Novofedorovka in the Crimea. Photo, map, rest, reviews

Novofedorovka village is located on the Western coast of Crimea, in the suburbs of the famous mud resort Saki. Near the village there are 3 huge lakes: Saki, Kyzyl-Yar and Bogaily, which are famous for their therapeutic mud.

How to get there?

Tourists are attracted to this place by the clean waters of the Kalamitsky Bay and its medicinal algae, a wide strip of sand and pebble beaches and a convenient gentle entry into the water, developed infrastructure, low cost of living, the opportunity not only to have a good rest, but also to improve their health. This place is ideal for rest and treatment of children and adults. The best health resorts of the Black Sea coast are located in Saki.

Novofedorovka in Crimea does not have its own railway or bus station. The main stream of tourists comes here by regular bus or taxi from Saki. You can get to the city of Saki by train, or by transport following from the airport of Simferopol: taxi, regular minibus or intercity bus, following to the city of Evpatoria.

You can also get to Novofedorovka by bus from Evpatoria. But it takes longer to get there and the bus runs less often.

With the opening of the Crimean bridge in the village, it became convenient to come on a private car. Such a way is most convenient in all respects. It allows you to independently choose a place on the coast and frees from problems associated with the expectation of transport and purchase tickets. Coordinates of the village: 45 ° 05'35 "p. sh. 33 ° 34'05 "in. D.

The following climate features

The climate of the Novoforodovka is similar to all Crimean resorts. For the village, a steppe type of climate is characterized by marine breezes, with constantly blowing winds, alternately carrying the aroma of herbs and iodine (depending on the direction of winds).

Therefore, even at high temperatures, there is no very hot here. The location on a unique latitude of 45 degrees predetermines ideal resort conditions. Dry, nailed by the smells of steppe herbs and the sea, the climate is useful for people with weak light, bronchial asthma, other respiratory diseases.

The beach season begins in May and ends at the end of September. The average daily temperature of the water in the season is about +22, and in July-August comes to + 26. The air is warmed up to + 27-31.

The average daily temperature of the summer season is:

May June July August September
+ 16.5 ° C+ 21.7 ° C+ 24.9 ° C+ 26.8 ° C+ 22.1 ° C

In the winter months, the temperature is almost never falling below 0.


Infrastructure The village is represented by equipped beaches, attractions, water equipment. For tourists, numerous cafes, restaurants, bars are open. In the village there are shops and markets, where vacationers can purchase the necessary resort products and products.

In Novofyodorovka, there is excellent transport links with the nearest cities of Saki and Evpatoria.

Where is it better to stay on vacation?

Novofyodorovka in the Crimea for the placement of vacationers has many options:

  • the private sector;
  • Guest houses;
  • Apartments;
  • House of turnkey;
  • bungalows;
  • recreation centers;
  • Pension.

Prices for accommodation depend on the convenience and remoteness from the sea. Each optional has its pros and cons. Those who love measured holidays with breakfast, lunch and dinner by the clock, are more suitable hotels, boarding houses and holiday homes. For those who are accustomed to enjoying freedom and not be associated with some kind of frames, houses are at home, bungalow, private sector.

Private sector

The private sector of the village is one of the cheapest types of accommodation. For a relatively small amount, the owner will offer several accommodation options, will quickly solve all the questions and problems.

This can be a room in his own home or apartment. Usually in the house or apartment there are several vacationers, so the kitchen and the bathroom are common to everyone.

Guest houses

Guest houses and mini hotels ranked average position between the hotel and the private sector. Places for accommodation here are more comfortable. As a rule, there is a bathroom in the rooms, guest house and half board are offered.

Guest House Lavender in Novofedorovka in Crimea

Guest houses are considered one of the best options for recreation. The service is here almost like in a hotel, and the atmosphere is more chamber. However, it happens that it does not have air conditioning, a TV, and a small room is offered for food, something like a common dining room.

The best mini-hotels and guest houses Novofedorovki:

  • Corsica;
  • elite;
  • Villa Magic;
  • Kvitka;
  • Villa Maestro.


