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New York is the largest city in the United States of America and is both its largest financial and industrial center. It is included in the list of the most densely populated cities and agglomerations of the world.

The recent census shows that it is home to more than 8.5 million people, and together with the suburbs, the New York metropolitan area of ​​34 thousand square meters. km. is more than 20 million people. The city itself looks very modern, and its sights are among the most famous in the world.

The city was founded by Dutch navigators at the beginning of the 17th century. After that, it was conquered by the British in 1664. During the American Revolution, the city and its environs became the site of many battles, the main of which was the Battle of Brooklyn, during which a fire started that destroyed almost the entire city. The civil war also contributed to the development of the city, trade relations and migration.

Despite all this, New York retained many historical attractions, structures and architectural monuments, which are combined with modern facilities, and shopping centers, parks and restaurants.

The location of the city

New York is located in the north-east of the United States and is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, representing a very successful bay. Despite its size and meaning, it is not the capital of the state itself.

New York includes five districts, each of which is famous for its attractions, facilities and infrastructure.

For example:

  • Manhattan, the heart of the city and the most densely populated district. It has the highest facilities;
  • Brooklyn, famous for its Brighton Beach district, popular among Russian emigrants;
  • Queens, where the main airports of New York are located: Kennedy JFK and La Cuardia LGA
  • State Island, which developed from the agricultural bedroom;
  • Bronx, having a huge zoo and a botanical garden.

at least the city and is located on the continent separated from us by the ocean, it will not be taken to it. Any major airline performs direct flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Transplantations in Frankfurt, Helsinki, Paris or London are possible. You can get to the United States, in particular to New York, you can from many European countries, where cruise liners come from.

Such a journey may take a week and will cost more than the airfare, but it costs its money, since modern liners have all the conditions of a small resort where you can relax.

As for the innerogenic and full-time moves, they are carried out on railway branches, on regular buses and ferries. The city has two major railway hubs Central Station in the East and Penn Staishn in the West.

Each of them is served by numerous metro lines and buses. From the most remote area, State Island walks on a regular transport, express routes and a ferry to Manhattan.

Weather in New York, the best time to travel

The city is located in the latitudes of such cities like Madrid, Beijing or Tashkent. The climate is his subtropical oceanic, so you won't call it cold. However, the oceanic type imposes its own characteristics. Like any city on the seashore or ocean, New York is subject to sharp changes in weather.

In the city in the middle of spring, a blizzard may begin, and the rains can begin, and the temperature will fall down to +15 ° C. When going to this city, you need to watch the weather forecasts for the week ahead and take the necessary things. If there is no great need, then for tourist purposes it is not recommended to go to New York from November to March.

This time is sometimes marked by not the best weather. In autumn, when the leaf fall begins, piercing winds blow from the ocean, bringing rain and even snow from it. Everyone has heard what snow drifts are in the city. If it were not for the price of tickets in the winter, which sometimes drops by 100%, then at this time of the year almost no one would fly to the city.

In June-August, a heat wave begins in the city, and many residents leave the center for this time. There is less traffic, there are no queues, and it becomes easier to book a place in some institution, moreover, many cafes and restaurants are located on the street.

According to the experience of many tourists, the best time to visit was autumn, namely September. The temperature has not yet dropped and the city remains warm, but not as hot as in summer. The water also warms up as much as possible by the end of summer, so you can swim until mid-September.

If we talk about temperature, then in autumn it is +10-18 °С. The air is fresh and the day is long. At the end of autumn, the thermometer can drop below zero. However, it should be remembered that in early autumn the possibility of a hurricane in the city increases and persists until October. In winter it is usually windy and some snow falls, but it is often wet. The temperature rarely drops below -2 °C.

The days are short, only 9-10 hours, which should be taken into account when planning the day. The spring period is very pleasant and the temperature starts to rise to +15 ° C, but it is during this season that rains fall on New York, which can completely wet you in a few seconds.

The largest amount of rain falls on May. Summer brings intense heat to the city up to +30 °C and high humidity, from which local residents are saved by air conditioners available in every institution and apartment.

Places of worship in New York City

New York City (attractions can be visited with the help of a special map), is famous for its historical monuments and buildings. The most popular are: Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center.

Statue of Liberty

New York, whose sights are among the most famous in the world, contains in its “collection” the most significant statue for the city and all of America, called “Liberty Enlightening the World” or just the Statue of Liberty. It is installed on a small island near Manhattan and is the largest sculpture in the world, the total height of which is 93 m along with the pedestal.

For many people, it has become not only an interesting tourist object, but also a model of magnificent cultural skills, a symbol of freedom and a better life.

New York is known for its business card - the statue of freedom.

Entrance to the island park is free, however, you can only get to it on the ferry to which you need to buy a ticket. To get to the pedestal or crown, you also need a ticket, often bought in advance.

Ticket prices depend on age and fluctuate from 0 to 19 bucks on the pedestal and from 12 to 22 bucks on the crown. The statue is open for visits all year round without days off, but in December due to weather conditions it can be closed.

Brooklyn Bridge

Another business card of New York - Brooklyn Bridge, boring Borrogelin and Manhattan. The bridge is one of the oldest and long and long in the United States long over 1800 m. It was opened for people in 1883 and at that time was the longest hanging bridge in the world. The history of its creation in places is tragic and exciting.

His creator John Durning and his son tragically died during the construction of the bridge. Their case continued John's wife. Their names and the names of other people participating in construction are perpetuated on a memorial plaque. There are pedestrian zones on the bridge, through which it can be passed or riding a bike from start to the end.

Central Park

The central park is considered to be among the largest parks in the world. Its area is 3.5 km. sq. And it is located right in the center of Manhattan. Every year it is visited by more than 40 million tourists. This contributes to his fame and the fact that many hotels are located next to it. To get acquainted with all the sights of the Central Park of one day will be little.

It is necessary to allocate at least two to get around it all and plunge into the atmosphere of silence and peace, forgetting that you are in the center of the multi-million city. The park itself began to be created from the gardening of the city in the middle of 1800.

Since then, more than 4 million trees and bushes have landed here, several lakes and ice rollers have created, open picnic lungs and sports, jogging. The entire park was suiced by pointers, so it is simply impossible to get lost.

Loving places for relaxation and entertainment in the park were:

  • lively Area, called a terrace of befetra, including a fountain;
  • Big Lawn - a favorite place of rest and picnics of local residents and tourists;
  • Loveman's castle - the structure of the 19th century, next to which the pond is located with turtles;
  • Shakespeare Garden - a beautiful garden in which the plants described by him in their verses are collected;
  • The Theater of Decocrat, in which concerts and festivals are held in the summer, famous stars are held;
  • The reservoir named after Jacqueline Kennedy Obstess, around which locals perform jogging;
  • Zoo, the most famous for the cartoon "Penguins of Madagascar".
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Empire State Building

once being the largest building in the world, the Empire State Building and now affects its height. Let him not be the highest tower today, but he is exactly the most famous skyscraper mentioned in a variety of films. Any tourist who visited Manhattan should climb on his top, from where the panorama of the entire city opens, or at least go to it.

The height of the building is 443 m. To visit the platform for tourists located on the 86th floor, you will need to pay 37 dollars. For children and students there are discounts. You can go on foot or on high-speed elevator.

Rockefeller Center

It is a complex of 19 structures in the manhattan center. John Rockefeller Elder in the 1930s and became a historical monument. Now it offers shops, offices, restaurants and headquarters of various companies.

In the center there is one of the most profitable auctions "Christie's". In the winter season, the famous New Yor Christmas tree is installed here, rollers flooded. It also has an observation deck on a 259-meter altitude in the RCA building, the entrance to which is from $ 17.

Museums of New York

In addition to entertainment and shopping in New York for tourist purposes, people visit museums and exhibitions, the benefit here is so much that it is not enough and for several days to get around everything. One of the most visited steel museums: Metro, Modern Art, Natural History, Memorial Museum on September 11, 2001, Madame Tussao.

Metropolitan Museum

This museum is also known as Louvre or Hermitage. He is the most visited museum in New York and ranks fourth in the world at attendance. Its exposition gathered more than two million exhibits: from the paintings of great artists Van Gogh and Rebrant to the creations of the era of modern.

From 2018, the updated pricing policy for tourists was completed, according to which the entrance began to cost $ 25. Located a museum on Fifth Avenue.

Museum of Contemporary Art

The museum was the world's first museum of contemporary art and one famous. The idea of ​​his creation picked up the capital of many countries. The building is located nearby with Rockefeller Center, because it is this family that he is obliged to its creation.

After moving and repairs, the museum opened again in 2004 in a new building, which itself is an object of contemporary art, designed by Japanese architect Yosie Taniguti. The best solution for tourists will begin to get acquainted with the exhibits of the museum from the upper floor, gradually going down.


On the upper floors, constantly changing exhibitions of artists and sculptors of modernity are presented, and below - the collections of the already recognized authors of modernism and postmingness.

At thenime, the style of art is changing with other currents and artists: Rousseau, Gaugugen, Kandinsky, Lisitsky, Miro, Dusitan. The cost of entry into the museum for adults is $ 20, and for pensioners and students - $ 12. The museum is located next to the Metro Station Fifth Avenue 53ST at 11 West 53 Street.

The Museum of Natural History

The museum is also located in Manhattan and was founded in 1869 when promoting the famous Naturalist Albert S. Bikmore. At that time, the meeting of his exhibits was in a small building, but now it has grown up with new buildings and wings stretching for four quarters between the 77th and 81st streets.

the greatest value represents the library at the museum, which includes the largest collection of works in natural science, consisting of 450 thousand volumes. Tickets are from 22 to $ 35, and is located on 8 Avenue (79 Street).

The Memorial Museum on September 11, 2001

he is underground in the place where the twin towers stood. Now the fountains forming the memorial and the Museum itself are located at this place. It does not boast of the number of visitors as the museums described above, but its history and meaning can hit the most. There are no paintings or works of art.

All exhibits are things related to the tragedy on September 11, 2001: posters on the search for missing, voice messages of the victims of the terrorist attack, bicycles of couriers passing by, surviving personal belongings of the dead.

All this on the idea of ​​the authors, has symbolism not only for Americans, but also for all tourists. The entrance costs $ 24 for adults and $ 15 for children, and the structure itself is at 180 Greenwich Street.

Madame Madame Tussao

The exposition of the museum represents a collection of celebrity wax figures, politicians, Hollywood stars and even cartoon characters and movies. The first museum of this plan was opened in London in 1835. Since then, he has opened in 19 cities, including New York.

The museum is located in the center of Manhattan on the Time Square and contains more than 400 exhibits in its collection. The price of a ticket at the Museum Casse is $ 37.

Monuments in New York

New York, like any capital, is rich in monuments. In addition to the most famous statues of Freedom and Memorial 9/11, many memorials have been installed in the city. The most significant were: Mausoleum Grant, Clinton Foundation, Atlanta Statue.

Mausoleum Grant

is a neo-amp of the Mausoleum of the 18th President of America Uliva Grant, which is the largest tomb in North America. General Grant has greatly influenced the events of the Civil War and on the overall course of the battle.

Similar to the grave of Napoleon and Mausoleum in Galicarneas, Mausoleum Grant became an expression of deep respect for the commander.

Fort Flinton

Fort was built at the beginning of 1800 to reflect the attacks of the British on the modern Manhattan and the South Bay. The first idea assumed the construction of several batteries, of which one, consisting of 28 guns, was erected. The structure did not participate in the war and was transferred to the city.

Migrants lived in it at different times and aquarium was located. The government offered to demolish the building, but the locals were against and the building passed the US Interior Ministry, after which it became a national monument.

Atlanta Statue

The statue of Atlanta is a large bronze statue made in the Art Deco style. It is located in front of the entrance to the Rockefeller-Center building opposite the Cathedral of St. Patrick.

The sculpture depicts the figure of the ancient Atlanta supporting the sphere, symbolizing the sky, on its shoulders. The height of the sculpture is approximately equal to a four-story building.

Natural attractions of New York

The city, a city, is rich in the skyscrapers, is rich in natural attractions. Some of them are striking their beauty. In addition to the main central park there are a number of other places and attractions.

Waterfall Kaatherskill

Waterfall Kaatherskill is a two-stage waterfall in the eastern mountains Katskill between Haynes and Palenville villages. The height of his two cascades is about 24 m, which makes it one of the highest waterfalls of the eastern part of the United States.

Freshkals Park

is located at the Bureau of State Hyland on the site of the very largest garbage dump in the world.

Recultivation is currently produced, and the park has more than two hundred species of plants and animals, among which there are birds, mammals and reptiles.

Devil's Hole Park

Park is located in the Niagara County blisters of the famous Niagara Falls and covers an area of ​​42 acres. A beautiful river flows on its territory, in which you can enjoy fishing, campaign or picnic. In winter, skiing and passing on snowshoes are arranged here.

The park is connected to the WHIRLPOOL State Park, and at all forms an amazing area around the devilish hole - a small hole filled with water for tens of meters deep.

Modern facilities in New York

The modern architecture of New York is actively developing and near historical buildings there are all new and new masterpieces of contemporary art. The most famous include the residential complex on the stretch Street, the Tower of Hearst Tower, the Tower of the Bank of America.

The residential complex on the stretch of Street

The main part of the complex was the 76-storey residential tower and its unusual design, creating imitation of the movement of the waves. Created by architect Frank Geri, known for its extraordinary projects. The creation of this construction inspired the drapery of the marble sculpture of the 17th century. In the building there are luxury apartments, hospital, school, bars and restaurants.

The Tower of the Bank of America

on the sixth Avenue is located 366-meter tower of the Bank of America. It is considered the third largest tower in New York and is built of environmentally friendly materials and double-glazed windows.

the main aspects of its construction were energy efficiency and safety. The building is one of the best examples of architecture in the style of High-tech.

Hearst Tower

The Hearst complex consists of an Ar-Deco's office center, erected at the end of the 20s of the last century and the new 46-floor tower, which was built in 2006. This construction is one of the most "green" and eco-friendly in the world. It was the first in the city to receive a gold certificate confirming energy-efficient and environmentally friendly construction.

Places of interest for families with children

New York is full of various places for active recreation and entertainment with children. In addition to museums that are perfect for all ages, take your child to the famous Schwarz Toy Store, the Bronx Zoo or the New York Aquarium.

Schwarz Toy Store

Famous toy store where Home Alone 2 was filmed. In reality, the store looks even more modern. For children, in addition to racks with a variety of toys, there is a large piano on which you can play with your feet.

The store often hosts celebrations and competitions with the participation of animators. The only negative is that children cannot be pulled out without a purchase.

Bronx Zoo

The largest zoo in the United States with an area of ​​more than 1 square. km. is located, as the name implies, in the borough of the Bronx. It was founded in 1899 and even then there were about 850 animals. To date, the zoo includes more than 6,000 animals represented by 650 species. Many of them are on the stage of extinction.

New York Aquarium

The oldest aquarium in existence today was opened in 1896 and has been in continuous operation ever since. In the early years of its existence, it had no more than 150 animals at its disposal, but now it really has something to see: it covers 14 acres of land and contains more than 350 species of marine animals.

New representatives of the water world are constantly born on its territory: penguins, seals, dolphins and fur seals.

Itinerary for exploring New York on your own for 1-2 days

New York, whose sights cannot be visited for a couple of days, can still offer a itinerary plan that includes all the most interesting places, visiting which, being in the city for only two days, is quite realistic.

Day one:

  1. Statue of Liberty. Located on Liberty Island, New York, 10004. You can get there by ferry, which runs every hour. The most popular attraction.
  2. American Bull. Located on Morris St, Manhattan. This is a three-ton bronze statue in the form of a bull. He needs to be held by the horns. They say it brings good luck.
  3. Wall Street. The heart of the financial life of New York and all the USA, which is known all over the world.
  4. Church of the Holy Trinity. Located on Trinity Pl - Rector Street. Once this beautiful church in the Gothic style was the highest construction in New York. Now it is almost not visible because of the skyscrapers.
  5. Memorial 9/11. Located on 20-38 Church Street, Manhattan. Monument in honor of the infamous twin towers, made in the form of fountains.
  6. Brooklyn Bridge. The oldest big suspension bridge in the United States. In a special presentation does not need.
  7. After all, it is necessary to eat. To do this, you can recover in Nizhny Manhattan, where Chain Town and Little Italy are located. Here you can eat delicious and inexpensively.
  8. After that, it is possible to take a walk to the nearest park, relax and finish the first day.

Day Two:

  1. We begin with the Main Museum of the city - the Metropolitan Museum. It is 5 Avenue. In the exposition of more than 2 million exhibits.
  2. Central Park. He is next to the museum, so after him browsing art, you can go walk in the biggest park of New York.
  3. Broadway. Street known for its theatrical culture. Its length is 21 km, but the most interesting part for tourists is not far from Time Square.
  4. Time Square itself. Many lights, bars and restaurants. Here are large two-storey stores.
  5. Rockefeller Center. Located on 5 Avenue, 600. The complex consists of skyscrapers and office buildings of an unusual Art Deco style.
  6. If you did not visit the Rockfeller Plaza observation site, then on 5 Avenue you can go to Empire State Building. From here will open a magnificent view of the whole city.

Hotels in New York

If you stay for the night. From the city center.

The most frequenable hotels are presented in the table below:

Name Number of stars Room prices for Night
Hotel Pennsylvania2from $ 70
Hampton Inn Manhattan Grand Central2from $ 200
Americana Inn2from 125 $
PARK Central4from 200 $
Citizenm New York Bowery5from $ 367
Citizenm New York Times5from 352 $
The Roosevelt Hotel5from 221 $
Days Hotel By Wyndham on Broa Dway NYC2from $ 100

where to eat in New York

New York (sights Which is not in one place) is a major city, and in order to move a lot on the squares of this scale and see everything, everything is needed. The number of all sorts of cafes and restaurants in New York is rapidly.

In addition to the standard McDonalds, the following known places can be visited:

  • Lincoln Square Steak. Steaks and American cuisine. Dishes from $ 50 and above;
  • The Little OWL. American cuisine. Price range: from $ 29 to $ 40;
  • Blue Hill. Modern and American cuisine. Price range: from $ 19 to $ 80;
  • Piccola Cucina Osteria. Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Price range: from $ 8 to $ 40;
  • LOS TACOS. Latin American and Mexican cuisine. Fast and cheap snack;
  • SOTTOCASA PIZZERIA. Pizza. Price range: from $ 18 to $ 50.

How to navigate through New York

to have time to watch all the sights, you need to quickly move. Especially by such a megalopolis like New York. The transport system in the city is represented by the subway, buses, both public and tourist, taxis.

Metro is the fastest and cheapest type of movement. He is in great demand not only from local residents, but also from tourists. To get to the destination, it will be necessary to see the scheme of movement of the compositions and the station on which you need to go out. The price of one ticket is equal to $ 2.75, and a seven-day subscription - $ 31. The metro operates seven days a week 24 hours a day.

Tour buses and public buses are the second most expensive and slower way to get to your destination. If you have to choose, then choose sightseeing buses, as public ones have intricate route schemes.

You can ride tourist transport all day and get off where you need to. This way is more fun than taking the subway. Tickets for 2 and 3 days cost $54 and $64 respectively.

Taxi is the most expensive mode of transport. Tourists, and even locals, rarely use their services, because it is much more profitable and interesting to travel by bus.

Taxi prices depend on mileage and vehicle. In this case, it will be necessary to give the driver 15% of the total amount as a tip. The most popular were taxis with fixed rates, traveling strictly from one point to another along a given route. For example, a ride from JFK Airport to Manhattan will cost $55.

New York is a city in motion. It is visited by millions of tourists every year. It attracts not only with its size and beauty of its skyscrapers, but also with other attractions. It houses the symbol of America - the Statue of Liberty, one of the tallest buildings in the United States - the Empire State Building, the largest zoo in the United States - the Bronn Zoo and many other great places.

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