Pension sea breeze, Gurzuf. Reviews, Prices, Photo

Sea Breeze - Private Pension with Romantic title in the Russian Crimea in Gurzuf. Due to its location, developed infrastructure and home atmosphere, it is popular with the guests of the peninsula. There are all the conditions for family holidays with children and tourists of all ages.

What is the Sea Breeze Pension in Gurzuf, where it is located

The Sea Breeze Pension in Gurzuf is located in one of the most beautiful Black Sea Bay 18 km from Yalta. From the airport of Simferopol, it is separated by 80 km, from the railway. Simferopol Station - 70 km.

Pension sea breeze, Gurzuf

Objects of the hotel infrastructure spread on a hill among the luxurious greenery, offering a picturesque view of the mountain ayu- Doug. Budget pension 3 * is located on the 1st beach line just 50 m from the sea coast.

Infrastructure, Objects, Territory

The ladder leads the ladder located on the mountain. A small well-groomed territory is well landscaped. From cold air it is protected by surrounding mountains. Pines, cypresses, palm trees, larch resemble a botanical mini-garden. Its decoration are alpine slides, roses and olenders. Waves, canopies and gazebo make outdoor relaxing comfortable.


There is a platform for making kebabs. Children will be interested in 2 small ponds with fish and children's play zone. Motorists can leave their car on free parking.

The boarding house has two housings on 6 and 29 rooms, a separate dining room building.

There are also:

  • of the sauna;
  • Massage Cabinet;
  • Bar and cafe;
  • Table of orders excursions.

There is a safe for storing valuables at the 24-hour front desk. In the souvenir shop, guests are offered a wide range of gifts for family and friends. Wi-Fi is available on site and in the lobby.

Vacationers in the Sea Breeze Pension hear the noise of sea waves from its numbers. Public finely pebble beach is within walking distance. It is equipped with the necessary infrastructure. Nearby is the embankment with bars, cafes and attractions.

Therapeutic procedures

Pension "Sea Breeze" in the Crimean Gurzuf does not have its own healing base. You can get a number of medical procedures for a fee in the nearby Gurzuff Military Sanatorium. It specializes in treating and preventing diseases of the respiratory and ENT organs.

Cosmetology procedures and recovery

The unique combination of marine, mountain and saturated with phytoncides and coniferous air is positive effect on the well-being of guests of the boarding house, their health. Sea bathing, solar and air baths fit organically into this natural complex that promotes rejuvenation and recovery of holidaymakers.

A visit to the sauna and massage procedures will help clean the body from slags, improve the condition of the skin of the face and body.

Active leisure, leisure and entertainment

Guests of the boarding house are resting on the beach, water strings on rented boats and yachts, ride mountain rivers on water bikes. Youth is fond of diving, trekking and surfing. Extreme lovers make a journey at the jeeps in the surrounding mountains.

On the territory and in the vicinity of a lot of pedestrian trail along the mountainous green area. Vacationers are actively involved in excursions on Big Yalta. In the evenings, the doors of night clubs open for adults.

Children have fun at a small playground e, with interest they are watching fish in artificial ponds. On the beach they can with parents ride boats and catamarans, for them there are trampolines and water slides.

Room options, prices

Pension "Sea Breeze" in Gurzuf has a numbering compound that can simultaneously take up to 60 guests. All accommodations for living are equipped with a minimum set of home appliances, furnished with comfortable furniture. Each room has a separate bathroom. From the windows and balconies there are excellent views of the surrounding nature.

The cost of the daily lease of 2-seater numbers depends on the type of room and season. Guests freely give beach bags mattresses and umbrellas. Breakfast included in the price of living.

Additional seats with a separate payment can be equipped at the request of vacationers in the rooms.

The approximate cost of the daily rental of 2-seater numbers, depending on the season and month of the year, rubles:

Number Type Intersion High Season Velvet Season
Category "B" in the main building1250 - 19002100 - 37002250 - 3000
Category "B +" (Wooden Case)1350 - 20003100 - 38002350 - 3100
Category "A" mainly housing1450 - 16002300 - 39002450 - 3200
Category "B" without a balcony1150 - 16001900 - 31002050 - 2400
Lux "B", 2 rooms2200 - 25003200 - 54003350 - 4100
Lux "A", 2 rooms, 50 M (126.) 22650 - 31503550 - 63003650 - 4750

for an additional place For an adult surcharge ranges from 700 to 1100 rubles, for a child from 550 to 700 rubles. Actual price for accommodation in the boarding house for a booking day should be clarified by the hotel administrator or travel agency operator.

The rules of entry and departure

in the boarding house there are certain rules for guests:

  • Check-in is possible after 13-00.
  • You need to leave the pension to 11-00.
  • Age restrictions for guests are not.
  • Children are accepted from any age to stay with parents or guardians.
  • Children under 14 years old are placed with their accompanying persons only with the notarized consent of parents / guardians.
  • Children from 14 to 18 can live in a boarding house without accompanying persons only in the presence of a written permission of parents certified by a notary.
  • The minimum check-in time in the boarding house is 1 day.
  • Smoking in the rooms and on the territory is prohibited.
  • Accommodation with pets is possible by preliminary agreement with the hotel administration.
  • To register accommodation, it is necessary to present a passport (for children - a birth certificate), a ticket or a voucher, a certificate from an infectious source about the epidemiological environment. For children, a certificate of vaccinations is required. It is desirable to have a Polis of OMS with him.


Pension "Sea Breeze" in Gurzufea provides residents of free services:

  • Daily housekeeping.
  • Parking.
  • Internet access.
  • Beach bag mattress and umbrella.
  • use of infrastructure in the territory.

For a separate payment, transfer to the airport or on the railway is available. Station in Simferopol.

Power concept

Pension "Sea Breeze" in Gurzufa organizes food of its guests in a separate building of the dining room. Breakfast is included in the price of living, lunch and dinner guests can optionally for a fee.

A comprehensive menu of home cooking dishes is proposed, it is also possible to use the registered restaurant menu (European cuisine). There is a children's menu. For young guests there are children's chairs. Feed tasty and satisfying. A cup of coffee or a cocktail can be in the bar and café.

What is interesting in the vicinity. Cafes, restaurants, attractions

in the vicinity of the boarding house there are many interesting places for tourists, some of them can be hosted by families with children.

Cafes and restaurants

In the village of Gurzuf, a lot of varied cafes and restaurants.

Cafe "Sommelier"

Special popularity among vacationers use:

  • Panoramic restaurant-cafe "Molbert" with a summer veranda is located at the very beginning of the embankment on the street. Chekhov, 1 in the territory of the Corovina Creativity. From here there is an amazing beauty of marine expanses. At the entrance of visitors meet sculptures of Shalyapin and Korovina. The restaurant offers a pleasant atmosphere, good service, satisfying and delicious European cuisine, barbecue and seafood. Prices are above average. The restaurant has a revey of Travelers Choice. Tel. +7 978 741 21 82.
  • Cafe "Sommelier" with a summer veranda is on the way to the Chekhov museum on ul. Leningrad, 21. It is distinguished by a friendly atmosphere, pleasant music and design for ancient wine basement. The quality of Mediterranean dishes will satisfy the requests of the most demanding gourmets. There is a children's menu. In a wine list, a wide range of the best Crimean wines is presented. The average check is from 400 to 700 rubles. Tel. +7 978 564 77 74.
  • "Boulevard" - cafe on ul. Chekhov, 1b, a stunning quiet place in the heart of the tourist Gurzuf. Visitors like the design interior, polite and fast service, delicious dishes and desserts at reasonable prices. The seafood menu, Mediterranean and European dishes. Tel. +7 978 863 05 09.
  • Restaurant "Meraba" is located on the street. Pushkina, 2. From the summer veranda offers a breathtaking view of the sea, rocks, bay. It is decorated in oriental style, there is a fireplace, cozy upholstered furniture, the whisper of sea waves is heard outside the windows. Experienced chefs know all the secrets of the Middle Eastern and Crimean Tatar cuisine. The menu has a large selection of seafood. The ratio of price and quality is optimal. Tel. +7 978 806 40 03.


The Gurzuf Landscape Park is located on a rock (Leningradskaya St., 10), its area is 12 hectares. It was founded over 200 years ago and is a monument of garden and landscape art, as well as one of the symbols of the resort. More than 110 species of trees and shrubs grow here, including relict ones. A beautiful curly haircut of plants immerses visitors in a special atmosphere of magic. The territory of the park is decorated with unusual fountains and sculptures. One of the most famous plot fountains "Goddess of the Night" was created by Professor Berger. You can get into the park only as part of an excursion group. Ticket price for adults - 400 rubles, for children - 200 rubles. After the tour, you can visit the Gurzuf Dolphinarium on the outskirts of the park.

  • A. P. Chekhov is located on the street. Chekhov, 22 at the foot of Mount Dzhenevez-Kaya on the shore of a picturesque bay. The permanent exposition is located in 3 rooms: the first is dedicated to A. Chekhov and O. Knipper, the second - the history of the creation of the play "Three Sisters", the third - to friends and relatives of Anton Pavlovich. Visitors can also see the writer's study, admire the Chekhov Bay from the summer veranda, which the writer acquired along with the residential building. An entrance ticket with a guided tour for children costs 150 rubles, for adults - 300 rubles. Tel. +7 978 939 01 14.
  • A. S. Pushkin is one of the pearls of Gurzuf. It is located on Pushkin Embankment, 3. The house was built in the early 19th century. belonged to Duke Armand de Richelieu and was the first European building in the south of Crimea. For the original architectural layout, the building was dubbed a castle in the air. The expositions of the museum opened more than 30 years ago are located in 6 halls, they reveal the history of the Crimean period in the life of the great Russian poet. The museum is open daily from 10:00 to 17:30. Paid entrance. Tel. +7 978 982 23 39.
  • Holy Assumption Cathedral on the street. Leningradskaya, 60 - the main Christian shrine of Gurzuf. It was built less than 15 years ago instead of the Cathedral of the Dormition of the Theotokos destroyed in Soviet times at the end of the 19th century. The white-blue facade with a high porch and a 2-tier bell tower is crowned with 5 domes. Icons and church utensils adorn the spacious and bright interiors.
  • White Gallery on ul. Yalta, 12 A is a small cozy gallery of contemporary art. It is located in the building of the housing complex Chateau Louvre. You can visit it from 14-00 to 20-00 daily except Monday. You can get here for 30-40 minutes on foot or take advantage of public transport. In the expositions of the gallery, the works of modern domestic and foreign authors are exhibited. Unequance art connoisseurs will be seen not only performed in the traditional manner of work, but also paintings with augmented reality. Tel. +7 978 583 08 96.
  • Mount Bulgaria - the highest point of Gurzuf. It offers a fantastically beautiful view of the resort. Climb here is easy in comfortable shoes on the available mountain path. Awards will be made on top of Bulgaria panoramic photos.
  • House of Creativity Artists named after Korovina on ul. Chekhov, 1 is a small complex of pre-revolutionary buildings. Among them, the date of the first Russian artist expressionist Korovina K. A. with the unusual name of Salambo. In the council built on the advice of Chekhov, the artist lived 5 years before the revolution 1917. Here he wrote a portrait of Shalyapin, the paintings of the sea landscapes, the evening Gurzuf, a colorful flower bazaar. Visiting the artist visited many famous artists, writers and artists. At the entrance to the current house of creativity, guests are met by the sculptures of Korovin and Shalyapin, a memorial plaque with a bas-relief of the artist is installed on the cottage building.
  • "Fortune" - Private Museum on ul. Sanatorium, 3b. He is interested in family excursion with children. In a huge collection, more than 25 thousand magnets from all over the planet. Here you can see mannequins in historical costumes, a collection of old weapons and household items. Excursions spend the hospitable owner of the museum. Tel. +7 978 107 45 00.
  • "Gurzuf" - a branch of NPO "Massandra", located on the street. Yalta, 1a. Founded 100 years ago, the winery is famous for its wines, many of which have international awards: Vintage Liquor Pink Wine "Pinot-Gri-Danil", White dessert "Tokai South Coast". The world glory won the "Muscat of the White Red Stone". In his piggy bank not only dozens of gold and silver medals, but also the Cups are super and the Grand Prix. During an excursion, visitors get acquainted with the history of the plant, learn a lot of interesting things about the technology of wine production, taste some of them.
  • Adalar's twin rocks - one of the recognized symbols of the resort village. With their history, several interesting legends are connected. Rocks are located 300 meters from the coast and are excellent visible from Gurzuf's beaches. Their height is 35 and 48 m. From the 2nd half of Adalairs recognized as a natural monument. There are no restrictions and prohibitions by their visit. Experienced swimmers can get to them, but more convenient and safer to use motorboats and water bikes. Climb on rock ledges better in comfortable shoes. In the summer season, adalat is always crowded: the crisses are jumping into the water, divers study the secrets of the sea depths, many tourists and locals just rest under the rays of the affectionate southern sun. Coordinates: 44.542563, 34.295457.
  • Prices price in the boarding house and where to buy. Discounts

    You can buy a ticket to the Pension "Sea Breeze" in many travel agencies, but more convenient and more profitable to do it without intermediaries. On the official website of the private hotel complex M_BRIZ_COM, you must fill out the questionnaire and email a voucher. Also booked housing will help guest managers.

    Contact them by specified phones in the "Contacts" section. The administration of the boarding house often announces shares and makes significant discounts. Prices for vouchers depend on the period of stay at the hotel, such as the selected room and season.

    Address, how to get to the boarding house

    Private pension is located on the Russian Peninsula Crimea in the village. Gurzuf, Pushkin Embankment, 15.

    You can get to it in the following way:

    • From Simferopol Airport to get there Trolleybus (No. 52, 53, 55) to Gurzuf, and to the boarding house - by taxi.
    • From the Yalta bus station to drive to the stopping market, transfer to the route taxi №31, traveling to Gurzuf. In the village to the hotel hire a taxi or walk, if there are no children and little baggage.
    • On the personal car, ride through the Crimean Bridge, move towards Yalta, then use the prompts of the navigator.


    With managers of the hotel complex, you can contact one of the phones: +7 978 858 42 24 or +7 978 858 40 04. Pension has a website M_BRIZ_COM and 2 email addresses Mail: inter_tour @ list_en; INTERTOUR_GIZ @ Mail_ru.

    Pension "Sea Breeze" in the Crimean Gurzuf - a marvelous corner of Russia, where you can comfortably relax and improve health, to get acquainted with some sights of the peninsula. Here you feel great at any time of the year family with children, active youth and people of retirement age.

    Video on the boarding house

    Video overview of the number in the Sea Breeze Pension: