Norms of import to Belarus of alcohol, tobacco, currency, vehicles, goods for personal purposes. Rules 2021

Returning to Belarus from a trip or visiting it as a guest, you should be aware of changes in the country's customs regulations. The rules for importing alcohol into the country have also undergone changes.

Customs rules and regulations for transport across the border of Belarus

Belarus is a member of the EAEU. The policy of the interstate association (economic union of European countries) is aimed at creating a free commercial zone for the participating countries. The rules restricting the import of products into the territory of the countries are regulated by a general regulatory legal act developed jointly by all members of the EAEU.

The effect of legal norms applies to all participants in the association and is binding on the parties. On December 20, 2017, the countries that are members of the union adopted a decision regulating the procedure and norms for the import of goods.

The document has 6 appendices:

  • Annex No. 1 contains weight norms and reflects the permitted value of goods that are allowed to be imported without payment of duty.
  • Annex No. 2 establishes the rates of duties and taxes for calculating the charge for the importation of goods in excess of the norm and contains a list of categories subject to taxation and payment of duties.
  • Annex No. 3 contains a list of goods for which the payment of duty is not provided, its weight and price are not taken into account.
  • Annex No. 4 was developed for those entering the country on vacation or for a visit and is presented with a list of items for personal consumption, used goods that are allowed to be imported into Belarus without paying duties and taxes.
  • Appendix No. 5 is a list of goods requiring entry into the declaration.
  • Appendix No. 6 is represented by a list of goods not included in the category for personal use.

The norms of importation to Belarus 1.11.2018 changed (alcohol accounts), when an international organization, decision No. 91 "On Amendments" In the previously reviewed regulatory act, partially amended the annexes. The amendments have entered into legal force from January 1, 2019

What will happen if not to meet the limit?

The import of volumes exceeding the allowable limit by weight or in cost is subject to 30% duty. Under the terms of the rules, if, when calculating the size of the duty is less than 4 euros per 1 extra kg, then the maximum rate of 4 euros take to the taxation.

The rules provide for the possibility of transporting goods in excess of the limit without paying duty for the following categories of citizens:

  • forced migrants, consulate workers, refugees.
  • Being outside Belarus over 12 months (in the amount of 5000).
  • Transferring to Belarus to PMZ.
  • Inherited items.

Crossing the border, customs officers need to submit a documentary confirmation of the origin of the goods and the causes of its importance to the country.

The procedure for inspection

At the customs of Belarus, a two-cryotorone control system is functioning: red and green. Green does not exempt from responsibility for importing prohibited goods. Everything, including a backpack, clock, upper clothes, shoes, socks, hairpins are subject to compulsory control. About all subjects traveling by man across the border, he must declare customs officers.

goods to be declared, a person points to the declaration. Their imports into the country requires the payment of customs duty (for example, antiques, weapons and animals). The crossing of the border holders of the declared goods is carried out on the red corridor.

When a person has items that do not require paying customs duties, it is not interested in customs and can be sent to a green corridor.

Movement over the green "track" does not require registration of any documents and explanations. However, at the time of the intersection of a green line, a person already automatically declares the absence of declared goods (conventional declaration).

Without making a statement, simply heading towards the green corridor, a person, his choice of the path of the path across the border, confirms the absence of goods that requires reflection in the declaration. The detection of customs officers from a citizen of a non-worked goods, after overcoming the green line, qualifies as an attempt to violate the Customs Code.

Further actions of customs officers - attracting administrative responsibility or resolving the issue of the presence of a citizen of the Citizen. Punishment does not mitigate even further confessions. In the green corridor, the customs officer meets a person on the way or follows him with the help of video cameras.

Any citizen may be subjected to selectively careful checks. If the crossing border has doubts, you should not choose the green path. On the red corridor, the declared cargo is transported or the one in respect of which doubts need a declaration or not, then it is better to declare it.

The border crossing procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. The person drives up to the stop line of the selected corridor (green or red), stops.
  2. The border guard holds an inspection of the vehicle, sets the questions that have arisen if the violations are not detected, it gives a toll.
  3. The resulting document continues to move to the point of passport control, where customs officers are studying personal documents of citizens.
  4. With an affiliated mark in the toll, the passing inspection moves to the check-in for departure, where gives the document and enters the territory of another state.

Product Declaration Procedure

Declaration is entitled:

  • Face (physical) carrying goods;
  • citizens acting on the basis of power of attorney;
  • For a minor under 16 years, the declaration of parents (trustees, adopters) are issued;
  • Senior Group (group trips).

Customs Declaration

Compilation of the declaration is permissible in electronic form, in writing (filling form at the boundary) form and orally. Individuals practiced the most acceptable form - the conventional (oral). Legal entities for moving the cargo in the preparation of the document more use electronic media.

The law provided for a certain list of goods in respect of which the simplified declaration system is operating:

  • goods used to eliminate natural disasters, disasters and accidents;
  • products having a limited shelf life;
  • animals and birds;
  • media products;
  • Items for the activities of power.

Transportation of such a cargo across the border of Belarus provides for only the accompanying documents on it.

What do you need to declare?

Proceed to the country on the red corridor should be followed if:

  • Citizen transports poisonous substances or medicines prohibited for free turnover.
  • Citizen transports jewelry, the total value of which exceeds $ 10,000.
  • Animals and plants are included in the baggage. Pets are inspected by a veterinarian, for their transportation, the presence of vaccinations and chipping.
  • The face transports cultural values ​​and mass trends.
  • Explosive, flammable substances, pyrotechnics are transported.
  • The amount of more than 10,000, traveler checks and securities are available.

Attempt to translate through the border such objects without declaration entails their confiscation and punishment.

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Payment of duty

If it is not possible to meet the indicator without paying a fee, you should pay a duty or refuse the product. The law provides 2 options for payment of duty: for those who rarely leave the RB (no more than 1 time in 3 months) and often traveling (more than 2 times).

Based on the mass of goods, the weight norm is taken from the total mass of the goods, and the result (difference) is multiplied by 4 euros
based on the cost values ​​in the case of price standards, the difference between the actual price and permissible transportation is multiplied by 0.3 (30%)

When the goods exceed the value and weighting rates, then the calculation is made on both indicators and take more. The norms of importation in Belarus alcohol provide for each 1 l of alcoholic beverages, exceeding the provision rate, charge 10 euros.

Duty-free importation of goods in the Republic of Belarus

New import rules are distributed to ground checkpoints (crossing the border on cars or railway transport) and on the country entering the country. Measure is designed to eliminate the shuttle business. The entire amount of goods exceeding the established limit is subject to duty.

But there is a list of items that are allowed to take with them to Belarus and they are not taken into account in public weighting norms and costs:

  • minimal, relevant period of stay in country, quantity of goods for own consumption (upper and lower clothes, hats, umbrella, cane, strollers).
  • 2 mobile phones for 1 person.
  • 1 unit (per person) portable equipment for recording, audio recordings, playback, audio and video recording media (camera, camera, flash drives).
  • 1 PC (portable), laptop, tablet, netbook (1 name from the listed).
  • Musical instruments (portable).
  • Children's products (strollers, car seats).
  • Fixtures and inventory for sports, travel.

Import of goods for personal use in the Republic of Belarus

individuals are obliged to pay a duty, declare the goods, if:

  • crossing the border They are carried out less frequently than 1 time in 3 months, but with me they have a luggage weight exceeding 25 kg, or the cost of all goods in the baggage exceeds 500 euros. Such indicators are indicated in the legal norm. If the weight and cost below them, the duty from the citizen is not charged, there is no need for the declaration.
  • The crossing of the border occurs more often than 1 time in 3 months, and the weight of baggage is more than 20 kg or the value of its content exceeds 300 euros.

The listed limits operate in terrestrial checkpoints. The aircraft for its own use to Belarus is allowed to carry goods for a total amount of 10,000 euros, and the weight of the allowed baggage may be 50 kg, not more. The frequency of visits to the country, if the arrival is carried out by aircraft, is not taken into account.