Hotels are traditionally one of the most convenient and comfortable accommodation options. Rooms have a bathroom, Wi-Fi, toiletries, air conditioning, breakfast accommodation, restaurant.

Hotel Galaparadise

In hotels, animation, spa treatments, excursions are often held in hotels, there is a swimming pool, its own parking, a refined area, playground. Here there is an opportunity to choose an option of placement from the budget standard to the luxury number. However, hotels are one of the most expensive options for recreation.

Most often, tourists choose the following hotels:

  • Edem;
  • Dream;
  • Etude;
  • Golden Suite;
  • Alexandria;
  • Corsica;
  • Aquilon;
  • Kvitka;
  • Antalya-Dolphin;
  • Orchid;
  • GS ART & SPA Hotel Complex.

Apartment or turnkey house

This is the perfect option for large companies or families with children. No one disturbs - neither the owner nor the maid. The absence of neighbors and control makes such a placement very convenient, and if a large company gathered, then inexpensive.


This is the most budget option: Large buildings located in close proximity to the beach. Prices for accommodation in bungalows depend on availability. There are very small houses in which only the beds are standing, the rest are amenities on the street.

There are more modern bungalows in which there are all the necessary amenities. These include houses located on the territory of Maistra, Camping Club.


Recreation Rest

Here, vacationers live in small cottages designed for several families. The cottages have a bathroom and the necessary conditions for comfortable accommodation: bed, TV, wardrobe, table, refrigerator. Near the cottage or on the balcony there may be a resting corner with street furniture: a table and chairs.

Power type can be selected. It can be a three-time nutrition or breakfast. As a rule, on the territory of the recreation center there is a dining room and minimal entertainment for leisure: a playground, a veranda, sometimes there are any events in the form of concerts or animation for children. Barbecue equipment is available for rent.


When placed in the Pension "Pilgrim" you can fully enjoy the rest in the resort. Here are offered three-time meals, comfortable accommodation in the room with all the amenities, and even treatment.


For those who arrived on their own car, can come up with camping holidays. The tent town is located near the forest bel. Such a rest is suitable for seasoned tourists.

The average cost of living in apartments of various categories of housing is:

Accommodation option May June July August September
Guest houses1 9902 5003,2003,2002,500
Private sector1,2501,6502,1502,2001,650
Hotels2,1002 8003 5503 6002 780
Boarding houses2 0002500280028002500
Recreation centers21502400320032002600
Turnkey houses590059006 1006 1005 900

Where can I eat delicious food?

A small village has many catering establishments:

  • bars;
  • cafe;
  • canteens;
  • restaurants.

The choice of a place for eating depends on the material resources of the guests. There are many eateries in the area where you can eat well at quite budget prices. Those who have more financial resources can visit the cafes: "Deck", "Happiness", which are located on the coast.

“Deck” is very popular. This is not just a restaurant, but an entertainment center located on the beach of the same name. Here you can not only eat delicious food, but also have fun.

A little further away are the cafes Khabiba, Corsica, Corsair. Restaurants are open in the village itself: "Sukhumi", "Sesame", "Geol". Basically, the establishments serve dishes of European, Ukrainian and Russian cuisine. Oriental cuisine can be tasted at Aladdin Cafe.

In the restaurants "Sea of ​​Taste", "Magic Mill", "Livadia", "Ellas", in the cafe "Elite" and "Izyum" you can spend a pleasant evening and listen to live music.


Novofedorovka is located on the shore of Kalamitsky Bay. Just like in Evpatoria, the thickness of the layer of gray sands in the seabed and under the beaches reaches several meters. This feature of the structure of the coastline on the Crimean peninsula is not repeated anywhere else.

Therefore, sand-and-pebble beaches stretched out a wide band from Saki to the village. Frunze. Many of them are wild. Established beaches here 3: Central, deck and Robinson. 2 of them, deck and central, separated by the pier. Young people love to dive from him. Robinson is a little further, closer to lakes, and is part of the beach zone of Evpatoria.

