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Obidos is a tiny, compact urban village, admiring the first step after crossing the walls. Streets, filled with flowers, buildings, painted in yellow, blue and white colors, shops, restaurants, churches and castle - this is what this Portuguese town is associated with.

Visit Obidysh in Portugal. All who are interested in historical sights, and also just wants to enjoy a special southern atmosphere. The history of the city of Obidysh dates back to 308 BC, when he was founded by the Celts. Tens of centuries later were built huge walls and a castle guarding the territory.

The city probably would not have acquired such popularity over the centuries if it were not for the king of Dinish I and his future wife Isabella Aragon, who fell in love with the old Moorish castle, transmitted to her in 1282 as a wedding gift.

The Great Earthquake, which collapsed in Portugal in 1755, did not spare offend. However, destroyed buildings were precisely reconstructed on existing foundations, and at the same time, the planning of streets and houses was preserved. It is thanks to this the city today looks as if he was postponed from the past.

Where is

, offended is located north of Lisbon, in the region of Liona. It is located on the hill and is concluded in the walls of the XVI century. It is better to leave the car at the foot of the walls and get to the city itself on foot.

You can get to the city through the southern gate of the port Yes Vila (built in 1380). The road is lined with an impressive blue tile of the XVIII century - Asulechos. The gate play an important role during a two-week easter procession for candles, which is considered the most exciting in Portugal.

To get off, offended from Russia, you must book flight to Lisbon. From there you can get to the destination by the personal means of movement or use the bus. Find transport that takes to the village, you can not far from the Campo Grande station.

Weather Obidyshe

Obidosh (Portugal) Attractions of which attract tourists from different parts of the planet, manitis also climatic conditions. The favorable location of the city allows guests to enjoy the warmth of 12 months a year. However, despite this allocate certain seasons during which tourists feel more comfortable.

Suitable for vacation time - period from March to October. In summer, the average air temperature reaches 20 ° C. An end of the summer-beginning of autumn is considered the best season for tourist recreation. By this time, the heat falls, and the ocean warms up enough to swim in it.

In winter, the temperature in the city is rarely lowered below 10 ° C, weather conditions allow you to come here even in January. In general, the climate is stable here, without sharp oscillations. And in the summer, and in winter, the weather is soft, warm, due to the impact on the territory of the subtropical climate of the Mediterranean.

Learn more about the climate Noise, you can learn from the following table:

month The average temperature, ° C

Features of rest at offend

The beach season is officially considered open for tourists in the middle of spring - April. Resting this month is comfortable, because the sun has not yet had time to split the city to the maximum heat and does not represent any danger.

However, a visit to the city in this case should consist only of walks and sightseeing, as the water has not yet warmed. To swim in the ocean, they come to Obidos from May to September.

Lovers Save on trips abroad can visit the city in the "Low Season". He continues from November to April. At this time, resting in Portugal is cheaper, as prices for excursions, dinners in restaurants and accommodation in the hotel are becoming smaller. Weather conditions here are comfortable even in the middle of winter.

When preparing for travel, it is important to decide on clothes. For summer holidays, you should choose things made from natural fabrics. Thin t-shirts, shorts or skirts will do. In the evening, the temperature can be lower than daytime, so it is important to put something warm in the bag.

If the trip is planned for the winter, then you need to take warm clothes with you: jeans, sweaters, sweaters, possibly jackets. Due to the abundance of rain, it is recommended to bring an umbrella. Particular attention should be paid to shoes, since only comfortable shoes without heels are suitable for the streets of Óbidos.

In summer it is better to bring light sandals, slippers or flip flops. In winter, comfortable boots or boots are suitable.

When going to Portugal, it is important to take into account the fact that clothes are cheap here, some things can be purchased on the spot.

Religious buildings of Óbidos

Óbidos (Portugal), whose sights are important buildings for history and culture, has 14 temples and chapels. First of all, the tourist should direct his steps to the square of the Holy Virgin Mary, where the church of the same name is located. Its interior is completely filled with azulejos with floral ornaments.

It is worth noting the paintings on the walls, painted by Josef de Obidos, one of the few famous baroque artists. Initially, when the Moors ruled the city, there was a mosque here, which was converted into a Christian temple in the twelfth century. It was in front of this altar that, in 1441, the ten-year-old Portuguese king Alfonso married his eight-year-old cousin Isabella.

Also among the religious buildings of the city is the church of St. James. The date of its foundation is considered to be 1186. The Roman-Gothic style was chosen for the construction of the temple. In 1755, during an earthquake in Portugal, the church turned into ruins, but it was restored.

Today, the Church of St. James invites curious tourists and locals to listen to live concerts.

On the territory of Obidos there is another famous religious building - the Church of St. John the Baptist. The initiator of its construction was Queen Isabella, who in 1309 ordered the construction of the temple. Today the church is equipped as a museum, available for visiting and studying the history of the local parish.

Museums of Óbidos

One of the main tourist places of the city is the famous Municipal Museum of Óbidos. The building, formerly known as a prison and seat of the city court, is located near the church of St. Mary.

The value of the museum is that it is here that a huge armory collection of the era of the Napoleonic Wars is stored, as well as a large number of antique furniture, ancient paintings and sculptures.

A little further than the gate surrounding a small Portuguese city, there is a main square with a fountain whose age exceeds the sixth centuries. This place takes tourists to the museum exhibition located outdoors. Here you can see a number of interesting artifacts associated with the history of Portugal, and also familiarize yourself with the works of local painters and sculpture masters.

Obidysh (Portugal) The sights of which themselves create the feelings of the Big Museum, also has a institution telling about religious history in the city. It is located in one of the urban temples - the Church of John the Baptist. Exhibits are available to visitors, some are stored in the walls of the cult facility for eight centuries.

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Monuments at offended

The interest among tourists from around the world is small, but important for the history of Portugal sculpture is a memorial cross. The monument is an ancient pillar of white stone.

The upper part is decorated with four crosses located on each side of the Memorial. Sculpture exists on the territory of offend from the XVI century and is connected with the time of the Board of Afonus I of the Great, which managed to win the independence of the country from the Kingdom of Leon.

Near the Church of St. Mary is a high stone pillar, decorated with a fishing net. Noticeable at first glance, it has a large historical value.

There are two legends on the construction of a pillar, and one of them states that it was installed on the territory of the offense in gratitude to fishermen who tried to save the sound son of Queen Eleanora. According to another version, the young man was killed, and it was at this point that the killer was executed. In the past, today's attraction was used as a challenge post.

Open entrance to the city of the famous Gate of Port-Da-Villa. Here you can see traditional Azuleu XVIII century - ceramic tiles depicting historical, mythological and iconographic scenes, as well as floral and geometric motifs. It was Azuju that intrigue tourist and give an initial idea that they are waiting for the huge city walls.

Architectural structures in offended

The first thing that attracts the attention of tourists is the huge stone castle of Obidush, the symbol and the pride of the city. And although the times of the Middle Ages have gone into oblivion, being near the fortress, it is not difficult to feel the refined atmosphere of the times of medieval princesses and rulers.

After the wedding, each young spouse could count on a gift in the form of a castle. One of these was Obidos, which Dinis I presented to Isabella of Aragon after the wedding. Currently, the castle has the honorary title of one of the seven architectural wonders of Portugal, creating fantastic landscapes for the knightly battles that take place here every summer.

One of the masterpieces of Obidos architecture is the Señor da Pedra Sanctuary. The construction of the church is associated with an accident that occurred in 1740 with Juan V. Miraculously survived him, the king, in gratitude to the higher powers that protected him, ordered the construction of the temple to begin.

The Sanctuary was completed in 1747. From the inside, the building is decorated with murals on religious themes, and not far from the entrance to the church there is a fountain decorated in white and blue.

One of the symbols of the city is the aqueduct - a structure designed to provide the settlement with water. It is a huge bridge over a pond or ravine. In the 16th century, such an aqueduct was also built in Portugal, and Catherine of Austria initiated its construction. The water conduit, whose length reaches three kilometers, used to supply water for the operation of fountains.

Natural sights of Óbidos

Óbidos (Portugal), whose sights are mainly old buildings, is also not deprived of natural beauty. To see this, tourists are advised to walk through the Buddha Eden Garden - the largest oriental park in not only Portugal, but the whole of Europe.

There are many Buddha statues here, as well as traditional decorative elements of Asia and Africa are intertwined.

Getting to the castle of Obidos, it is impossible to ignore the small village of Vila Natal. Equipped according to a medieval model, it attracts the attention of tourists and allows you to feel like a hero of the past for a moment. Silence and tranquility, harmony with nature make this place ideal for leisurely walks. Amusements are open during the day.

Especially in the city stands out the creation of Jorge Mealla - a huge white frame enclosing a small courtyard. The technology park is popular due to its unusual design. Previously, a field was located here, but the architect managed to diversify this place by building a modern, unusual building for Obidos.

Modern objects in Óbidos

A little further from the Church of St. Mary is Mercado Biológico - a large farmers' market. It is interesting because in addition to selling traditional fresh Portuguese fruits and vegetables, books are also sold here. The book department is located in a small room, and on a hot day you can come here to relax and read in peace.

The main place of the city is Direita street. It is here that local souvenir shops, shops and cafes are located. Many of the establishments along this street serve Óbidos' famous treat, ginja, a Portuguese cherry liqueur. It is traditionally drunk from edible chocolate glasses, which are eaten immediately.

Every year, in March, Obidos turns into a Mecca for chocolate lovers, thanks to the International Chocolate Festival - Festival de Chocolate.

It is at this time that professional confectioners come from all over the world to create chocolate sculptures, designs, clothes and jewelry with chocolate elements and, of course, to exhibit many chocolate delicacies of their own production.

Interesting places for families with children

Obidos, the most attractive part of Portugal, is famous for its historical sights, which will be of little interest to children.

However, even here there are several places that can entertain a child:

  1. Chocolate Festival. Every March, you can see amazing sweet compositions on Direita Street, which were created by masters from all over the world. The child will be interested in chocolate statues and decorations, unusual sweet dishes. Entrance for children under 11 is free, adults must pay 6.5 euros.
  2. Vila Natal. This village is located near Óbidos Castle and attracts adults and children with its fabulous scenery. During the day, rides work here: a large carousel and a Ferris wheel. You can also buy souvenirs and eat here.

    Vita Natal - a fabulous town for children in Obidos (Portugal)

  3. Mercado Medieval. In July, the city briefly returns to the past. Not far from the castle, they organize a real medieval fair with traditional music and a jousting tournament. Local residents at this time dress up in costumes characteristic of the era. Traditional dishes and the famous ginya are served. The event is interesting for both children and adults.

Itinerary for exploring Obidos on your own for the day

You can arrive in Obidos by private transport or by bus from the Campo Grande station. The first thing that will surely come across on the way is Porta da Villa. You can just walk under them, looking at the paintings, or you can go upstairs and view the city from a bird's eye view.

Finding into the city, any tourist turns out to be on Rua Direita. On this long street there are all souvenir shops, restaurants and bars, and it also leads to the main attractions of the city. Moving along Rua Direita, you can meet the Church of San Pedro, Chapel of St. Martin.

Come on the paved streets to the left of the Rua Direita and rise up the hill until you reach the observation deck. From here we move to the castle, we get to its entrance, walk along the courtyard.

Next, it is necessary to go a little along Rua Da Talhada to get to the Church of St. Mary. You can enter inside and consider the device of the temple, admire the original works of Joseph de Obidos. Right under the Church there is a municipal museum, where it is also interesting to look.

Hotels in Obyads

One of the most famous hotels in Obidusha is The Literary Man.

It is located quite close to the castle and had previously been a monastery equipped in 1965 for the hotel. Rooms are equipped with television available Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and some are a minibar.

A high quality breakfast is offered, which, depending on the living conditions, can be included in the price or provided for a fee. A huge library with books of all countries and eras are available to guests. The cost of living is from 6000 rubles per day per room for one person

Hotel Casa Do Relógio is located in the XVIII century building and attracts tourists with its comfort, an incredible atmosphere. Breakfast is included, served in the dining room, but on request can be delivered directly to the room. Located in the center, not far from the main attractions of the city. The hotel provides free parking, as well as Wi-Fi. One person must pay 3500-5500 rubles overnight.

The 4-star Jodefa d'Obidos is a 45-minute drive from Lisbon, close to Obidos Lagoon. Hotel feature - design in bright colors, simplicity and sophistication.

In the dining room offered a large number of Portuguese dishes, and there are various other restaurants nearby. Air-conditioned rooms have access to a free Wi-Fi and a private bathroom. The ordinary room per person will cost 4000 rubles per night.

Real D'Obidos Hotel attracts, above all, historical. The building of the modern hotel was built in the XIV century, and the rooms are equipped in the style of the Middle Ages. All furniture here is made of wood, from the windows of the famous abidency castle.

there is a swimming pool on site. You can order laundry services. A high quality breakfast is included in the price, which is from 9,000 rubles per day for a single room.

The attractiveness of the Lovin Book guest house for tourists is due to its location. The hotel is very close to the castle and Vila Natal, inside the city walls, and in March you can watch the Chocolate Festival from here. Each room is equipped with a bathroom, TV, hair dryer.

Breakfast is not provided, but there are many eateries and cafes of various levels and cuisine around. Guests are provided with free parking and Wi-Fi, as well as proximity to the city's main attractions. Price per room - from 5500 rubles per night.

Where to eat in Óbidos

Among the gourmet restaurants in Óbidos, the restaurant of the town's castle of the same name is popular. The menu offers visitors several types of world cuisine: from local, Portuguese, to international. You can come here for a great quality lunch or dinner and enjoy the sophisticated atmosphere. The average bill in a restaurant will be in the amount of 2,500 to 5,000 rubles.

Restaurant A Nova Casa de Ramiro is located on Porta do Vale and is one of the most famous restaurants for Mediterranean and Portuguese cuisine.

Customers note the friendliness of the staff, which creates a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant. The menu includes dishes for vegetarians and people with gluten intolerance. An average dinner at A Nova Casa de Ramiro will cost about 4,000 rubles.

Vila Infanta is a good choice for budget travellers. It is located near the Señor da Pedra Sanctuary and offers traditional Portuguese and European dishes. For a single dinner will be about 1000-2000 rubles. On the territory there is free parking, Wi-Fi, a bar, as well as high chairs for small visitors.

Seafood is an integral part of Portuguese cuisine

You can have a delicious breakfast at Capinha d’Óbidos, a small bakery on Rua Direita. Here they offer pastries, which are made right in front of visitors. The menu has several types of bread, buns, sandwiches, each of which can be purchased at a low price - about 1 euro per piece.

O Caldeirao restaurant is also a favorite place for tourists and locals. A wide selection of European and Portuguese dishes on the menu, quality wines, a friendly atmosphere and affordable prices - that's what attracts visitors here. The restaurant is located on Largo do Santuário street. An average dinner for one person will cost from 800 to 2500 rubles.

How to get around Obidos

The best way to get from Lisbon to Obidos is by express bus. Departs from the Campo Grande bus station, located near the green and yellow metro lines. The journey takes 1 hour and a one-way ticket costs 7.95 euros.

Óbidos buses are operated by the Rodotejo company, and the route itself is called "Rapida Verde" and connects Lisbon with the city of Caldas da Rainha. From Monday to Friday, the bus runs many times a day, but on weekends the number of departures is much less.

Óbidos also has a train station, but the train to it is a free regional line and takes up to 2 hours to get there, so it's not the best solution.

Inside the city, the best way to get around is on foot or by means of transportation such as a bicycle. It is possible to drive to Obidos by car, but this is not always convenient, especially for tourists who want to see all the local attractions.

Obidos is the main attraction of Portugal, which combines medieval architecture and modern rhythm of life. As one of the most important tourist spots in the country, it has a large number of hotels and restaurants, attracts with impressive historical and cultural sites and a warm climate.

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