Palace of Pioneers, Sevastopol. History, photos, mugs, events 2022

The founders of the Palace of Children and Youth Creativity are the Government and the Department of Education of Sevastopol. RRTs GBDUDO "DDUTU" is financed due to the provision of a subsidy for financial support for the implementation of the state task within the funds provided for in the budget of the city.

The director of Pioneers of Sevastopol is the director, whose duties are currently performing Oskin Alexander Aleksandrovich.

The address is duited in Sevastopol, landmarks nearby. How to get there?

There is a palace in the Leninsky district, on Nakhimov Avenue, 4. This is almost the city center. From the railway station to the palace can be reached by buses No. 107, 109,110,112. From the Count Pier here you can walk in a few minutes.

This snow-white majestic ensemble is visible from afar. It is one of the most beautiful buildings of the old city. Near the palace there is a sightseeing area where the entire coastal part of Sevastopol is visible.

Contact information:

  • Phone : 8 (8692) 54-24-37 (receiving / fax).
  • Email : sevddut @ gmail_com.

History of the Palace of Pioneers, Interesting Facts

Palace of Pioneers Sevastopol received not from the 1st days of the foundation of the Pioneer Organization. The history of the institution dates back to the 1925th year, when the Central Pioneer Club was formed in the city. The children's club began its activities in the building of the Institute of Physical Treatment Methods Open in 1914 in the new building in the style of modernism and neoclassicism.

It was designed by the architect of the city of Sevastopol Valery Chistov. By the way, the palace has a brother - twin in Europe. This is the Museum of Contemporary Art in London. Now he is called "Teit Modern". The architect Church was even accused of coping it. But the differences between these two buildings are much, which indicates that this is an independent project.

The name of the center changed: since 1931 he becameto be called the Children's House of Culture, and since 1948 - the House of Pioneers.

During the war, the building of the palace was completely destroyed. And it was restored only in the 60s, and even then not completely. Architects Alexander Bobkov, Adolf Schaeffer abandoned medical symbols: chimeras, snakes with bowls, chariots of the gods. Most of the cellars were flooded. Once there was a real underground city, during the war years they were actively used in the bombing.

Currently, the basement corridors are filled with concrete or closed, but they still give rise to many rumors and legends. When the Palace of Pioneers was opened, there was a sculpture depicting pioneers on the roof of the building. Now this ensemble no longer exists, over time it collapsed, and it was not possible to restore it.

But until now, thanks to the efforts of the architects, stucco molding of 1914 has been preserved in some places. In 1967 the building was handed over to a local pioneer organization. True, in the 90s, various commercial organizations tried to take the palace from children. But the local community, teachers and parents defended him. The Palace of Pioneers was renamed the Palace of Childhood and Youth.

Since 2005, the palace has been called the palace of children's and youth creativity. Part of the building is now rented by the renowned Vadim Elizarov Dance Theatre.

What the palace building looks like today

The Palace of Pioneers (Sevastopol is proud of this majestic building) even today surprises with its impressiveness and size. From above, the building looks like the letter P. Rhizoliths are striking - parts of the building that protrude beyond the line of the facade. They give the palace elegance and splendor. They are based on massive columns holding a triangular roof.

3 buildings at right angles to each other form a courtyard. There is a beautiful fountain at the front entrance. The palace, decorated with rotundas and semi-rotundas, round and semicircular buildings with columns, organically fits into the architecture of the city and adorns the embankment of Primorsky Boulevard with its appearance.

This is one of the most interesting historical corners of Sevastopol, attracting tourists with its ancient architecture and picturesque views. Thanks to the efforts of the architects who restored the building after the war, the palace turned into a real cultural monument.

Structure of the Children's Youth Theater

At present, the service consists of several departments:

  • fine arts and scientific creativity;
  • choreographic art;
  • musical and orchestral;
  • vocal and theatrical art;
  • scientific and methodological;
  • mass work.

Circles work in the palace in the following areas: naturally -Scientific, socially pedagogical, artistic, technical. In total, 26 circles that unite 142 groups are organized.

They guide them recognized masters of their case, talented, creative, positive teachers. At the end of each academic year, reporting speeches of pupils with the invitation of parents, the exhibition of work are held.


The Palace of Pioneers of Sevastopol is located at: Primorsky 4 Ave., in the building built in 1962. Total area - 5151.8 square meters. m., where 30 study rooms are located, the teacher, the Cabinet of the Director, the library, radio jelly, the premises allocated for economic needs.

All cabinets correspond to sanitary and hygienic requirements are provided with the necessary furniture, musical instruments, visual benefits, television, riding equipment.

Palace of Pioneers, Sevastopol. So from completed inside.

There is a choreographic room, orchestral rehearsal premises, classes for individual classes. Individual cabinets have an Internet access point. The library has 2500 copies of methodical and fiction.


The Director of the Institution of Osokin AA is responsible for protection and observance of safety and his deputy Gavrilov E. A., Labor Protection Specialist Byurin VB

Work on integrated security suggests:

  • The protection of the building, territory, students, teachers and technical personnel;
  • Fire safety compliance;
  • use of health-saving technologies in the educational process;
  • Performance of the throughput;
  • Development of evacuation skills during fires and other emergency events;
  • Education of culture of behavior.

For children with disabilities, access to the institution provides ramp.

Children's health

In the institution, a systematic work is carried out, which includes:

  • control over the health of pupils;
  • Events on the physical development of children;
  • medical and psychological and pedagogical support of children;
  • Teaching the culture of hygiene and health on special copyright programs.

The organization concluded a contract for the provision of medical services on a paid basis with the Sevastopol City Hospital No. 2.

Psychological and pedagogical support

The psychological service is operating in the GBDOO "DUTUT", which is engaged in:

  • with diagnostics;
  • playing therapy;
  • consulting;
  • Prevention.

specialistsServices conduct trainings, relaxation techniques for children, seminars for their parents.

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Combining additional education, operating in the palace


Name Point Number of groups PolyAbility Age Learning period Form
"Regional science. Geography »Naturally Scientific3458-151Full-time
"Astronomy"-11512-161 -3Full-time
"Left-sized ceramics"-4608-185 years-
" Needlework "-81206-142 years-
Studio "Inspiration" (design)-1158-101 year-
Studio from "Country Fantasy"-4605-94-
Studio of pictorial art-7958-167-
Studio of decorative and applied art-61505-157-
Academic Choir "Lark"-111955-187-
Folklore ensemble "Kalinka"-72305-187-
Group "Surprise"-8856-166-
Theater of the Young Spectator-710510-166-
TYUZ "Embodiment"-34510-147-
Studio classicalDance "Class-ballet"-3905-147-
Ensembly "Fusion" and "Portal V"-21806- 1810-
Kalidoscope choreogr-shaped ensemble-123605-1810-
Youth estate-sympathetic orchestra-8807-186-
People's Orchestra "Sadko"-121977-185-
Studio of shock and wind instruments-112307-187-
"Manicure. Nail service. "Technical46012-162-
"Parikma-Herge case"-711510-183-
"Paper-eating and paper constructing"-5757-123-
"KVN. Polygon humor ";Socio-teacher-virus2307-142-
"leading youth programs."-23010-142-

The teaching staff

Palace of Pioneers (Sevastopols call it today) - these are 98 active and talented teachers, real professionals, of which 11 people occupy senior positions. The remaining 87 people are teachers of additional education, methodologists, concertsters having a higher and secondary special education.

Work experience ranges from 2 to 58 years. Most teachers have extensive experience with children, have state awards. Employees of the institution are certified every 5 years. The highest category has 11 teachers, the first qualifying category - 40 teachers.

Talented and initiative teachers make maximum efforts to invest the necessary knowledge in pupils, develop talent in them and disclose in each creative deposit.

participation and achievements of pupils in contests, festivals

Pupils of the Palace of Children's and Youth Creativity participate in all-Russian and international competitions, in all city events, are arranged independent concerts. FromMany talented personalities came out of this institution.

in the 2022 academic year:

  • Sadko orchestra won a diploma of 1 degree in the parade "Mr. Veliky Novgorod" in Novgorod.
  • Spiritual orchestra under the leadership of Nakonova E. V. She took part in the festival "Sevastopol Waltz" and took 1st place.
  • The youth orchestra became the laureate of 1 degree in the contest "100 cities of Russia".
  • Surprise show group won diplomas 1 and 2 degrees in the competitions "Rainbow Crimea" in Alushta, "Running on Waves" in Moscow, "sings youth" in Sevastopol.
  • Ensemble of classic dance "Class - Ballet" under the direction of Feschenko N. V. won diplomas 1 and 2 degrees in the Cup of the Crimea on Classic Dance.
  • Contemporary dance ensemble under the leadership of Parianko T. Yu. I received 1 and 2 places in the competition "Dance Recognition" in Yalta.
  • The participants of the "Astronomy" circle received the 1st place in the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference.
  • The members of the Mug "Image" took 3rd place in the All-Russian Olympiad by the profession "Hairdresser".
  • 95 students engaged in mugs on visual and decorative and applied arts, won 1,2,3 degree diplomas in the nominations of various competitions.
  • Veronica of the crude, the participant of the ensemble "Kalinka", became the finalist of the project "Voice. Children "and performed in the Kremlin Palace.

This is only a small part of the achievements of pupils of various associations. Teachers are trying to make their pupils in the future are ready to be implemented using skills and skills acquired during classes.

The poster of events

in the palace there were wonderful traditions that are still preserved and at present. They carefully restrain, develop.

One of them - the preparation of concerts to the significant dates of Crimea and Russia:

  • participation in the open Children's Festival "Golden Fish" - June-July 2022;
  • Concert program for the Day of Russia-12 June 2022;
  • Concert program to the Day of the City-June 14, 2022;
  • Concert of the Sadko ensemble, dedicated to the Balalyak Day - June 23, 2022.

Concert programs and exhibitions of works that demonstrate the success and achieve pupils pass in the palace regularly, according to plan for every academic year. Children attending the circles of the Palace of Pioneers are actively involved in all festive events, in the cultural life of the city.

These are memorable dates, such as Russia Day, City Day, Black Sea Fleet Day, festivals that pass in the city every month, evening concerts for vacationers. The organization's website posted grateful parents, colleagues, Children themselves, city leaders about the work of its employees.

Palace of Pioneers is the pride of Sevastopol and its inhabitants. Thanks to his talented team, cultural, historical traditions are preserved and transmitted.

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