All beaches are not worse than European. There are cabins for dressing, souls, toilets, fountains with drinking water, canopies, sun loungers, rescue tower. For resting it was convenient to move around heated pebbles, wooden flooring are laid, there are garbage urns.

For active recreation, guest points are operating. You can rent a catamaran, a hydroxcick, ride on the banana. For children, slides are arranged, a dry pool, trampolines. The beach offers masseuse services, there are small tents in which you can buy water, ice cream, juice, beer.

The width of the beaches allows the resting free to stay on vacation, without creating the inconvenience to each other. Thanks to the sandy bottom and a common shore, the entrance to the water is safe for kids. The sea is clean and transparent.


The embankment is equipped with small cafes and restaurants, where you can sit and enjoy delicious food and drinks, admiring the sea scenery. Along the entire embankment covered with a paving, children's attractions are built: trampolines, car rental, there is a swimming pool. Guests love to walk along a wide beach strip, visit local trading pavilions.

Sights of the village

Novofyodorovka (many historical places and monuments in Crimea) do not apply to historical settlements. Therefore, there are some of your own attractions and interesting places.

The church of the Holy Righteous Warrior of Fedor Ushakov

; the main interest is:

  • The objects that should be visited include the equestrian base. Here will be told about how to handle horses and teach to keep in the saddle. Experienced rides are allowed to ride horses on the village and along the coast.
  • The main attraction of Novofyodorovka is a military airfield, which opened in 1931. Tests of military equipment were carried out here. In August, his art shows the best airfield pilots.
  • Another attraction is considered to be the recently built church of the Holy Righteous Warrior Fedor Ushakov.
  • You can visit the alley of the heroes of Novoforodov. The busts of the heroes of the Soviet Union and the monument to the Tu-22 bomber are installed here.

Sightseeing in Saki

In the nearby city of Saki you can visit excursions:

  • Kara-Tobe. This is an open-air museum, the exhibits of which date back to the 1st century. BC e. Here you can learn a lot of interesting things from the history of ancient peoples: Scythians, Hellenes, Romans. Tourists will be introduced to the Evpatorion fortress and the Scythian Necropolis.
  • Saki resort park. Here you can get acquainted with exotic plants, which adjoins the museum of mud therapy.
  • Saki embankment. It is worth seeing the recently reconstructed embankment of Lake Saki.
  • St. Elijah's Church, built at the end of the 19th century.
  • Aquacomplex Saxony.
Saki embankment

This complex has existed since Soviet times, but recently a colossal reconstruction was carried out here. The center of the complex is a unique pool with mineral water. Its area is 700 m.

During the summer season, sun loungers are placed around the pool so that visitors can relax after swimming. A little away from the pool there is a green area, where sun loungers are also installed and a playground is arranged.

On the territory of the Aqua Complex there are sports grounds, a pump room with medicinal water, a bar and a cafe.

Saki is located just 7 km from Novofedorovka. The most convenient way to get there is by car. The bus leaves 5 times a day with an interval of 3 hours from the Central Square. Tourists accustomed to hiking can get there on foot.

Interesting places of Evpatoria

A little further is Evpatoria, a city with a rich history and interesting sights of the present. The bus to Evpatoria departs from Novofedorovka Central Square at 6:20, 9:30, 12:40 and 15:20, the journey takes 55 minutes. In this ancient city you can visit:

Old City

Visitors to Evpatoria should visit the Old City with its winding streets, small houses and temples.

In Evpatoria for a long time there were several religious cultures, whose representatives built religious buildings here. Many of them have survived to this day. Now they are tourist sites and are included in tourist routes around the city. Some are still active.

Karaim kenas

This is a functioning temple complex of one of the small nationalities of the Republic of Crimean Karaites. Independently guests of the city can visit the small Kenasu. Big Kenas is not available for tourists without a guide. Entrance to the temple is paid. Opening hours: from 8 am to 8 pm.

Text of Dervisheis

This is a Muslim monastery built by the XV century. The wandering monks (Dervishi) lived here. Paid entrance. Opened for visitors from 10 to 18 h.

Mosque Juma Jami or Khan Jami

This majestic cathedral is built in the XVI century. The 22-meter construction is crowned with a huge dome and surround 2 minarets visible from anywhere in the city. Beautiful colored stained glass windows change every season.

The entrance is free, open from 9 to 21 hours.

Synagogue of Yehy-Kapai

The center of the Jewish community was built at the beginning of the XX century. For all canons of Jewish prayer houses. The entrance is free.

Near the synagogue there is a restaurant Jewish cuisine "Yozikin Cat."

Cathedral of St. Nicholas Wonderworker

is an Orthodox church. The cathedral has 3 thrones and externally resembles the church of St. Sophia. Built in 1899 and ranks second in the Crimea in magnitude.

Church of the Holy Elijah Prophet

The church was built in 1918 and interesting in that it was built on the canons of traditional Greek temples.

besides religious buildings, in Evpatoria, you can see antique structures.

Gözlevsky Gate

Second Title: "Gate of the Wood Bazaar". In the ancient city of Gözleov, so once called Evpatoria, there were 5 such buildings, it was preserved to this day 1. Today, on the 2nd floor of a three-story building there is a coffee shop, the museum is located on the 3rd.

Park Crimea in Miniature

The park is a museum of 45 mini copies of the most famous architectural structures of the peninsula. Park Museum works in the tourist season from 9 am to 11 pm. Paid entrance.


Evpatoria Dendropark is a product of landscaped art. Here everything is thought out to the smallest detail: reservoirs, waterfalls, flower beds. Not only the plants of the Crimea are planted in the park, but also exotic instances. It is good here to walk on a meal heat, enjoying silence and shady freshness. Of course, convenient paths are laid around and shops are put.

Museum of wine

In the museum, you can not only learn everything about the Crimean wines, but also to try them during tasting and even buy in the store located at the Museum.

Opening hours from 10 to 21.

Soler Lakes

Looms are very close to Novoforovka: Bogyli, Kyzyl-Yar and Sakskoe. The muddy bottom of these lakes is covered with mud, which is famous for its healing properties not only on the peninsula, but also far beyond its borders.

Mud is used to treat various diseases:

  • dermatological;
  • pulmonary;
  • nervous;
  • of the musculoskeletal system.

Mud can be used not only for medicinal purposes, but also for cosmetic purposes. After wrapping with mud, the skin becomes smooth and velvety. However, before it is better to consult a doctor about possible contraindications.

Where to go with children

Novofedorivka in Crimea is great for families with children. The best vacation for children at the resort is swimming in the sea and riding on the attractions located here. If the children suddenly get tired of swimming or the weather deteriorates, then you can visit objects with them where not only the children, but their parents will not be bored.

Aquapark "Medusa" (former "Banana Republic")

In the water park, children and adults are waiting for:

  • swimming pools;
  • water attractions;
  • children's water complex;
  • adult and children's slides;
  • tennis courts;
  • hydromassage;
  • cafes and bars where you can have a bite to eat after water activities.

Getting to the water park is easy. From the pier daily at 9.30 and 14.30. There is a bus that goes there. Motorists can get there with their own vehicles. Address: Coastal village, st. Kalamitskaya, 14. The water park is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm.

Yevpatoriya Dolphinarium

This is a fairly large complex where shows are held daily with the participation of marine animals:

  • Black Sea dolphins;
  • Beluga whales;
  • fur seals;
  • lions.

Water park "At Lukomorye"

The complex is stylized as Latin America. There are many children's slides, a cafe and a pizzeria where you can have a bite to eat, entertainment programs are conducted by the animators.


Dinopark cultural and entertainment complex will not leave anyone indifferent. Adults and children are welcome here: a dinosaur museum, a playground, a cafe, a restaurant, attractions, a bowling alley and an ice rink. All objects are decorated in accordance with the theme of the park. Show programs are held in the evenings.

Whoever visited Novofedorovka at least once left the warmest memories of her trip to the Crimea. Vacationers are pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness and comfort of the village.

Video about the village

Full video review of the village of Novofyodorovka: accommodation, food, beach, prices: