New Zealand Top 20 attractions in New Zealand. Photo and description

The State New Zealand, located in the southwestern part of the Pacific, attracts tourists not only by the beaches and the opportunity to ride from the mountains on skis, and first of all the picturesque Nature. If you wish to come to the country, you need to see the main attractions: to visit national parks, enjoy the gardens of Hamilton, see the waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers.

Bird Kiwi (symbol of New Zealand)

This country is removed from other countries of the civilized world by thousands of kilometers and as if hidden in the shade of forests and mountains. Its symbol is the most unusual bird in the world - Kiwi. And although it is believed to the category of birds, all the habits and even appearance it resembles a animal - something average between chicken and badger.

The unusualness of this bird is that it does not know how to fly and for many signs resembles an animal.

Differences of kiwi from other birds are shown in the table:

Birds Kiwis
Can flyCan't fly
Have one functioning left ovary (right – reduced)Both ovaries are developed
Body temperature — 40°Body temperature — 38°
Good eyesightPoor eyesight
Poor sense of smellGood sense of smell
Hollow tubular bonesInside tubular bones – bone marrow
Presence of microbarbsKiwi feathers look like wool
Yes tailAbsence of a tail

The kiwi bird runs well, knows how to kick, and its beak is covered with whiskers. There are 5 species of these birds in New Zealand. Their population is large, although recently it has decreased to 70,000. The bird is so popular in this country that even its inhabitants are jokingly called "kiwi".

Sky Tower

The tallest building in any country is always a subject of attention and admiration. In New Zealand, a breathtaking sight is the Sky Tower, surpassing in its height (328 m) all structures in the southern hemisphere. It took almost 3 years to build it.

The tower is well fortified and can withstand storms, strong winds (up to 200 km/h) and even magnitude 8 earthquakes. Every 15 min. 3 glass elevators lift 225 tourists to a height in 40 seconds. At the top of the tower there are observation platforms from which those who wish can get acquainted with the surroundings of Auckland.

In addition, there are many options for entertainment and recreation:

  • 11 restaurants and 10 bars with their own cuisine and theme;
  • 2 hotels;
  • casino;
  • business events (banquets, exhibitions, meetings, web conferences, etc.) in the 5000 m conference complex2.

Fans of extreme recreation can jump from the ski jump under the guidance of experienced instructors. Those wishing to test themselves fly from a height of 192 m at a speed of about 85 km / h. A person stays in flight for 11 seconds. and land smoothly. The organizers claim that the flight is safe and can be experienced by anyone of any age.

Milford Sound Fjord

English writer Rudyard Kipling called this place the eighth wonder of the world. And he was not far from the truth. Here, against the backdrop of high cliffs and dense forests, there is a bay. This picture fascinates so much that there is a feeling of complete isolation from reality and civilization.

The fjord was formed about 20,000 years ago thanks to a glacier moving towards the Tasman Sea. It has a length of 19 km, and its depth is 512 m. Precipitation here is frequent - there are 7000 mm per year. This feature has allowed the Milford Sound fjord to become one of the wettest places on our planet.

The ecosystem in this place is amazing: fresh and salt waters are mixed here, there are many animals and birds, and unique plants grow. It is a curiosity for tourists to meet a parrot in the forests of the fjord, which immediately resembles an eagle and an owl.

People get here by boat or by road.

Cathedral Bay

Another miracle of nature is Cathedral Bay (the second name is Cathedral Bay). It is located on the Coromandel Peninsula near the city of Hahei. Every year, hundreds of tourists can admire its main pearl - the cave. It is so beautiful and romantic that newlyweds come here for wedding ceremonies or picnics.

Near the cave there is an equally beautiful beach, which is washed by turquoise waves. There is very light, almost snow-white sand. The flora is represented by unusual trees, which have a bizarre shape of leaves and bright fruits (pokhatukava).

The Cathedral Cave is unique in its acoustics, as operatic music lovers were able to see when world stage star Kiri Te Kanawa performed here. The size of the cave has increased over the centuries and today has reached parameters of 120 m by 20 m.

War Memorial Museum

War Memorial Museum, located in Auckland, is a beautiful neoclassical building and a landmark of the country. It traces its history back to the beginning of the 20th century, when several artifacts were collected in the house of a simple worker. In 1929, the construction of a separate building was completed to showcase the constantly growing collection.

New Zealand: view of the War Memorial Museum

Today, the museum has expanded significantly, and tourists can learn about the history of New Zealand, viewing a collection of models of earthen fortifications, aircraft from the Second World War. Numerous photographic documents and exhibits are placed in the halls of the museum, demonstrating the features of the New Zealand flora, fauna, and marine biology.

There is a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton here, more than 90% complete (the most complete of all found on the planet). Tourists can visit exhibitions of Leonardo da Vinci's paintings here, as well as see canvases dedicated to the times of the Vikings or Polynesian navigators.

Abel-Tasman National Park

Attraction located on the South Island of New Zealand, Abel-Tasman National Park. It is located in a beautiful place on the shore of Golden Bay. This is the smallest area (225.3 km2) of the country's national park, although it does not reduce its attractiveness.

He is named by the name of the Dutch traveler Abel Tasman. It was the first person of European origin, setting on the Earth of Islands in 1642

Park is located on the hills in the Takaca valley, densely overgrown with forests. There are rare birds: singing New Zealand Tui of an unusual steel color with green, blue, brown and bronze, capable of imitate sounds and even words, or Macomaco (medical bells), whose singing resembles a gentle sound of bells.

In the park, they will find a lesson in the soul of fans of outdoor activities on the water, they can ride a kayak or sunbathe on the Totarani beach.

Egmont Reserve

The Mongmont's small reserve covers an area of ​​335.34 km2. It is located in the Taranaca region, and its education dates from the beginning of the twentieth century (1900). This territory surrounds the mountain of Egmont-Taranaki, which gave him the name.

Log in to this park can be from 3 sides:

  • from the south (ul. Manay);
  • from the North side (Egmont);
  • from the East (Pembroke).

It is not difficult to get here, since he has 13 access places.

The climate in this place is special: due to winds, which brought the course of Tasmanov's Tasmanov, and the mountains on their way is formed by the so-called rain shadow effect. The precipitation here falls a lot, these are ideal conditions for the bright growth of numerous representatives of the flora.

A forest consisting of tropical trees is growing at the foot of Taranaka Mountain, whose representatives are:

  • Northern Rat;
  • Pine-Rome.

TRANSULATED AWAY WITH PLANTS FAMILY FAMILY, they create a beautiful picture, admire which can be infinitely long. The ancient Swamp Ahukavakawa is at an altitude of 920 m. it is formed more than 3,000 years ago and occupies a kilometer area.

Rare plant species grow here, the total number of types of which reaches 260. Near the swamp is beautiful 31 -meter Waterfall Bells, attracting the attention of tourists.

Waterfalls Maclin

In the southern part of the island, the Katlice region is located, the famous magnitude of the untouched nature, among which the attention of all tourists attracts a 22-meter waterfall Maclin. Before admiring his beauty, travelers pass the forest path along the stream and river.

in a small canyon covered with moss, a two-tier waterfall is located. He seemed to be hidden from a curious eye.

Fancy curved, almost completely covered with greens of trees trunks, many ferns and other local plants lead tourists to a multistage waterfall Maclin, which is so closely Surrounded by vegetation that there is little free space near him.

The steps of the flowing water and the flow noise create the impression of a complete merger with nature.


Lighthouse Nugget-Point

The Lighthouse of the Southern Island of New Zealand is considered the Lighthouse of the Nugget Point, located on the steep coastal cliffs from the coast of Otago. He has been here for almost 150 years. He is visited by those who love to be under the impression of the contemplation of the panorama of the surroundings.

The name is connected with the surrounding rocky islands, which are called "nuggets".

their form resembles gold nuggets. From the observation deck, not only water space, but also sea animals and birds are visible: marine seals, sea lions in the lagoon in the lagoon, maritime elephants, leopards, hector and majestic penguins can be found here.

From the height of the lighthouse, it is good to watch the flight of petrels and cormorants, for the life of a swamp companion and a beautiful bird of Olushi.

Ninti Male Beach

New Zealand, the attractions of which are forced not only to enrich knowledge about nature, history and culture of the country, but also to receive a huge aesthetic pleasure, - the object of attention of tourists and scientists. One of the favorite places of recreation is the 90-mile Ninti-Mile beach in the northern part of the North Island.

Here you can admire the sand dunes, which under the blow of the light wind are amazingly changing. Here they will find a lesson in the souls of surfing lovers, windsurfing, fishing and boating walks. The territory has little inhabited, which is especially like those who appreciate "Communication" with nature.

Beach length - 88 km (or 55 miles), which does not quite correspond to his name. This fact gave rise to several versions. The location of the beach is quite successful - on the border of a large water system of the southern hemisphere (lakes plaster). There are no rocks and other elevations, this is a solid water and sand.

This marine park has a rich history and densely inhabited by marine animals. Swimming, sunbathing, watching whales and dolphins - an unforgettable stay for everyone who comes here.

Hobbiton village

In New Zealand there is a fabulous place - the village of Hobbiton. This place was chosen by Director Peter Jackson, when he conceived to shield the trilogy "Lord of the Rings". The village is located on the territory of the family of Alexander, who are engaged in farming.

Overview of the village Hobbiton:

From March 1999, a fabulous village was built with 44 unusual small mink houses, in which hobbits live. It is not scenery, but real wooden buildings. Today, excursions are held regularly for those who want to join the life of the "cinema" people. They enjoy great popularity.

Hamiltonian Gardens

Park complex called Hamiltonian gardens area 54 hectares. It is located on the site of the former city landfill in the south side of the city with the name of the same name. Now it is a parking area with a multitude of thematic gardens, each of which is a corner of vegetation growing in different countries.

These sites demonstrate the features of gardening, art, lifestyle of various nations.

The opening of the complex was held at the beginning of the 1970s, and now you can visit:

  • Singurologist Garden (Dynasty Sung).
  • Garden Mogul Chahar Bag (embodying Indian culture).
  • Japanese garden.
  • American Garden (his prototype - California Garden).
  • English garden is an organic compound of formal and informal styles.
  • The garden of the Italian era of the Renaissance with the surprisingly symmetric arrangement of the compositions of the composition.

In the garden, many floral greenhouses with multi-colored roses, camellias and numerous rhododendons.

Caves Waito

New Zealand attractions has not only on the surface, but also in the depths of the Earth. One of them is the Vaitomo area, where there are unique limestone caves. They are famous for them by thousands of small fireflies, giving phosphorescent light and inhabitants only in this country.

The light in the caves is so unusual that resembles surrealistic installations. Scientists believe that such a glow is due to the feeling of hunger of small mushroom mosquitoes. Thus, they attract the attention of insects and lure them into traps.

There are several caves in Waitomo, they have something to see: incredibly beautiful stalactites and stalagmites have always been the subject of admiration for tourists. But the colonies of fireflies are beyond competition: entering the cave, a person sees a lot of luminous dots of green-blue color.

This is a picture reminiscent of the starry sky, but located in the bowels of the earth.

In addition to glowing, fireflies have another feature: they are afraid of loud noises and sudden movements. The shy insects immediately cease to shine, and pitch darkness fills the cave. Excursions to the Waitomo Caves are very popular among travelers.

Frans Josef Glacier

Westland National Park is famous for the presence of the Franz Josef Glacier, the fastest in the world. It moves at a speed of 2 m/h. In addition to the fact that the glacier is fleeting, it also has impressive dimensions. Its length is 12 km.

Near the glacier is a small town with the same name, which has a network of cafes, restaurants, hotels and shops selling souvenirs. From the helipad, tourists fly to the glacier field. You can simply walk along the glacier, enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature, or go on a multi-day hike.

Therefore, before visiting the glacier, you should stock up on the necessary equipment: sportswear, appropriate footwear and ice axes.

Waimangu Geyser Valley

This is one of the planet's hydrothermal systems whose birth date has been accurately determined. This is June 10, 1886. On this day, there was a strong eruption of the Taravera volcano. The surrounding fields and forests then perished. In 1900, a hot water fountain appeared here.

His strength was incomparable to anything seen before. The geyser threw out water to a height of up to 500 m. The giant geyser periodically calmed down, then again spewed out a hot mass. This went on for 4 years, after which his strength subsided, and in 1908 he ceased to exist.

Visitors to this valley can watch the Prince of Wales Feathers and Pohutu geysers spewing water that reaches a height of 30 m. New Zealand, attractions which many tourists who have visited here know, leaves no one indifferent.

Kawarau Bridge

Adventure lovers know that in New Zealand a bridge has been built across the Kawarau River at a height of 43 m, which attracts bungee jumpers. A sea of ​​adrenaline, positive emotions and aesthetic pleasure - that's what this area gives to tourists.

The river flows along a vineyard valley surrounded by mountainous terrain. The bridge across it was built at the end of the 19th century. and gained its fame thanks to two daredevils who jumped into the river for the first time with a bungee. It happened in 1988, and since then many people who want to do it come here.

White Island Volcano

New Zealand has an active White Island volcano. It is mostly covered with water, while tourists can only see its top, 2 km in diameter, rising above the water. The surface of the volcano is a mixture of bizarre colors, reminiscent of a lunar or Martian landscape.

Despite the fact that the volcano is active, it regularly receives tourists from all over the world who walk here in respirators due to the presence of sulfur geysers. Unusually, the volcano is private property. The indigenous Maori once sold the rights to his property to Captain Philip Tapsell, after which the volcano passed from one owner to another.

Permission is required to visit it today.

This island is uninhabited except for a small colony of boobies. They get here by helicopter. Despite the fact that this excursion is not cheap, there are enough people who want to look at the active volcano.

Lake Taupo

New Zealand, whose attractions are unique in many ways, is a huge natural oasis. There is a large freshwater lake on the North Island, which was formed about 27,000 years ago as a result of the eruption of the Oruanui volcano.

Before that, there was a mountain in its place.

Warm currents occur in the depths of the lake - this is the result of magma activity. There are many small invertebrates and sponges around the hot springs. The lake receives currents of 20 rivers. Its popularity is growing every year, especially among those who like to fish: trout is found in large numbers here.

Lake Taupo annually becomes the venue for a bike ride, its participants cover a distance of 160 km - this is the length of the road around the lake.

Auckland Art Gallery

Albert Park Hillside is famous for being home to the Art Gallery. The art gallery was founded at the end of the 19th century. Today, the building, where tourists can admire objects of art, is a combination of two architectural eras - Victorian and modern.

The first items in the collection were donated to the gallery by George Gray (Governor General). Today, more than 12.5 thousand exhibits - paintings by New Zealand masters of the past and present are presented to the attention of visitors.

Cape Reinga

Reinga is a place considered sacred by the Maori people. Ancient people believed that it was here, at the northern point of the island, that the path of the souls of dead people to a better world began. The roots of the kahika tree growing here, going to the water, in their opinion, are the road to Avaiki (the mother earth) of all the peoples inhabiting Polynesia.

There is a place near the cape where 2 currents meet - the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean, at the place of underwater intersections of these two currents there are white breakers. An ancient legend says that life is born here, as the feminine unites with the masculine.

Standing at the very top of the cape, one can see the confluence of two currents. This is an unforgettable sight.

Interesting facts about New Zealand

New Zealand attracts the attention of all nature lovers.

This sparsely populated country has its own characteristics:

  • Despite the fact that its size is similar to the size of Great Britain, the population here is 16 times less than in the country Foggy Albion.
  • The total number of sheep living here exceeds the population by 6 times.
  • In this country, women received rights earlier than in developed America and Great Britain.
  • From anywhere in the country you can get to the beach during the day.
  • New Zealand is the last country in the world where people settled. This happened about 800 years ago.
  • Huge Moa birds 3.6 m high and weighing 230 kg have long been found in these parts.
  • Most of the country is a protected area.

The unique green corner of the planet is one of the most desirable places for tourists. New Zealand has unique attractions that will never cease to amaze and delight everyone who sees them.

Article design: E. Chaykina

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