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The Palm Jumeirah is designed for a large number of tourists. On the coastline of the archipelago there are restaurants and hotels, large shopping centers of the UAE, parks, villas and beaches. Two sunken F-100 aircraft were used to create a coral reef on the island.

Facts and figures

Historically, Jumeirah Island was a coastal area of ​​Dubai, where before the construction of the archipelago there was nothing of note for tourists. The situation was radically changed by the construction of three archipelagos, of which Jumeirah was the first. Two more artificial islands are Jebel Ali and Deira.

The idea of ​​creating the island belongs to the Emir of Dubai - Sheikh Mohammed ibn Rashid Maktoum. The reason was the dense development on the plots of the sea coast of the UAE, because of which there were no free territories for the construction of new buildings. Almost 100 thousand cubic meters of sand and five and a half million cubic meters of stone were delivered to Dubai for the construction of a palm island.

Palm Jumeirah Dubai, UAE. Satellite image

The choice of the island's palm tree shape has added fifty-six kilometers of additional coastline to the UAE. As a protection for the archipelago, a breakwater was created in the form of an eleven-kilometer Muslim crescent.

Brief history of construction, difficulties

First of all, the builders faced the fact that the sand was constantly washed out by water, so replacement was urgently required. She was found - at the bottom of the sea. It took a titanic effort to raise tons of new building materials from the depths, but they were worth it. For 12 years, the embankment has been standing without additional steel reinforcements and the addition of cement.

Another problem was the impossibility of a clear correspondence to the outlines of the future island from the ground. An orbiting satellite helped, which created high-precision photographs from space. The next unpleasant surprise was the water rotting during the construction process, which already really threatened the future of the island.

No one will go to a resort with an unhealthy environmental situation. But here, too, a way out was found in a fairly short time. They created artificial straits in the breakwater, which made it possible to normalize the process of circulation, renewal and regular water purification.

The tragedy of the twin towers on September 11, 2001 was the most serious test, after which the question arose about the advisability of building in principle, so the reputation of the Muslim world was shaken.

However, the UAE government was firmly convinced of the prospects of building the island of the century, and it was decided to complete the work despite all the troubles and obstacles. As time has shown, this was the only right decision.

What to see


In the fall of 2017, a new unique zoo appeared in Dubai, replacing the one created half a century ago. Today, about 2,500 representatives of the fauna of more than two hundred species live here. The total area is almost 120 hectares of land and each part is divided into climatic zones.

Here is the largest collection of reptiles and the only representatives of the rarest species in Dubai - the Komodo dragon, the white tiger, the moon bear. Ordinary red tigers, lions, hyenas, antelopes, baboons and other animals move freely around the safari area. There are two options for entrance tickets: economy class and standard.

The first includes a visit to all areas of the zoo, including dining. There are three of them: African, Arabic and Asian. The ticket can be used throughout the working day. The exception is the safari zone, where animals roam freely in their natural environment.

Cost AED 20 for children under 12 and AED 50 for adults. In a full-fledged version, besides visiting the above territories, a trip is included in the closed jeep when you can meet with rare predators at a distance of an outstretched hand and safe. Children's ticket in this case will cost 30AED, adult - in 85aed.

But in this case, visits to attractions and parking are not included in the ticket price. For the elderly guests of the zoo who have reached the sixty-year-old age and children under three years old is free.


Translated from Italian "Mercato" - the market. The first shopping center in Dubai with the Roman name received the name of Mercato Shopping Mall due to architecture. The construction is an old Italy in miniature. From the beginning of "zero" and to today, Mercato is the official sponsor of the Dubai trading festival, which begins immediately after Catholic Christmas.

At this time, the inner life of a unique bazaar completely repeats Italy of the Renaissance. Master classes are held for children and contests for adults, where the prize for the winner can easily become an expensive car.

The incredible number of brands, exclusive things known to the whole world of designers in a single copy, elite perfume and gold jewelry. Like the entire territory of Jumeira, there are many restaurants, pharmacies, ATMs.

Beach Park is very popular with holidaymakers. True, visiting it is allowed only to women.

A man who accidentally fallen here may be fined at the best possible, in the worst - send for several days to the local prison. Schedule work - from Saturday to Thursday: from 10-00 to 22-00, on Friday, Mercato takes guests from 14.00 to 22.00.

Safa Park

At the beginning of the 70s of the last century, the Safa Park was located in the poor Dubai district. In the late 80s, the UAE government began the active development of this territory and today here is comfortable to guests of any age, including the youngest children.

more than sixty hectares cover shrubs, unique trees and relict flowers. The water of numerous channels are connected in a lake of artificial origin located in the center of the park area.

Retail the catamarans are offered, birds are collected in a small pond - it happens that up to two hundred varieties immediately. For active pastime lovers on a large green lawn, football, volleyball, tennis and basketball are provided. You can come to Al Safa with your rollers or a skate.

The park is equipped with tracks, descents, lifts and a labyrinth with one output. There is a children's car park in a miniature town in which real residential buildings, traffic lights and all traffic signs are built. In addition, children can ride on a small railway.

At this time, parents are given the opportunity to cook barbecue with their own hands: in Safa there are as many as twenty sites for this purpose with tables, chairs and grills. A small steam locomotive takes guests to the right place in the park, because the territory of the zone is simply huge. At the same time, the cost of visiting does not exceed one euro, for children under four years old the entrance is free. Opening hours: from 8-00 to 22-30 seven days a week.

Water park

The water park in Dubai is considered the best in the world. There are more than twenty water attractions, among which: "Lazy River", the length of which reaches almost five hundred meters.

The water park has the highest and fastest waterslide in the world, which reaches a height of more than thirty meters. The maximum speed that can be developed when descending a giant mountain reaches 80 km / h. Most of the attractions are connected to each other by water slides, the total length of which in total reaches almost two kilometers.

The water temperature is constant all year round - 28 degrees. On the territory of the water park there are shops where you can buy everything you need for a holiday. There are numerous picnic spots, a snack bar and a restaurant for lunch. Residents of Jumeirah hotels are entitled to free access to the water park. Opening hours: from 10-00 to 19-00, in summer - from 10-00 to 20-00.

Jumeirah Mosque

The main temple of the country is the Jumeirah Mosque - the largest religious building in the Emirates. This is the only mosque where not only foreigners, but also representatives of other faiths are allowed to come. The construction of the main temple of the country lasted 4 years - from 1975 to 1979.

Rare pink sandstone was used as materials, from which such world masterpieces as Versailles, the sculpture of the Sphinx and others were built at different times.

The Mir Archipelago

The second largest archipelago on the globe is the World Islands. This artificial piece of land is also located in the UAE. The total area is 55 square kilometers.

Each of the three hundred artificial islands "doubles" some European country or city. The minimum area of ​​the states of the archipelago is 23,000 squares, the maximum is 84,000.

Unlike Jumeirah, the islands do not have direct communication with the mainland. The distance to the coast of four kilometers can be overcome exclusively by water or air transport. Today, the value of the islands for private buyers varies from ten to forty million dollars.


Madinat is a combination of Venice and the Arab old market. Visiting attractions is available to any traveler, regardless of whether he lives in one of the Palm Jumeirah hotels or not.

It is enough to buy a ticket for a trip in the national Arab arba boat or book a table in any of the many restaurants. Dinner in an elite institution in the buffet format will cost a maximum of 250 AED, a water excursion and even less - no more than 75 AED. In the market you can buy real unique things.

Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali today is the largest deep water harbor in the UAE. Once a settlement with this name was just a small Arab village located near the capital. Distance from Jebel Ali to Dubai is 40 kilometers.

Today Jebel is practically inseparable from the main city of the emirate. In 2006, about six and a half thousand companies from one hundred countries of the world opened here. Today, they employ about a hundred thousand workers, narrow specialists, office workers.

The secret of such success lies not only in oil, but also in the fact that Jebel Ali turned out to be a kind of beacon of trade routes from East Asia to Europe and from India to Africa.

Hotels, accommodation options and prices

Fabulous apartments in Atlantis The Palm 5*

The windows of the apartments overlook the panorama of the Persian Gulf. In addition to the standard set, which is always present in five-star hotels, there are bonuses. You can swim with dolphins in the swimming pool located at the hotel.

Near a private beach, golf club, the largest shopping center, the famous Burj Khalifa, the best boutiques and entertainment centers in the world. There are rooms for smoking guests of the hotel, you can hire a nanny for a child, a concierge, there is a laundry. There is no charge for visiting the Aquapark and Aquarium. Cost — from $300 per day.

PK Holidays - Palm Jumeirah East

All rooms have air conditioning and satellite TV. A number of apartments have a turnkey kitchen: with an oven, microwave, coffee machine, toaster, refrigerator and electric kettle.

Bathroom, shower, free Wi-Fi, private garden, water park, restaurant, free parking spaces. A large shopping center is 8 kilometers away, and the airport is only 25 kilometers away. Products can be ordered to the room. Cost - from $ 200 per day.

Apartments Family Deluxe Palm Jumeirah 3000

This hotel is located in the center of the island, right "on the trunk" of the Palm Jumeirah. Free Wi-Fi, fitness center, outdoor pool, flat-screen TV, kitchen equipped with home appliances.

Bathroom, equipped with shower, free parking. A 15-minute drive is a shopping center. The international airport in the capital of the UAE is half an hour. Cost - from 200 dollars per day.

Royal Club

The Royal Club hotel complex has comfortable rooms with kitchen equipped with appliances and living room. There is a balcony. The road to the nearest airport is Mackum takes no more than 20 minutes. Rooms are cleaned daily, there is a desk for work, a washing machine, a separate bathroom, alarm clock, tea and coffee appliances, ironing board with an iron.

The beach is located within walking distance, at the bar for residents of the hotel on drinks and dishes there are discounts. For a fee, the hotel offers a gym, sauna and a local outdoor pool. Cost - from $ 300 per day.

Beach Apartments, Palm Jumeirah

Luxury apartments, which offers panorama of the Arabian Sea. Two outdoor pools on site, free Wi-Fi, in a private kitchen there is everything you need.

The apartments are decorated in an individual designer solution. Living room, dining area. The road to the international airport takes no more than 20 minutes to the water park - 7. The beach is located within walking distance. Cost - from $ 300 per day.

Azure Holiday Apartments, Palm Jumeirah

The hotel rooms have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large terrace with stunning sea views, a corner with upholstered furniture, a dining area. Each room has air conditioning and fans. In the kitchen, in addition to the standard set of household appliances there is a toaster.

Film and books for children, Iron and ironing board on the street there is furniture, to the beach three minutes walk. Near major shopping centers. Yes, a skyscraper of Burj-Khalifa - 16 kilometers, to the nearest airport - 24 kilometers. Cost - from $ 150 per day.

BESPOKE Residences - Shoreline Al Nabat

Position category - only apartments and exclusively for non-smoking guests. Summit, cleaning and change of bed linen is carried out for free times a week.

The washing of things can be ordered at an additional cost. Own beach, outdoor pool, spacious kitchen with standard set of appliances, flat-screen TV, safe. When arriving in the room you need to make 2000 dirhams. These funds are booked in case of unforeseen situations. Cost - from $ 250 per day.

E & T Holiday Homes - Frond F Villa

The hotel is ideal for family residence. According to the rules of these elite apartments, and the arrival needs to warn the hotel staff in two days. Another condition is a ban on conducting noisy mass events, like: weddings, anniversaries, parties.

In case of arrival of guests, you need to submit a haugh known list for the hotel administrator and make a deposit in the amount of 3,000 dirhams in case of unforeseen expenses. 24-hour security, parking, rooms Two toilets, air conditioning, mirror, free Wi-Fi. Once a week change of linen and cleaning in the room. Cost - from $ 800 per day.

E & T Holiday Homes - Signature Villa K

Luxury villa for family residence. The kitchen with the microwave and refrigerator, there is a dining area, an outdoor pool. From the windows opens in the sea. The shopping centers are 8 kilometers, to the Burj Khalif skyscraper - 18 few later the international airport al-Maktum is located.

Pledge of unforeseen expenses - 3000 dirhams, funds are returned when departure after checking the villa for order and possible damage to property. For children to twelve years, cribs for 100 AED are provided during the night. Cost - from $ 800 per day.

Yanjoon Holiday Homes - Palm Jumeirah Marina Residence

The apartments are located in six kilometers from the Mall of the Emirates shopping center. From the hotel's bonuses: free entrance to the beach club and in an outdoor pool. A kilometer from the hotel has another beach club, which also does not require additional costs.

There is everything you need for a comfortable stay, the kitchen is equipped with the latest home appliances. Right in the room has a jacuzzi and sauna. Very near the two popular shopping malls, until the airport is no more than forty kilometers. In terms of active recreation - marine fishing, snorkeling, diving. Cost - from $ 700 per day.

Yanjoon Holiday Villas - Palma Residence

The villa complex has comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi, self-catering, washing and dishwasher. Outdoor pool, private beach. Four kilometers of walking are two shopping malls, not more than 25 kilometers from the international airport.


You can ride a canoe, dive with a mask or engage in sea fishing. It is allowed to stay with pets in the presence of appropriate certificates of health and vaccinations. Sauna, laundry room, gym. Cost - from $ 700 per day.

Azure Residence - One Bedroom Apartment

Apartments are 3.5 km from the embankment and shopping center. An elegant panorama on the sea, free Wi-Fi opens from the windows. It is allowed to stay with pets if the animals have the appropriate health certificates and vaccinations.

There are rooms for non-smokers. The apartments are not included in the hotel territory, therefore, in order to obtain a pass, it is necessary to send copies of passports three days before arrival. Security deposit - 3000 dirhams in case of force majeure. Upon departure from the hotel, the funds are fully refunded. The cost is from $300 per day.

Bespoke Residences - Golden Mile 2

The hotel is located near the business districts of the UAE capital, 17 kilometers from Dubai. The rooms are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay and furnished with high quality furniture.

In double rooms, each room has a private bathroom, large beds, dining area, large screen TV, Wi-Fi. As well as a deep bath and a rain shower. The balcony offers a sea panorama. An important point: a huge pharmacy. The kitchen has two stoves: gas and electric, extractor hood, washing machine and dryer, refrigerator.

The beach and restaurants located in the Marina area are five minutes walk away. Here you can go to fashion shops, cafes. There are banks and pharmacies. The hotel is located 16 kilometers from the status shopping center and the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. Cost - from 350 dollars per day.

BeSpoke Residences — Grandeur Residence

The apartments are within easy reach of the main attractions of the island: Aquapark, Aquarium and Mall. Large covered parking, where each guest has his own place.

Each room has a safe, two bathrooms with free shampoo, shower gel, soap and other toiletries. Air conditioning, trouser press, large beds. The double rooms in the second bedroom have a second bathroom and an additional maid's room.

The kitchen is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay: gas and electric stove, extractor hood, refrigerator. Great free playground for kids. Linen is changed once a week, rooms are cleaned every three days. Cost - from $ 250 per day.

Dream Inn Dubai Apartments - Tiara

The apartments are within easy reach of the mall. The rooms have a seating area, a balcony overlooking the sea, a fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi.

Breakfast is served, if you wish, you can visit the restaurant of international cuisine. To the international airport - 25 kilometers, near the embankment. Upon arrival, you need to pay a security deposit in case of unexpected expenses - 2000 dirhams.

Full refund upon check-out. Only for families or groups. Applications for parties, parties, weddings and other noisy events with a mass presence of guests are not accepted. Cost - from 350 dollars per day.

How to get to Palma

Flight time from Moscow to Dubai is about five hours. Further, you can safely get to any area of ​​the city by metro, the trip will take less than an hour and will cost six dirhams. Or rent a car, the average cost of a daily rental is 25-35 dollars.

Directly on the island of Jumeirah, tourists are transported by monorail. The "crescent" of the island can be reached through an underwater car tunnel.

Useful tips for tourists

The Arab Emirates are famous for their safety, there are practically no crimes committed here. However, it is still not worth staying late at night in areas where visiting workers from other countries live.


  • Throwing a candy wrapper on asphalt or other trash will result in a $135 fine. Also punishment awaits pedestrians crossing the road in the wrong place.
  • You can go to jail for using profanity.
  • It is better not to drink tap water, because initially it is not fresh, but sea water, which goes through the process of processing from salt and other impurities.
  • Do not let children go swimming unsupervised: The Persian Gulf has many strong currents.
  • Beachwear is appropriate only for beachwear. The UAE is a Muslim country where topless dressing is absolutely unacceptable.
  • Women are not allowed to sit in the front seat in a car, only in the back. And in no case should you get into a car without a taxi brand badge. Otherwise, the passenger may be mistaken for a priestess of love.
  • Appearing under the influence of alcohol can result in arrest, regardless of the offender's nationality.
  • Prohibited public display of feelings: kissing and hugging. You can’t ask local women to take pictures, and even more so, take pictures without permission. Men - you can. It is also forbidden to photograph the palaces of sheikhs, government agencies, military installations.
  • During Ramadan, most restaurants operate on a limited schedule. In particular, during the day there is almost nowhere to eat, since the strictest daily fast for Muslims ends only after sunset.
  • A number of medicines imported into the country are treated as drugs. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the list of prohibited substances before the trip and take with you a prescription from a doctor with a prescribed dosage.

Rest on the artificial island Palma Jumeirah in Dubai will enjoy even the most demanding tourists, leave unforgettable impressions of life.

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