST BB. The complex also has 4 stars. Views from the terrace and from the windows of the rooms is great. There is also an outdoor glass heated pool, a restaurant and a bar.

The standard room for two with breakfast will cost approximately 19,000 rubles.

Where to eat in Perast

There are enough restaurants and cafes in Perast, so there should be no problems with where to eat, but some may find the prices quite high.

Conte Hotel Restaurant

Address: Waterfront. Restaurant "Konete" is far from a budget place with beautiful views, excellent cuisine and polite professional service. The cuisine here is European and Mediterranean, the main dishes are seafood. The price range is from 1000 to 7000 rubles, there are no cheap dishes here.


Address: Port. A small restaurant in the port with a good view and decent service. The price range is from 500 to 1300 rubles, the portions are large. A portion of mussels in wine will cost 8 euros.

Verige65 Restaurant & Bar

Address: E-65 19 Kostanjica. A restaurant with a magnificent view of the bay, a stylish interior, an extensive menu and professional service.

The main thing, of course, here is the view, many tend to get into the restaurant when the liner passes through the bay. The price range is 120 - 1600 rubles, the portions are not very large.

Cafe Armonia

Address: Perast Village. A small restaurant with a rather interesting interior, from the windows of which overlook one of the main attractions of Perast - the Church of the Virgin on the reef. Many people recommend trying octopus on a melon pillow here. The average check for two is 36 euros.

Otok Bronza

Address: Perast Village. Many of the guests of the city especially highlight this place, many even eat their holidays only here. The atmosphere in the institution is homely, the price tags are moderate, and the food is delicious and the portions are large. The average check for two is 20 euros.

How to get around the city more conveniently

You don't need transport in Perast, because you can walk through the whole city in just 15 minutes. In case of urgent need, you can, of course, call a taxi, the price of which starts from 2 euros.

Perast, despite its small size, is recognized by many as the most picturesque city in all of Montenegro. In addition, on its small territory there are quite a lot of attractions that are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.

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