Alcoholic alcohol

The norms of importation into Belarus alcohol did not change. The conditions for its transportation changed. The weight and cost of alcoholic beverages are not included in the allowable 20 kg / 300 euros or in 25 kg / 500 euros.

A duty is not paid when importing 3 l alcohol in Belarus with 1 adult citizen.

The norms of importation into Belarus alcohol are simple and understandable.

The total permissible rule for this category is 5 liters. Payment of duty for 2 l above the norm will be 10 euros for each. More than 5 liters of alcohol import is prohibited into the country.

Food Products

Livestock Products are subject to veterinary service control. They have separate import rules.

Fish and caviar products, dairy products and milk, meat and semi-finished products, honey and bee products, eggs, and all finished products containing the listed products are allowed to be imported duty-free into the territory of Belarus, as well as souvenirs made from parts animal body.

However, there is a restriction that provides for original packaging and weight of no more than 5 kg per person. A product that does not exceed such a norm is not subject to veterinary certification if the country of export and the country of origin have a favorable epidemiological situation. situation.

Plant products are at risk of being attacked by plant diseases, pests or containing weed seeds. Therefore, fruits and vegetables, nuts and herbs are included in the category of regulated goods and are subject to control (phytosanitary). You can import duty-free to Belarus no more than 5 kg of such goods.

Within the prescribed general limit (25 kg and 500 euros), it is allowed to import duty-free:

  • chocolate;
  • pasta;
  • henna;
  • spices;
  • tea;
  • olive oil;
  • candy;
  • cakes.

Tobacco products

200 pcs. cigarettes (50 cigars). In terms of this category of goods, tobacco is allowed 250 g, and the general assortment in any form also does not provide for an excess of 250 g per 18-year-old citizen. Excess import of this category of goods to Belarus is prohibited.


From the beginning of 2022, it is permissible to import any currency of the world into Belarus without a declaration. In terms of US dollars, the undeclared amount of funds should not exceed 10,000 USD. If the amount of currency exceeds the established norm, then a declaration should be issued (form TD-6).


The need to transport drugs across the border requires justification. This can be confirmed by a doctor's document with the details provided by the Ministry of Health (special form, document registration, seal). The document is presented to the customs officers.

Medications of a psychotropic nature and which include narcotic drugs are subject to mandatory inclusion in the declaration. The volume of psychotropic substances allowed for transportation is calculated and does not provide for exceeding the three-day consumption rate. Medicines containing narcotics are allowed to be imported in quantities of 90 doses.

The daily intake of the medicinal product should be indicated in the medical records. Its content is reflected in Russian or Belarusian, otherwise the translation of the form and its notarization is required.


Import of plants in Belarus is allowed after the passage of phytosanitary control. Flowers (in pots) and seeds intersected by the border must have phytosanitary certificates.

With no permitting documentation across the border, nuts, berries, fruits and other plants can be transported, the total weight of which does not exceed 5 kg. The duty does not pay for cut flowers. The norm is 3 bouquets (each should consist of no more than 15 colors).


Crossing the borders of the EAEU countries are allowed with 2 pets. A pair of pets can be imported without any permission. However, animals should have an international passport with a veterinary doctor mark about clinical inspection.

Visit the clinic follows 5 days before departure, and put vaccines to those who have not been vaccinated during the year, it is necessary 20 days before shipment.

The import of meat

is allowed to be duty-free import for own needs with one person meat and fish in the amount of 5 kg. The import of meat is not in pure form, but finished products (for example, sausages, sausages). Transferred products from meat should be in the factory packaging, and the country is a manufacturer from which the goods are transported is recognized by the customs authorities of Belarus "sanitary prosperous."

The importation of vehicles

The import of the car from other states in the EAEP to Belarus does not require payment of duty and registration. The crossing of the border on its own vehicles by residents of states that do not cooperate with EAEU is allowed without a fee for a period of no more than 1 year.

At the end of the term, such a vehicle must be exported from the country or cleared. The operation of the vehicle without registration in the auto inspection in this case is permitted within 6 months. If the car six months later continues to be operated in the country, its temporary registration is required.

1 car and 1 trailer can be imported to the following category of citizens:

  • Migrants (forced);
  • who arrived at Performance;
  • Refugees.

The following requirements are imposed on vehicles imported by this category of citizens:

  • In the previous country, the car must be registered before arrival at permanent residence during six months (no less).
  • After registration of permanent residence in Belarus, the car can be imported for one and a half years.

The person who received a car inheritance abroad is also exempt from the payment of customs payments. The value of the importation in this case is 1 car, 1 trailer.

The value of the importation of large goods

with respect to indivisible, large goods apply 30% customs rate (single). The duty is taken from the cost of goods and should not be less than 4 euros per 1 kg. The product refers to the category of large, if its weight exceeds 35 kg.

Packaging of a product that cannot be removed before its consumption or in which it is implemented in retail trade, is taken into account in the weight norm. The indivisibility of the goods implies the impossibility of its functioning when parsing on the part.

How do things distinguish personal use from commercial goods?

The commercial party recognizes the goods imported from a foreign state for the purpose of further resale and receive personal benefits. Implement the goods acquired outside the Fatherland, may legal entities or having the status of the PI. Individuals when crossing the border, only goods for their own use are permissible.

The criteria for which border guards include the goods to commercial:

  • the contents of baggage are filled with the same product in appearance or it is similar (in color, along the Stamus).
  • A citizen cannot clearly formulate the answer to the question of how it is going to use the number of the same product in everyday life.
  • The person carrying transport has the status of the PI.
  • Similar goods are often transported by one person across the border.
  • Things do not have signs of wear, damage.
  • There are tags and labels on the transported items.
  • The imported goods do not correspond to the season and goals of the trip.

The norms of importation into Belarus alcohol by law in the customs sphere are not determined by a specific amount of goods, which should be regarded as a commercial party. Customs officers use an oral survey or require a written explanation from citizens intersected by the border, regarding the need for goods imported to Belarus.

Recognition of goods as necessary for personal use depends on these explanations. For example, it is possible to bring 10 pairs of shoes into the country and explain that the family consists of 10 people.

The border guard then make copies of the birth certificate, the certificate of marriage.

Exercise for the importation of 10 chandeliers will serve as a certificate of ownership of real estate objects indicating the number of rooms. The EAEU has been developed and approved the list of goods, the importation of which even in 1 copy cannot be regarded as import for the needs of its own consumption.

These category include:

  • Natural diamonds.
  • Boilers for central heating.
  • Machines for the removal of crop, thread, harvesting, hay, fruit processing and vegetables.
  • Solarium.
  • Trailers for transporting cars.
  • Floating funds, except canoeing and boats.
  • medical equipment.
  • Medical furniture.
  • slot machines with a bill acceptor.

It is forbidden to import in Belarus

the norms of importation to Belarus alcohol prohibit the border with alcoholic beverages in the amount of more than 5 liters.

The following goods are prohibited from importing into Belarus:

  • Weapons (service and civil), cartridges and its components.
  • Information prohibited by EAEU to the import contained on any media (flash drives, newspapers, cassettes).
  • Means and devices for obtaining illegal information.
  • Forbidden EAEU Hazardous Waste.
  • Substances recognized by poisonous.
  • Drugs and psychotropic drugs (the exception is the prosecution of such products of the necessary person for treatment and prescribed by the doctor, subject to the confirmation of medical documents).
  • Human tissues and organs, blood components and blood.

Employees of the Belarusian customs are distinguished by loyalty to citizens of Russia. However, the knowledge of the importation of goods (including alcohol) and the rules of behavior at the customs paragraph will help to avoid problems during the test procedure.

Do not leave money in documents for verification, not to offer customs officers for the unimpeded passage of the border, do not communicate by phone and do not take on the camera what is happening, not to leave the passengers a vehicle.

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