Mount Ai-Petri in Crimea. Photo where is on the map, height

Mountain with the name Ai-Petri is towers in the Crimea. This is one of the highest points of the peninsula. The vertex is not properly. It is part of a whole mountain range consisting of slopes and boards. The territory has many popular places. For visitors, guests have developed a tourist infrastructure.

The legend of the Mountain name

The formation of a mountain range began about 200 million years ago, when this territory was still covered with water. At this time, the growth of coral reefs was observed. Over time, the formation of the earth's crust occurred, which rose in this place. So the mountain Ai-Petri arose. With the name of this hill, a beautiful legend is connected. She resembles a story Romeo and Juliet.

The guy and the girl of two wealthy families who lived near the mountain were in love and wanted to get married. However, this prevented their parents. Without finding out of position, young people decided to end the life of suicide, rushing from the rock down. Going to the mountain, the young man, whose name was Peter, jumped first. He broke the stones and drowned into the sea. The spectacle was so heavy that the girl did not find the strength to make the same act.

She began to cry, constantly repeating "Ay, Peter!". This was the reason for the name of the mountain. There is another version of the appearance of such a name. She is more believable. During the heyday of Greek culture on Mount, the monastery of St. Peter was built. His greeks erected, but over time he collapsed.

Now you can see only alone ruins. However, this building in the Greek means "Mountain Saint Peter". It is possible that this was the reason for the name of the mountain.

Where there is a mountain in Crimea

Mount Ai-Petri in Crimea occupies the southern territory of the peninsula. Here is the array of the Ay-Petrinsky Yayla Crimean Mountains. It includes the top. The main landmark of the mountain is the city of Alupka. The village of Koreiz is also located here, over which the mountain rises. Administratively, this territory is part of the Yalta urban district. The mountain is located at the location of the Yalta Reserve. For this reason, it is the city of Yalta that considers Ai-Petri to be its hallmark.

How to get to the mountain

Mount Ai-Petri is the main attraction in the Crimea. To get to its foot, you must first get to Yalta.

Mount Ai-Petri in the Crimea - a map to move.

The modes of travel from this starting point are shown in the table:

The mode of travel Route
On footHiking goes along specially laid paths:





Travel time is 2-7 hours. It all depends on the preparedness of the tourist and the weight of his equipment. Please note that there are no shops along the way where you can buy food or water. In addition, there are no signs on the route.

By cable carThis is the most convenient way to get to Mount Ai-Petri. To do this, you need to sit at the Miskhor station, where you can get by minibus number 102. It departs from the Yalta bus station. Already after 15 min. the height of the climb will reach 1153 m.
By carThis method is only available for experienced drivers due to the complexity of the route. The road in winter is often covered with snow, so the car must have four-wheel drive. The distance from Yalta to Ai-Petri can be driven within an hour. You need to move on the following route:

· From the South Coast Highway, turn on the sign to the village grape.

· Continue moving along the mountain serpentine.

During the movement, constant concentration of attention is required, because on the way you will have to make more than 300 sharp turns.

By busThe difficulty of this method lies in the fact that public buses do not go to Ai-Petri. However, the option is real. From the bus station, private fixed-route taxis are constantly departing, which you can use.

If you don't want to bother yourself with problems, you can always take a taxi.

The height of the peak above sea level

Mount Ai-Petri in the Crimea has several peaks:

  • Main. Its height above sea level is 1234 m. This plateau is the most visited by tourists.
  • Eastern.
  • Western.

The height above the sea level of the eastern and western vertices is 1100 m. At the same time, the highest point of the ah-petrin ryol is Mount Rock. It rises at 1346 m. ​​

Mountain features

Mount Ai-Petri attracts attention to protruding teeth, formed as a result of prolonged weathering. Especially allocated 4 of them, which rise to 80 m in height. They are also called the "Dragon Teeth". From the sea, the common panorama of the mountain is a medieval tower.

in the Crimea Plateau Ai-Petri is considered one of the largest. It stretched at 26 km of 310 kV2. The main interest for tourists represent the caves. Their number here is more than 300 units. The relict-robber forest is growing at the plateau. Semi-meter trees in diameter have a height of 10 - 15 m.

Among them:

  • Pine Airplane. Especially surprised by its spreading branches.
  • Tis living 1000 years.
  • Maple Steven.

The mountain is characterized by the presence of ancient coral fossils. They have various forms and keep in themselves a lot of secrets. Movement on the Yalta-Bakhchisaray road has enough difficulties. First of all, it concerns steep turns, because of which there are no oncoming machines. Between the driver there is a tight agreement to supply a signal at the entrance to a dangerous place. However, such a rule often do not adhere to.

It is less dangerous to make a rise in serpentine in July and August. However, during this period there is a high risk of fires. In winter, under difficult weather conditions, the movement is limited. At times, such a privilege is provided only to SUVs.

Because of the high height, even during the summer, the temperature on the top of the mountain is lower than at its foot. Here at any time the fog may drop or rain begin. At the same time in Yalta will stand the heat. At the top of the mountain, strong winds often blow. Their strength is 15-50 m / s. The elevation is a barrier for the main stream of air masses. She protects the major cities of the Crimea from the wind. A visit to Ai-Petri tourists is possible at any time of the year.

Temperature, depending on the season, is presented in Table:

Temperature and short description
WinterThe average temperature is (-4) ⁰, but by times the thermometer column is lowered to (-10) ⁰.
SpringFrosty weather leaves. However, at this time, it is often possible to see the snow. The average temperature is plus (+7)⁰.
SummerThe weather is warm with a temperature of (+22)⁰. Due to the strong winds, it is advisable for tourists to bring warm clothes with them.
AutumnThe best time to visit the mountain. During this period, there is no precipitation, and the air temperature is (+9)⁰.

Considering the existing climatic conditions, sightseeing of the mountain is best done in summer or autumn.

Panorama of Mount Ai-Petri

Being at an altitude of 1234 m, a panorama of the surrounding area opens before the eyes of tourists. This inspection is best done in good weather. During this period, the vast expanses of the sea are most clearly felt. Often the horizon line merges with the blue sky. Steep cliffs smoothly pass into the vegetation zone. Far below the view is a panorama of the city and nearby villages.

If there is cloudiness, then the clouds floating across the sky somewhat block the view, since they move much lower. However, in this case, more than a kilometer height of the hill is most clearly felt.

Observation deck

The main observation deck is located on the Ai-Petrinsky plateau. This is a fenced area with a beautiful panoramic view.

For tourists coming here, a parking lot is equipped, cafes are built where you can drink water, coffee or satisfy your hunger. The area is a bustling tourist town.

What to see on the mountain

Mount Ai-Petri in the Crimea attracts the attention of tourists with its natural sights. All of them have been formed over millions of years, so they are of particular interest to lovers of cognitive recreation.

Uchan-Su Waterfall

7 km from Yalta on the slope of Mount Ai-Petri is the waterfall Uchan-Su. It is located at an altitude of 390 m. The height of the waterfall is 95.5 m, and the average water flow is 50 l / s. From the Turkic language, the name Uchan-Su is translated as falling or flying water. Not far from the waterfall flows a river with the same name. Its length is 8.4 km.

In the upper part of the waterfall there is a water intake building, on which a sculpture of an eagle is installed. With wings wide apart, it looks beautiful and harmonious.

Some interesting facts are connected with the Wuchang-Su waterfall:

  • In the period from July until October there is no water in the waterfall. At this time, it dries up. Local residents with humor refer to such a phenomenon and sometimes hang nearby signs with the inscription "Waterfall does not work."
  • over the period 1938-1946. There was a complete drying of the water in the river.
  • In Soviet times, the river flowing next to the waterfall was called "waterfall".

The existing legend is associated with this waterfall. In these places there lived a girl possessing a beautiful voice. It liked the spirit of the mountains, and he took her to himself. In this place never enough water, and the girl decided to help the inhabitants. She asked the spirit of the mountains to turn her into the water. However, this was opposed to the evil demon and erected on the way the barrier in the form of a cliff. In search of the exit from the position, the girl rushed down and turned into a waterfall.


The main caves that should be visited by the arriving tourists are located on the I-Petrinsky Plateau. Help in their finding is provided by the established pointers.

The description is presented in Table:

Title Description
GeophysicalThe cave was opened in 1971. Its length is over 100 m. Inspection includes several halls. The input goes through the staircase of the screw type. Lighting has been conducted for better inspection. Inside the cave in large numbers there are stalactites, staples and stalagmites. About their properties can be obtained from the guide. The first room on the path of tourists is called pearl. It is all decorated in a pale green tone.

The next hall is called red. It was in such a color that his nature was painted.

When photographing at the time of the outbreak, the phenomenon of fluorescence can be observed when the cave is consecrated for a short period of time.


It occurs from the fact that minerals absorb light and produce a response glow.

YaltaicAfter opening a cave in 1997 in 10 years, it was prepared for inspection. The cave includes 2 halls. However, without special equipment, you can see only the first one of them, which is called the main one. It has dimensions of 180 x 30 m.

To visit the next hall, it is necessary to fall into the well, the length of which is 30 m. To this end, tourists are issued special equipment. The study of the cave showed that here in the III-IV centuries. BC e. They lived ancient people.

The three-chartof the cave, opened in 1989, is characterized by a constant presence in it in the snow. This is due to the fact that it is very deep and cold. You can enter it through 3 passages. From the side they look like a soccer. Through them, the cave hits snow that does not melt and in the summer.

In some places, it takes and forms a rink. For this reason, the cave is also called ice. It was convenient for ancient people who put the masculine animals here. In the cold conditions, they remained for a long time.

For tourists, the entrance to the caves is open at all times of the year, except for the winter period. However, even in the summer travelers need to be stamped with warm clothes.

Entertainment on Ai-Petri

For lovers of outdoor activities on Mount Ai-Petri, you can find many entertainment. Some of them are quite dangerous, requiring good sports training. Not every tourist is able to make a ski descent or go through a strongly swinging suspension bridge.


The cableway is the main attraction of Ai-Petri. Its total length is 2980 m. The rise is carried out at a height of 1234 m. Start begins in Mishore. On the way there is a stop at the intermediate station "Sosnovy Bor". The end point of the route Station "Ai-Petri". The distance between Mishhor and Pine Bor is 1310 m. The road passes through the pine forest.

A distinctive feature of the second part of the route is the lack of supporting steps. The road length is 1670 m.

Attached passenger cabin accommodates 40 people and has a weight of 1.8 tons. The duration of movement along the route is 15 minutes. Movement comes at a speed of 8 m / s. The angle of the lift is 46 °. At the same time, the cabin is constantly swinging. Those present to tourists must necessarily have warm things with them, because the temperature is lower than at the foot of the mountain.

Ski highways

For lovers to engage in skiing on Ai-Petri, special routes are equipped.

They have the following names:

  • a frog. its length is 120 m, and it is safe. If desired, you can use the services of instructors.
  • Kichkin. The length of the route is 032 km. It is also suitable for novice ski lovers. Throughout the path there are cafes and recreation sites.
  • Laboratory. Approximately the same along the length of the track as Kichkin. Getting to its starting point can be excluded on a snowmobile due to the complex terrain. For this reason, it rarely works. Ski descent here are mostly professionals.
  • 26th km. Its length is 600 m. Here there are also cafes and recreation facilities.
  • 27th km. The most extended route with a length of 1030 m.
  • Snowpark. This is the most equipped track on Ai-Petri with a length of 150 m.

    Suspension bridges

    Mount Ai-Petri in the Crimea attracts the attention of tourists with paths stretched between the abyss, which are called suspension bridges. This is a kind of extreme attraction. For the first time they began to be built 40 years ago for the filming of some films. And only in 2015 they were opened to visitors. Bridges are located at an altitude of 1200 m. The first of them is gentle. It stretched between the rock of the Iron and the towering tooth.

    The next bridge is stretched at an angle of 20⁰. The length of each span is 45 m. The movement is on wooden boards that are attached to the ropes. There are rope handrails on the side. To pass through such a structure, tourists fasten insurance. Driving on the second bridge is especially dangerous. During the transition, he swings a lot. The whole way over the abyss is no more than 10 minutes.


    This is a new sport used on Ai-Petri for unprepared tourists. You don't have to be an athlete here. The main thing is the desire to get extreme impressions. The bottom line is that a person in full gear is brought at an altitude of 1234 m at a speed of 40 km/h over the Crimean heights.

    This is carried out in a special suspension device. The length of the entire path is 800 m. At the end point, the instructor helps to get rid of the equipment.

    Interesting facts about the mountain

    Ai-Petri mountain hill is characterized by the following cognitive factors:

    • Ai-Petri Meridian. This is a stone pedestal with a cast-iron ball, which personifies the Earth. It is 1 m in diameter. This is a geodetic mark, installed in 1913, in honor of the start of research on finding water in the Crimea.
    • Weather station. It was founded at the end of the 19th century. and is located near the meridional ball.
    • Rock Shishko. This name of the hill was given by Emperor Alexander III, in honor of the engineer Shishko, who showed engineering skills during the laying of the road between Yalta and Bakhchisarai.
    • Steven Maple. This tree is 250 years old. It is a rare variety of maple.

    Mount Ai-Petri is not one of the world's highest elevations. However, this is its merit. Almost any tourist who comes to Crimea can get to the top. The view that opens from the observation deck is not often seen from other higher mountains.

    Video about Mount Ai-Petri in Crimea

    A trip by car to Mount Ai-Petri: